How to calculate the Gua number and find favorable directions for your home?

What is this number

Gua Number

Calculation and correct application of knowledge help you quickly and effectively adjust anything in your life in order to choose the right directions and not follow those that predict obstacles.

Those who know the personal Gua number understand why there is no luck in some areas of life. For example, there is no success in love, or good sleep does not bring the desired rest. The career does not work out, and new meetings bring disappointment.

This is the number of fate, it helps to determine how compatible a person is with the house in which he lives, the workplace where he works.

Positive and negative directions according to Gua number

They, along with the directions of light, are located in the Bagua grid. But they, based on a specific Gua number, correspond to different regions of the world and for this reason are there in a different order.

Any Gua number has 4 main positive and negative areas:

  • Area of ​​wealth (money).
  • Area of ​​love (sphere of love relationships, family zone).
  • Health area (provides a high level of health).
  • Personal area (self-realization, career growth).

And the following are the unfavorable zones:

  • The area of ​​misfortune is the most negative sector in your home. Staying in it for a long time, a person becomes irritable, and various troubles and disappointments begin to happen to him.
  • The area of ​​the five spirits – it provides troubles in the personal sphere.
  • The area of ​​six murders is a sector of six failures that together fall on a person. Represented by monetary losses, pathologies, loss of reputation, death of relatives, separation from children, problems with the law.
  • The area of ​​loss is the place of the most serious misfortunes, which include death, complete bankruptcy, and fatal pathologies.

You probably already got scared, but, fortunately, the situation can be improved. If the positive zones coincide with the zones of influence in the Bagua grid, then these are the areas that have the main influence on your life, and in them you will be successful.

If the same thing happens with negative areas, it is worth making significant efforts if you want to improve their condition. They drag you down.

The main task for you is to determine in what places in your home these hidden enemies are hidden and what areas of your life they control.

Calculation method

The number needs to be calculated differently, depending on gender and year of birth. It is important to take into account that the Chinese year does not start on January 1, but from the beginning of February. Therefore, for those born after January 1, but before February 4 or 5, when calculating, the recommendation is to use not the usual year of birth, but the year earlier.

An accurate calculation of the number helps determine the entire life path of a person. The Bagua number allows you to correctly zone space so that harmony and good luck reign in all areas. The Bagua Grid demonstrates how best to use the energy of the surrounding space in order to correctly distribute energy flows for success in individual aspects of life.

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I Ching - Book of Changes

According to modern interpretations, there is no Gua number 5. Therefore, instead of this number, others automatically fall out, depending on gender and year of birth. But if, during the calculation, it turns out that a person has such a number, it is believed that people with a similar indicator are conflicted, and it is difficult for them to find a match. They feel best in an alliance with partners with the same indicator.

For women born before 2000

The Gua number is calculated as follows: take the last 2 digits of the year of birth. Do this until you get a single digit number. And 5 is added to the total.

For example, let’s calculate the figure for a woman born in 1987: 8 + 7 = 15. Add 1 + 5 to get a single-digit figure. It turns out 6. Add 5 to this number. It turns out 11. Again you need to add 2 digits. The number for a woman born in 1987 is 2.

For girls born in 2000 and later

In this case, the Gua number must be determined using a different scheme. Do the same as when calculating the number for those born in a different period, but add 6.

If, when calculating Gua for women, the result is the number 5, then it should automatically be replaced by 2.

For men born before 2000

Gua for men is calculated according to this scheme: you need to add up the final digits of the year of birth. If a two-digit number comes out, then you should add the numbers until you get a single-digit number. This number must be subtracted from 10.

If the boys were born after 2000, then you need to subtract from 9. If the boy was born in 2009, the number cannot be 0. It automatically becomes 9.

Gua 5 does not exist. If such a number is obtained, then it is automatically replaced by 8.

Gua number - how to find your favorable directions

In Feng Shui, the Gua number indicates a person's personal energy. We can say that the Gua number is your personal Feng Shui, which allows you to determine individual favorable and unfavorable directions. What does this mean?

Different directions, depending on where they are directed, have different energy characteristics. For some, a certain direction can be beneficial, bring good luck in business, promote health and success. But it may not suit another person at all. And to find out, you need to calculate the Gua number.

How to calculate Gua number

Calculating the Gua number is simple and straightforward , but requires some care and precision in execution. It is calculated using the following formulas:

  • For a man born before 2000, you need to calculate the Gua number like this - first add the last two digits of the year of birth. If you end up with a two-digit number, add them up again until you are left with one number. Then subtract the result from 10.
  • For a woman, add the last two digits of her year of birth in the same way, bring the result to one and add the number 5.

For people born in 2000 and later, the calculation formula will be slightly different. So, for a girl, you need to add not 5, but 6 . And for a boy, the result needs to be subtracted from 9 . If he was born in 2009, then it is clear that the Gua number cannot be equal to zero. And then it equals 9.

Important points

  • Gua number 5 does not exist! When the final total is 5, then for a woman the Gua number is 8 , and for a man it is 2 .
  • Keep in mind that the year according to the Chinese solar calendar does not begin on January 1, as is generally accepted, but at the beginning of February. Therefore, if you were born between January 1 and February 4-5, then you need to carry out calculations as if you were born in the previous year.

To simplify the task, use the calculator , where you can not only determine the Gua number, but also find out your personal element.

Gua calculation. Examples

For a woman born on June 20, 1951.

  • Add the last two digits of the year: 5 + 1 = 6
  • Add 5 + 6 = 11
  • Add 1 + 1 = 2
  • So, her Gua number is 2

For a boy born on January 15, 2010.

New Year according to the Chinese calendar in 2010 begins on February 4, so when calculating, we assume that the boy was born in 2009. That is, the Gua number is 9.

Depending on Gua, people are divided into eastern or western groups and have their own lucky directions. These directions point to the eight cardinal directions. Four of them will be favorable, and the other four will not be.

If, after calculating the Gua number, you received one of these results - 1, 3, 4, 9 , then you belong to the eastern group, and the cardinal directions - east, southeast, north, south will be good for you . If you received - 2, 6, 7 or 8 , then you belong to the western group and for you the best sides are west, northwest, southwest, northeast.

Compatibility of people according to Gua numbers

There are some lucky number combinations in Feng Shui. To some extent, this also affects compatibility between people.

Partnership. Pairs of numbers, the so-called “Hetu Combinations”: 16, 38, 27, 49 can be successful in joint activities. They are able to work together to achieve fame and recognition. This is a good equal relationship.

Possibilities . Pairs of numbers, “Sum 10”: 19, 28, 37, 46 can give each other promising opportunities. This is support and patronage, an opportunity to climb up the social ladder.

Competition. Pairs of numbers: 14, 23, 69, 78 - can take away opportunities from each other, “pull” them down, and lower self-esteem.

However, the Gua number does not indicate the character traits of people, so in serious matters of love, marriage or business relationships, it will be more reliable to use the information from the Bazi chart, which is compiled according to the full date of birth.

Favorable directions according to Feng Shui

Each of them has its own type of energy.

  • Sheng Qi - direction Success - the most favorable direction in Feng Shui with the best type of energy. It ensures success in absolutely any endeavor, brings money, fame, and a high position in society. The direction is ideal to turn the desktop in this direction. If the front door to the apartment and the worker “looks” at it, then it will be just wonderful!
  • Tien-I - Health direction . If the entrance door to the bedroom and the head of the bed are directed in this direction, or when eating food, you will face it, then this will have the most beneficial effect on your health and increase vitality.
  • Yan-Nian - the direction of Harmony helps to create harmonious relationships in the family for a long life together. For this purpose, installing the bed with the headboard in the Yan-Nian direction will be especially useful. If you are single and dream of a life partner, then this direction is the best for you.
  • Fu Wei - direction Stability is perfect for developing internally, it gives clarity of thinking. This contributes to improved qualifications and, as a result, career growth. It would be good to direct your workplace in this direction.
Gua NumberSuccessHealthHarmonyStability
Eastern group
Western group

Unfavorable directions

Using them leads to various problems.

  • Ho-Hai - Obstacles are unpleasant, but they are the weakest of the bad ones. Means “minor setbacks” and minor problems. It's not that bad, but it's best to avoid it if possible.
  • Liu-Sha - Six Assassins. If your desk or bed is facing in this direction, then serious conflicts may arise in the family and at work, and legal problems may suddenly arise in business.
  • Wu-Gui - Five Ghosts - this direction threatens with accidents and loss of money. Fires and thefts are possible. If you sleep with your head in this direction, you can become seriously ill or depressed.
  • Jue-Ming - Complete collapse. This is the most unfortunate and harmful place. Avoid him at all costs, do not sit facing him during work or important meetings. The head of the bed should not be in this part of the house, otherwise you will have bad dreams and you simply will not be able to get enough sleep. This is also an undesirable place for the front door, since every time you leave the apartment, you attract negative energy along with failures.
Gua NumberComplete collapseSix KillersFive GhostsObstacles
Eastern group
Western group

How to apply favorable and unfavorable directions for Gua

Having calculated the Gua number and determined your favorable directions according to Feng Shui, you need to “arm yourself” with a magnetic compass and determine where you have which cardinal directions.

Instructions on how to use a compass in Feng Shui

Apply this in your life

  • Try to sleep with your head in a direction that is favorable to you
  • Sit at your desk in such a way that you are facing in the “right direction.”
  • Try to ensure that your successful directions are repeated as often as possible in the house.

First of all, consider such things as the direction of the front door to the house, the entrance to the bedroom and the head of the bed. These are important signs that influence good feng shui.

But if you find that the head of the bed is facing in your personal unfortunate direction, then do not rush to panic ahead of time! According to other feng shui methods, this position of the bed may well be suitable.

Personal favorable and unfavorable directions have a cumulative effect. They gain greater strength only when repeated several times.

For example, if during sleep the head of your bed faces in a favorable direction, while the door to the bedroom also faces in a good direction, and in addition the door to an apartment or house is directed in your personal favorable direction - then this is very good, and you will get the maximum benefits.

If the bed is directed in an unfavorable direction, but the door to the bedroom itself faces in a good direction, then this smoothes out the negative and will not create big troubles.

By the way, directions for personal Gua are part of the ancient school of Feng Shui “Bajai”, according to which Gua, which means that not only a person, but also a house has its own favorable and unfavorable energies. The living space is divided into 8 squares called “palaces”, and they will be suitable to varying degrees for permanent residence. You can calculate Gua at home and favorable sectors according to Bajai using our calculator.

Gua is your Personal Palace

Personal Palace is the name of the sector of the house that belongs to a certain side of the world. Using the date of birth calculator, you can easily determine it. There is a strong connection between this sector and Gua. If the corresponding sector is damaged, cluttered or completely absent, then very often there are difficulties and troubles that will constantly interfere with implementation. And if a negative object with a harmful Sha is located outside the house in this sector, then unpleasant events and serious disasters happen. The Personal Palace must be in good condition!

In general, take care of your Personal Palace, often try to stick to directions that are good for your home and your Gua number - improve Feng Shui, and then you will notice how your life will begin to change for the better!

Optimal places in the house

If you know your Gua number, according to Feng Shui, you can designate zones in your living space so as to receive maximum energy. There are 8 sectors: 4 favorable and unfavorable.

For example, according to Eastern teachings, it is considered favorable for the number 1 when the bedroom is in the south. It is worse to arrange a place to relax in the northeast and southwest. You should choose an office for work in the northern part of the apartment or in the southeast.

For number 2, the bedroom should be located in the northwest. And it is undesirable - in the southeast. The direction of the wealth sector is southwest or northeast. In these sectors it is worth placing an office where a person will work, negotiate and resolve important issues, and conclude contracts. The work area should not be located in the north or east. The entrance door to the apartment should be in the southwestern sector. Then all incoming energy flows will flow correctly, and the family that lives in such a house will experience prosperity.

People whose number is 3 need to arrange a room to resolve work issues in the south or east direction. If the task is to find a bedroom for a child whose calculation results in such an indicator, then it is better to choose the eastern part of the house. The health sector is in the northern part of the room. If a person is sick, he is recommended to spend most of his time in this area. When determining locations for toilets and baths, it is worth looking to the northeast of the house.

Those with the number 4 arrange their bedroom in the east. You can’t - in the southwest or northeast. The southern part of the house is considered the health zone. It is better to arrange an office in the southeast or north of the apartment, but not in the northwestern or northeastern sector. The toilet room should be installed in the west wing.

People with number 6 arrange their bedroom in the southwest. The place of health is the sector in the northeast of the apartment. The toilet room should be located in the northern part of the house.

For those who came up with the number 7 when counting, the health zone should be placed in the southwest. If you plan to work in a residential area, then the office should be equipped in the northwest or west. It is better to arrange a bedroom in the north-eastern sector.

If the calculations result in the number 8, then it is better to choose the northeast or southwest for the workroom. The bedroom should be located in the western sector.

For number 9, the work area is northern or eastern. The bedroom cannot be placed in the west wing. It is better to place the toilet in the east.

Features of the personal Gua number

The final aspect that you need to understand for yourself in order for your personal Gua number to take effect is how the areas of influence are located based on the directions of the light.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the general characteristics of all 9 numbers:

  • Hidden place. Influences career, study, material success.
  • Longevity. It is a more favorable zone, which is responsible for money and harmonious relationships.
  • Heavenly healer. It acts as a very powerful zone that controls the sphere of health and material wealth.
  • Origin of Qi. The most powerful of all positive zones. It promotes success in material affairs and increases a person’s authority.
  • Misfortune. Not too pronounced, it attracts failures and unfortunate incidents into a person’s life.
  • Six sha. Has a negative impact on family and work.
  • Five Spirits. Provokes quarrels with thefts and fires.
  • Losses. Causes pathology and death.

And this is how the described sectors are distributed for specific Gua numbers in ascending order (from the least pronounced to the most powerful).

Gua number unit

  • Northern – is a hidden sector (represents the work area).
  • The southern one acts as a zone of longevity (this is also the glory sector).
  • Eastern – the highest healer (family sector).
  • Southeast - the origin of Qi (sector of material success).
  • Western – misfortune (creative sector).
  • Northwestern - six murders (sector of those who help you).
  • Northeast – five spirits (area of ​​knowledge).
  • Southwestern – losses (love sector).

Gua number two

  • Southwestern - is a hidden sector (relationship zone).
  • Northwestern - longevity (aid sector).
  • Western - a heavenly healer (creative abode).
  • Northeast – the origin of Qi (the area of ​​knowledge).
  • Eastern - misfortunes (family sector).
  • Southern – six murders (glory sector).
  • Southeast – five spirits (material well-being).
  • Northern – losses (career sector).

Gua number three

  • Eastern - acts as a hidden sector (family zone).
  • Southeastern – longevity (material wealth).
  • Northern – the highest healer (realization in career).
  • South – the origin of Qi (glory).
  • Southwestern - unhappiness (area of ​​happy relationships).
  • North-East – six sha (your assistants operate here).
  • Western – loss (creative area).

Gua number four

  • The southeastern one acts as a secret sector (material area).
  • Eastern - longevity (family).
  • Southern – the healer of the sky (equivalent to the area of ​​​​glory).
  • Northern – the origin of Qi (career sector).
  • Northwestern - misfortune (your helpers are here).
  • Western – six sha (creative zone).
  • Southwestern – Five Spirits (love area).
  • Northeast – losses (similar to the area of ​​knowledge).

Gua number five for women

  • Southwestern – sector of riddles (love).
  • Northwestern - longevity (help).
  • Western is the supreme healer (creative energy).
  • Northeast – revival of Qi (cognition).
  • Eastern - misfortune (family).
  • Southern – six sha (glory).
  • Southeast – five spirits (money sector).
  • Northern – losses (career).

Gua number 5 for the stronger sex

  • Northeast is the mystical sector (cognition).
  • Western - longevity.
  • Northwestern - the supreme healer (help).
  • Southwestern – revival of Qi (love).
  • Southern - misfortune (glory).
  • Eastern – six sha (family).
  • Northern – five spirits (career).
  • Southeast – losses (money area).

Gua number six

  • Northwestern – hidden place (help).
  • Southwestern – longevity (love sector).
  • Northeast is the supreme healer (cognition).
  • Western – revival of Qi (creative energy).
  • Southeast - misfortune (money sector).
  • Northern – six sha (career).
  • Eastern – five spirits (family).
  • Southern – loss (glory).

Gua number seven

  • Western – is the hidden sector (creative).
  • Northeast – longevity (area of ​​knowledge).
  • Southwestern – heavenly healing (love).
  • Northwestern - revival of Qi (help).
  • Southern - misfortune (glory).
  • Southeast – six sha (financial).
  • Northern – five spirits (career).
  • Eastern – loss (family).

Gua number eight

  • Northeast – mystical sector (cognition).
  • Western – longevity (energy of creativity).
  • Northwestern - heavenly healers (help from above).
  • Southwestern - the origin of Qi (love).
  • Southern - misfortune (glory).
  • Eastern – six sha (family).
  • Northern – five spirits (career sphere).
  • Southeast – loss (wealth).

Gua number nine

  • Southern – secret place (glory sector).
  • Northern – longevity (career area).
  • Southeast - heavenly healers (wealth).
  • Eastern – origin of Qi (family).
  • Northeast - harm (cognition).
  • Southwestern – six sha (love).
  • Western – five spirits (creativity).
  • Northwestern – losses (helpers).

By learning the correct location of good and bad zones in your home, you can protect yourself from various troubles. It also becomes possible to improve life by activating those areas that are not working well enough, as well as neutralizing the negative ones.

Groups of people

The personal Gua number allows us to conditionally divide people into groups:

  • western;
  • eastern

Each of these directions has its own vector of development and points to 8 cardinal directions. Moreover, 4 of them are favorable for an individual, and the other half are unfavorable.

The Western direction unites those who received the numbers 2, 6, 7, 8. This group is different from the other. This means that even the same directions in the home or office will be favorable for some and unfavorable for others.

For example, the eastern group is those who, when calculating their own number, received the results 1, 3, 4, 9. This group corresponds to the cardinal directions: east, southeast, north, south.

Calculation of the number of GUA by first and last name

Lucky numbers can be calculated by first and last name. Each letter of the alphabet has its own serial number: A - 1, B - 2, C - 6, D - 3, D - 4, E - 5, F - 2, Z - 7, I, J - 1, K - 2 , L - 2, M - 4, N - 5, O - 7, P - 8, R - 2, S - 3, T - 4, U - 6, F - 8, X - 5, C - 3, H - 7, Ш - 2, Ш - 9, И - 1, Б - 1, Э - 6, У - 7, И - 2. Now, do the same thing as summing up the numbers of letters for the first time, for example Shustov Roman = 2 +6+3+4+7+6+2+7+4+1+5= 47, 4+7= 11, 1+1=2. So subtract your lucky number.

It's actually quite simple. Now, using the table, we will determine which compass direction is your luck for the corresponding gua number.

Compatibility of people with different numbers

If you calculate the Gua number before getting married, you can understand whether the union of people will be successful. For example, when a combination of 1 and 6 occurs in a couple, it is believed that the future for such people will be rich. If people with numbers 2 and 7 are married, this combination promises a happy and harmonious, long family life.

People with numbers 3 and 8 will not be bored together; a passionate union is expected. In the union of 9 and 4, strong, happy relationships prevail. The husband and wife will go all the way in such a way that they will achieve everything together, and they will succeed.

Directions favorable for numbers

Feng Shui in the hallway

Favorable directions according to Gua number should be taken into account in life every day:

  1. The direction of success and favorable energy currents is Sheng Qi. This flow promotes success in love and finance. The house will be full, people will be lucky. A person will be able to earn a high social status. The direction is suitable for turning your life for the better, while all events will develop easily.
  2. Tien-Yi is the direction of health. It is good when the head of the bed or the front door is turned in this direction. It is also beneficial to bring dishes and at the same time face this direction. This knowledge will help you stay active and healthy for many years.
  3. Yan-Nian is the direction of love and harmony in the sexual sphere of life. Knowledge helps maintain peace in all family relationships: both between husband and wife, and between parents and children. You can achieve harmony like this: place the bed in the Yan-Nian direction.
  4. Stability in living quarters is a merit of the Fu-Wei direction. Serves to ensure clarity of mind, flexibility of thinking, and logic. Therefore, it is worth organizing a workplace here; the direction will help you move up the career ladder and make a big profit.

Meaning of Gua in Feng Shui

1. The meaning of Gua according to Feng Shui
Gua in Chinese means “trigram”. According to Feng Shui, everything around us and ourselves can be classified into eight trigrams. Each of the eight trigrams represents one or another energy that exists in the space around us. The personal Gua number also shows a person’s energy potential. When a person is born, he receives the energy of the trigram that prevailed in a particular year. Each trigram consists of a different set of yin and yang energies. The trigram is visually represented as three lines - solid and/or open. Various combinations of Yang and Yin energies give an idea of ​​the characteristics of a particular trigram. Let us briefly consider some of the qualities of the eight trigrams.

Gua 1 – trigram ☵ Kan. In nature, it personifies the energy of the element of Water. Symbolizes changeability, flexibility, aspiration, adaptability, overcoming obstacles, energy for risky enterprises.

Gua 2 – trigram ☷ Kun. The trigram consists of three Yin lines. Represents the energy of the Earth. In Feng Shui, Gua number 2 is a symbol of fertility, receptivity, loyalty and devotion.

Gua 3 – trigram ☳ Zhen – Thunder. According to Feng Shui, Gua number 3 symbolizes the beginning of development, progress, growth, overcoming obstacles, and life-changing events.

Gua 4 – trigram ☴ Xun – Wind. Properties of the trigram: internal strength, penetration, variability, integrity, completeness.

Gua 6 – trigram ☰ Qian – Heaven. The trigram consists of three yang lines and represents very strong yang energy. A symbol of creativity, strength, activity, power, prosperity and creativity.

Gua 7 – trigram ☱ Dui – Lake. The Dui trigram symbolizes joy, sensuality, a pleasant pastime, freedom from restrictions, clarity of thinking.

Gua 8 – trigram ☶ Gen – Mountain. Gua number 8 in Feng Shui symbolizes stability, reliability, steadfastness, peace and unity. This is a force directed inwards.

Gua 9 – trigram ☲ Li – Fire. Gua number 9 in Feng Shui represents the power to understand the meaning of things, formulate goals and ideas. Symbolizes brightness, attractiveness and warmth.

Eight trigrams in Chinese sound like "Bagua". They are depicted in a circle, in the direction of the cardinal points. The eight trigrams correspond to the eight cardinal directions. There are Baguas of the early sky, reflecting the perfection of energies in the Universe, and the late sky, reflecting the dynamics and constant changes in the world. In practice, Late Sky Bagua is used. The Feng Shui Bagua octagon is shown below in the picture.

2. Determination of Gua number according to Feng Shui

Calculating the Gua number according to Feng Shui is quite simple. First of all, make sure that your birthday according to the Western calendar is the same as your birthday according to the Chinese solar calendar. The Chinese solar year begins on February 3, 4 or 5 (need to be checked according to the calendar). Accordingly, a person born on February 1, 1992 was born in 1991 according to the Chinese calendar. Next we make calculations:

Just be careful: Gua 5 does not exist. If a man has Gua 5 during the calculation, then we change it to 2, if a woman has Gua, then we change it to 8.

You can also calculate the Gua number according to Feng Shui online , using a special program for calculating Gua and Ba Zi cards on the Internet.

Feng Shui master Anatoly Sokolov advises to orient the front door, the door to the bedroom, the bed, the work desk and the firebox favorable directions The most important rooms must be located in their favorable sectors. And it is better to stay in negative zones as little as possible so as not to take on harmful energy.

You can find out your favorable directions by Gua number from the table below.

Spouses with different favorable directions must seek compromises. Feng Shui experts advise such couples to choose a direction for the bed that is favorable to the head of the family. In some cases, for example, when a wife needs to maintain her health, the bed can be directed in the beneficial direction of the wife’s Qian-Yi.

If you want to independently master the basic principles of Chinese science to create your own ideal Feng Shui in any room, then I recommend studying the correspondence course “ Individual Feng Shui ” by Master Anatoly Sokolov.


Unfavorable directions in Feng Shui

Eastern philosophers also highlight unfavorable energy flows. Knowledge will help you adjust zones in your living space and prevent unwanted events:

  1. The flow of Ho-Hai energy creates obstacles along the way. But this direction is weak, so it does not cause much trouble to people.
  2. Liu Sha is a direction in which you should not arrange a bedroom or office. Otherwise, bad events await you in love and work.
  3. Wu Gui is an unfavorable direction because it can lead to misfortunes, big expenses, fires, robberies and depression.
  4. Jue Ming is the most unfavorable place, which leads to loss of profits. A person loses luck here, so the front door should not be installed so that it faces in this direction. The bed should also not be located facing the Jue Ming stream.

Knowledge of how energy flows are distributed and which zones in a living space help men and women in business is valuable. They help you achieve prosperity in all areas of life without difficulty.

Compatibility in relationships based on Gua number

Should you calculate your partner's Gua number to find out your compatibility? There is no clear answer to this question. The fact is that according to the teachings of Feng Shui, the Kua number does not describe character. To calculate compatibility in matters of family, marriage, and business, it is customary to use the Bazi chart, which is compiled based on data from the time of birth.

But in Feng Shui there is a concept of a successful combination of numbers. To a certain extent, this information can describe the union of a man and a woman. Let's look at how this works.

Now you know how to calculate the Gua number. Follow Feng Shui tips to live in harmony with your space and receive all the benefits.


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