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Feng Shui at home is the location of a house or apartment relative to the flow of Qi energy (good or bad). The task of Feng Shui is to analyze the influence of these energies on the person who lives in the house. The goal of Feng Shui will be achieved when a good house with favorable energy for human habitation is chosen. Favorable Qi energy increases the luck of people who live in a house with good Feng Shui, while bad Qi energy decreases it.

What does the name feng shui mean?

Literally, “ Feng Shui ” translates as “ wind and water .”

These two elements are symbols of heaven and earth. A person is constantly surrounded by the energies of Yin - the feminine principle, everything secret, hidden, and Yang - the masculine principle, the bright side. Energy flows permeate everything around and can both help and harm a person.

feng shui definition

Now it will be easy for you to determine what this science is about.

Feng Shui is the art of harmony, equilibrium, balance in important areas. All this is achieved through proper organization of home and life in general.

Bagua: how a house is arranged according to Feng Shui

The Bagua diagram is a polygon of nine sectors, eight of which correspond to the cardinal directions. They all come together in the center; this is the most important sector in the house.

feng shui zones

Bagua sectors are certain areas of human life. They are designed according to one of the five elements: water, earth, air, wood and metal.

  1. North is the career zone. Element – ​​water, colors – black, blue.
  2. South – sector of fame, reputation. Element – ​​fire, color – red.
  3. West – children's and creative sector. Element – ​​metal, colors – white, gold, silver.
  4. The East is family. Color – green, element – ​​wood.
  5. North-West - travel, patrons. The sector is governed by metal, colors are gold, silver, white.
  6. Northeast - wisdom, knowledge, learning. Element – ​​earth, colors – beige, yellow.
  7. Southwest is the love sector. Colors – pink, beige, yellow. Element – ​​earth.
  8. The southeast is a zone of wealth. Money is attracted to wood, green and purple shades.
  9. The central part is health and well-being.

When applying a Bagua diagram to an apartment, use a compass. Not all houses are square in shape, so some sectors will not be fully covered. But there is no need to worry, and in rectangular dwellings there is a place for the laws of Feng Shui.

Useful tips

Where to start arranging your home according to Feng Shui? The first step is general cleaning. According to Chinese philosophy, old and broken things that cannot be repaired should not be stored indoors. Unused corners and rooms should be avoided. If you put unnecessary things in some place, negative energy nodes will form there. Leaking plumbing and roofs are bad for the energy sector. Cleaning should be carried out gradually, carefully disassemble all cabinets and shelves, and throw out everything unnecessary from there in the trash. If possible, the apartment is renovated.

Zones should be activated gradually, devoting 2-3 weeks to each. To activate, choose the most favorable days according to the lunar calendar. You need to determine what is most important for yourself and arrange it correctly. You can even postpone the transition to the next one until the result of the action becomes noticeable. For example, when the career zone is activated, you will be promoted or you will find a betrothed, you will stop being lonely, having arranged the love sector. The best month to start activating the first zone is January or February, the eve of the Chinese New Year. The best day is the full moon.

It is important to pay attention to the center of the apartment. It harmonizes the entire energy of the house. It's best to put a crystal ball there. Another such ball is placed in the center of the room, where the family most often gathers together. It is not recommended to overload zones with talismans. 1-2 items are enough. You can increase their number when difficulties associated with one or another area of ​​life are identified. But this cannot be done indefinitely; 5-7 amulets are enough. When the problem is solved, the extra talisman souvenirs can be thrown away.

Where to begin

The first law of Feng Shui: there should be no trash, dirt or anything around a person that causes discomfort and unpleasant memories.

We are talking not only about household items, but also about toxic relationships, an unloved activity. By clearing the space around us, we let in the flow of life, and with it something new and positive.

wish card

Wish card

To quickly attract positive changes in your life, make a wish map. Divide the board into nine sectors, they will correspond to the Bagua sectors. Place a personal photo in the center. In the remaining parts, write or glue the desired benefits that correspond to the sectors.

A person's destiny according to the Bazi Chart (Chinese astrology)

With the help of Badzy's map we can find out what is destined for us, see the opportunities with which we came into this life, our potential, and also how life will go. The Chinese say: “First Fate, then Luck, and then Feng Shui.” Destiny is primarily what determines our life, potential and events in life. This is what we were born with! Then comes Luck, these are our opportunities, the chances that appear on our way. These two points are very closely related, because even the best fate without good luck has little meaning!

The BaZi Fate Card (4 Pillars of Fate or Chinese horoscope) is a system that describes all aspects of human life, the influence of the outside world, makes it possible to find out fate and look into the future. It is compiled based on the person’s birth data ( the exact hour of birth is required ) and place of birth.

The knowledge that we can get from the Bazi card can indicate the “Path” (in a broad sense), BUT we will have to go ourselves (act, make choices, etc.). The minimum that should be present is desire and desire.

A BaZi consultation provides answers to practical questions and the necessary knowledge for an informed choice. “Aware is forearmed .


Inspect the house: a poor layout can be corrected with plants, objects and colors. Sharp corners should not be reflected in mirrors.

The proximity of the toilet and the front door is undesirable. This is where a mirror placed on the door to the bathroom will help.

  1. Arrange your office in the north, south or southeast.
  2. For a bedroom, the ideal sector is southwest or east.
  3. For a nursery, west or northeast is suitable.

feng shui house layout

The purpose of the room must coincide with the Bagua zone.

To attract good luck, get figurines in the shape of animals. Patrons with powerful energy are the dragon, tiger, turtle, elephant.

Balance is important in everything. A house overloaded with Feng Shui symbols will cause unpleasant sensations. To avoid conflict, focus on each of the five elements and limit yourself to a couple of talismans.

feng shui bells

How to attract chi energy into your home

In a Feng Shui house, the incoming energy is evenly distributed throughout all rooms. This is helped by bells hanging over the front door, spreading plants, and pets. The Chinese believe that a cat that likes to sleep in different parts of the apartment actually transfers energy to where it is in short supply.

Do not place a mirror opposite the entrance. It reflects incoming energy. And it is better to keep the other doors open, letting life force in. The exception is the bathroom door.

Ventilate the house more often; with fresh air, favorable energy will quickly fill the house.

Do not allow straight and empty space between the door and the window so that the energy does not pass through without lingering. Tall plants in the interior and flowers on the windowsill will help you.

feng shui bedroom

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Feng Shui in the modern world

Today, Feng Shui is practiced not only in China, but also in the West. However, with the passage of time and the popularization of the art of Feng Shui, much of the knowledge was lost in incorrect translations, due to lack of due attention, disapproval or even contempt.

In some cases, it seems that Feng Shui has become simply an aspect of the interior of a Western home, and Feng Shui masters are allegedly now hired for large sums just to tell people how wind chimes, three-legged toads, should hang or stand in a house and other souvenirs. Feng Shui has also become another New Age “energy,” essentially a scam with a ton of metaphysical products purporting to help you improve your health, maximize your potential, and guarantee you ultimate good fortune.

On the other hand, the incorrect application of Feng Shui, that is, without realizing the meaning of one’s actions, can even cause harm to the people themselves and their environment, as was the case when planting “lucky bamboo” in ecosystems that cannot cope with it.

It often happens that people simply do not believe in the benefits of Feng Shui, either due to natural skepticism or lack of awareness. There is often criticism of this art from widespread Western religions (Christianity, for example), which convince believers of the occultism of the proposed methods.

However, even modern Feng Shui is not always seen as a scam profiting from superstitions. Many people consider it important and useful for a flourishing and healthy life to either prevent or block negative energy, which could otherwise cause negative consequences for a person. Many of the more serious forms of Feng Shui are not easy to practice without the right contacts with masters or a certain level of wealth. It may be necessary to hire an expert, and the use of Feng Shui principles may require major changes in architecture and design or even relocation to another location. Because of this, some less wealthy people lose faith in Feng Shui, telling themselves that it is “just a game for the rich.” Others, however, practice less expensive forms of Feng Shui by reading and studying books, including using special (but inexpensive) mirrors, auspicious symbols to ward off negative energy, and moving furniture around the house. Sometimes just the right position or direction of the bed can have a huge effect! And anyone can do this in any house or apartment!

Even today, Feng Shui is so important to many people, using it for medicinal purposes, separate from Western medical practices, as well as using this knowledge in business and to create a harmonious and happy atmosphere in the home.

Feng Shui practices are varied and multifaceted. There are many different schools and perspectives to pursue. The International Feng Shui Forum is a professional guild that unites consultants in all areas of Feng Shui, Ba Tzu and other Chinese practices. IFFS consultants provide consultations in all areas of Feng Shui. Among the teachers from whom the consultants of the International Feng Shui Forum have studied are such famous masters as Masters Raymond Lo and Mimi Moorhouse, Grandmaster Yap Chen Hai, Doctor Kubni and others. They regularly come to Russia, conduct theoretical courses and practical seminars, thus helping people learn to achieve harmony in their homes and work offices.

How to sleep according to feng shui

Sharp corners should not look at the bed, as unfavorable Sha energy flows from them. The person will not get enough sleep, will be irritable in the morning and generally unproductive.

Avoid thorny plants, shelves hanging above the bed and other objects in the bedroom.

Bed location

It is uncomfortable to sleep at night and in line with the window and door, especially with your feet facing the exit. There should be a wall behind the head of the bed; emptiness leads to a feeling of insecurity. A mirror hanging opposite the bed will also cause discomfort.

feng shui bed

Maintain an atmosphere of relaxation and peace with a color scheme. Choose neutral, light wallpaper. If the bedroom is located in the east, choose green; in the northeast, yellow is appropriate; in the southwest, pink or beige.

Months when it is not recommended to activate the Happy Noble:

In September
2022, the Yellow Five of the month will be visiting the North-West.
In March and December 2022

in the North-West the monthly star 2 influences.

During these months, you should not unnecessarily disturb and activate the North-Western sector, so as not to incur trouble.

In 2022, the Noble Dragon is in West-2.

Its energy neutralizes other negative influences in the sector of its residence, improves financial luck and helps overcome stagnation in business.


Wealth is attracted to the house by wooden objects and water symbols located on the southeast side. The element of the sector is wood, it is nourished by water. Place an aquarium with goldfish, a picture with a carp or a water element.

Business people use Feng Shui to strengthen not only their apartments, but also their desks. Divide it into nine equal parts. They will correspond to the Bagua sectors. Directly in front of the person is the career sector, the wealth zone is the upper left corner.

correct table position

The table should not have its back to the door. You need to sit facing the window.

Talismans for attracting money are quite popular even among those who have little interest in Feng Shui. This is a three-toed toad sitting on coins or with a coin in its mouth, a cheerful old man Hottey, a money tree and even an elementary piggy bank.

Energy of the seasons

Now let's look at the energies of the seasons. And let's start with spring! As I already said, the card contains Lap Chun (spring) and this must be used. It is in the spring that you should make a breakthrough. It turns out to move something that could not be resolved for a long time. According to the Chinese calendar these are February, March, April.

Please note that competition for advancement through the ranks is high. Beware of backstabbing. Place a beautiful Metal Rooster on your desktop, which magically dissolves the energies of conflicts and gossip.

Feng Shui Forecast for 2022

Now be careful. The summer months according to the Chinese calendar are May, June, July. Due to the competition for resources, a serious problem can arise. Aggressive energies can lead to military conflicts.

The enormous danger of Fire energy in the summer months in various incarnations. The Wooden Tiger feeds Fire (Wood feeds Fire according to the cycle of elements), the summer season is the season of Fire, there is Fire in every month, June is especially dangerous - there are two Yang Fires in the chart.

I repeat. May, June and July are times when many accidents can occur. Avoid hot, dry countries and countries where forest fires occur frequently or volcanoes may erupt.

The heat has become unbearable in many countries, so it's worth installing air conditioning before May 2022 if you haven't already. Don't forget that we are already seeing a transition from the 8th to the 9th period (starting in 2024). But we feel the energies of the 9th period of Fire already now. We must be prepared for changes of various kinds.

Salvation is in the water. Drink more water, take water procedures, wear the colors of water - blue, light blue.

Feng Shui Forecast for 2022

Autumn months – August, September, October. People begin to think, to think rationally. Problems find solutions, logic and new ideas appear. Please note that the pair of astrological signs - Monkey and Rooster - represents a commercial union. This is a time of active action.

Feng Shui Forecast for 2022

Winter months are November, December and January (2023). At this time, actively take care of money issues. Do you see the Rat on the slide? Remember what I wrote about her in the article? December is the month of the Rat. During the winter months, you receive financial rewards.

The Pig brings calm, moreover, the Pig is the Tiger's secret ally. The Rat encourages talents, the Ox creates a special atmosphere at the end of the year - it brings the Star of a Noble Person. This is a very good sign. It is at this time that patrons, friends and new ideas can appear. Wise leaders will come.

When traveling, avoid areas where there is a risk of flooding.

I’d like to stop here for now and invite you to a master session, dear readers! This will be individual work, which I consider the most effective and important for you.

The information received will become your navigator, which will help you move towards your goals in the best way: at the right time, without unnecessary obstacles and financial losses!

Choose one of the most relevant topics for you: health, wealth and prosperity, career, education, romance, relationships, children, self-realization and creativity.

Wherever you live, you can join me and get answers to questions that concern you personally. I will need your date of birth.

If you liked the article, please share it with those you care about. Health and good luck to you and your loved ones in the coming year!

Attracting love

To attract a soul mate, only paired symbols are taken. These are doves, mandarin ducks or swans, dolphins, fish. From inanimate objects - candles, pillows, cups. Always fold out your bed or sofa, do not sleep on the half.

paired pigeons

Paintings depicting flowers also work as love magnets: peonies, lotuses, camellias, azaleas, roses, violets. Living plants have even more powerful energy. Just don't forget to take care of them.

Most of the time a person is at home. If it is clean and comfortable, then the blessings of life do not dry out. And the opposite is true for those whose houses cannot be called a “fortress.” Feng Shui philosophy is important for all areas of life: adhere to Chinese principles to attract wealth, harmony and love into your home.


The layout of the Noble Helpers in 2022 is as follows:

Noble Helpers improve the sector in which they appear. They help you get additional help and support in solving complex problems, and activate your wealth and career.

Activation of Noble Helpers helps us a lot if there are unfavorable energies of the year in the sector and you accidentally disturbed them.

Enlisting the support of Noble helpers means protecting yourself from troubles and discovering additional opportunities for using the energies of your home for your own benefit.

In sectors with Noble Helpers, moderate activity is desirable and the use of activators is favorable. Before installing the activator, you should make sure that this sector is not affected by negative Flying Stars 2 or 5 and there are no negative annual energies.

In 2022, not all Noble Helpers will work at full capacity. This is due to the fact that in their location they will coincide with the negative influences of the year.

So, in 2022, Happy Noble coincides with the negative annual influence of the Three Sha. Therefore, activating the Lucky Noble in 2022 should be done with caution.

But the Noble Dragon, Sun and Moon in 2022 can be activated in any case. And you shouldn’t give up such a great opportunity to attract additional luck to your side.

The noble assistant Sun comes to Vostok-2 in 2022.

The influence of the Sun can be compared to the Noble Helper in the Bazi chart. Tai Yang is a strong beneficial energy that neutralizes other negative influences and helps protect against many troubles.

Since the Sun is a symbol of masculine energies, its influence is especially beneficial for men and improves the luck of all male representatives who live in the house.

For women, the influence of the Sun can be expressed in the fact that help, patronage and protection will come from men.

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