Is it possible to hang a mirror opposite a window according to folk wisdom?

Among the decorative elements that are found in every home, the most popular is the mirror. The attribute is used not only to monitor appearance. Proper placement of this piece of furniture can change the proportions of the room, expand the space, and increase the degree of illumination. But in the pursuit of style, few people think about the fact that poor placement of a mirror can instantly destroy the pleasant atmosphere in the house, filling it with negative energy.


The magic of mirrors

Since ancient times, mirrors have been considered magical instruments.
Not a single witchcraft action could take place without them. All rituals required the use of this magical object to see the betrothed or predict the future. In black magic, it plays the role of a portal to another world, for communicating with the dead. In the modern world, it is difficult to imagine an apartment without this useful interior element. But you should always remember that this magical item can harm the residents of the house. Its incorrect location can reflect negativity and significantly ruin the lives of people who are in the room. Before hanging a mirror opposite the window according to Feng Shui, you need to collect all the information about this.

Is it possible to hang a mirror opposite a window?

Since we already know that our apartment is fed with positive energy through the windows, experts do not advise placing a mirror in front of the window: this way all the light forces will immediately be reflected and return without lingering in the house. To preserve good energy, it is better to hang the mirror on the side walls of the window; this will not interfere with good efforts to improve the atmosphere in the house.

Is it possible to hang a mirror in front of a window?

What is the energy of the mirror?

Before we talk about why you can’t hang a mirror in front of a window, you need to understand how energy affects people.
Chinese teaching explains that the energy of mirrors has the ability to change the current reality. By changing space, energy flows change the atmosphere in the room, and it in turn affects the well-being and mood of the people in it. If there is more positive Qi force, then people who enter a room with the correct arrangement of mirrors immediately calm down. They feel warm and comfortable, their mood rises, love and mercy awaken in their souls, their heads become clearer and interesting ideas arise. If there is stagnation of energies in the room or the destructive power of Sha prevails, people begin to feel bad, their mood deteriorates, and their intentions become unkind.

According to legend, or rather, according to the laws of Feng Shui, the favorable energy of life enters the room through doorways and windows, and tends to the water element. Usually this is the bathroom or kitchen. If there is a toilet opposite the front door, then all the favorable energy will pass by the owners and go down the drain. To avoid this, you need to place small mirrors with rounded corners on the bathroom door. They should be attached both inside and outside.

What can result from an incorrectly positioned

When placing structures, you need to think about what the consequences might be. A bad location can become a fatal mistake and your whole life will go awry. The married couple will begin to quarrel, cheat on each other, they will be haunted by failures and health problems.

Variants of incorrect location and consequences in the table.

Totally bad installation locationWhat to expect
In the bedroom opposite the bed, in the children's roomThe negativity accumulated during the day will not be released, but will return to the sleeper with a vengeance, but the good energy will literally be sucked out. A person will lose strength, vigor, health, success, problems will appear in his personal/intimate life
Opposite the front doorAll positive energy, success, prosperity will come out of the house
Mirrors facing each otherA mirror corridor is created where dark entities live and take away life force from a person.
In the toilet, bathroomEnergy will go down the drain
In the officeIf the desktop is reflected, there will be more work, but the amount of money will not increase

It should not turn out to be a reflection of disorder, torn wallpaper, broken furniture. It is necessary to ensure the most perfect appearance.

Mirrors in the hallway

The corridor reflects the atmosphere of the entire house, so it should be given no less importance than the other rooms.
Being on the threshold, the guest immediately understands whether the house is comfortable, calm, or, conversely, whether he wants to leave it as soon as possible. When purchasing an apartment or designing a house, the best option would be a spacious and wide corridor. It will be possible to place a wardrobe with mirrors in it, which will not only decorate the interior, but also fill the residents with positive energy.

The only condition is that such a cabinet should not be located opposite the front door. Otherwise, the positive Qi energy will be reflected from the surface and leave the apartment. The same goes for windows.

But in Russian cities there are very few apartments with spacious hallways and rooms. Their residents need to take measures to arrange all items correctly, conveniently and not harm themselves and their family. If there is not enough space and a person is forced to break the rules, then according to Feng Shui, thick fabric, which must be hung over the reflective surface, will help neutralize the mirror opposite the window. You can open the fabric only when the windows are closed and tightly curtained. In this way, the outflow of Qi from the apartment can be avoided.

Feng Shui location

Even the Chinese believe that it is better not to improvise when placing mirrors. They must be in the apartment, but in the right place, otherwise they will cause illness and failure for household members. If you hang the mirror correctly, this will, on the contrary, help avoid problems.

According to Feng Shui, mirror surfaces reflect and attract energy into a home. If you hang them opposite the window opening, the sun's rays will be reflected and scattered throughout the home, bringing prosperity, peace, and mutual understanding.

Rules for placing mirrors opposite windows

Chinese experts remind us that mirror surfaces should only bring positive things; you need to look at them in a good mood. You cannot frown, get angry, or show aggression, otherwise all these emotions will persist and work against you.

Kitchen and living room

The kitchen personifies the material wealth of the residents.
Wide, clean and equipped, it attracts monetary energy into the house. Having information about the energies of Qi and Sha, the question of whether it is possible to hang a mirror opposite the window in the kitchen disappears by itself. It is better to hang this attribute in front of the dining table. In this position, he will “work” for the benefit of the residents, regularly presenting them with earning opportunities and monetary winnings. But it is better not to hang it opposite the hob to avoid damage to electrical appliances. Just like the kitchen, the family can have lunch and dinner in the living room. A mirror in this room will attract kind and faithful friends to your home, who are always ready to help. Moreover, friendships will be beneficial and will bring many positive moments to the family.

Consequences of incorrect placement

In China, several centuries ago they figured out whether it was possible to hang a mirror opposite a window. The teachings of Feng Shui speak about this. A house furnished in accordance with his recommendations is filled with harmony and happiness.

When the mirror is placed opposite the window opening, the flows of favorable energy entering the room are reflected from the glass surface and immediately go outside. As a result, only negativity remains in the house.

Mirror and window in the bathroom

The Slavs had their own signs about the location of mirrors:

  1. A mirror is an object with powerful magical energy. It symbolizes the border between reality and the world of the dead.
  2. A mirror covered with cracks portends misfortune.
  3. If it shatters into fragments, a loved one will soon die.
  4. A good place for a mirror is next to the window, opposite the dining table.
  5. You cannot hang a mirror on the wall opposite the window. This is not accepted in Russian traditions.

Until the mid-19th century, mirrors were only found in rich houses. When they became a common household item, in village huts they were hung on the wall between the windows and enclosed in a carved wooden frame. Additionally, the mirror was decorated with an embroidered towel.

Mothers did not allow small children to look into the mirror surface. This was considered a bad omen. To prevent the child from accidentally looking in the mirror, it was covered with a curtain.

Mirrors were used in wedding ceremonies. It was believed that they preserve the happiness of the newlyweds. Therefore, they were carefully kept all their lives, hidden from prying eyes.


According to the teachings of Feng Shui, placing a mirror in front of a window means pushing away the energy of life from your home.
Where there is no Qi, the place is not empty and Sha energy occupies it. The bedroom is a very intimate place. There is a special atmosphere there that you need to treat very carefully in order to live a long and happy family life. It is forbidden for anyone other than spouses to enter this room, sit on the bed or lie on it. There should be no light-reflecting surfaces or household electrical appliances in the bedroom. During the day, maximum light should penetrate into this room, and at night, the light should be soft and semi-dark.

A mirror in the bedroom above the bed promises a quick separation of spouses, regular infidelity, venereal and gynecological diseases.

Favorable places for placing mirrors in the house according to Feng Shui?

In what places should a mirror be hung so as not to interfere with the free flow of Qi energy? The most favorable places for placing a mirror according to Feng Shui are:


The hallway can rightfully be considered the face of your home, because it is it that creates the first impression of the house and gives guests a feeling of comfort and warmth. It is desirable that this room be sufficiently spacious and wide.

But what if your hallway is too cramped and small? A mirror will come to the rescue - it can visually enlarge the hallway area and add volume to it. Hang a human-sized mirror in the hallway, and the room will immediately look more spacious. Just don't place it in front of the front door.

Oddly enough, the hallway is the main distributor of vital energy in the house. After all, incoming flows of Qi energy enter through the door into the hallway, and then are distributed throughout the rest of the rooms. If you hang a mirror in the hallway, this energy will be reflected and spread freely throughout the house.

A mirror will help to recreate the missing spaces in the room. So, if the room is L-shaped, you should hang mirrors in its corners. This way you can restore the missing space.

Kitchen and dining room

Another room in the house where you can hang a mirror is the kitchen. According to Feng Shui, it is a symbol of material well-being, prosperity and prosperity. A very good place to place a mirror in the kitchen is opposite the table where people dine. This way the mirror will increase your material condition and harmonize relationships in the family.

You should not place the mirror opposite the gas stove and work surfaces, otherwise the housewife may have more worries in the kitchen.

The living room is also a very good place for a mirror. This room has a very positive and soulful energy, because the whole family gathers here in the evenings and guests are received here. A mirror hung in this place will bring joy and good mood to your home, give you health and prosperity.


Whether it is worth hanging a mirror in the bedroom according to Feng Shui is a controversial issue. According to the doctrine, the mirror in the bedroom should not reflect people during sleep, otherwise it will affect family relationships and the health of the inhabitants of the house. If you hang a mirror opposite the bed, conflicts and disagreements will often arise in the house, partners will not be faithful to each other, and family members will begin to have health problems.

To prevent this from happening, the mirror can be placed only in those areas of the bedroom in which the bed and the people sleeping on it will not be reflected. It is also not recommended to install a mirrored ceiling in the bedroom, because this is contrary to Feng Shui. It is best to place a dressing table in the bedroom that can be closed at night.

In the room where the child sleeps, the placement of mirrors should be treated with extreme caution. According to Feng Shui, the number of mirrors in the nursery should be minimal so as not to interfere with the child’s restful sleep. Here you can hang one small mirror, which will reflect the opposite wall.

Additional recommendations

Useful tips for placing mirrors in a room will bring happiness, peace, love and prosperity into people's lives.

For this it is important to know that:

  • The mirror must be in a frame. The more beautiful and expensive it is, the more monetary energy it will attract into the house;
  • it should not reflect any deficiencies. If the reflection of fallen tiles or peeled wallpaper cannot be avoided, then these shortcomings must be corrected as soon as possible;
  • there should be no cracks, scratches or chips;
  • clean surfaces will prevent accumulated negativity from spreading throughout the house. All reflective surfaces in your home should be washed and cleaned regularly. This will ensure not only the pleasant appearance of the items, but also the youth of the owners, as well as their good health.

By using the information received about whether it is possible to place a mirror opposite a window, a person will be able to ensure harmony and prosperity. It is not difficult to follow these simple recommendations. If everything is done correctly, then within a few weeks the people living in the room will begin to feel better and more joyful.

How to throw away a mirror correctly

What should you do if the mirror is cracked or broken and needs to be thrown away?

First, it should be noted that a cracked mirror does not mean the arrival of terrible misfortune in the house. On the contrary, this means that it has already absorbed enough negative energy, and its service life has therefore expired.

In order to safely throw away a broken mirror, you must first collect all its pieces. Rinse them under cold running water to remove all your marks on it. It is very important after this procedure not to look at your reflection and try not to be reflected in the fragments at all, since you will again leave a piece of yourself inside.

Wrap the remaining mirror in a thick cloth and then safely throw it away.

Is it possible to hang or place according to signs?

Old Russian signs

Mirrors owe their spread throughout the Russian Empire to Peter the Great. Since then, about 300 years ago, the Russian people have associated this mysterious object with signs and superstitions, as it was often used in witchcraft rituals and seances.

What did our ancestors bequeath to us regarding the use of mirrors?

    Do not use mirrors that are cracked or chipped. It is believed that through this harm, guests from the other world can “welcome us.
    The mirror should always be clean and have a perfectly smooth reflective surface. This state protects the object from the penetration of evil forces into it.
    You can't hang a mirror in front of the window. It has long been believed that this location attracts uninvited guests from the underworld.

Modern justification will take

Even if you are not a fan of Feng Shui and do not adhere to superstitions, you still should not place a mirror in front of the window. First of all, with the help of this item, strangers can see the atmosphere of your apartment, which is not only unpleasant, but sometimes also unsafe. Also, a mirror in front of a window can reflect passing car headlights and shadows outside the window at night, which can frighten family members and disturb sleep.

Is it possible to hang a mirror in front of a window?

Neutralization of negativity

The most effective way to get rid of the negativity associated with the incorrect position of the mirror according to Feng Shui is to overcome it according to the recommendations of the teaching. Sometimes the question of our comfort and happiness is decided by just a few meters. If you can't move the mirror, you can cover it with a nice cloth that you only remove when you need to look inside. Also, exclude garbage, as well as old and broken things from the “field of view” of the mirror, because otherwise a reflective object can negatively affect the well-being of the family and increase destructive energy in the house.

Better think about buying or making a beautiful frame for a mirror - such a decision will help increase and maintain the positive power of Qi in your home.

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