Feng Shui desktop wallpapers that attract favorable energy (15 photos)

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19 April 2016 19:10

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By turning to the art of Feng Shui, we strive to become happier and, importantly, more successful. Even those who are far from esoteric and look at life pragmatically will find feng shui recommendations useful. What Feng Shui wallpaper is best to put on your desktop or computer?

How to choose wallpaper?

Usually a room may be missing some element. Let's say your northern room lacks the element water, then you can choose wallpaper for it

with a water theme: wavy lines, blue and blue shades, as well as metallic, shiny elements. Metal attracts water. Or you can choose a beautiful photo wallpaper and hang it on the main wall. This could be, for example, a waterfall or a beautiful image of water.

Animal motifs are also very popular. Dragons, elephants, horses and phoenixes depicted on the wallpaper will bring prosperity and wealth to the home. Another wonderful symbol is the golden carp. They will attract wealth and good luck.

Wallpaper with fans will be a wonderful feng shui wallpaper. - a very favorable symbol.

An excellent solution would be photo wallpaper on the main walls of the rooms. Imagine an image of the lights of Manhattan at night in your living room, like another window in the room. By dimming the lights and pouring wine into glasses for your guests, you will create the full impression of the view from the window of the evening city. Such photo wallpapers are suitable for any room, especially for the north.

Wonderful view from the “window” of the photo wallpaper:)

Photo wallpaper with images of foliage and sun glare is the right solution where there is not enough healing energy. They would look inspiring in a meditation room or dining room. Since foliage is a wood element, they can be placed in the eastern or southeastern part of the house.

There is so much healing energy in this wallpaper.

A palm branch against the backdrop of the blue sky, beach and sea is the very embodiment of relaxation. Excellent Feng Shui for any zone except the south and southwest.

Blooming peonies or sakura are the breath of summer in your home. Photo wallpaper with such an image can be hung in one of the western, southern or southwestern rooms.

Eternal summer reigns in this house.

The image of an alley (especially a bamboo one) brings the element of wood into the space and opens up the energy, as if creating an additional path. Such photo wallpapers can be hung where space is limited and small, especially if the problem is in the wall and it blocks the flow of Chi energy. By expanding the space, you will also add more life to it. Such an image should not be glued only in the north and behind the back in the office.

An interesting solution for the dining room: It’s as if a wall has opened up and you can find yourself in another world.

In the east and southeast, an image of a waterfall will work perfectly. But you should not hang it behind your back in your office, bedroom or in the south.

The main principle of Feng Shui is maintaining balance in everything, including various tools. You should not turn your home into a showroom or souvenir shop. The main thing is a home, which is a cozy corner where you can relax and gain strength.

In times of crisis, everyone dreams of living in abundance and realizes this desire in various ways. Someone works without sleep or rest, someone is looking for extra income on the Internet, and someone resorts to magical rituals. Such as a desktop according to Feng Shui.

Many people do not take Feng Shui seriously. It is impossible to believe that some symbols and the correct arrangement of furniture and objects will help achieve the goal. In fact, such people are deeply mistaken. After all, Eastern practice has many pitfalls and does not help those who do everything carelessly. To achieve what you want with the help of Chinese teachings, it is worth making an effort and focusing on even the smallest things; as they say, no water flows under a lying stone.

What is surprising about Chinese teaching is that ordinary things and objects of life, which we are used to seeing from a completely different angle, give us incredible power to attract money and good luck. For example, most people associate a tangerine or an orange with the New Year holidays and sweetness, but wise people know that this is one of the talismans for attracting abundance into your life.

Coins can also increase wealth, but not ordinary ones, but ancient Chinese ones, which are not so difficult to find in the modern world. A variety of oriental souvenir boutiques and shops help you find everything you need to decorate your home in harmony.

Hieroglyphs occupy a separate niche in Feng Shui. Their diversity is amazing. They are divided into symbols that can bring:

  • wealth,
  • prosperity,
  • money,
  • abundance,
  • business success.

The Chinese are convinced that every hieroglyph is capable of working miracles and bringing into a person’s life what he has been dreaming about for so long.

Everyone has probably heard about the mysterious toad with three legs.

, which knows exactly how to get rich and bring prosperity and prosperity into the life of its owner. But you need to be careful when choosing this talisman. Today there are many souvenirs on sale with the appearance of a toad, but only one made of bright golden metal and with a coin in its mouth can truly exert magical powers.

Hotei - the famous Chinese God of prosperity and wealth

. It is believed that once upon a time, many centuries ago, in his monastic guise, he traveled through villages with a huge sack over his powerful shoulders and brought people happiness and harmony. Therefore, when choosing this talisman, you should pay attention to 2 things: the presence of a bag and coins.

Another famous symbol of abundance according to Feng Shui is the goldfish.

in aquarium. It promotes great success in financial matters and affairs. You don’t have to buy an aquarium with real money bait, just buy a goldfish souvenir.

Not far behind is the cup of wealth, which is very popular in Chinese homes. It contains a lot of magical power and bestows untold wealth on its owner.

– only the lazy haven’t heard of it. Its variety is amazing: coin, paper (using banknotes), and beads. Such a talisman can bring an unprecedented increase in income.

Of course, not a single talisman will work if you do not believe in its mysterious and omnipotent properties, and also if it is used in the wrong interpretation.

The owner himself should not rely on easy monetary abundance. Feng Shui does not like lazy people; in order for the talismans to start working, it is necessary to show them that a person really needs financial growth and is striving for this in every possible way.

How to do it? After magical rituals are arranged in the workplace (for example, at home), you need to try to find some additional income in your free time from your main job, which would bring pleasure and a small payment at first. Perhaps this will be additional work at home on the computer, or maybe making money on the Internet.

Precisely at the beginning, since magical signs will catch the energy message, see the efforts and will help in every possible way. People themselves then do not understand why things went so successfully, why income that previously brought in insignificant earnings suddenly began to prosper and delight.

General Feng Shui rules for home abundance

Before you start designing your work home area, you should follow all the rules of Chinese teaching. Without them, all efforts can go down the drain. In addition, we should not forget that it is worth fulfilling these requirements not once a year, but maintaining them consistently.

  1. The first and most important rule is to clear the space of debris and dust. It is necessary to carry out a major cleaning of the house and throw out all the rubbish that is usually stored with the note “what if it will come in handy someday.”
  2. At the entrance to the house there must be a symbol that collects all the negativity. An open umbrella or broom is suitable for such purposes. They don't have to be real. You can purchase them as interior decor. The decorative umbrella must be positioned with the open side facing the entrance. It will help you collect all the negativity and not let out all the good things that are in the house and keep power over your wealth. And the broom should be placed or hung in the left corner by the front door. He will sweep away all the negativity.
  3. The most difficult of the rules is the harmonization of one’s own personality. Eastern practice is powerless without a person’s internal work on himself. No talismans or amulets will save the situation or help if their owner does not have spiritual development. And for this you need to be more interested in wise teaching if you have already set foot on this path. In other words, you need to cleanse not only your home of bad and negative energy, but also your heart, mind and soul. Only then will the full power of the ancient teaching shine forth in complete harmony.


Symbol of love and wealth according to Feng Shui. If you are going to attract love into your life or get the attention of the opposite party, you definitely need to install wallpaper with flowers on your desktop that symbolize this strong and high feeling.

There are a large number of shades of this flower, but specifically in China, red is a sign of love and honor, so the richer the color of the peony petals, the more powerful magical properties they have.

By installing such wallpaper, you will be able to reveal sensuality and softness in yourself, which will help you achieve success in love.

Walls and wallpaper

Every home has walls that deserve special attention. The quality of energy in the house and, in general, the luck of its residents depend on how we decorate them. They can be decorated with wallpaper of a higher quality than all other walls, and of a certain color.

Photo wallpaper with an image of a waterfall is an excellent feng shui if the element of water is missing.

We cannot neglect them, since their impact on us occurs almost at an unconscious level. The main rule is that every room has at least one solid wall. This is the abode of the spirit of the room. This wall is a kind of foundation around which energy circulates. The impact of this wall on the rest of the room sets the tone for the mood of the home.

The main wall of this dining room looks quite elegant.

The most important walls of the house are the wall opposite the front door, the wall you can see from your bed, the wall in front of your workspace, the wall behind your workspace, the wall opposite the dining table and the wall in the living room.

They should be decorated with beautiful wallpaper or photo wallpaper, you can add sconces, inspiring words and even texts to this. Then these walls will become truly powerful feng shui tools.

Toads and turtles

According to Feng Shui, the turtle and the toad (frog) are ancient and powerful eastern talismans. The turtle combines health, longevity and wisdom, and the frog personifies the element of water and brings wealth. These talismans will increase your confidence, help you achieve your goals, and even tell you how to spend your money correctly.

For such wallpaper to be useful, the computer or laptop must be directed to the east, only in this case the picture will have strong energy.

It's important to post images that speak to you to feel better, so surround yourself with nice things, even if they're not on this list.

With perspective

It happens that a house or apartment lacks important sectors according to the teachings of Feng Shui; this problem can be quickly solved with the help of desktop wallpaper with a perspective.

Landscapes, mountains, and roads that seem to lead into the distance will look great here. Such wallpapers are the embodiment of the flow of wealth and luck in life.

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