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Luan in the Ba Zi map

Red is the color of fire and passion, so it is not for nothing that the phoenix is ​​associated with love relationships. A person in whose chart this star is present finds a partner faster than others. For other people, he seems more attractive, romantic, attractive. Holders of the Demon of Red Beauty in Ba Zi easily adapt to a new society, quickly make acquaintances and, in general, are very popular with others.

Red Luan in Ba Zi
Red Luan in Ba Zi

Since the Red Phoenix is ​​more powerful than the Peach Blossom, it should be sought out first. If the star is in a useful element, it will bring:

  • success in love affairs, making it easier to find a soul mate;
  • financial security;
  • good career;
  • sociability and ability to establish interpersonal relationships.

This works equally well in both women's and men's cards. However, you should not rely only on the action of the Red Luan: it can give relationships and marriage, but their success and mutual understanding in the family will depend only on the couple themselves. This also applies to issues of earnings and career growth: a person himself must keep what the magic star gave him.

Expert opinion

Melnik Dmitry

feng shui master

But you need to be careful: in addition to good luck in your personal life, the Red Phoenix gives suspiciousness and jealousy, so it is difficult for its owners to build stable relationships. Another option is that a person becomes too picky and, looking for the ideal of ideals, misses the chance to build a normal, strong family.

What to do in search of love?

If you don’t have Red Luan , but are now looking for your soul mate, you can use this star to increase your chances of meeting someone.

With this star we choose:

  • time for you , during which your attractiveness increases
  • directions favorable to you that increase your attractiveness
  • favorable areas of life that increase the chances of meeting your soulmate

When you connect all 3 components, i.e. time, direction and areas of life , then the chances of meeting your love increase many times over.

Walks into Romance [Bonus]

red luan 5

But there is another bonus - romantic walks along Qi Men, taking into account the Red Luan star:

Using the Qi Men walking calendar , you immediately note in it:

  • time for you
  • directions favorable for you

And you walk not just in all directions, but in personal ones that are favorable for you - this brings maximum results.

Thus, you connect your Ba Zi card and Qi Men walks and get super results!

!!! However, remember to avoid Lone Phoenix periods

May the Wizard of Love bring you a happy and long relationship!

Luan under collision

It seems that having such a star is very attractive. She gives all the blessings of the world, you just need to prepare a shovel to row them. But this doesn't always work. The demon of red beauty in Ba Zi is vulnerable and does not react well to influence. If a collision occurs, attractiveness and romance are destroyed, it is difficult for a person to meet people and look for a partner.

But there is no need to despair, there are tricks that will help you establish communication with the outside world. It is necessary to choose special time periods for dating or doing business, during which the star is reliably protected and works at full capacity.

What are deities in Bazi?

In the Bazi chart, we first determine the element of Personality

This is the Heavenly Stem of the Day. And depending on what element the Personality is, the remaining elements (and in total there are five elements in the map: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood
) will be responsible for a certain category or sphere of human life.

But in Bazi there is not just Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal, but each of these elements appears in two manifestations: with the Yin sign or with the Yang sign

. Since we have 5 elements, each of which is responsible for one or another sphere of life activity in the map, adding the division of the qualitative characteristics of the element into Yin and Yang, we get 10 categories of relationships. You can look at this system from a different point of view. We have 10 Heavenly Stems. The Personality Element, which is also a Heavenly Stem, can interact with any of the ten Heavenly Stems. These trunks may be in the map, come in period. Thus, we again get 10 types of relationships.

The relationships of elements can be of three types: Yang-Yang, Yin-Yin and Yang-Yin.

Yang-Yang, Yin-Yin are called homogeneous or correct (zheng). Yang-Yin – heterogeneous or false (pian) relationships.

These 10 categories of relationships are called 10 deities

There are names of 10 gods. Manfred Kubny calls them 10 personality types
, which, by the way, is closest in meaning to the very concept of these signs in Bazi, because these are really ten types of human behavior, thinking and character. But this term - 10 personality types is very consonant with the term 10 elements of Personality (the element of Personality is the Heavenly trunk of the day) and confusion arises among beginners. Therefore, the term Bazi deity is most often used.

Let us immediately note that the word “deity”

this is only a term in Bazi and has nothing to do with anything divine in our usual understanding of this word.

Each of the Ten Deities has its own name

. Unfortunately, there is no single designation, since each master gives his own name. For example, the heterogeneous element of Self-Expression among different masters is called: Official Destroyer, Aggressive Self-Expression, Challenge to Authority, Attacking Official.

General categorySame in yin/yangDifferent according to yin/yang
FriendsBrotherhoodWealth Robber
Self-expressionSpirit of pleasureChallenge to power
MoneyPropensity for WealthDirect Wealth
Power7 killersOfficial
ResourcesOblique sealCorrect seal

Basic description of the Ten Deities.

The theme of the Ten Deities in Bazi is extremely extensive. In this article we will note only a few points.

Category Friends.

Brotherhood. Homogeneous element friends.

Brotherhood describes the people around us, shows a person’s ability to communicate, interact and influence in society. The brotherhood represents friends, people of approximately equal social circle, brothers and sisters. People who have many elements of Brotherhood, are open, courageous, competitive. Quite confident in yourself. Notice the details. Ambitious. Understand the motives of other people's behavior. They have a good sense of society.

Robber of wealth. A heterogeneous element of friends.

Wealth Robber also describes the people around us and the opportunities we have to interact with them. But more often it means a competitor who is going to “steal” your money by laying claim to your field of activity. This is less a friend than someone who has come to share your money. People with a strong Wealth Robber are stubborn, impulsive, and competitive. They can be envious and calculating. They communicate easily and find contact with other people, but often their outward openness hides a stubborn and inflexible character.

Category Self-expression.

Spirit of pleasure. A homogeneous element of self-expression.

The presence of the Spirit of Pleasure in the chart generally characterizes people who like to stay behind the scenes and create alone. Polite, neat, care about their appearance and image. They prefer to work with small groups of people. They express themselves through a minimum of communication. Good tasters, singers, writers. This is normal, calm self-expression. The person is not prone to extravagance or shocking.

Challenge to power. A heterogeneous element of self-expression.

Challenging authority indicates a person who is more aggressive. Such people stick out themselves, demonstrate that they know and can do everything. Their words and actions are often convincing, it is very difficult to argue with them, it is difficult to object. They love challenges and competitions. They often have a sharp mind. Good speakers. Bright people love to be seen. The presence of several elements Challenge authority in the card symbolizes a harsh person. Rebellion, protest against authority. Such people cannot work under the supervision of someone, they do not get along well with their boss, as they do not tolerate pressure from outside.

If a woman has a Challenge to Power, it is believed that it is more difficult for such a woman to maintain traditional family relationships in which the man is dominant. The challenge to power in a woman's chart is called "murder of the husband." Because this element attacks the Official element, which for a woman means husband. These days, Challenging Power means an independent, career-oriented woman. And by the way, it does not always interfere with marriage, since the role of a woman in the family has changed significantly since the creation of Chinese astrology Bazi.

Category Money.

Direct wealth. Heterogeneous element of money.

The presence of Direct (correct) wealth in the map symbolizes ordinary, stable income. This is a symbol of hired work or, although stable, but not the highest income. Salary, bank interest, rent, etc. That is, these are regular sources of income.

If the chart contains only Direct Wealth, this characterizes ethical and responsible people. Usually such people are good performers. Calm, reasonable. They often lack courage and are too cautious. If the element of Direct Wealth is very strong, people count money well, but it’s someone else’s.

Tendency to wealth. Homogeneous element of money.

The penchant for wealth symbolizes other sources of income, the so-called “easy” money, that is, money that comes in irregularly. This is income received from a transaction, from speculation on the stock exchange, winnings at a casino, etc. A penchant for wealth is a sign of big money, gives an entrepreneurial flair, gives money thinking. A person is capable of decisive action, knows how to take risks and win. For a businessman, it is preferable to have “easy” money in his card, since his success is always based on additional luck.

Category Power.

Official (correct authority). Heterogeneous element of power.

Official means ordinary authority. Normal power is wielded by an administrator or official working for the state. People are responsible, follow rules, traditions, and are law-abiding. They don’t take bribes, don’t go against the rules, and are disciplined. Often conservative, lacking enthusiasm and creativity. They can be skillful leaders, but rarely reach the highest positions. If there are one or two Officials in the card, then the person is friendly, intelligent, modest, and has a balanced character. If there are more than three such signs, then the person is correct to the point of absurdity. He is proud of his integrity, even if it is to his detriment.

7 killers. Homogeneous element of power.

7 murderers means very great, even extreme power. Level of presidents, heads of corporations. Indicates a person’s desire for extreme power, authoritarianism. Emergency power is a more serious type of power, otherwise it can be called “Fighting Spirit”. If there is a strong 7 killer element in the chart, a person can become a military leader, police officer or practice martial arts. Such a person has strong leadership qualities, aggressiveness, and bravado. Not afraid of obstacles, skillfully solves problems. But if the Personality is weak, then in the presence of a strong element of 7 killers, the person limits himself. Prone to depression. or is under constant stress. Cannot bear the load, is unable to make a decision.

Category Resources.

Direct printing. Heterogeneous element resources.

Direct (correct) printing indicates conventional knowledge and a more traditional way of thinking. People don't have advanced ideas. Responsible, calm, they often have authority and a good reputation. Ready to help, kind, humane. They know how to simply look at things. Cautious and sensitive. Maybe religiosity. They love their parents. This sign gives a strong attachment to the family and the desire to observe the traditions of the family and clan.

Oblique print. Homogeneous element resources.

Oblique printing is unusual, “non-traditional” resources. They mean something outstanding: special knowledge, non-standard ideas, solutions. They can also mean a passion for “non-traditional” sciences - esotericism, feng shui. These are gifted, creative people, pioneers, inventors. Sensitive, with good intuition. A good career in the artistic or scientific environment. People can do things quietly. Creativity, wealth of ideas. Temperamental, sometimes fanatical. The presence of a strong Oblique seal in the map indicates extravagance and mood swings. Also, a strong Oblique seal imparts isolation; a person focuses on the inner world. Indicates difficulty in relationships, since with such a sign it is difficult for a person to experience strong affection and value family ties.

The theme of the Ten Deities in Bazi is incredibly fascinating and important. Almost 90% of map analysis is based on an understanding of the properties and manifestations of deities. The most complete information about the Ten Deities is in the Ten Deities in Bazi course.

Punishment and luan

When punishment appears, Red Luan works exactly the opposite. A person tries to make acquaintances, build friendships or romantic relationships, but this does not bring any results. There may not even be an external reason, but people refuse to make contact. The owner of the luan becomes scandalous, begins to sort things out, or is used for personal gain. Such interpersonal interaction will not bring any benefit; the person will remain disappointed.

Luan in the unhelpful element

A red beauty demon located in an unwholesome element will not bring love or happiness to the owner. Failures in romantic relationships should be expected, and serious health problems requiring surgery are possible.

Everything in the world is ambiguous and dual, and the phoenix is ​​a direct confirmation of this. It is capable of giving all the joys of life, but if the circumstances are unfortunate, it works against the owner, mercilessly depriving him of success and convincing him of his own ill-being. Therefore, the main thing is to determine not only the presence of a star, but also its features, after which you can build a strategy for correctly using the capabilities of the Red Luan and live happily.

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