Charms and talismans of health and longevity: how to select, activate and wear

No one will deny: health is the most important thing that every person has. When we feel great, we want to make ambitious plans, achieve success in work and study. Any disease leads to a bad mood, an inability to live more brightly and richly.

It is important to think about preventive measures, for example, buy talismans and Feng Shui symbols.

Feng Shui for the home

Feng Shui has managed to gain popularity due to its positive influence on all areas of human life. You just need to choose the right sectors in your home to place all the talismans. You can always get by with just one to feel how life is gradually getting better.

According to ancient teachings, it is the eastern sector that is associated with health. No clutter should be allowed in the home. Energy needs to move freely. And it’s much more pleasant to return to a house or apartment filled with order.

For talismans you just need free space. They will not only contribute to great well-being, but will also serve as home decoration. It's time to get acquainted with objects whose power was appreciated by our ancestors!

Calm, just calm

A calm environment is where you should begin your arrangement. After all, it is possible to reach your thoughts and mind only when you are in a harmonious, calm environment, protected from the outside world. A calm environment can renew the body and spirit. This is a great opportunity to restore both body and energy. It is such a home that can remove all physical and psychological pressures, helping to improve the health of the owner.

Calm environment

Heron - a symbol of fidelity and longevity

This sunny bird will bring positive changes to a person’s life. All residents of the house will be able to appreciate them. One cannot fail to note the significant improvement in health. You will discover how life has become easier, more interesting and more fun. A favorable physical and emotional state is one of the components of happiness.

The heron is a symbol of longevity that many people would like to achieve. Moreover, this bird motivates people to show respect and tact to elders. It is not for nothing that she is considered the true keeper of the hearth, customs and family traditions. Many people forget about them in the modern world. Needless to say, family ties are unthinkable without rituals that will unite all loved ones and allow them to withstand difficult times?


Feng Shui experts recommend placing this talisman on the sunny side of the room. You can install it on a windowsill or table. The main condition is that the sun’s rays must fall on the heron. It is not necessary to purchase the symbol in the form of a figurine. You can hang a picture of a bird. You will find that there are much more pleasant moments in life, and your health has finally improved. Feel free to give a heron to a sick person to help him recover as soon as possible.

Seal of Veles (Bear Paw)

Seal of Veles

A bear is often found in Slavic folklore. In legends it is presented as a sacred animal. His image is associated with Veles, who has great strength and power. The deity is represented by a sign in the form of an inverted letter “A” and the imprint of a bear’s footprint. Amulets with such symbols provided protection from evil, disease, and bestowed strength and health. They were passed down from generation to generation and wore the talisman all their lives. Thus, through the sign of Veles, the connection with the ancestors was maintained.

Bamboo - for growth and longevity

This plant has been revered at all times. He was glorified by artists, poets and writers. Bamboo will remain green throughout the year. It can break through the hardest surface. You will find the plant growing very quickly. It is said to be associated with longevity, perseverance and endurance.

Residents of China claim the special, mystical power of bamboo. Many people simply hang his image on the wall of their home in order to be under the protection of good spirits. Needless to say, the plant symbolizes good health, strength and security? Just look at its powerful trunks and majestic appearance. It’s not for nothing that bamboo is used to make furniture that can last for a long time.

In Russia, dracaena “Lucky Bamboo” has become widespread. Its name translates as “bamboo of happiness.” The plant consists of “bamboo branches” that are twisted at the top in a spiral with small green shoots. The stem of dracaena is somewhat reminiscent of bamboo, although it does not belong to this type of green space.


You need to take a compass and mark where the eastern sector is in your home. It doesn’t matter whether the bamboo will be placed on the window sill in the room, living room or kitchen. You can paste a picture of a plant on the wall. Be prepared for your health to improve significantly.



Helps reproduce healthy offspring, protects a pregnant woman from the evil eye and damage. The health amulet was made in the form of jewelry made of bronze and silver. The talisman represents a month with its horns turned downwards. They were worn as pendants on belts and headdresses; they could be earrings and pendants. The surface of the metal was engraved in the form of lines, triangles, dots and grains.

Peaches - to improve health

These fruits have long been associated with longevity, health and eternity. Due to the fact that trees delight with their blooms in the spring, many couples decide to officially get married during this period. The peach also symbolizes an ideal union, a long-term marriage. It is not necessary to plant a seed at home. You can purchase objects or paintings that depict fruits or the trees themselves. You will find that prosperity has settled in the family for a long time. Health will be truly good for all residents of the apartment or house.

According to ancient legend, the peach tree grew in the vicinity of the garden of Queen Sing Wang Mu. Once every 3000 years it pleased the inhabitants of the palace with the fruit of longevity. Its use gave the power of powerful Immortals.

There are many luxurious paintings that depicted the grandeur of Sau Seng Kung with a peach in his hand. Until now, in China, illustrations are given to people with wishes of truly good health and long life. It is not surprising that there are so many centenarians in this country. Perhaps it's all about the power of peaches.


Figure out where the eastern sector is in your home. You should hang a picture of a peach in it. It will become a real decoration of the dining room or kitchen. Feel free to give appropriate paintings to your mother, father, grandparents, and relatives. They will feel how happiness has settled in the family. No one has ever benefited from a favorable emotional atmosphere in a relationship, as well as health and a surge of strength.


Pelenashka doll

One of the baby’s first amulets is a doll made from the clothes of ancestors. It was made by the oldest woman in the family. During work, it was strictly forbidden to use a needle and scissors; the necessary flaps were torn off by hand. The basis was a fabric rolled up with a roller, a diaper and a scarf were put on top, and tied with red thread. It is important to know that the doll's face was not painted. The baby was 4-5 cm tall; she was placed in a cradle even before the baby was born, so that unkind spirits could not settle there.

Cranes are a symbol of good health

Birds characterize longevity and vigor. Feng Shui experts have long noticed that a pair of cranes has special power. Many tourists to China notice how birds are highly valued by the locals. Odes of praise are sung to them, depicted in paintings and dresses. Cranes are endowed with special properties, in particular, long life, purity, and purity. They say that the image of birds in the house will strengthen mutual understanding in the relationship between spouses.

Residents of China value these birds for their material well-being, wisdom, harmony, sense of power, and longevity. The painting of a pair of cranes enhances the symbolic meaning. It is believed that there are 4 types of cranes, according to the mythology of the Middle Kingdom: blue, yellow, white and black. Among them, it is the last one that is considered to be the longest-lived. Its lifespan can be up to 600 years.


You should install a figurine or image of cranes in the East sector of your home. Remember that we are talking about several birds, nine in particular. They say that this number is associated with the duration of processes and longevity. In this case, a pair of cranes should be located precisely in the southwest of the house or apartment. They will bring harmony to family relationships. You can expect that quarrels will be rare guests in the home where these wonderful birds “settled”. What else can you dream of in this world full of stress and difficulties, especially with mutual understanding?


Feng Shui colors are associated with the teachings of the five elements. The main elements of health are earth and wood.

The element of earth is symbolized by brown and terracotta colors and their shades. For example, the walls of a room may be light beige and the doors dark brown. Green and white colors are undesirable. The elements of wood include green, blue and black. White color should be avoided.

Pine is a symbol of strength and immortality

This tree is considered ancient, most familiar to people since its existence. Feng Shui experts say that pine is a symbol of long life. It is planted near cypress, given that both trees can withstand severe frosts. They can be called a symbol of eternal friendship that will withstand trials, any problems, difficulties.

The tree is often depicted in paintings. Poets write many poems about pine, glorifying its properties. According to legends, a coniferous tree can help to gain longevity, security, strength, self-confidence, luck and courage. These qualities will come in handy for career advancement.

Residents of China believe that pine has a special, magical power. Many people hang an image of a tree on the wall of their house to protect themselves from the influence of evil spirits. Quite often, graceful cranes are painted against a pine background. In this case, the talisman acquires double characteristics, energy, which have a positive effect on all residents of the house. Even the most notorious skeptics will feel how life has changed for the better!


You don't have to try to grow a whole pine tree at home. It is enough to get by with the image of a tree. It will fit well into the eastern sector of the home. You can safely hang the picture in the kitchen, dining room or living room. Very soon you will find that peace has settled in your home, and harmony has arrived in your relationships with loved ones.

Silver bell

Amulet Bells made of Silver

The ringing of a bell can cleanse a space of harmful viruses and bacteria. Therefore, such objects were hung over the child’s crib or cradle and the bell rang periodically. In addition, the metal itself has a magical meaning, driving away evil spirits. This amulet provided double protection.

Elder Shou Xing - a talisman for a speedy recovery

He is rightfully considered the god of longevity. Even in ancient China, religious buildings began to be built in honor of Shaw. It is believed that God does not just bring happiness and health. He is able to cure the most severe and deadly diseases. You can count on a happy old age, help from children and grandchildren. Moreover, God has long become the patron of medicine.

You can find many figurines that depict Shaw with a large dragon staff. It is said to be made from ginseng root, with magical powers of peach and gourd. Men can safely count on the protection of this god. It gives masculine strength. Sina's show is often painted on or near a deer. This aspect is said to symbolize endurance and speed.


You can buy a picture or figurine of this god. They should be installed next to the bed of a person who suffers from illness or poor health. Don't forget about the eastern sector of the house. It's the best place for Show Sin. Give it to your parents, grandparents. Feel free to wish them good health and long life.

How to choose a talisman against diseases

The selection of a talisman against diseases depends on a number of factors:

  • belonging to a particular culture (Slavic, Scandinavian, Muslim, Egyptian, etc.). There are several opinions regarding the selection of talismans on this basis: some researchers believe that the wearer and the health amulet should belong to the same cultural tradition, others believe that amulets from different cultural groups can be used for different purposes. There is a third version - that you should select an amulet in accordance with your feelings;
  • The goal may be individual protection or the protection of the entire family. Depending on this, a personal or home amulet is selected;
  • depending on the gender and age of the wearer: not all amulets differ according to this principle (since there are universal ones that suit everyone). But some amulets are divided into women's and men's, and children's amulets are distinguished separately.

Turtle is a symbol of heavenly support

You should not assume that this reptile can only be associated with slowness and laziness. In China, the turtle has long been considered a symbol of longevity, wisdom and endurance. She is considered one of the four celestial animals.

In the Celestial Empire, the reptile refers simultaneously to the sky (shell) and the earth (belly). It is said that the turtle can bring a long healthy life. Someone gets reptiles to become the owner of a living talisman. We suggest you make do with a turtle figurine with coins. You can get not only health, but also material well-being and support from influential people.


You just need to install a figurine or stick a picture with a turtle in the eastern sector. Be prepared for the fact that your health will noticeably improve and you will become calmer.

Did you buy a turtle on coins? Feel free to place it in the northern sector. You can prepare for a promotion at work and material well-being.

Thread bracelet

This decoration is a talisman related to the ancient Jewish teaching of Kabbalah. It is believed that it is through the left hand that all negative energy penetrates the body. To protect the subtle structures of a person and the physical body, at 12 o'clock at night you should tie a red thread on your left hand. When tying each knot, a special spell is read.

The most powerful amulet is a red thread brought from Israel, from the tomb of the foremother of the Jews, Rachel. The amulets from there really have enormous magical powers. A red thread bracelet allows a person to remain strong and whole, not get sick and live happily for many years.

Gourd pumpkin - a talisman of good health

This vegetable is rightfully considered a strong talisman with which you can improve your health and forget about illnesses. They say that Hu Lu pumpkin will bring harmony to parent-child and marital relationships.

It is important to see which direction is favorable for each family member. You can always use multiple talismans if necessary. Remember that the presence of a gourd pumpkin will promote the circulation of positive energy in the living space. She, in turn, will help you enjoy happiness and a life full of interesting events.

In ancient China, pumpkins were dried in a special way. Subsequently, they were used to carry water, which acquired medicinal properties. The gourd pumpkin can give health to its owner. It was the deities who endowed the vegetable with benefits for the body, physical and emotional state. According to legends, the Yellow Ancestor gave the pumpkin many benefits, since the dew from the gourd quenched thirst, and its pulp was eaten during times of the Great Drought.


The pumpkin will become a truly powerful symbol for the eastern sector of the home. You can place it next to the bed of a person of any age. In the very near future you will notice an improvement in your mood and improved health. It is worth cutting off the lid of the vegetable and hanging it near the bed of a patient suffering from a serious illness. As soon as healing occurs, the pumpkin should be closed. The vegetable fulfilled its purpose. It must be buried in the ground or thrown away. You should not hang an illustration of a pumpkin in the pantry, closet or bathroom. It won't bring any benefit.

Dream catcher for a restful sleep

Physical and emotional health is unthinkable without healthy sleep. A good rest is necessary for every person. At the same time, teenagers, young adults, middle-aged and elderly people suffer from insomnia. You can buy pills as much as you want, change where you sleep, but the problem will remain. We invite you to pay attention to the dream catcher. This talisman has enormous power.

As one legend says, a healer from one of the Indian tribes of Central America climbed a high mountain. He could not even imagine that the great spirit of Iktomi would appear. The man was able to obtain a seine with woven pearls, feathers, horsehair, and other valuable materials. God said it was a dream catcher. It will help people achieve their goals in life, separate evil thoughts from good ones, and dreams from visions. All good will be delayed in this net, while bad will penetrate through the hole in the center. You can count on a good night's rest, which will not be overshadowed by anything.

Sleep catchers are a round-shaped product with a hole in the middle of the web. At first, willow twigs were used to make hoops. The web was the tendons of a reindeer. After several thousand years, they were able to be replaced with cotton or woolen threads. Why was willow used? Everything is very simple. This tree is a symbol of the life of the person himself. We give birth, grow, mature, and take responsibility for raising children.


It is most appropriate to hang a dream catcher near the bed of a person of any age. You may find that your insomnia has gone away, as have your bad dreams. Sleeping people will be under reliable protection all night.


The method of activating talismans of health and longevity depends on where they are located. Objects located in the east are activated by water. Any figurine that will play the role of a talisman must be dipped in water and then, without wiping, placed in its proper place.

More difficult to activate images. Special incense that carries the energy of water will help. On their packaging it says “Water” or in English “Water”.

To activate the talismans located in the center of the house, you must resort to the element of fire. He gives birth to the earth just as water gives birth to a tree. Any earth talismans, and these are mainly crystals, minerals and vessels filled with soil, must be carried through fire, for example, through the flame of a lit candle.

Cicada - a symbol of resurrection and protection

In the culture of the East, the insect was associated with immortality and subsequent resurrection. Even the ancient Chinese placed a cicada made of jadeite into the mouth of a deceased person. It was believed that in this way it would be possible to ensure his eternal life. It is impossible not to mention insects that are made of jade. This stone has long been considered a symbol of a prosperous life. A person can be reborn in a rich family. Living people should pay attention to cicadas to gain long life and happiness. We can also talk about the personification of eternal youth, given that the insect can live over 17 years.

Jadeite cicadas have gained immense popularity among the people of Hong Kong. There is a legend that small creatures will help you find inspiration and stimulate vivid thoughts. It is important to note that they are considered a symbol of happy moments in life. If you carry cicada-shaped jewelry with you all the time, you can gain intuition and forget about unpleasant situations.

It is impossible not to note the receipt of powerful protection from enemies and various dangerous factors. Many close to the emperor hid a jade cicada in their robe so as not to encounter palace intrigues. Modern politicians do not ignore this talisman. It is important for them to protect themselves from the dangers that lie in wait on the path to achievements and gaining power.


A cicada made from an amulet can be carried with you, put in your pocket or bag. It is ideal for placing on your desktop. Don't forget to install the talisman in the eastern sector of your home. You can count on protection from unpleasant situations, improved emotional and physical health.

Stones will help cope with poor health

Hematite helps in the treatment of blood diseases

Hematite will help people who have any blood diseases. The stone is recommended to be worn by athletes and those who live an active life.


Amber is recommended for those who experience constant headaches. The stone helps strengthen the immune system, will reduce the likelihood of a hypertensive crisis, and will also be useful for women.


This stone, when combined with silver, will help strengthen the respiratory system, and when combined with gold, it is known for its antipyretic properties.


It will help you cope with almost any pain. The main condition for this amulet is to wear it as close as possible to the place where the pain is felt.

Hare (rabbit) – expert in medicinal potions

The animal symbolizes longevity, abundance, sensitivity, and hearing. He is also called a true expert in healing potions. According to legend, it was the hare who saved Buddha in difficult times. This made it possible to place the animal in a place of honor - the Moon. He was given many secret recipes that could significantly improve his health. During Moon Day celebrations, a white hare figurine decorates windowsills in China.


This talisman should be installed in the eastern sector of the home. A favorable atmosphere will be established in the space, harmony will appear in the relationships of close people. It should be noted that the figurine of a hare will bring a lot of happiness to a person born in the year of the rabbit

BAO balls for healing energy

They were known back in Ancient China. Many martial artists used these balls during training.

These products are called “singing health balls.” They have become popular in Eastern medicine. Quite often they are used to bring harmony to the balance of “yin” and “yang” in the human body.

Experts say that it is worth purposefully stimulating certain areas of the body in order to gain a positive effect on all digestive systems and brain activity. By rotating Chinese health balls in the palm of your hand, you will be able to stimulate most acupuncture points. If you quickly rotate the products clockwise, you can achieve an increase in yang energy. If you slowly rotate the balls counterclockwise, the “yin” energy will increase.

Proper Use

You need to roll the products in your palms. You can start massaging your feet with them. Health balls contain a unique healing effect. You will be able to feel the effect on active acupuncture points. You can improve blood supply and normalize blood pressure. You will find that you have coped with fatigue and numerous stresses. If you regularly rotate compact balls in your palm, your memory and mental abilities will improve.

Exercises with these products will be of great benefit if a person has suffered an injury to the upper extremities. Doctors often use balls during long-term rehabilitation of patients with rheumatism and arthritis. You will hear one product producing a higher sound while the other produces a low sound. You can enjoy a calming and stimulating effect at the same time. Try to use health balls every day to improve your physical and emotional well-being.

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