Hexagram 58 (DUY. Joy) - interpretation and meaning of the symbol

General interpretation of the 58th hexagram in fortune telling

During this period, you are in a great mood, have high productivity, and your friends are happy to communicate with you. Everything is also very good with money, savings are growing quickly. But do not fall into euphoria, remain realistic, be vigilant, otherwise you may end up in a bad situation. The current period is favorable for charity and love relationships.

You are showing signs of depression, however, this will soon pass, the favorable period is very close. Don't be upset about what you can't change, let it flow as usual. Good luck will come to you very soon, but for now, be patient and calm, this is the main thing now. The current period is favorable for those who are engaged in trade, as well as for singers and musicians. Listen to the advice of people close to you, do not talk too much and do not participate in gossip around your friends.

Book of Changes: general interpretation of hexagram 58 - what to choose

The general meaning of the 58th hexagram is luck is on the way, there is no end to happiness from the realization of the heights achieved! The sign Dui (Joy) depicts the mouth of a speaking person. This is a symbol of openness, sharing good news and inspiring ideas.

Canonical text of the 58th hexagram in the Book of Changes with comments for all six levels of situation development:

  • The joy of agreement. - Happiness.

The experience of joy occurs when the actions taken lead to the desired result.

  • Joy from the truth. - Happiness. Repentance will disappear.

Doubts about the correctness of the chosen method of action disappear, since the set goal has been achieved, which means that the person has chosen the right path.

  • The joy of coming. - Misfortune.

You need to share your achievements with others, otherwise the benefits will be abused. At the same time, when a person strives to share his joy, but his environment remains at the same level of development, this leads to a feeling of inequality and lack of mutual understanding.

  • The joy of the agreement. However, there is no equality yet. If the parties hurry, there will be fun.

The mutual desire to restore lost harmony leads to finding a common language between opponents.

  • If you justify the destroyers, it will be dangerous.

In a happy, exalted state, a person may not notice who is his friend and who is his enemy, striving to share his achievements with everyone.

  • Attractive joy.

The stage of spreading the achieved happiness to others is completed. The person shared what should have been given to the outside world, and can now withdraw into pleasant experiences on himself. This will not lead to any unpleasant consequences.

Note! Modern researchers of the I Ching texts give an expanded interpretation of the 58th hexagram for different areas of life.

In order to correctly understand the prediction received, it is useful to consider the meaning of the 58th sign from different points of view and choose the interpretation that resonates most with your life situation.

Based on the book by V. Sklyarova

V. Sklyarova, when interpreting the 58th hexagram, attaches special importance to the symbolism of the mouth and breathing. The oral cavity is not only used for eating. It is also a speech organ. In the mythology of Ancient Egypt, the mouth, tongue, and larynx are sacred instruments, gifts of the gods, with the help of which people have the ability to share their accumulated life experience. At the same time, the mouth is a dangerous weapon, capable of inflicting a serious wound on the enemy with an offensive word or insult.

Inhalation and exhalation symbolize the ability to receive and give. With the first breath at birth, a person is included in the exchange of the energy field common to all on Earth. While he can avoid contact through the skin, he is unable to force himself to stop breathing. The nature of breathing (rhythm, depth) and problems with respiratory processes are largely related to the individual’s ability to interact harmoniously with the outside world.

V. Sklyarova warns: when the 58th hexagram falls, one must avoid both doubts and fears, as well as excessive euphoria and thoughtless waste of time and money on entertainment. Now is not the time for privacy. Joy shared with others will increase.

Lower Gua:

  1. Jan. Complete harmony of external and internal. Actions taken correctly.
  2. Jan. No doubt about the correctness of will.
  3. Yin. Minor confusion, correctable mistakes, slight discomfort.

Upper Gua:

  • Jan. Mindless chatter, idle words.
  • Jan. Entertainment events, holidays.
  • Yin. Refined society, noble communication.

In the Tarot deck, the correspondence to the symbolism of the 58th hexagram by V. Sklyarov is found in the major arcana of the Sun. The first rays of the rising sun destroy darkness (vices, fears, diseases) and give impetus to the movement of all nature. The daylight symbolizes the flourishing of life, success and happiness. It gives its light and warmth to everyone. Arcanum indicates openness and generosity in interpersonal relationships. The advice of the Tarot card is to become the “sun” for those around you, spread optimism and love of life, and warm those in need with the warmth of your heart.

Interpretation of the Dui sign according to Sklyarova for businessmen: good luck in business, obtaining the necessary financing. The highest results can be achieved in the field of entertainment or art. Exhibitions, presentations, publications will be a success.

Interpretation of the sign when divining the state of health from Sklyarova - high vitality, victory over the disease.

In relationships, V. Sklyarov, when the 58th hexagram falls out, promises a successful romance, a joyful meeting, light flirting, a playful mood, and complete satisfaction with the partner.

Based on the book by N. Vladimirova

The appearance of the 58th hexagram indicates that the fulfillment of your most cherished desire is ahead. However, N. Vladimirova in her book first of all draws attention to the pitfalls of the current situation.

As a rule, a person is not able to rejoice for a long time in the fact of achieving a goal, even if he has been working towards it for many years. Very soon, rejoicing and the rapture of victory are replaced by dissatisfaction with the occupied position, and new heights begin to beckon. A person may compare his achievements with others and believe that he has not succeeded enough. Stopping feeling grateful for the benefits received is the first mistake.

Also, a fortuneteller, finding himself in the situation of the 58th hexagram as well as the 50th hexagram, may decide that he has nothing more to strive for, that they have reached the peak of human capabilities, and fall into complacency and pride. Fortune telling warns against excessive narcissism and reminds that there is no limit to perfection.

Andrei Khramov also warns that according to the 58th hexagram, an individual can experience great joy inside from owning something, but in the outside world he risks encountering envy, slander and intrigues if he shows indifference to the feelings of less fortunate acquaintances.

A happy period will last much longer if a person does not be greedy and try to get enough of the received resources alone, but, on the contrary, shows generosity and shares success with others. This is the only way the flow of benefits will not stop flowing towards the fortuneteller.

Note! Work in the coming period should also imply more than just labor to provide for one’s own needs.

If a person thinks only of his own benefit, he will soon lose interest in the matter and will lack energy to fulfill his duties.

Based on the book by L. Nagaitseva

The Dui trigram symbolizes the youngest child in the family, who is still treated leniently due to his age and is even pampered. Such a child is not familiar with real problems and difficulties; he treats life as a holiday, is playful and good-natured.

The appearance of a sign during fortune telling means that now this childish, optimistic perception of the world has returned to you, or you need to cultivate it within yourself. Only by broadcasting fun, humor and warmth to the outside world will you be able to convey your thoughts, desires to others and convince them to cooperate. However, L. Nagaitseva warns: in an effort to gain the image of a benevolent person, do not hesitate to defend your interests if necessary, and do not be afraid to show strength of character when faced with dishonest behavior.

Meaning and interpretation of each line

  • Bottom line. A state of peace, tranquility, spiritual harmony and security can be called great success, and the combination of two opposite principles is called happiness.
  • Second line. You are confident that you are right in this dispute, but do not forget that everyone has their own truth, and it is multifaceted. Therefore, the joy of winning the dispute will be short-lived.
  • Third line. You are satisfied with life, but this cannot be called happiness, from the outside it does not look like that, and what they tell you about this is not true.
  • Fourth line. Each person may have his own truth and his own views on life, to avoid conflicts, start talking. This will help solve many problems and avoid unnecessary quarrels.
  • Fifth line. A state of euphoria encourages excessive talkativeness; this can lead to irreparable mistakes; not everyone around you is sincere and friendly; there are also plenty of ill-wishers.
  • Top line. A fun party has weakened your vigilance, which has led to a loss of control over your affairs. It’s good that we noticed it in time, it could have been worse.

Lines in hexagram 58

Bottom line

A quiet, silent and self-contained joy that desires nothing from the outside and is content with everything. She remains free from all egoistic likes and dislikes. And such freedom brings good luck, because it conceals the quiet security of a heart strengthened within itself.

Second line

We often notice that we communicate with small people, in whose company we are easily seduced into low pleasures that are inappropriate for a great personality. Participation in such entertainment will then lead to remorse, because a great man cannot get real pleasure from small entertainments.

If he realizes this and does not allow his own will to deviate, then he will place himself in small company in such a way that these people will not even dare to offer him base pleasures. This will eliminate any potential for future regrets.

Third line

True joy must come from within. If someone has emptiness inside, and he gives himself completely to the world, then idle pleasures come from outside. Generally, most people welcome it as entertainment. These are people who lack inner stability, which is why they feel the need for entertainment and pampering themselves. Their inner emptiness attracts external entertainment. But each time they only lose themselves more, which leads to sad consequences.

Fourth line

Often a person has to face a choice between different types of pleasure. That is, he chooses between the higher and the lower, which is why he loses his inner peace. Once he clearly understands that passion awakens suffering, he will be able to turn away from everything petty and aim at the highest joy. He will make a choice and finally find inner peace and true joy. The conflict will end.

Fifth line

Dangerous elements are approaching even the best of humanity. If a person allows himself to get involved with small people, then slowly and surely their destructive influence will create danger on his destiny. If he fully understands the situation, he will realize the impending threat, will be able to protect himself and get out unharmed.


1. Starting nine.

Your situation is almost perfect. You are in a period of great luck and spiritual satisfaction.

2. Nine second.

The moment has come when the truth is on your side, when the correctness of your words, principles and outlook on life has been proven. Self-doubt is gone forever, time for self-sufficiency.

3. Six third.

Don’t prove the obvious truth, don’t waste your time and energy. People around you believe others or only themselves. They may be wrong, and only time will judge you.

4. Nine fourth.

Communication with others breaks the deadlock; both sides are ready to make concessions or simply listen to the opponent. You need to understand that everyone needs a peaceful and friendly environment, and the faster you come to it, the faster luck and prosperity will come.

5. Nine fifth.

You are not so simple and naive as to believe swindlers. But you can consciously close your eyes to what you see or feel. Don’t justify people, don’t idealize them, you can’t be always good and kind, then their betrayal or sabotage won’t be a shock to you.

6. Top six.

You have a huge amount of love for life, joy and optimism. So much that you are able to gift those around you. People's souls are drawn to happy and cheerful people, like dry sponges to water. Don’t be surprised if there are always people around you who want to get a sip of vital energy. Share it generously, there will be more to come.

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