Balancing Yin and Yang in the Bazi Chart

Star Error Yin and Yang

Star Error Yin and Yang

. The name of this star is uniform and full of meaning. The balance of Yin (feminine) and Yang (male) is extremely important both in nature itself and in human energy. And in the topic of relationships, the correct combination of Yin and Yang is especially important, since the true nature of a woman must be revealed: beauty, softness, comfort and tenderness and the properties of a man: courage, determination, the ability to protect. The error of Yin and Yang interferes with the harmony between man and woman inherent in the Universe itself.

The star indicates difficulties in relationships. There is no craving for family life, there is no internal understanding of what relationships should be like.

The Yin and Yang Error Star is a specific pillar in the chart.

This is a fixed combination of elements that does not depend on the signs of the individual Bazi card. There may simply be a pillar in the map that is a Yin and Yang Error.

Star Error Yin and Yang


If such a star is located in Bazi (any of the pillars indicated in the table), then the person shows coldness and indifference to his partner. May be guided by calculations rather than feelings. As a rule, with such a star in the chart, a person does not have a harmonious relationship with his or her spouse’s family. Moreover, just as a person himself may not find a common language with relatives, it is also possible that he is greeted coldly and unkindly in a new family. Perhaps all the sarcastic jokes about mothers-in-law and mothers-in-law were invented by people with the Yin and Yang Error, because they are the ones who more often encounter a very negative attitude towards themselves.

Women with the Yin-Yang Error in the day pillar are often looking for an ideal partner. And they always find some shortcomings in the existing candidates for their hand and heart. Sometimes the choice of a partner can drag on for many years, since such a person does not follow emotions, but tries to prudently find a worthy life partner.

The star has only negative meaning:

— Difficulties in relationships — “Wrong” idea of ​​family values ​​— Not close relationships with the spouse’s relatives. — Search for the ideal partner.

Regardless of which elements make up the pillar with the Yin and Yang Error, the star is considered unfavorable. It is especially bad if there are two or more such stars in the chart.

Position on the map

The strongest influence is if the star is
in the pillar of the day.
This is an indicator of problems in family life: discord, misunderstanding. May mean marriage to an unloved person or forced marriage. A love triangle may arise. Although outwardly the relationship may look prosperous. Can also mean an illegitimate child or half-siblings.

In the remaining pillars: - Late marriage - Problems with people described by the pillar: Month - parents Hour - children Year - no connection with family. If a star is located in the pillar of the month or hour, this means cool relationships with loved ones, alienation and distance of a person from relatives.

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If there is only one Yin and Yang Error in the chart and there are good stars, for example many Noble stars: Noble person, Heavenly and Lunar virtue, and especially
Noble with luck in personal life
, then the influence of the Error is greatly reduced.

It is bad if the Yin and Yang Error is located in the same pillar with other stars of loneliness: Lonely Planet, Lonely Phoenix, Shelter of Loneliness. Then the influence of the star is duplicated, and the person is somehow forced to go through the life lessons of failed or damaged relationships.

There is a Cure for Yin and Yang Error

. This is a certain pillar that can either be in the card itself or come in a period: a beat or pillar of the current year. You can also look for such a combination of elements in another person’s chart.

Cure for Yin and Yang Error

Pillars in the mapMedicine

First, we look at which pillar is the Yin and Yang Error in the map, and then, using the table, we determine which signs will work as a medicine. For example, in the map there is a Yin and Yang Pillar Error 壬辰. Then the medicine will be 甲午. The best option is when this pillar is also in the map itself. Then a person will practically not feel the influence of the Yin and Yang Error.

In practice, I have seen hundreds of cards with such a star. Not always women (most of my clients are women) had fatal problems. But certain difficulties arose. More often these are failed relationships in youth or in adulthood. But this won’t surprise anyone these days. The bad thing is that many women with such a star could not find the reasons for these failed relationships. Although the ladies are modern and advanced, they are ready to work out their internal attitudes and complexes. But when such a star is in Bazi, even if the woman is at least thrice enlightened, there is no way to solve such a situation, to find the cause of the mistake in the relationship. This is what is called fate. You just need to go through such an incomprehensible situation and the main thing is not to become embittered or disappointed in life. After all, the Yin and Yang Error does not lead to celibacy. After a failed relationship, there may well be others: happy and successful ones.

Each Symbolic Star contains a lot of information about the character, abilities of a person, talks about possible life events and the potential for luck. The most complete information about the Symbolic stars is in the course The Secrets of the Symbolic Stars.


Quote from the message White_Tigress_Love

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I don’t have a direct interpretation of the YIN-YANG Error , I know that it gives rise to possible problems in marriage (Marriage is not the only one - it’s already been written here), or maybe just inflated demands on a marriage partner (if there is such a partner - constant nit-picking him), there is also an opinion that this star works ONLY in the daytime pillar, it does not manifest itself in the rest.

reward 10 heavenly trunks - Star of Prosperity

— Having such a star in your Bazi chart in ancient China was considered a very lucky sign, the star brought prosperity and well-being. A man with such a star. even being born into a poor family, he is able to achieve a lot on his own, thanks to his work and diligence, and will receive a well-deserved reward. A person is able to provide for his family, even without the help of relatives and friends.

For a strong lord of the day, this star indicates an early departure from his father’s house.

If the element of the star is favorable, then a person is guaranteed an advantage in any field of activity; he is characterized by determination, endurance, and the desire to always achieve his goal, so success awaits him in any field. This star is especially favorable for the weak lord of the day.

The star does not like collisions, its beneficial effect is destroyed. High phases of qi increase the power of the star and give good health. Weak phases of CN make a person slow and indecisive.

The best position of this star is in the day pillar, there is a concentration of wealth, pre-programmed success.

In a favorable pillar of the month, in a high qi phase, a person can inherit a family business from his parents, over time becoming a businessman, the richest person. But you can also consider the star in the great life cycle (In the coming pillars of luck)


- if there is a Storage in the pillars, this is an opportunity to get rich sooner or later.

When there are a lot of earthen elements in the pillars of fate, this means that a person stores a lot of things, and you can only store material values, money. For a person with a celestial trunk of the day - earth, money will be represented by the element water, but if there is no such element in the earthly branches. but there is only a dragon. He is a repository of water, which means his money is hidden in the pillars of fate. When a collision occurs, the vault opens and the person can become rich.

Demon of Destruction

- this is a problem hidden in the person himself. It can bring low self-esteem, if it is useful, then the negative effect is mitigated. These can be experiences, complexes that prevent a person from leading a full life. Such a demon gives a person subconscious fears and a feeling of failure, and this prevents him from achieving success in his profession or building a full-fledged relationship with a partner. This star also contributes to making mistakes in documents.

In a strong qi phase with wealth, power and the correct seal in the chart, the person will be talented and smart.

A high Qi phase is important for this star. because in the low phase, unpleasant qualities manifest themselves more strongly.

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Tramp Redhead's Blog

I think it’s no secret that we all have many blocks: physical, psychological and karmic. This classification, in principle, can be continued, but I will focus on those that I have directly encountered and worked with. If we’re talking about physiological blocks that can be removed well by yoga and, for example, belly dancing (I myself have practiced both, yoga perfectly removes large blocks in the body, developing extraordinary flexibility, belly dancing is of course more for women, but some men also practice this dance, and not in vain - this type of dance, like African dances, removes small blocks in the body and trains the organs well) we know enough, then psychological and karmic blocks are either not familiar to us at all, or we have come across this concept more often as “phobias”, “psychosomatics”, “emotional blocks”. And although the above terms relate more to psychology, I hasten to remind you that psychology “grew up” from the occult; it is enough to discover methods for balancing the psychological state and compare them with esoteric methods of working on yourself to be convinced of this. And some psychologists even practice shamanic methods of psychological healing. In addition, often some strange psychological blocks come precisely from our past, the past of our parents, or even past incarnations.

If psychologists can somehow explain the blocks from our past and the past of our parents, who often project the “correct outlook on life” onto us, then they explain karmic blocks, especially old ones, as character traits and in some ways, in essence, are right . But not in everything. Let's start in order.

I myself have an extremely negative position towards marriage. I don’t want to, that’s all. No matter how much family insisted and pressed, I remained in my position, and when the pressure crossed all boundaries, I cut myself off. Some of the practitioners may be horrified, but I myself practically independently developed my strength and strengthened my energy, and I was interested in the family as a broodmare, and not a shaman, although I have the abilities and corresponding qualities. I have always been surprised by the position of the clan, since there are a lot of people in the clan, but there are no practitioners who can cleanse and protect the clan, that is, the clan has followed the principle: since it’s a woman, then give birth and keep your head down. Well, given the worship of a male solar deity - and solar male gods often adhere to such a policy, this position is not surprising - when I went to Tengri, he also slightly did not understand what I wanted, or pretended that he did not understand. Well, there are many gods, I am one, so at least I have a lot of choice.

Later, looking at my natal chart, I discovered that after giving birth, all abilities, thinking and individuality would simply be completely blocked and it would be very difficult to destroy such a block. Simply put, the spirit will become more strongly attached to the clan and the clan has the right to pass on MY abilities to my children and ennoble the family tree. According to the natal chart, I am living my last life, and the fact that the race actually wanted to bind what should already come out of the wheel of samsara is illegal, this is a crime. However, there is a caveat - everything depends on my choice, so if I give birth myself, then, accordingly, I myself chose such a fate and there are no crimes behind the birth.

Also, the natal chart displays another karmic block that has been dragging on for a long time. Not only did I see this in the map, but the grahas also pointed to it, but I was able to fully understand what the problem was only recently. The problem comes with the clash of animals - in my life I have often met people with whom hostility, one-sided, I want to note, arose out of nowhere, at first sight. Such people greatly interfered with personal growth, despite a favorable attitude on my part. When I started working with the occult spheres, I already encountered the priest, the animal of the day which collides with my animal of the month. And then direct aggression, arising out of nowhere, manifested itself in me. It so happened that we ended up in the same pantheon, but I joined the pantheon later and am still in the status of a parishioner, so I should at least have respect for the priests. By the way, the above-mentioned priest, with whom I had a clash, did not even know about my fierce hatred. When the egregor began to work on me, the reason for such a relationship was revealed. But first, I want to describe a little background.

When I started practicing Tibetan practices, I asked what the position on marriage was related to. It’s not that I insist, but it is also possible that this could interfere with me in the future, including in spiritual quests. A vision came to me: a small pond, across the water of which a man of Chinese appearance was moving a twig. I see my reflection in the water, as in a mirror, which begins to change: my ears have lengthened, my hair has turned black, and my skin, on the contrary, has turned white. The facial features became thinner, the oval of the face lengthened. Only the cheekbones remained in place. The girl was vaguely similar to me, perhaps it was in her gaze, but I saw something elusively close in her. The girl, judging by the vision, was willful and was a priestess; they showed the moment when she was preparing to enter the priesthood. But besides her, they also showed another individual who, in appearance, did not look like a person, but who insisted on marriage. Then they showed his outright hatred and curse, something like “you will only be happy with me!”, this curse cost him his life. He didn’t completely die, but fell into lethargy; they showed me more that he had turned into a tree and was “sleeping,” as far as I understand to this day. Well, if I meet this asshole, I'll burn him to hell.

Events that occurred later showed that two problems, which at first glance were unrelated, turned out to be the single cause of two karmic blocks. As I already said, the egregor, which I joined relatively recently, began to actively work on me: in addition to leveling my financial condition and improving my health, they willingly began to help in my spiritual growth. Here I’ll step back a little and explain - they can’t carry out similar work on everyone; in my case, work on karma began when I made the final decision to completely go into the pantheon, and after death go to the palaces of the egregor. In the future, I planned to work with the world of the dead, do purges and other things.

When they began to “dismantle” me, I felt strong anxiety and found no place for myself, and then a burning sensation appeared in my heart chakra and tears began to flow. I couldn’t stop either one or the other, just wait and endure. The mentor advised me to read mantras for the heart chakra, and also turn to Shiva, which I did, after which the vision began. I saw a girl I already knew entering the common hall of an antique-looking temple. There was the throne of the main priestess, in which the main priestess sat, surrounded by other servants. There were also two small pools on the left and right sides of the throne, in which the serpent maidens swam. I knew that there was a problem that arose during a conflict with one of the priestesses, after which they quickly wanted to kick me out of the priesthood. The worst part is that the goddess I served gave her approval and completely blocked my requests to her. Shiva made it clear that the priestesses, the lamias, and Hecate herself, whom I served, believed that it was better for me to agree to the marriage and avoid the curse, they “wanted what was best.” There was also a place for envy of some priestesses, whose complaints served as a reason for excommunication from service. None of them expected that the girl would subsequently stubbornly refuse marriage and go into seclusion.

Perhaps I would not have believed this story if not for several indirect, even ghostly hints. First: I work well with snakes, as I later learned, my family was in contact with snakes and had some agreements: there was an exchange of brides, which is why shamans were born in the family. Most likely, such relationships existed before the ban on mixing with people from the physics, because many creatures ended up mired in the gross karma of the clan. Well, that’s how they wanted to tie me with the birth of a child, and block the exit from samsara for some lives, something similar here - when a descendant of snakes had an heir, the shaman became more and more attached to the clan, because there were already his children connected with him karma. In addition, some very ancient deities somehow hinted to me that the clan to which I belonged was “illegally appropriated to myself,” this is not my karma and I should not be in this clan. Considering my incarnation as a priestess of Hecate, and my subsequent departure into hermitage, I can only say that most likely she was from the Scythians, and migrated to the territory of Central Asia, where, as I was given to understand, she was not buried correctly and she eventually left ( given the Hecate block and funeral traditions) is not where it should have been. Perhaps Hecate then took a pose, saying it was her decision, which is why the block was so tough.

The last thing Shiva did was turn everything to dust - the temple that I dreamed of was empty, abandoned and in dust. The priestess, because of whom my priest card was replaced by a hermit card, has long since passed away. Hecate was closed to me to this day; the blocks she put in place apparently lasted several lives, since I doubt that there were no rebirths between the priestly incarnation and the current one.

Well, I’ll sum up some results and also point out – what does the “Yin-Yang Error” have to do with it? In the natal chart of Bazi, in the palace of risk, for which the animal responsible for providing me with a collision is responsible, two stars are burning: Yin-Yang Error and Heavenly Dog. The celestial dog is characterized by howling at the moon - these are often people who “love” to beat themselves up, feel sad, pick themselves from the inside and think about why this or that person said that? It is also typical for them to solve their problems themselves, they will not show their tears to anyone and they experience all suffering alone. A yin-yang error is almost always karmic debts and blocks; nearby stars show the nature of the karmic illness. In my case, the karmic sore was connected with this - soul-searching, searching for negativity in relation to a person who knows me in passing. A natural question arises: what does the risk palace have to do with it? Well, the fact is that, firstly, the animal of the risk palace collides with the animal of the priest, because of which the total cleansing of karma began, and secondly: the yin-yang error is also found in the palace of religion, next to the annual star of disasters and the celestial physician. The higher powers of the egregor, which I joined and with which I decided to work thoroughly, acted as a celestial physician, and they “cured” me. In the same palace, the Red Luan shines, a kind of lover, along with a personal destroyer. The story of the Scythian priestess is clear.

I thank teacher Khalaam for advice on the article and working methods. Halaam is the best astrologer and metaphysician!

© Redhead tramp.

Feng Shui and Bazi Studio “REN SHEN”

Very often, readers and clients ask questions about “terrible stars”, the names of which alone make one shudder and make one think of inevitable misfortunes if, God forbid, they are built into the bazi card.

I want to calm you down right now. You should not perceive any Symbolic star in the map with negativity, since they always have two sides. The most wonderful one can become problematic, but the most “terrible” one will not carry any negativity.

Let's get to know some of these “scary” stars today.

Yin-Yang error

Here is a card of a young girl.

There are three stars in the girl's card. Yin-Yang error.

It is worth distinguishing between Error - yin and Error - yang. For women, the most unpleasant mistakes are yang, and for men, mistakes are yin.

In the girl’s chart, all three stars are Error – yang.

What can this star say?

Usually this star is associated with rejection or coldness of relations with the husband's family (provided that this star is in the Earthly branch of the day). The girl does not have this star in the House of Marriage. And then, this may be a sign of a late marriage.

The abundance of Yin-Yang Errors in the chart speaks of general coldness and distance in relationships with both your loved ones and your husband’s family. There is a tendency towards remarriage. And since the girl also has two Flowering Canopies in her card, this is another indication of certain problems in creating a marriage or problems in the marriage itself.

Most likely, the girl will look for a wealthy man to be her husband, and wealth is not always associated with true love.

Yes, alas, this card initially contains problems in the ability to build harmonious and warm relationships with loved ones and, according to her Daytime Dominant, the girl is a Yin Tree.

The Yin Tree acts gently, communicates unobtrusively, calculates moves, weighs its chances, easily finds the key to everyone who meets on its way, uses its acquaintances and connections.

Flexible, changeable, adaptable, but also cunning and self-serving.

This is the slightly pessimistic picture that emerged from a quick examination of the map and, in particular, the Symbolic Stars.

The next "demon" is the "Network of Heaven and Earth"

Finding them in the map is quite simple. The combination of Dragon - Snake (networks of the Earth) and Dog-Boar (networks of heaven), one of the Earthly branches must be in the year or day, and the second can be present in any other branch or comes from time.

For women, the nets of the earth (Dragon-Snake) are more dangerous, for men the nets of heaven (Dog-Boar).

What is this star talking about?

This is a network... This means that a person is shackled, he is, as it were, in a trap. It is difficult for him to express himself in certain areas of life. If there are additional instructions (and there should be no less than 3-4), networks may indicate the likelihood of prosecution or imprisonment. However, I want to repeat again, do not try to draw definitive and, moreover, such negative conclusions based on one sign.

Networks can be with a person all his life, but he will safely bypass all courts and prisons. But... he will be constrained, perhaps in relationships with the opposite sex, perhaps it will be difficult for him to speak in public, perhaps he will be shy and self-conscious.

And the last “demon” for today is the Source constellation.

Determined by the Earthly branch of the year of birth.

This is a woman's card.

Moreover, she is a very successful and happy woman, despite the abundance of seemingly negative stars in the chart.

The original constellation may indicate a tendency towards depression.

This star speaks of difficulties, obstacles, misunderstandings with people, difficult relationships with others, problems in society. When it comes from a beat or a year and is already built into the map, the tendency to depression and difficulties with others intensifies. Therefore, this woman will experience increased anxiety and nervousness during the Rooster years.

But this star has reliable protection. Its negative properties can be canceled or partially disappear if there is a Noble person nearby, and the Source constellation also loves mergers. For this card, the merger of the Rooster will occur with the arrival of the Dragon. And since Earth and Metal are useful for the map, the negative role of this star is practically reduced to zero.

Here is a short excursion into the world of “scary symbolic stars” that frighten with their names.

But, as they say, “... the devil is not always as terrible as he is depicted” and everything depends on the general design of the map and the trends inherent both in the early skies and in the incoming beats.

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