Symbols for attracting money and good luck - financial magic of signs

What kind of person doesn’t want to be happy and rich? The question is clearly rhetorical. However, firstly, not everyone has the same prerequisites, and secondly, for some reason the capricious Fortune adores some and openly neglects others.

You need to understand: correctly chosen and charged talismans attract money and good luck, regardless of class, religion, race, gender and other affiliation. But they work much more effectively if their owner sincerely believes in the miraculous properties of jewelry, objects, symbols and other objects that can act as amulets.

Silver pendant-amulet “Money”. Collection OBEREG Sunlight

How money symbols work

The use of magical signs allows us to solve the problem of the automatic presence of an egregor that protects a person in one place or another. Being gateways to certain egregors, symbols of attracting money help you receive huge amounts of energy and change the space around you.

Any graphic design is a framework for an energy structure. Its power depends on how "charged" it is by the practitioner of magic. A simple sign drawn on a wallet to attract money or wealth will be useless if it is not present in the person’s mind. In order for the money channel to open, you need to combine the idea of ​​a magic symbol with its image and send your energy to this area.

In order to charge a banknote, while drawing it, you must be in a deep meditative state: think only about your desire, visualizing its fulfillment in all colors.

At the same time, magical symbols to attract money and good luck should be applied to materials that are good batteries and conductors of energy. It can be natural stones, metals, natural fabrics, wood, bone.

The most suitable wood for money talismans is honeysuckle, almond, oak, pine, and cedar. Of the metals, preference should be given to gold. In the case of stones, you need to choose specimens of yellow and green shades (chrysoberyl, peridot, chrysoprase, labradorite, citrine).

The energy of money: three laws of the Universe that you need to know and follow

What is money in its essence?

Everything we see around us - people, animals, plants, stones, rivers, clouds - is nothing more than material manifestations of energy. And money is no exception, it is a type of universal qi energy; coins, bills, jewelry are its visible embodiment.

Money is energy. Clean and neutral. It acquires color only when we begin to use it.

While the rich get richer, the poor get poorer...

Considering money to be something evil and bad, and the desire for it to be low, a person turns the energy of money into a negative direction, thereby bringing adversity upon himself. An imbalance of energy leads to the destruction of well-being, health and other areas of life.

Money can denigrate the soul of a person who has put it above all else in the world and seeks it at any cost. But they can also enrich it, help to do good, reveal and realize their abilities, make the world around them better.

Therefore, before you begin to study the language of symbols to attract wealth, it is important to know the laws of the Universe that govern the energy of money.

symbol language

Law 1. “The energy of money is obedient to attention”

What kind of energy (abundance or need) you charge your life depends on your thoughts, focus and concentration.

Money loves attention. There is no need to be shy or afraid of them. Dream, think about wealth as often as possible. Focus on the energy of money, open your heart to abundance.

It is the wrong attitude towards money that gives rise to greed, theft, poverty and poverty, full of problems, a joyless existence.

Law 2. “Any message invariably comes back”

Like attracts like. Love attracts love. Hatred attracts anger and enmity. And the fear of big money attracts poverty. This is how the Universe protects a person from unnecessary worries. No money - no fears.

But when you are open to money, focused on its energy, then your state, like a magnet, attracts abundance in response. To attract money into your life, you need to pay attention to money energy on yourself.

On the subject: How to become rich and get rid of money blocks

Law 3. “You must give (money) in joy in order to receive in joy”

The energy of joy attracts the energy of money.

Therefore, when repaying a debt, paying a loan or utilities, mentally focus on the fact that the money given now will soon return to you in much larger quantities. Share the energy of money without regret.

This is one of the most difficult laws of the Universe to implement. After all, as they say about debt: “You take someone else’s for a short time, but return your own.” And I really don’t want to give away my hard-earned money.

But it is precisely this law that is the path to understanding the management of the energy of money.

Through giving, we deepen our experience of managing the energy of money. Joyful thoughts travel faster than gloomy, despondent ones.

symbols to attract money

Runes - signs that attract money

Scandinavian futhark is widely used in magical practices. It contains 24 signs, four of which are directly related to monetary luck.


Fehu is the main rune for attracting material resources and life energy. Its key quality is the patronage of the gods, the acquisition of new opportunities, growth and expansion, as well as the protection of existing wealth.

The symbol helps to increase capital, both through honest earnings and through undeserved luck. Traditionally, Fehu was considered a talisman of cattle breeders, who not only raised herds on their own, but also engaged in livestock theft.

This magical sign should be used by those who decide to take the path of getting rich quick. The vibrations of the rune will help to recount all the resources a person has in order to find the most profitable way to use them.

However, Fehu will not bring wealth to those who are accustomed to wasting money and do not know how to save what they have accumulated. Those who make money on mature and established financial markets should also use the symbol with caution. The rune opens up more opportunities for business activities in developing industries. Helps attract new investors and clients.

Also, a magic sign is used to ensure a favorable result of a real estate transaction and the safety of things when moving.

The effect of the Fehu rune is not limited to material objects. The symbol also helps to find a way out of a difficult and incomprehensible situation, make the right choice, and accumulate social and reputational capital.

When using Fehu, it is important to remember that the action of the rune should be aimed at achieving a specific goal, and not just achieving “wealth”. This is too abstract a concept, by which each person means something different. A wish made through Feha must be extremely specific. For example, you can “order” a specific position, a certain amount of money for apartment renovation, or the purchase of a specific brand of car. After such a detailed request, the magic sign will create the necessary circumstances for the realization of what you want.

It is best to apply the symbol to jewelry worn on the hands - rings, rings, bracelets. During the ritual, you can also turn to the god of fertility Frey and the goddess of love Freya, to whom the rune is dedicated.

Opilla (Odal)

The Othila rune symbolizes clan, family, tradition and property. The magical properties of a sign include the ability to perceive reference information and act in accordance with accepted norms and rules. In money magic, the symbol takes on the meaning of material property and its preservation.

Opilla facilitates the acquisition of land, real estate and other benefits, develops practical ingenuity, helps maintain labor discipline and helps improve relations with the work team. It is used to protect property, when dividing property between heirs or divorced spouses, and to conclude profitable contracts.


The Jera rune symbolizes the cyclical nature of the world process, the year, the harvest. It is drawn before the start of any large and important enterprise to ensure its safe development and success in the final result. Runes are also used as magic when there is not enough strength to complete the work started.

The magical sign of Yer does not force events, but helps to tune in to the natural rhythms of the Universe. As a result, a person gets rid of unnecessary fuss, false goals and values, and begins to intuitively lean only towards those actions, activities, and business connections that bring him success.


Dagaz is one of the brightest and most positive runes of the Scandinavian futhark. Symbolizes unlimited prospects and possibilities. Helps to escape from a difficult situation and poverty. Helps to gain an adequate understanding of the world around us. Eliminates ideas about a lack of resources from consciousness, eliminates negative associations with wealth and other psychological restrictions in the monetary sphere.

Three-legged toad

The most popular symbol for attracting money, which is known to many. The three-legged toad is found not only in houses and apartments, but also in offices and even shops. It is usually located at the entrance to attract money and also ensure that funds are received on time.

Place a figurine with a coin in its mouth in the corner of the hallway near the door and learn how to place the money frog correctly. Just don't leave it in the kitchen or near the bathroom.

Old Slavic money runes

The symbolism of pagan ancestors is also rich in signs that attract money, luck and prosperity. In Russia they may work better than Scandinavian runes, as they have a stronger connection with the consciousness of the local population.

The Dazhdbog rune brings a reward for righteous work. If the personal activity of the person who has resorted to the magic of this money symbol is low, the results may be insignificant. Dazhdbog works best for hard workers or when some success in business has already been achieved. The symbol helps to increase wealth and receive excess profits.

The Bereginya rune is the main tool in the magical art of enrichment. The symbol is filled with inexhaustible female fertile power. Helps to develop a business, as well as simply attract material items necessary for a comfortable and joyful life.

Rune Perun is a powerful Old Slavic symbol that enhances the effect of other banknotes. It helps to achieve a high level of professional skill, succeed in conditions of fierce competition, overcome any obstacles on the way to your goal, and speed up the fulfillment of desires.

Who is Andrey Levshinov

Andrey Levshinov is a Doctor of Psychological and Philosophical Sciences, laureate of the National Greatness Prize, author of numerous works on psychology, yoga, oriental medicine, healthy lifestyle and transformation of consciousness.

He spent 8 years traveling, immersing himself in Eastern culture. He studied Buddhist psychopractices from great masters, studied yoga practices, and practiced karate and other martial arts.

Levshinov “packed” the accumulated knowledge into a system of spiritual and physical development understandable to the Russian reader. The system teaches that the laws of the Universe and meditative practices are the key to health, love, success and wealth.

Reiki symbols

The Reiki system has its own signs for attracting money and luck, which are primarily suitable for those who strive for self-improvement. Making money dishonestly, harming the world, will not work with the help of this type of magic.

Reiki vibrations put in order and heal various energy information channels in the human aura, including money. As a result, opportunities open up for him to earn money easily, joyfully and honestly.

  • The Cho Ku Rei symbol clears the energy space of accumulated negativity, allowing a person’s inner potential to open up and express itself. The sign strengthens confidence in one’s own strengths and goals, and provides assistance in new endeavors.
  • The Sei He Ki sign fills a person’s heart with the energy of love, thanks to which all money blocks that prevent one from living in prosperity and happiness are removed. The symbol also helps to improve the health of the body and increase energy tone.
  • Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is a symbol of unity. A link between the events of the present and the future. The sign is used to enhance and concentrate energy on a selected target.
  • The Halu symbol brings healing at the deepest karmic levels. Dispels illusions, eliminates thinking patterns that are harmful to wealth, helps to take responsibility for existing problems in life, and promotes harmonization of relationships with other people.
  • The frame is a symbol of happiness and strength. Relieves feelings of guilt. Helps to realize any dreams, including material desires.
  • The Java sign is an assistant when making difficult decisions. Balances logic and intuition. Eliminates blinders and illusions that prevent you from seeing the Truth.
  • Zen Kai Do is a symbol of money, wealth and prosperity in Reiki. The main talisman for success in business. It can be used as an individual amulet or for an entire work team or company.

To connect to the vibrations of Reiki, it is enough to draw symbols that bring money on water for drinking. This is the strongest conductor of subtle energies. By drinking such charged water, a person renews his energy-informational structure and enters new lines of destiny.

Bonus: Andrey Levshinov’s practice “How to become a magnet for money”

Pick up an item that is associated with wealth, for example, a high-denomination bill, a gold ring, a bank card (your own symbol of money).

Focus mentally on this object, and then imagine that your biofield is opening up like a wallet. It gradually pulls the object into itself.

You and this attribute of wealth are now one. There is a powerful connection between you.

Now imagine an object inside your biofield. He is shrouded in a golden glow. Take a deep breath and imagine that you are drawing in this golden glow and it is accumulating in the area between your eyebrows. Now, along with your exhalation, lower this clot of light to the center of your chest. Visualize the golden energy of money accumulating in your chest.

Breathe steadily, focusing on the energy in your chest for a few more minutes until you feel a slight tingling, coolness, or “blowing” in the area.

Repeat as often as possible. This exercise will allow you to better understand the language of symbols and open the energy of money into your life.

What items do you use to attract money into your life? Do you believe in symbolic language?

Money talismans Feng Shui

To create material wealth, you can also borrow symbolism from the Taoist practice of organizing space.

  • Hieroglyph "Wealth". It is enough to put his image on a piece of fabric and store it next to money or jewelry so that the flow of money begins to increase.
  • Oranges. Real fruits in a vase or a photo of them on the wall are another money talisman that symbolizes gold. Oranges carry a powerful charge of optimism and prosperity. This symbol will work best in a room where people often gather.
  • Business mascot. One of the most powerful amulets for establishments offering their services and goods to customers. You need to print two identical images. On the first card, on the back side, you need to write your wish and always carry it with you. Hang the second one in a visible place at work so that it catches your eye more often.

Working to achieve wealth and worrying about your material well-being are two different, contradictory energies. Symbols for attracting wealth and happiness will not help if a person doubts their power and continues to worry about money. For success, it is necessary to develop self-confidence and trust in the cosmic forces that are invoked with the help of magical inscriptions.

Dragon turtle

An interesting and ambiguous feng shui symbol of wealth. Reflects the strength, courage and boldness of the dragon, the slowness and longevity of the turtle. A coin in the mouth reflects the energy of prosperity and great income, a cub that sits on the back means good luck for the family and descendants. The creature with a dragon's head and a turtle's body usually sits on a pile of coins and gold bars.

The place of the talisman is in the north or east of the home. Place it anywhere in these sectors, but so that the entity does not look at household members and does not create confrontation. A great place behind your back, for example, on a table behind a sofa. But it must be nearby, not in the far corner.

Main rune of luxury

Fehu is considered an element of prosperity and monetary success. It brings good luck and attracts wealth to the home. The symbol can be used either separately from the runes or together with other signs. The energy in the runescript is so strong that it fuels other symbols, filling them with the necessary meaning.

The main task of the rune is to show the transition from Non-existence to Existence, from spiritual to material expression. It increases a person’s peace of mind and, thanks to energy, can fill thoughts and desires with a certain meaning regarding making profit and money. The creation of a symbol begins from chaos and gradually leads to clarity with each line, just as Fehu herself points a person to those things that require attention.

Of course, the strength of the sign depends on the combination of runes and meaning. But in the absence of other elements, it can improve your financial condition and set you up for profit.

The sign helps a person, but cannot make a decision for him, or change him from inaction and apathy to an active solution to the issue. The individual must want change and do something for it, and rune magic will enhance the effect of the process.

The essence of the element’s action can be divided into three stages:

  1. Attraction.
  2. Concentration.
  3. Transformation of energy flows.

In addition to accumulation, the rune can be used to protect those benefits and material things that are already in the house.

How to use power correctly

For application, use a wallet or the place where finances are stored. Since the rune has the energy of accumulation, it must be placed near money or gold so that the signal from them is amplified and attracts other finances into the house.

Most often, the sign is kept in secluded places, away from prying eyes. You can bring the symbol to work and hide it on your office desk. Or, if the work is active and you need to move, you can carry the element in the form of an amulet with you.

Practicing magicians offer a method of applying a rune to a banknote of a large denomination so that it attracts other capital. Carry a symbolic banknote in your wallet, the money will not be transferred there, but will accumulate even more.

Visualization plays a huge role in the process of creating a rune. When drawing a symbol, you need to imagine a cash flow or shower in the form of coins and banknotes that rain down on a person. You can imagine in your imagination those things and luxuries that are missing.

From a psychological point of view, a person directs energy into the desired flow and connects to the Universe, and runes help in this contact and strengthen the signal of thought.

The use of a money symbol can be different, but the main thing is that it happens near money or gold.

Star of David

According to one version, the Star of David amulet (seal of Solomon) came to us from Israel, although many are more of the opinion that it was previously used by different peoples. It was believed that it protects against the effects of magic, as well as from thieves and criminals. The Pentacle of Solomon amulet for wealth can be used in the latter version if you want to protect your savings.


This hieroglyph promotes the acquisition of material wealth.

Prosperity is ensured in the area and direction where there is a need for the owner of the amulet with this image.

Possessing the Abundance amulet, you can attract success and material wealth into your life.

Seal of Veles

The Seal of Veles is a Slavic talisman for good luck and money, similar in appearance to a bear's paw. It is believed that the amulet helped to overcome life's difficulties and achieve the set goal. Most suitable for traders, facilitating the conclusion of business connections. In addition, it will protect against thieves and intruders, which is why in the old days the amulet was very revered by merchants.

For merchants, the amulet will attract buyers, and for representatives of the law it guarantees safe service.

People who abuse alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited from wearing an amulet. It will work well for women who occupy a leadership position, but they lack masculine character traits.


If you have chosen a drawing, but are not sure how it will affect your energy, make a temporary sample. After this, determine in what way the Slavic symbol influenced your life and state of mind, whether you feel comfortable enough. If no negative events have occurred, and you have found peace and quiet in your soul, feel free to get a permanent tattoo.

Can girls choose male images?

It is possible, but only if their profession is close to men’s and requires concentration of strength and energy. A tattoo can reveal the internal reserves of the body for protection and success in the chosen business, but male symbols can make the energy of girls more rough and masculine, resist femininity and softness.

Is it possible to hide scars with Slavic symbols?

Since the ancient Slavs were warriors, their tattoos were often applied to scars, which did not contradict the original meaning of the picture.

Where is the best place to get a tattoo?

Once you have decided on the image, it is important to pay attention to the choice of the master. He must not only have good command of the apparatus, but also have artistic taste, as well as understand the intricacies of pagan symbolism

Any incorrect detail can spoil the image and distort its meaning, and even change it to the opposite. In this case, restoration will not help; you will have to remove the tattoo and apply a new one.

How to choose a tattoo design for a location on the body?

Tattoos can be applied to any part of the body at your discretion, the difference is that in one place it will be beneficial, and in another it will be absolutely useless.

Depending on the type of protective symbol, the place for it is chosen.

  1. It is advisable to make images of gods in full size, so the chest, arm and back are suitable for them.
  2. Hands are the most versatile place for tattooing; you can place a small inscription or any sign.
  3. Tattoos on the forearm help maintain fortitude and protect against negativity, because they are close to the head and heart.
  4. The wrist is suitable for Slavic symbols that influence the soul and heart; they are placed closer to the pulse. Charms and amulets are appropriate on the neck to bring the feelings and mind into harmony.
  5. The chest is decorated with protective tattoos that strengthen the spirit and protect from troubles, like a shield.
  6. The back is suitable for embodying three-dimensional compositions of the main character with natural symbols and other additions.
  7. The shoulder blades are decorated with separate runes to balance the light and dark sides to achieve inner harmony.

Which style and color should I choose?

The style is determined by pagan symbols and their original. It is allowed to apply color images in strict accordance with the concept of the main drawing.

What other symbols are combined with Slavic ones?

Completed images of Slavic symbols allow you to create a full-fledged tattoo using only them. If you want to add something to the picture, you can use:

  1. Flame is a sign of vital energy, inspiration, sincere emotions and passions.
  2. Plants symbolize the healing power of nature, protecting against wounds and emotional trauma.
  3. Geometric patterns and ornaments enhance protection.
  4. Flowers add romance to the overall design.

What Slavic amulets are not recommended to be applied as a tattoo?

Ancient images can cause misperception due to the fact that in places not so remote (in the zone) they are given a completely different meaning, often distorting the original positive meaning. Such negative options could be as follows:

  1. The swastika and Kolovrat are mistakenly considered fascist, which causes aggression.
  2. Only authorities in prison have the right to wear a crucifix, and the Celtic cross also belongs to it.
  3. A rose in the zone is considered a mark of lost youth.

Before applying a Slavic style tattoo, make sure that it does not have a double meaning, as this may cause trouble in the future.

Before applying a tattoo, carefully study its meaning, history, meaning, and determine its compatibility with your energy field.

Tattoos in the Slavic style involve honoring ancestors, the past and one’s history, therefore they have enormous energy, which will be used to benefit its owner. The correct choice of design, color scheme and place on the body will allow you to most fully realize the task to achieve your goal with the help of a tattoo.

9: Four Leaf Clover

An Irish symbol that has become famous throughout the world.

This is a favorite amulet of treasure hunters, archaeologists and other people whose activities are related to the search. And modern business people believe that the four-leaf clover helps in finding the most profitable business offers, as well as vacancies.

By the way: it is believed that a pendant or pendant with a clover image must be green. This is the color of wealth.

Imperial amulet

The imperial amulet was made from a coin in the Trinity-Sergius Lavra for the young Peter I. The enchanted coin was made by a monk who spent the whole night praying. The imperial amulet perfectly attracts finances and luck and

  • provides an opportunity to recover money from debtors;
  • promotes prosperity in business;
  • provides high status to the owner.

You can make this amulet yourself:

  • prepare a coin, a candle and a red piece of fabric (it must be natural);
  • wait until the full moon phase, light a candle and take the coin in your hands;
  • close your eyes and concentrate on attracting money, place a coin on the cloth;
  • leave it on the windowsill all night so that moonlight falls on it;
  • the next night, place a coin wrapped in the same cloth under your pillow.

1: Pig

For our ancestors, who often ran private households even in cities, a well-fed pig was a sign of a wealthy family.

Nowadays, many people believe that pigs can increase wealth, which is why piggy banks are often made in the shape of this animal.

But, of course, not all nations consider the pig a symbol of wealth. For Jews or Muslims, this is not just a disrespected animal, but a forbidden animal.

By the way: there is an opinion that the first piggy banks appeared in China.

Blessed Doll

The Blessed Doll is also called the Hostess or Housewife. This amulet brings prosperity to the house. A characteristic feature is that in its folded handles there is a five-ruble coin. This symbolizes the preservation of the master's goods.

The main purpose of the Blessed Lady doll is to increase wealth and prosperity, ensuring a good life. It is used for good luck in business, competent and economical housekeeping, and to help quickly achieve your goals.

Rituals for making amulets

With the help of special rituals and spells, you can activate the amulet. Remember that you cannot make talismans during illness or even when you are feeling unwell. It is forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages or eat a lot the day before. Before the ritual you need to take a shower. A person must sincerely believe that his talisman will become a real magnet for money.

Skepticism is excluded. Under no circumstances should you perform a ritual for fun or curiosity. Otherwise the consequences will be unpredictable. Let's look at the most effective rituals:

  • Full moon ritual “magic bill”. Pick up a banknote of any denomination. Go outside on a full moon, show it to the moon and say the words:

Spending this money is prohibited. Keep it out of reach of unauthorized people. It’s better to hide it in a separate pocket of your wallet.

  • Money bag. This ritual is performed on the waxing moon. You will need a small canvas bag. You need to put a coin, a banknote, some rice and any jewelry in it. Also add bay leaf and a small piece of sugar. Go to the window so you can see the moon and say three times:

Hide the bag in a safe place so that no one will find it.


Also, as in many Mediterranean countries, in Spain, where winemaking was the most ancient occupation, the grapevine is a symbol of abundance and prosperity. In addition, in Portugal it is a symbol of good health and family warmth. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that the Portuguese pay tribute to grapes on New Year's Day. It is believed that by eating a grape at the chime of the New Year's clock, they will fulfill their wishes. That is, each stroke of the clock is accompanied by the eating of one grape. At the same time, every resident of Portugal and Spain makes one wish. As a result, during the 12 strokes of the New Year's clock, everyone can make 12 of their most cherished wishes.

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