Hexagram 54 Gui-mei (Bride) interpretation according to the Book of Changes

I Ching is considered the oldest divination technique in China. It consists of 64 hexagrams (columns of solid and broken lines) and interpretations for them. Each interpretation is written in “philosophical language.” The first scrolls of this treatise date back to 700 BC. In the second century BC, fortune telling became traditional. It is extremely difficult to guess from canonical texts. In Europe, this type of prediction is known as fortune telling from the Book of Changes. The text is adapted for the understanding of the average person. After carefully reading the explanation and comparing it with the current situation, you get a fairly accurate forecast for the future, or an explanation of the nature of current events.


1. Starting nine.

The youngest daughter gets married, her sister follows in her retinue. The lame person can walk. The hike is fortunate.

2. Nine second.

And the curve can see. Favorable fortune telling for a hermit.

3. Six third.

The youngest daughter is getting married. Her older sister follows her. She will return home again, this time with her younger sister.

4. Nine fourth.

Postpone the marriage of the youngest daughter; she is in no hurry to get married because she is waiting for a better chance.

5. Six fifth.

Emperor I. gives his youngest daughter in marriage; his wife’s clothes are inferior to the beauty of his daughter’s clothes. Marriage on the day of the full moon portends happiness.

6. Top six.

A woman carries an empty basket. A man slaughtered a sheep - no blood visible. Nothing favorable.

Meaning in fortune telling

When communicating with others, try not to talk too much, otherwise you may say too much, which will lead to intrigue and gossip. You shouldn’t relax in love affairs either, they can lead to trouble.

This period is not entirely favorable, so the wish will not come true now. But be glad that there will be no financial problems in the near future.

Now you need to be extremely careful, this also applies to love adventures. Don't be too emotional about what is happening, this will lead to unpleasant consequences. The fulfillment of a wish will have to wait. However, despite all the adversity, your fortune is growing rapidly. Now is the time to think about plans for the future, because a favorable period will soon come.

54 Hexagram of the Book of Changes “Gui-mei” - graphic view.


1. Initial six.

The situation you are in now is not entirely safe and comfortable for you. You are limping, but you are moving forward. Do not stop.

2. Nine second.

If you do not have intuition or have difficulty understanding what is happening, or do not see prospects, stop, give preference to peace and reflection. The answers will definitely come.

3. Six third.

You outlined one version of events, but it turned out different. Next time, take your time, think carefully about the consequences.

4. Nine fourth.

If you are patient and do not pay attention to what they say behind your back, then you will wait in the wings and your choice will be correct and successful.

5. Six fifth.

The opportunity to become the head of a business and family, to make decisions independently. Your well-being grows from generation to generation. You care about the well-being of your descendants. The line advises being active on full moon days.

6. Top six.

The situation does not please you, there is no return either in business or in your personal life. Is it worth continuing further?

Hexagram 54. Gui-mei. Bride.

Description of the external and hidden hexagrams

In the manifested world, a powerful tree grows quickly, like thunder, drawing strength from an underground source. In a life filled with a wide variety of events, very rapid growth occurs, due to an internal source.

The tree's roots awakened a lake locked in the depths of the earth. Thanks to deep penetration into the inner plane, the source of vital force is awakened.

The underground waters rushed to the surface in a stormy stream, sweeping away all obstacles in its path. This source of vital energy transforms manifested life, sweeping away all barriers.

The tree will be completely submerged in water. It's a complete transformation. Everything will plunge into a new reality.

The water will bring precious gold bars to the surface. In this new reality, true values ​​will be revealed.

Where once a huge tree grew, tomorrow a golden treasure will shine in the rays of the sun. The hectic bustle will be replaced by a life illuminated by the awareness of true, enduring values.

IN THE SUBCONSCIOUS Dangerous waves are roaming on the vast, endless blue ocean. There are many very dangerous situations in life.

A fire broke out right at the bottom of the ocean. Passions flare up in the depths of the subconscious.

Clouds of ash and steam. A storm of unprecedented force. The subtle plane was engulfed by a real storm.

It was from the very heart of our planet that fiery magma burst to the surface. It was from the region of the heart that fiery energy, previously locked deep in the subconscious, burst out in a stream.

A powerful column of fire cut through the ocean, brightly illuminating it to the very bottom. Everything became extremely clear on the inner, deep plane.

Where yesterday there was a dangerous ocean abyss that knew no light, tomorrow a powerful, bright flame will blaze, illuminating everything around. Where yesterday there was a dark and dangerous part of the subconscious, tomorrow everything will become clear and understandable. The subtle world will be engulfed in a raging flame of passions.

General interpretation of hexagram No. 54

The manifested world is in full swing with eventful life. There is an extraordinary excitement in anticipation of a joyful event: the manifestation from the inner plane of a valuable treasure of gold - UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. It will fill everything, pushing previous everyday problems and achievements into the background.

On the subtle plane, numerous troubles and dangers will lead to the emergence from the depths of the subconscious of a cosmic mass - UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. It will manifest itself as a flash of insight, illuminating the most hidden corners of the subconscious. Passions on a subtle plane will flare up on a cosmic scale over the phenomenon of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE in our dual world.

First, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE will come into the subconscious through a flash of insight. Then it will manifest itself in the world of events as a joyful accomplishment. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE will illuminate all problematic situations in a new way and lead to unity with the Highest (the property of fire is cohesion).

A person with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is like a bride, a bride of the Higher Powers. The vibration of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is the vibration of God himself. But the bride is not yet a wife! But man is not yet God, he has a dual nature. A bride must behave extremely humbly in order to become a wife. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE can easily cripple and even kill the unprepared, since there is no more powerful force in the world. In a dualistic world, you cannot recklessly show UNCONDITIONAL LOVE; it must be humbly dosed so as not to destroy the lives of the people around you.

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE will open the door to the realization of the unity of all things. We are different only on the surface, but deep down we have a single, boundless ocean. There are no two identical people, just as there are no two identical waves, but we are all one thing: a boundless, bottomless ocean of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.




ANIMAL NATURAL - a person is nothing more than a body, with corresponding animal needs and instincts. Love is a manifestation of the basic survival instinct. One-sided view of the surrounding reality. From this point of view, it is impossible to explain many of the actions of people when the motive is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. From the ANIMAL ORIGIN to UNCONDITIONAL LOVE - this is the path of spiritual growth.






Positions for awareness:

1. Everything in this world is nothing, everything will become dust, everything is illusory! The only reality, the only value is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

2. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is such a powerful force that it can even turn the world upside down. Therefore, God wisely made it completely inaccessible to man.

3. There is nothing more unreal, divorced from life, than UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. This is an unattainable dream - nothing more than a wonderful fairy tale. You are being killed, your daughter is being raped! So love the rapist and murderer! This is grave foolishness and deep madness! Well, let's love each other unconditionally, and they'll all kill us here!

4. There is only one meaning in this life - to be filled with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

5. The wind blows, it rains, the grass grows only because beautiful divine energy dominates in the Cosmos - UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! Listen to how much truth there is in the quote: “Under heavy, incredulous glances, it was difficult to turn green...” This is life, that is, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, breaking through through the thistles of despondency and doubt...

6. Strength and love are closely interconnected, which is both a manifestation and proof of the existence of Higher powers, God. Thus, when performing actions without any benefit or purpose, but only out of love, one cannot help but feel a powerful surge of strength, a surge of energy. If you are looking for a truly powerful force, you will come to the need to be filled with love. If you strive for great love, it means that strength will remain in you! “There is no more powerful force in this world than love. There is only one all-pervading force in this world, and that is the power of love. With the power of love the Earth rotates, with the power of love the stars remain in the sky and do not fall to the Earth, with the power of love the oceans do not overflow their banks and do not flood the continents, with the power of love the wind carries coolness throughout all the worlds, the entire creation is imbued with love and this powerful force is your power.” , - Sathya Sai Baba.

7. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is an application for realization, it is the “bride” of the Higher powers. Your shining in response to evil will be met with an explosion of rage. After all, there is nothing more offensive than seeing that someone is on the verge of their realization. Restraint and humility at this stage will save you from many problems.

8. “Love is an absolute weapon,” - Kryon (Semyonova L. “Kryon “Number Codes”). Absolute because it not only defeats any enemy in any situation, but also brings the most favorable victory in all plans for all parties to the conflict. This absolute weapon is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

9. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is an extremely rare guest in this world. Ordinary people cannot withstand the high vibration of Unconditional Love for long, although they crave it more than anything else. People and even animals will show negativity and aggression in response to your love. Through your indignation and condemnation, it is easiest to receive from you the pure energy of Unconditional Love, the pure energy of life according to the “Basic Law of Subtle Energy Exchange.” You are strictly forbidden to judge anyone or be offended by anyone, so as not to strengthen negative manifestations with your cosmic power when condemning them. If you don’t learn to do this, then you will certainly destroy the destinies of all the people who are close to you.

10. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE has completely taken possession of you if your reaction to any influence is the same - love. And do you think that those around you will be able to leave you alone? Yes, you are like a golden antelope: kick you and you will get a handful of gold coins. It is extremely difficult to get emotion from you in a positive interaction; the level of what you consider the norm is too high. What remains is a negative interaction. If you are not aware of the situation and do not take very tight control of your cosmic energy, then the manifestation of huge negativity next to you is inevitable!

11. “A person with love is God,” Sathya Sai Baba.

12. “But I am also Wisdom! And if you waste the love that is in you, then you will also not be able to achieve Mergence with Me!” - Babaji

13. A person who is possessed by UNCONDITIONAL LOVE moves from our dual world to higher realities. Most likely, this transition will be accompanied by extremely severe trials. This is a divine test of strength, which a traveler who is not ready for the transition will definitely not be able to withstand. There is no need to ask questions here: “Why do I need this? Why is it so cruel to me?” All the same, it is not possible to understand the answer at this level of consciousness! If you have already stepped beyond the boundaries of our world into UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, then accept any challenges with LOVE!

14. All your loved ones have never been in greater danger than now, when UNCONDITIONAL LOVE has come to you! This seems completely absurd, yet it is true! UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is actually more powerful than even the sun! The Sun feels good in Space, but if you place it in a cramped room, what walls will hold it? Everything will burn! If a person was visited by UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and he directed it not at the whole world as a whole, but at a specific person, then who can withstand it? Only the same god-man! For everyone else, this will turn into a tragedy. The fact is that your loved ones no longer need to seek love from God; you will give them the same love completely easily and without any measure! As a rule, this leads to dire consequences.

To clarify this, let's look at examples based on real events.

Example 1. Husband and wife. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE came to her. She loves her husband no matter what he does. He bathes in a huge sea of ​​her love and the only thing he wants is for this bliss to never, ever stop. A daughter was born. The wife began to be distracted by her daughter, interrupting the bliss and plunging her husband into gray everyday life. He began to desperately struggle: to look for a way to get maximum of her attention and emotions. When he did something good for her, she did not return the ocean of bliss for long. This is so little, just a drop from the past! He couldn't continue to live like this! In fact, he didn’t want to at all, at least at first, it just somehow turned out that he upset her very much, and here she gave him truly worthy attention. It doesn’t matter at all that she scolded him very much, the main thing is that she thought only about him for a long time and incessantly and experienced very strong emotions at the same time. Endless happiness! He again plunged into the ocean of her love! Now he has groped and found a way! More to come, and on and on it went... Oh, it’s better not to even tell!

Example 2. Have you ever wondered what will happen to a child if parents, who have achieved UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, concentrate their love on him? Feel it! For clarity, this story will be on behalf of the child.

My mother loves me more than anything in the world. I am always looking only for her love. After all, there is nothing better in the world, there is nothing more attractive than the love of my mother. My mother is such a radiant person that everything, literally everything, is saturated with love. I just need her not to be distracted anywhere, so that she always thinks only about me! Sometimes a mother directs her attention, and therefore her love, to no one knows who! These are such terrible moments in my life, as if you were immediately cut off from power, abandoned, deprived of joy, what joy, life itself! Oh, how painful and very scary! My whole life is a continuous series of efforts to keep my mother’s attention on myself, everything else is completely unimportant. The most effective thing is to hit her with something! Better yet, do something that she will remember for a long time. For example, breaking her favorite cup or staining her dress when she was just about to go on a visit... I grew up and achieved perfection: now my mother almost constantly thinks only about me, it doesn’t matter at all that I’m very far away. People call me a villain and a criminal! And my only fault is that I strived for pure and bright love!

Women often love men, and mothers almost always love their sons, so why are tragedies inevitable precisely at the level of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE? Ripples on the surface of the ocean are not dangerous; a tsunami is another matter, although both are waves. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE has a completely different energy. You may get the impression of complete hopelessness: if you have reached the highest level of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, then you will definitely be doomed to complete loneliness, so as not to injure anyone by entering into a close relationship with them. This is, of course, true in the normal, human way of reacting to events. However, if you change your reaction, then a person with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE can, like a tug, pull all his loved ones onto the best, happiest threads of fate. How do we need to change? You should absolutely ignore any negativity, literally look straight at it and not see. In a state of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, it doesn’t matter whether you condemn or encourage something, everything that you pay attention to will receive a powerful impulse of energy and will intensify, manifest, and materialize. But when someone does something good, then you should pay maximum attention to it. This inhuman reaction, this behavior is probably inherent in God, and it is possible only in a state of Complete Detachment. In other words, all your attachments, without exception, must be destroyed on the path to UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Read more: “The basic law of subtle energy exchange.”

15. “Love is only an ecstatic symbol and a morbid ardor,” Friedrich Nietzsche.

16. “Love is the renunciation of consciousness of oneself, the forgetting of oneself in another and, however, in this disappearance and oblivion, for the first time finding oneself and self-possession” - Hegel.

17. “It’s only in those moments when you see people funny that you really realize how much you love them!” - Agatha Christie.

18. “God doesn’t look at how much we do, but at how much love we put into it,” Mother Teresa.

19. “Ideal, eternal, hate-free love exists only between the addict and the drug,” Sigmund Freud.

20. “A person becomes mature the moment he begins to love without demanding Love in return...” - Osho.

21. “One person vibrating at the frequency of love can transform the vibration of hundreds of thousands of other people... By healing yourself, you become a powerful catalyst for change in the world,” Margaret Ruby.

22. “Love? What is love? Love prevents death. Love is life. Everything, everything that I understand, I understand only because I Love. Everything is, everything exists only because I Love. Everything was created by her alone. Love is God. And to die means for me, a particle of Love, to return to the common and eternal source,” Leo Tolstoy.

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