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What stars are in the chart of the youngest billionaire?

When preparing material on symbolic stars, we could not ignore the youngest billionaire in history, namely Mark Zuckerberg, the developer and founder of the social network Facebook.

Why did he easily find connections with high-ranking people and strive for financial success from a young age? Where does he get his unusual ideas and learning abilities?

Let's try to find the answers by analyzing only the Symbolic Stars in his chart.

Team Influence

In the annual pillar is the symbolic star “Command Influence” (represented by the earthly branch of the Rat). It gives its owner leadership qualities, helps to gain authority, and gives Mark management skills (a person easily manages people).

When analyzing a given star, we can look at what or over whom a person will have power. Mark has an element of Power above the General Star, which means that a person can occupy a high position in the hierarchy, have high authority and connections with high-ranking people.

In the monthly pillar is the Snake - for Mark it is simultaneously the Reward of the 10 Heavenly Trunks, the Demon of Plunder and the Noble of the Right Size.

Reward 10 Heavenly Trunks

The reward of 10 Heavenly Trunks is a good money star, it is favorable to have it in the birth chart, it is considered a kind of substitute for the element of money in the birth chart. It expands your financial potential and helps you earn money. As a rule, the owners of this star come to financial success on their own (and not because they were born into a rich family).

When analyzing this star, it is very important to take into account the phase of Qi - for Mark, “Reward of 10 Heavenly Trunks” is in the Imperial Lamp phase, which means that the star works at full strength and exhibits its positive properties. Since it is in the monthly pillar, Mark is able to create something himself by finding the appropriate social environment. After all, the pillar of the month is directly related to career.

Noble of the Right Size helps you achieve your goals, helping you find the right people. It is believed that the more modest a person behaves, the more he receives.

Demon of Plunder

This whole beautiful picture is somewhat spoiled by the “Demon of Robbery”. This is a negative star that brings quarrels, disasters, losses. These can be both material losses and loss of chance, missed opportunities, loss of authority and status. The owner of such a Demon is not confident in his abilities, in his future success, he develops internal complexes.

But in Chinese metaphysics, not everything is so simple. If you just read descriptions of stars, you won’t get a reliable analysis . It happens that favorable stars cannot help in any way due to the characteristics of the map. And it happens that negative ones become favorable. As happened in Mark's birth chart.

And all because the Demon of Robbery is in a high Qi phase, hence Mark’s unusual ideas for generating income. To put it bluntly, he is successful at robbing other people. Indeed, before him there were no social networks. And now Facebook (and other social networks that followed) are competing with television in terms of audience size. And advertisers are redrawing their advertising budgets, in which expenses for this particular channel of access to the audience occupy a prominent place.

In the Earthly Branch of the Day there is a Monkey, which is for him the Academician's Star and the Lonely Phoenix.

Academician's Star

The Academician's Star gives a person patience and perseverance in achieving goals. Intelligence - he is able to quickly absorb knowledge. For Mark, the Academician’s Star is expressed in a useful element, which allows it to reveal itself to the fullest.

We paid attention to the Lonely Phoenix in the previous article. It is also present in this map. Therefore, let’s add just a few more words about it. Men with the Lonely Phoenix in their chart are often passionate about their work and spend a lot of time at work.

As you can see, Symbolic Stars can add many important nuances to chart analysis. Of course, if you not only read their descriptions, but also take into account other important nuances (the strength of the star, its position in the chart, etc.), you can create a complete picture of the Symbolic Stars of the Bazi using our practical guide to the Symbolic Stars from Tao- Spheres.

It is almost ready, and on Thursday, October 4th we will open access. The very first, as always, will be able to purchase it on the most favorable terms and receive additional gifts.

Heavenly grace in bazi meaning

Heavenly grace in bazi meaning

Download file – Heavenly grace in bazi meaning

The gold card basically says that you will never be left without money: Sometimes in the house of marriage - the husband is connected with the roads, a meeting on the road or a husband from another city, country. A good star, even in bad elements. This star does not like collisions and is destroyed by them. Ba Zi layout in a person's life. Minimum order amount is rubles Delivery within Russia: Stars are only a combination of signs; with their help, without detailed analysis, you can draw quick conclusions. On the one hand, this is good, but on the other, you need to understand that such an analysis will be incomplete and superficial. To see the full picture, you should study a lot of information about a person. The masters have deduced several hundred symbolic stars, but not all of them are worthy of study, since most of them are unreliable. Mainly used around stars, no more. Symbolic stars are calculated using certain formulas that take into account the animal of the birthday, the year of birth, or the celestial trunk of the birthday. There are only 12 animals, so several stars can correspond to the same earthly branch, and all of them will have different meanings and influences on human life. Symbolic stars are divided into two groups: Spirits of Good Luck and Spirits of Failure, they are also called Gods and Devils, Spirits and Demons. This division is very arbitrary, since even good stars can harm a person if they are located in the wrong place. But Demons in some cases not only do not bring misfortune, but also help to cope with bad habits. It happens that in the Ba Zi chart there is a numerous cluster of stars, this is not very good, since a person has a confused fate and a complex character. He has many advisers in his head, giving different, sometimes even contradictory, instructions. Although the symbolic stars are virtual, since they are calculated using formulas, their interpretation occupies a significant place in the Ba Zi system. The Noble Man star is considered almost the most favorable. It symbolizes unexpected luck, support, and outside help. Not only people, but also a guardian angel and higher powers can act as assistants. A person who has this star is lucky in life. He easily solves any problems, gets out of unpleasant situations with minimal losses, and is lucky in the financial sphere. This star does not always manifest itself; sometimes its influence can be destroyed by another. Star Flower of Romance has a dual meaning. On the one hand, it gives a person attractiveness, sexuality, a happy family life, and popularity with the opposite sex. But on the other hand, it imparts negative characteristics, such as promiscuity, inconstancy, gambling, and depravity. If the Romance Flower is located in the right place and only one, it helps a person in the area of ​​relationships. If it is in the husband's house, the woman may have difficulties with men; the low Qi phase of the star indicates a tendency towards debauchery and gambling. For example, if in your Pillars of Destiny there is a symbolic star Peach Blossom - a flower of romance, peach blossom, then this indicates that you are a sociable and amorous person, very attractive to the opposite sex, you will always have many fans and you will be able to choose. You have charisma and sexuality. But if the Peach Blossom element is unfavorable for you, then its presence in your chart can bring problems due to sexual desires, problems in relationships with the opposite sex. The peach blossom may not only be in the main chart; often it is not there, it may come with the year or a new period of the year. At this time you will be especially attractive, so my advice to free and single people is to make the most of this favorable time to find a partner for further life together. Tiger, Horse, Dog Rabbit. Snake, Rooster, Bull Horse. Monkey, Rat, Dragon Rooster. Pig, Rabbit, Goat Rat. For example, if you were born on the day of the Dragon, then your peach flower is the Rooster. We are looking for the Rooster in the Earthly Branches of the pillars; if it is present there, then you are the happy owner of this symbolic star. Star Traveling Horse, also called the Postal or Yamskaya Horse, symbolizes travel, changing jobs, and places of residence. She helps a person on long-distance business trips, in moving up the career ladder, in health improvement and treatment, and in changing place of residence. Basically, the Traveling Horse brings prosperity. If it is associated with the Friends element, it is best for a person to travel in company, with Resources - learning will be easy, with Money - one should expect success in the business and financial sphere, with Self-Expression - a person will be able to make public speeches easily, with Power - a meeting with management will be productive. The Star of Art and Loneliness is very often found in the Ba Zi cards of people in creative professions, as it symbolizes refined taste, sophistication, and talents. If it is located in the earthly branch of the hour or day, a person has difficulties creating a family and establishing relationships. By nature, he becomes an introvert, always immersed in his own world. Such a person treats his other half well, takes care of his family, but often remains silent, thinks about something of his own, without paying due attention to the people around him. The Red Luan star, also called the Red Phoenix or the Wizard of Love, endows its owner with beauty and attractiveness. In the Ba Zi chart, this is a good sign, since it is easy for such a person to improve his personal life, find a soul mate, and start a family. The General's Star, also called Command Influence, symbolizes leadership qualities, authority, and power. Its owner may well become an important official, have a successful military career, or occupy a high leadership position. In Bazi, a star is considered successful; it provides great assistance in gaining authority and managing a team. Team influence makes a person disciplined, wise, and fair. Star of Bankruptcy, as can be seen from the name, refers to the Spirits of Failure. It is also called the Big Bad or the Ten Ashes. If the Ba Zi card is initially strong, this star will not do much harm, but in weakened cards it leads to failures related to the financial sphere. Its owner can make unprofitable investments and lose a large amount of money. The Bankruptcy Star is often used in choosing dates for resolving financial issues; if it falls, it is better to postpone an important meeting or business until later. The star of bankruptcy is an affected pillar - it can bring an unsuccessful marriage, poor health, and, of course, financial losses. The most unpleasant thing is if she stands in the pillar of the day, especially for the weak lord of the day. In this case, you cannot engage in risky financial transactions and business. With the advent of an ominous period, the life of a person with such a pillar of the day can deteriorate sharply. If the affected pillar is tact, then it is better in such a period to insure your property, not spend money, take care of your health and take care of your relationships. Heavenly doctor - I haven’t found an interpretation, but the star recommends starting treatment if it is present in the day. The yin-yang error no, it gives possible problems in a marriage, there is more than one marriage, but maybe simply inflated demands on a marriage partner in the presence of that same partner - constant nagging at him, there is also an opinion that this star works ONLY in day pillar, in the rest it does not manifest itself. If you get married in a year or tact with the Yin-Yang Error, divorce can also not be avoided, especially if there are additional instructions. If all the pillars in the chart have a Yin-Yang Error, then this is a built-in karmic difficulty with love. Reward 10 heavenly trunks Star of Prosperity. In ancient China, having such a star in your Ba Zi chart was considered a very lucky sign; the star brought prosperity and well-being. A person with such a star, even if born into a poor family, is able to achieve a lot on his own, thanks to his work and diligence, and will receive a well-deserved reward. A person is able to provide for his family, even without the help of family and friends. For a strong lord of the day, this star indicates an early departure from his father’s house. If the element of the star is favorable, then a person is guaranteed an advantage in any field of activity; he is characterized by determination, endurance, and the desire to always achieve his goal, so success awaits him in any field. This star is especially favorable for the weak lord of the day. The star does not like collisions, its beneficial effect is destroyed. High phases of qi increase the power of the star and give good health. Weak qi phases make a person slow and indecisive. The best position of this star is in the day pillar, there is a concentration of wealth, pre-programmed success. In the pillar of the month it is favorable, in a high qi phase - a person can inherit a family business from his parents, over time becoming a businessman, the richest person. But you can also consider a star in the great life cycle in the coming pillars of luck. The Star of Prosperity has only one phase - this is the Lu phase, that's why it is called that, for any daytime dominant it can be calculated, it has no other phases. The Vault Star is also called the Grave. She belongs to the Spirits of Luck, since money and other treasures can be stored in a person’s vaults. The owner of several Vaults has a great chance of becoming a wealthy and influential person. The star is associated with earthen elements: Dog, Dragon, Ox, Goat. The people of the Tree are the luckiest, since they have all four storehouses of wealth, all other elements have one each. A person with a daytime Wood dominant can become very wealthy. The Constellation of Plunder refers to the Spirits of Failure, which is clear from the name. The owner of a star can both lose something and take something from others. These are not necessarily material things; you can lose a good chance, reputation, prestige. Given a combination of circumstances, a person may show abilities for deception, theft, cunning, resourcefulness, and unconventional ideas. In the practice of Ba Zi, the stars of Self-Punishment indicate that its owner is unknowingly making life difficult for himself. A person, due to his inattention, absent-mindedness, personal judgments and prejudices, creates problems for himself. Rash actions lead to troubles, and as a result, the owner of the star does not know peace. This influence can easily be neutralized or at least smoothed out by constantly working on yourself. The Academician's Star belongs to the Spirits of Luck. Its owner may have literary talent and even make a living from writing. The Academician's Star helps in studies, a person remembers material better, and he also demonstrates the ability for intellectual and scientific activity. The star may well turn its owner into an academician, a great scientist, and a writer. If there is a War star on the Bazi card, then you should not be afraid, since it has a dual meaning. Its owner has a natural talent as a strategist. Such a person brilliantly manages to draw up plans with the help of a highly developed intellect. He leads superbly and ultimately wins battles because his nature is treacherous, tough, and difficult to comprehend. The owner of the star is in many ways like a chameleon; he is able to endlessly change his appearance, put on different masks and play roles. A person achieves great heights in life and can command armies. In a negative sense, the star indicates injustice or theft. There is a Warrior star on the Ba Tzu card, which means that its owner seeks justice in everything, fights against deception, and protects the weak. This is a brave person who does not fight with anyone in particular, but seeks the truth in a broad sense. According to Bazi, the golden carriage brings its owner all the benefits of the material world. A person achieves high status, lives in a rich house, drives a luxury car, and can afford to travel to any corner of the world. Symbolic stars very often have names that are scary at first glance, but in reality not everything is so terrible. The Angel of Death or the Demon of Destruction does not bring trouble to a person from the outside; the problem lies in the owner of this star himself. He may have certain complexes, dissatisfaction with life, subconscious fears. As a result, problems with the law and a criminal record may arise. On the other hand, the Angel of Death endows a person with diplomacy, a sharp mind, and quick wit. The Star of Prosperity refers to the Spirits of Luck. It allows the owner to reach certain heights in life and not need anything. Lunar virtue - allows you to carry out any endeavors, transforms failure into success. A blooming canopy gives a person receptivity and sensitivity. The owner of the star has a rich inner world and a well-developed imagination. On the other hand, he can withdraw into himself, immerse himself in his thoughts. Lonely Planet - for men. Shelter of loneliness - for women. The demon of loneliness - withdrawal into oneself, search, emotional poverty. Much attention is paid to external inharmonious manifestations; they often leave their homeland. Man has no land, and is forced to move in orbit as a lonely planet. Psychologically - inability to find a partner, suspicions, excessive expectations, schizoid, depressed, need for autonomy. Together with Power and Seal - spirituality, isolation. If the ZV is empty, then the person is not able to build relationships. The strong Qi phase does not affect it, does not improve the situation, and the weak Qi phase only strengthens it. With the Post Horse - disputes, showdowns. And if with a Blooming Canopy, a person deliberately leads a lonely life. That is, this is a regressive sign. This demon can be eliminated by paying attention to it. It can be solved without problems by working on yourself. Sheepknife is a dual star. It gives a person perseverance, stubbornness, determination, cruelty, and temper. If the Ba Zi card is strong, such qualities will bring problems to its owner, but with a weak card, the star allows one to achieve heights in the military field. A golden carriage brings its owner a high social status, a decent standard of living, a rich house, a luxury car and other joys of the material world. Shelter of loneliness - only for women - emotional loneliness, perhaps the woman is suppressed in the family, but she cannot leave. It’s also a breakdown in communications. A person does not talk about his grievances and problems. Oblique Seal - unconventional. For a weak Daytime Dominant, the Sheep Knife is support for the fraternal element and will be beneficial. The Sheep Knife or the demon of killing a sheep is a star that gives stubbornness, perseverance, determination, but also hot temper and cruelty. A person with a strong card can bring problems, but a weak card with a sheep's knife can achieve success in the military field. This is a rather negative star and its role and influence, first of all, extend to the pillar where it stands. The pillar of the year is the pillar of childhood and early adolescence, so it could carry the following information: For example, a person is full of self-doubt, full of some painful thoughts about himself. He may think that he is bad, worthless. The demon will destroy it. In general, he is very destructive: A person is prone to strong experiences. He may have all sorts of fears, premonitions of failure. And this star is very strong and positive, it largely neutralizes the harmful effects of the Demon. When a person has this Star in their chart, that person does not like rude people. Because of his upbringing, he won’t say anything, but inside he will be pushed away a little. Therefore, it is better to communicate with these people without rudeness, politely and quite intelligently, since the Star is very cultured. The peach blossom is the star that is responsible for the love of a man and a woman. This star is responsible for moral decline and uncontrolled instincts. Sexual attractiveness, sexual activity. If there is a flower of romance in the pillars of fate, it signals the attractiveness, sociability, and sexuality of a person for the opposite sex. When such a person is surrounded by people, he will attract attention. He has charisma and sexuality. A person with this star in the Ba Tzu chart is, as a rule, if not handsome, then very handsome in appearance, possessing a special aura and sexual energy. It is also very important where, in what place on the map these flowers are located. If the peach flower is in the day pillar, then it is sitting in the position of the spouse. Marital relationships have a pronounced sexual nature. The worst location for a peach blossom is in the year or in a weak Qi phase. Particularly unfavorable for women: He talks about the possibility of cheating. If there is the right power, and despite the instability of the relationship, it still means a good family life. Women are cut off from their roots, they can become prostitutes, a complete loss of morality. If it occurs in men, it will go for a walk. When there are one or two of them in a map, as a rule, this is good. And if there are three or four, or there is a “bathing” phase, then before marriage there is a loss of innocence, and after marriage, perhaps as soon as an opportunity arises, extramarital affairs appear. Here, of course, education plays a role, although there is a predisposition to this. If the Peach Blossom element is unfavorable for a person, then its presence in the chart can bring problems of sexual desires, problems in relationships with the opposite sex. The peach blossom can not only be in the main chart, it can come in rhythm with the year or even the month. At this time, a person will be especially attractive, so this time should be used to find a partner for further life together. If we look at the pillars of fate, and we see the Peach Blossom, then we can say that they have a professional orientation. You can use your charisma and work in advertising, business related to shows, and fashion. With the help of Feng Shui, we can activate the Peach Flower, thereby activating our personal life. To do this, we determine the compass direction associated with the peach blossom. Activation primarily means the presence of water and constantly moving objects, the presence of flowers and symbols of romantic luck. In order to activate the Peach Flower, you need to place bright flowers in the sector corresponding to its direction. At the same time, flowers should not be placed in the office, kitchen and similar places. It is unfavorable if there are cabinets or heavy objects in the romance flower sector. The stove does not activate the peach blossom, but the bathroom does. If there is a toilet in the romance flower sector, this can lead to difficulties in finding a romantic relationship. Place flowers in the bedroom, the room that is most connected with your personal life. It must be remembered that if there is a peach flower in a person’s Bazi, and the people are married, then the activation of the peach flower of one of the partners can lead to affairs on the side. Demon of red beauty Red bird of illusions and unrealistic hopes. The red beauty is responsible for love, romance, sexual attractiveness, and seductiveness. The very disappointment and unfulfilled dreams and hopes. The danger of sexual addiction, dependence on another person. Demon of Red Beauty The glamorous bird of illusions and unrealistic hopes takes its owner from the world of reality to the world of dreams and dreams. Found only in the Pillars of Fate. If a red beauty is found in the daytime pillar, this concerns the spouse: Or the demands on the outcome of the events are too high. Red beauty is enhanced by killing 7th position, shelter of loneliness and kuigang. The person is very sensitive, lives in a fantasy world, is romantic, and has many delusions. The spirit can disappear if a person realizes that he is doing wrong. A strong Qi phase weakens the spirit of red beauty, the ability to manipulate other people, a weak Qi phase makes him angrier, hiding from troubles, lack of hope. Red Luan and Heavenly Joy. The Red Luan and Heavenly Joy stars are opposite each other, so the affairs for which they are responsible influence each other. Red Luan is a magician of love, the red phoenix in Ba Tzu means intelligence, gentleness, grace, early marriage, and is responsible for marriage preparations. He gives a person beauty, charm and attractiveness, sincerity. Red Luan characterizes a femme fatale and a loving man. This star brings love, marriage and the birth of children. This spirit, if a favorable element gives love relationships, reunites lovers, and if it comes in a year or in tact, it will certainly contribute to marriage success. With such a star it is very easy to meet a worthy partner. When a person with such a star is in love, everything works out for him. Red Luan gives indications of career growth and financial well-being. Contrary to the information spread on the Internet, I note that this star is more powerful than the well-known Peach Flower, therefore, when getting to know your destiny according to the Four Pillars of Fate, first of all, you should look for it, the main “Cupid” of Ba-Tzu - the Red Luan star. After all, this is the only spirit that protects the Shelter of Solitude Gua Su from the influence of the terrible star. And if combined with a flower of romance, then a person’s attractiveness increases. Red Luan can bring jealousy into a person's character. A noble person enhances the effect of the Red Luan, attracting success into a person’s life. Heavenly joy in Bazi means external beauty, for engagement, wedding, childbirth. In addition to marriage, Red Luan is responsible for blood loss and difficult childbirth. If Red Luan occurs this year and pregnancy occurs this year, then during pregnancy you need to especially carefully monitor the health of the mother and child. Online store of feng shui goods Akilei. Everything for the VASE OF THE CHALICE OF WEALTH. Rune cards for fortune telling. Feng Shui objects and tools. Beads made of natural stones. I want to thank you for the goods that came very quickly, I am pleased that there were still such an online store that fulfill their obligations, the goods came in 10 days, and many thanks for the gift, very nice, good luck and prosperity !!! It is very pleasant that the customer’s wish is always taken into account and heard. I want to say a lot thank you for the efficiency in the answers on the electron, for the pleasant communication, for the quick sending of the order. Everything came quickly, the quality of the products pleasantly pleased. Special thanks for the gift! I wish you prosperity and good luck !!! The order came quickly, I liked everything, thanks for the gift I will order more! This is not the first time I order. Grateful for quick processing of the order. Everything always comes quickly. Symbolic stars in the Ba Zi map to return to the list of articles of the star are only a combination of signs, with their help, without a detailed analysis, you can draw quick conclusions. How to determine whether there is a peach flower in your pillars: for a person born on a day a flower of a peach tiger, a horse, a dog rabbit a snake, a rooster, a bull Horse a monkey, a rat, a dragon cock, a rabbit, a goat rat, for example, if you were born on a day Dragon, then your flower of peach is a rooster. The demon of destruction is a fairly negative star and its role and influence, first of all, apply to the pillar where it stands. The flower of the romance of the romance of the peach flower is a star that is responsible for the love of a man and a woman. Red flowers for the bedroom. A demon of red beauty Red bird of illusions and pipe hopes Red Beauty is responsible for love of love, romance, sexual attractiveness, seductiveness. Red Luan and heavenly joy of the stars of the red luan and heavenly joy are opposite each other, so the deeds for which they are responsible affect each other.

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Four Stars of Attraction in the Bazi Chart

Attractiveness is the ability to be liked by other people. Perceiving a person from the point of view of attractiveness, both men and women tend to choose a partner for personal relationships. The stars of attractiveness in Bazi endow a person with special properties - beauty, charm. Each of them gives its own unique characteristics. They can 'tell' not only about attractiveness, but even what type of beauty he is. To find stars of attractiveness, go to the online Bazi calculator and enter your date of birth. There are special signs in Bazi - the so-called symbolic stars. Some of them endow people with beauty and attractiveness. The Peach Flower endows its owner with beauty, love and great attractiveness. To find the Flower of Romance, you need to know the animal of the day or year of birth, look at this table, and look for it in the Bazi map. But you shouldn't always rejoice when you find a Peach Blossom. Sometimes he displays negative qualities - sexual intemperance and a tendency to cheat. This symbolic star is also used in Feng Shui as a means of attracting love. If you place a vase with fresh flowers in the desired sector of the house, then the Flower of Romance will help you find romantic acquaintances! It is also called Red Luan or Red Phoenix. This is a very auspicious star that brings love, charm and true attractiveness. The Wizard of Love in the Bazi card helps you meet a worthy chosen one. The Magician of Love is not as widely known as the Flower of Romance, but it is much more powerful. Therefore, when analyzing the Bazi map, the search for beauty should begin with it. He is the main 'heartthrob'. Unlike the Peach Blossom, which imparts external sexuality and eroticism, the Magician of Love has a greater influence on sensuality and internal energy strength. You can find it using this table. To do this, you need to know the earthly branch of the birthday animal. The Demon of Beauty is glamorous, seductive, emotional, passionate. Those who have the Demon of Beauty in their Bazi chart often have many fans. The Demon of Beauty is also called the Demon of Illusions - it takes its owner into the world of illusions and separates them from reality. It is very insidious and often displays unfavorable qualities - it can be difficult for its owner to accept a partner of the opposite sex into his life. The Demon of Red Beauty is determined by the Element of Personality - the celestial trunk of the birthday. Virtue is what helps a person show himself from the best side, present himself, and gives him authority. Such people are very friendly, and even with the most ordinary appearance, they are very popular with others. They easily become the center of attention and cause admiration. These were just general descriptions of some symbolic stars indicating attractiveness. But if you do not find the star of attractiveness in your Bazi chart, this does not mean that you are not attractive. You may meet a person for whom the 'animals' in your Bazi chart will be his 'stars of attraction'. And then he will experience the strongest sympathy for you, and you will become the most desirable and attractive to each other! Feng Shui flying stars of the year. Consent to the processing of personal data. Home About the site All articles Consultations Calendars Contact Feng Shui forecast Thank you. Home About the site All articles Consultations Calendars Contact Feng Shui Forecast Thank you. Four stars of attractiveness in the Bazi chart. Animal of the day or year of birth Flower of Romance Monkey Rat Dragon Rooster Pig Rabbit Goat Rat Tiger Horse Dog Rabbit Snake Rooster Bull Horse. Birthday Animal Love Wizard Tiger Ox Rabbit Rat Dragon Pig Snake Dog Horse Rooster Goat Monkey Monkey Goat Rooster Horse Dog Snake Pig Dragon Rat Rabbit Ox Tiger. Element of Personality Demon Beauty Wood Yang Horse Tree Yin Horse Fire Yang Tiger Fire Yin Goat Earth Yang Dragon Earth Yin Dragon Metal Yang Dog Metal Yin Rooster Water Yang Rat Water Yin Monkey. Animal of the birth month Virtue Star Monkey Rat Dragon Water Yang Pig Rabbit Goat Wood Yang Tiger Horse Dog Fire Yang Snake Rooster Ox Metal Yang. It is usually seen in the pillars of destiny, but if it comes in luck, then it is also auspicious. Another question on the topic. The flower of romance in my chart is the rat, and I was born in the year and day of the rabbit. In Bazi this is called the punishment of not love. Does this mean that my flower always brings me trouble with the opposite sex? For me, water and wood are favorable. Punishment can manifest itself in this way. But don’t be scared - everything is strictly individual and punishment is activated when animals come in luck and years, as well as due to wrong actions. I understand that this individual example does not include any of the stars of attractiveness? It would be nice to see a typical example under each star of attractiveness, otherwise not everything is clear to beginners. True, the hour of birth is unknown, which may be why I didn’t find more than one of the above-mentioned stars from her. For some reason I thought she would have a bunch of them. Or are there still some other stars that indicate beauty in the map? This is exactly what is written at the end. I have not studied the entire bazi chart of Angelina Jolie, but as far as I remember, she is a person of the Yin Metal. Such people are beautiful and photogenic in themselves. Some schools have a symbolic star, Lunar Virtue. Are the Star of Virtue and Lunar Virtue different stars or the same star, just the names of the stars are different in different schools? In general, there are quite a lot of symbolic stars. If he had bad tact, he would cause trouble. And the Flower itself is not useful to me as an element. But in this good tact it was activated by accident. If you place a vase of flowers at home in the Peach Blossom sector, then you don’t have to look at whether it is useful by element. I wore a medallion with this animal, its images were hung everywhere, I collected pictures. Then I still didn’t know anything about BC and FS. I just like this little animal: And even earlier, long ago there was a tact with the Peach Blossom, and then there was unwanted attention with a minus sign. The thing is that the Peach Flower protects me from a collision with an unfriendly animal along the Pillar of Life. This is how it turns out - coincidence - protection and the Peach Flower - one and the same sign. I think others will also be interested in reading your observation. And what should we do with all this?: But the stars are generally favorable, so there is no need to be afraid. What does it mean? And if there are three of them, is that not good? An excessive amount of them indicates that other people will really like the person. In itself this is neither good nor bad. Depends on how she will use her attractiveness in the future. Please tell me, if there is no symbolic star of virtue in the card, can it be artificially introduced?? Personality Yin-Earth on the Pig, Hour and Month- Dragons Wizards and Demons stand in the Void! How can you neutralize the Void? Does Emptiness Affect Parents and Career? Which Tact is Most Favorable? Born in the Year of the Ox Thank you. It can be neutralized, that is, filled up on its own, in certain years. If my Day is Pig, and my Pet was born in the Year of the Snake? I am already inclined to believe that both influence my map. Could this be possible? Border Animals work in Bazi?? Here's an example: the star of virtue. For the birth month Monkey is Yang Water. Should it be Yang Water in the NS or maybe in the form of a Rat in the Star Wars? 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Art of Bazi

The structure of “Spirit of Pleasure”* or “Spirit of Food” 食神 Shi Shen refers to the stars of self-expression in the bazi chart. It is most often associated with a person's ideas, creativity, communication skills, strategic thinking, as well as the desire for pleasure, some eccentricity and romanticism. A person enjoys life and all its aspects, shows a wide range of interests and strives for new knowledge. One of the key traits of the Spirit of Delight is creativity. Individuals with a strong “Spirit of Enjoyment” value independence and free expression of thought and action and therefore do not like to be controlled or severely limited.

The structure “Spirit of Pleasure” 食神 most often represents human activity “behind the scenes”, in an “invisible” manner. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish the creative manifestation of an artist with the “Spirit of Pleasure” from the “Wound of an Official.” And if the structure “The Wound of an Official,” for example, shows vivid self-expression and oratory, speech, acting abilities, “being in the spotlight on stage,” then creative individuals with the “Spirit of Pleasure” more often avoid advertising, the desire to be in public and prefer to work more alone, so that no one interferes with the creative process. Often these are writers, screenwriters, inventors, developers, art designers.

A person with the leading structure “Spirit of Pleasure” 食神 knows how to make long-term plans for the future, thinks through his strategy and benefits, and knows how to think analytically. The “spirit of enjoyment” shows a strong sense of taste, the ability to appreciate the finer things in life, and to derive pleasure from the material world. This star is also associated with unconventional thinking, the ability to see fine details, perfectionism, high art and artistic excellence. In the Bazi card, the “Spirit of Enjoyment” of good quality expresses aestheticism, especially regarding food, gourmets.

If the star in the chart is of poor quality, then the person becomes picky about things, but without a sense of aesthetics. He will also have a penchant for perfectionism and detail, but will show it in an excessive manner. In addition, the personality can become very eccentric, especially when there are other stars in the chart that give this trait, such as "Slanting Seal" 偏印. There is also a tendency to indulge one’s desires and feelings without restrictions. With a weak structure, positive traits turn into negative ones. And if with a strong “Spirit of Enjoyment” their ambitions and vivid imagination turn into concrete plans and actions, then when the star is of poor quality, they turn into dreamers, retreat into fantasies, break away from reality and become impractical. They do not want to perceive the painful facets of reality, because “Life is a holiday”; they prefer a carefree position in life and avoid responsibility.

Within the framework of family relationships, in women's charts the structure “Spirit of Pleasure” correlates with daughters.
Characteristics** of the personality structure:

  • polite and modest
  • perfectionist
  • more often an introvert
  • philosophical view of things
  • good strategist
  • hedonist, gourmet and pleasure-lover
  • analyst
  • creative, artistic
  • feeling of superiority
  • good listener
  • attentive to the details
  • emotional, romantic
  • a little eccentric
  • good manners
  • conformist, does not enter into conflicts
  • stubborn and dogmatic
  • a dreamer without goals
  • isolated and antisocial
  • out of touch with reality
  • pedant and snob
  • impractical
  • inability to focus
  • excessive craving for luxury
  • excessive eccentricity
  • tendency towards gluttony and alcoholism
  • exaggeration of problems
  • ultra orthodox
  • keeps problems inside
  • spiteful
  • lustful and voluptuous

Illustration by Sophie Griotto.
*- General description without taking into account other factors in the map. **- The term “characteristics” does not refer only to the description of a person, but to a greater extent shows a person’s perception of the world around him, his views, thinking, actions.

Personal Star of Heavenly Virtue

The Personal Star of Heavenly Virtue, which is also often called Heavenly Grace or Noble Power of Heaven (天德貴人 Tiande Guiren), is one of the very useful stars in a person’s bazi. This star transforms failure into success, misfortune into happiness, and helps to fulfill any intentions in business and in personal relationships. Virtue Stars are believed to weaken and even neutralize the effects of Encounters and Punishments.

The Personal Star of Heavenly Virtue is responsible in the bazi for the qualities of charisma and attractiveness, so it greatly helps a person present himself in society. People who have the Star of Heavenly Virtue in their bazi chart can easily make friends, gain popularity and trust among a wide range of people. Making a person charming and authoritative, the Star of Heavenly Grace is often found in the bazi of celebrities and popular leaders. Calculate your Bazi card using our calculator and see if your Bazi card has such a star?

Install the “My Luck” application and select favorable days for any business from your smartphone.

In order to learn how to identify the Star of Heavenly Grace on your own, you should study the Chinese calendar. Most people only know the “Chinese zodiac animal” of their year of birth. But in the Chinese calendar, animals or Earthly branches denote not only years, but also months and days. In addition, each Earthly branch corresponds to another sign - the Heavenly trunk.

To determine the Personal Star of Heavenly Virtue, you need to know the Earthly branch of the month of your birth and the Heavenly trunk or Earthly branch of the day you are interested in. In most cases, identifying the animal of the month is not very difficult; you just need to look at the table:

Approximate start dates of the month Animal (Earthly branch) of the month
4.02-5.03Tiger _
6.03-4.04Rabbit _
8.06-8.07Horse _
9.07-8.08Goat _
10.09-9.10Rooster _
10.10-9.11Dog _

But it is possible to determine the Heavenly trunk or the Earthly branch of the day only according to the Chinese calendar. You can also find them in our Good Luck Calendar.

The table below shows how to find your personal Star of Heavenly Grace. On the left is the animal of your birth month, and on the right is your star. It can be inside the Bazi card or come from outside.

Earthly branch (Animal) of birth month Star of Heavenly Virtue - Earthly Branch (EB) or Heavenly Trunk (NS) of the day
Tiger NS Fire yin 丁
Rabbit Star Wars Monkey 申
Dragon NS Water yang 壬
Snake 巳 NS Metal yin 辛
Horse ZV Pig 亥
Goat NS Yang Tree 甲
Monkey 申 NS Water yin 癸
Rooster ZV Tiger 寅
Dog NS Fire yang 丙
Pig NS Yin Tree 乙
Rat 子 ZV Snake 巳
Bull 丑 NS Metal yang 庚

There are general and personal stars of Virtue. The first are calculated based on the current month and affect all people on Earth on the corresponding days, the second are calculated based on the month of birth and affect only those who have them on that day. To see not only general, but also personal stars that work only for you, connect the Personal Calendar on our website.

Days with the Personal Star of Heavenly Virtue allow you to fulfill any intentions, both business and personal. These are good days for public speaking, establishing business and personal contacts. The energy of the day with the Star of Virtue has an overall calming effect on business partnerships. Therefore, such a day is suitable both for establishing contacts and negotiations, and hiring people, and for breaking relationships and dismissing employees.

Connect the Personal Fortune Calendar and receive personal information about the favorableness of days and hours, taking into account your Bazi horoscope.

In addition to the Star of Heavenly Virtue, there is also the Star of Monthly Virtue or Noble Power of the Moon (月德貴人 Yuede Guizhen). The meaning of Lunar Virtue in bazi is very similar to the meaning of Heavenly Virtue. The only difference is in the way the stars are calculated.

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