Feng Shui Glory Zone: improving reputation, achieving recognition and success

Greetings, dear readers! What kind of zone is this - the zone of glory according to Feng Shui? What can she give to a person? And how to activate it correctly? Let's talk about this today.

zone of fame and success

We all want success to accompany us in life. Each in their own way, of course: for some it is enough to simply be successful in all endeavors, but for others it is enough to be popular and have good fame. All these possibilities can be realized using the teachings of Feng Shui.

According to Feng Shui, the zone of glory is closely connected with a person’s individuality, with what makes him develop spiritually and is responsible for self-realization. If you want to develop personally, achieve success in life, become famous or develop your potential, then you should pay attention to the zone of fame and success in your home and design it correctly.

What is the glory zone responsible for in feng shui?

Through the use of traditional Chinese symbols, you can influence the circulation of beneficial energies in your home. Activating the glory sector allows you to achieve several goals at once, including:

  • achieving success and recognition,
  • the emergence of ample opportunities for development and growth,
  • ease of finding a common language with people,
  • no trust issues.

What elements govern the glory zone

From the point of view of Feng Shui, the glory zone belongs to the element of Fire, and its nourishing element is Wood.

Based on this, the best symbols for it are:

  • any images of fire, sunrise,
  • photographs and paintings with blooming sunflowers or poppies,
  • fireplace or its imitation,
  • red or green candles,
  • images of a rooster or peacock,
  • any personal awards and diplomas,
  • list or wish list.

Shapes and colors

The most favorable shapes for this sector are rectangle and triangle. You can place any symbol of glory in it, but it is better to give preference to shades of red and green.

If you choose the right colors and shapes, the glory zone will be activated without any additional effort.

The simplest talisman is the red triangle. You can simply cut it out of paper and place it on any shelf or table. It is important to remember that Feng Shui symbols can work without a person's knowledge, and they do not always have to be visible.

Why is it important to follow Feng Shui rules?

The Chinese have always strived to live in harmony with nature. For centuries, they carefully studied its phenomena, and found out that everything around there is energy in its various forms, and this energy can have different charges - positive or negative. The sages realized that a person is not able to get rid of negative energy, but he can balance and neutralize it with positive energy by evenly distributing multidirectional flows. This is how the teaching of Feng Shui was formed, whose recommendations are listened to today all over the world.

Feng Shui does not set itself the task of changing the energy of the Cosmos; the purpose of the teaching is to understand this energy, make friends with it, and live according to its laws here and now, in your own home, in your own yard or in your dacha. Life-giving flows of energy can turn to the detriment of a person if he cannot tune in to them and properly organize his living space. If you manage to catch the wind in your “sails,” the happiness and well-being of the inhabitants of the house are guaranteed.

A properly organized house and summer cottage will have a positive impact on the inner world of the owners and on their entire life in general. Life in such a place will be easy, pleasant and joyful, and such an attitude always attracts material wealth.

The doctrine prescribes dividing the site into 9 parts of the same size; this must be done by standing at the entrance so that the entire territory is clearly visible. Actually, you can take a ready-made site plan, or draw it on a large piece of paper, and work with it. But in any case, the zones should be counted from the entrance, which will be the main reference point.

To begin, divide the area into three equal strips. The first lane from the entrance is the zone of Wisdom, Trusted Friends and Career. The second is the zone of Children, Family and vital energy of Tai Chi. The third is the zone of Wealth, Fame, Relationships with neighbors and other people. We divide each zone into three small sections, which should also be the same size. In total, you should get 9 zones of equal size - whether they will be in the form of squares or rectangles, depends on the shape and size of the entire area. If all actions are performed on a piece of paper, it will become clear where the boundaries of these small zones are.

What should not be placed in the glory zone

Despite the fact that the element of Wood feeds the element of Fire, figurines and figurines made of wood are not recommended in this zone, since their presence can lead to the loss of a person’s good name. It is better to give preference to images on paper or fabric, made in suitable shades.

Any items directly related to the elements of Water and Earth are not allowed in the glory sector.

These include not only indoor plants, fountains, aquariums and water containers, but also mirrors, black and blue things, wavy and oval-shaped objects.

Tips for activating the Glory Zone

Placing any symbols that are suitable from a Feng Shui point of view in this zone will help improve the circulation of Qi energy and contribute to great success. The best talismans for this zone are:

  1. Eagle flying over the sun. A poster or panel with such an image will lead to favorable changes in life if you place it in the southern part of the apartment or hang it on the southern wall of the living room.
  2. Phoenix. The mythical bird with the gift of transformation is highly valued in Chinese culture. You can purchase a poster or even a simple postcard with her image.
  3. Crystal pyramid. A symbol of constant growth, development and upward striving. It doesn’t matter if it is constantly in front of your eyes, it can be hidden in a drawer. He will still work for good.
  4. A horse running upward. A powerful symbol of success. In Chinese traditions, such a horse is depicted with gold coins on its back. This talisman can bring not only life, but also financial success. It is important to ensure that the horse is not looking towards the door, but towards the center of the house.
  5. Large talisman coin. It can be placed not only in the wealth sector, but also in the fame zone. If it is in the living room, it is better to hang the coin above the table.
  6. Golden fan. A recognized symbol of aristocracy and high position in society. In addition, the fan protects against the negative influence of other people and their interference in one's career.
  7. Personal photographs taken in a good mood.
  8. Images of famous people whose success stories deserve respect.
  9. Quotes of great people, affirmations written on paper.

If you activate the glory zone with at least a few suitable symbols, you can see positive results in a short time.

General cleaning and maintaining cleanliness

It is recommended to keep this area clean at all times. But it is even more important to ensure that there are no broken or damaged things in it that can worsen the feng shui of any area.

Can the glory sector be located in another part of the home?

It is extremely difficult to influence the location of sectors according to the Bagua grid. But some rooms, such as bathrooms, are unfavorable in the fame sector. This is due not only to the negative impact of drain pipes on Qi energy, but also to the predominance of the element of Water in such a room.

The situation can be partially corrected by hanging a mirror on the bathroom door (or making it completely mirrored).

This will create the illusion of the absence of an undesirable part of the apartment and change the layout of the sectors taking this into account.

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Symbolic decor

In addition to dividing the site into zones and properly arranging them, favorable energies can be attracted by various signs. For example, install a weather vane with an image of a dragon, peacock or sailboat on a house or gazebo.

These symbols will help you build a career and a successful business, harmonize family relationships, and attract strength, wisdom and health.

You can break negative energy and protect your home from it with bells called wind chimes. They are placed not only inside the house, but also on the site. The sounds made by the bells under the influence of the wind will scare away both negativity and birds that can cause damage to plantings.

To avoid elemental conflicts, you need to correctly place bells made from different materials. So, clay bells can be placed in the southwestern, central and northeastern parts of the site. Metal bells will be more useful if placed in the western and northwestern parts of the site, glass bells - in the western part. Bells made of bamboo or wood are suitable for the eastern and southeastern parts.

Glory Zone: Attracting an Excellent Reputation

The basis of the ancient Chinese art of feng shui is the management of specific zones in a house or in housing as a whole, each of which is responsible for a certain area of ​​human life and manifestation. For example, the fame zone is responsible both for professional advancement and the achievement of a certain social status, and for the creative manifestations and development of the residents of this house or apartment.

This sector can bring good luck and make the inhabitants popular due to their professional activities, and can also take away all these wonderful things.

If this sector gathers positive energy, it will be possible to quickly adapt to any imaginable environment, become a leader in any team, or simply make new and useful contacts.

Sector Affirmations

An affirmation is a statement that is addressed primarily inside a person. They help you quickly realize your goal and quickly approach it. It is recommended to create your own personal affirmations and repeat them several times a week in the glory zone, turning to yourself.

  • “Everyone appreciates, respects me and turns to me for help”
  • “My professional influence is growing and helping people.”
  • “I’m glad that I can get support and help from my family and friends. I am glad that I can provide such support to them too"
  • “I am well known and respected in my personal professional circles”
  • “My reputation as a decent, honest, kind and fair person grows every day.”

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Where is the glory sector?

The feng shui glory zone corresponds to the direction to the south, the main element of this sector is considered to be fire, and the color, accordingly, is red.

This zone occupies a place exactly in the middle between the zones of love and wealth and is ideologically a kind of arithmetic mean between them, because common love here brings well-being in a material sense.

The symbols of the zone are the trigram Li (“fire”), the features of which indicate the ability to flare up more strongly from what has the property of burning. This trait manifests itself in fame - whatever the reputation, it tends to maintain itself, because people perceive a person in the same way through the filter of past actions.

Subtleties of activation

The Glory Zone requires a slightly more complex activation process than other dwelling zones.

Its classic talisman is deservedly considered to be the image of a phoenix, which in China is considered the king of birds.

Eastern myths indicate that he is not a living being, but a clot of energy that has an endlessly repeating cycle of life, it dies and is constantly reborn.

Feng Shui is a phenomenon by definition of Taoist origin, and much of it is drawn from ancient Taoist magic and alchemy. In practice, the role of a phoenix can be played by images of a peacock or a red rooster, as well as nine different eagles in the form of frescoes, paintings or figurines. The number 9 is also favorable for the south.

The zone is also activated by stones that came out of the fire - volcanic tuff, pieces of magma and its derivatives.

Under no circumstances should sea stones or blue stones be placed in this part of the apartment.

The most powerful activator of the power of glory here can be the symbol of upward movement, a good image of which is a pyramid, especially a red and gold one. Red candles are also suitable for this; they need to be lit from time to time and used for their intended purpose, so that the fire, alive and real, grows and lives in this house.

It’s great if it’s in this sector that you can place a fireplace. The room can also be moderately placed with objects and fabrics of green color, also associated with wood, which feeds fire.

A living flower or other plant is ideal for this.

The ideal decoration of a room in this sector is wooden decoration, made in red tones. A number of decorative elements are also suitable, for example, figurines of the same phoenixes. After all, wood feeds fire.

This direction’s own magical talisman is a red square, for example, made of paper, in the corners of which words should be written (better if these are hieroglyphs written by a professional calligrapher) with the names of those aspects of life that are needed to implement this sector: “Success”, “Recognition”, “Luck”, “Glory”.

In the center of the square you need to write your own desire in a simple affirmative form.

What other symbols can be used to activate the glory sector?

Feng Shui also recommends using in the southern room all those symbols that establish a person as famous, recognized and are part of the social recognition of reputation or fame. These can be a variety of certificates, commendations, diplomas or diplomas, as well as awards and orders, including those that were awarded or granted to the ancestors or relatives of the owner of the house.

Traditional images of celebrities or idols with shades of red will also work well here. There may also be sheets with quotes from famous people who spoke on the topic of achieving success and well-being in society. As a rule, traditional excerpts and quotes from the works of Confucius, the Taoist canon, and the sayings of saints were used for this.

In the same room there should be or be installed those personal items that are responsible for success or were associated with achieving success at a certain time in life in the past.

The power of the fame zone is needed not only for gaining fame, it manifests itself when a person must join a team that is new to him, takes on a new job, works with public attention (journalism, PR, etc.) or if it is important for professional fulfillment to gain fame . Activation of this sector is necessary even simply in order to maintain an excellent reputation among acquaintances and friends and maintain their trust.

Source: www.shkolamechti.ru

Choosing a place to build a house

The optimal location of the site is in a place that would meet the principle of a deep chair: the site should be protected from behind, to the right and left (mountain, hill, group of trees), and in front there should be open space with a beautiful view (river, lake, valley).

The most successful place for the construction of a site is considered to be the point of concentration of Qi . All ancillary buildings should be evenly spaced around the main residential building. The shape of the house itself also matters. It is desirable that it be square.

For harmonious Feng Shui of a plot of land, it is necessary that the hill on the left - it represents the Dragon - be slightly higher than the hill on the right - the Tiger . If the Tiger is larger than the Dragon , or does not exist at all, then install a bright lantern on the left side, it will increase the Dragon’s . The right and left sides are considered if you stand with your back to the front of the house.

If the Turtle (the hill at the back of the plot) is missing, then you can create it yourself and thereby improve the Feng Shui of the land. To do this, instead, build a wall behind the house or plant a row of trees. You can also put up a sculpture of a Turtle . If its size is significant, then it will create a good beneficial effect.

Create a small flat area in front of your house. Let it be a grassy lawn for games or just a vacant lot. Such a platform symbolizes the Red Phoenix . To enhance its energy, place an image of any bird on this site.

These four symbolic animals are the protectors of the home, bringing positive energy into it and creating favorable feng shui around. If, with all this, a wonderful view of the smoothly flowing river opens in front, then the Feng Shui of the site will bring great luck, health and well-being to all the inhabitants of the house.

It is desirable that behind the house itself the ground level rises, and in front of it decreases.

To determine where the main door should be, use a personal trigram. This way you can determine which group you belong to. For the eastern group, the main entrance will be in the north, south or northeast. The western group should have a house with the main door in the west, southwest, northwest or northeast.

The front door must be decorated in a certain way. It symbolizes the human mouth, through which a lot of energy flows.

The view from the front door should be of level terrain.

It would also be good if you plant flowers along the path leading to the entrance.

Zone of fame and fame according to feng shui

It is known that the correct approach to using zones directly affects the degree to which the favorable energy flow into our lives is enhanced. The fame zone acts as a special feng shui sector that accompanies our dizzying success, spiritual self-realization and long-awaited popularity in society. Its targeted activation, taking into account the southern direction in the premises sector, makes it possible to reveal our talents to the fullest, conquer new heights and successfully “feed” the objects of our reputation: be it a career, friendly relationships or your family life. Let's look at its main characteristics:

  1. Direction: South.
  2. Main element: Fire.
  3. Power element: Wood.
  4. Weakening element: Earth.
  5. Destructive element: Water.
  6. Trigram: Li.
  7. Number: 9.
  8. Colors: all shades of red, green, orange, yellow.
  9. Shapes: triangular, tall, elongated, rectangular.
  10. Talismans: phoenix, red rooster, eagle, peacock, images and feathers of a peacock and other listed birds, frozen lava, red candles, pyramid, large coins, circle of creation, fireplace, wooden products, diplomas and awards, red fan, plants and their images, paintings of the sun, blooming sunflowers or poppies, crystal pyramids and lamps.
  11. Dangerous symbols: objects and symbols of water, mirrors, statues of birds of prey, the use of blue, purple and black colors, symbols of earth, as well as symbols representing the killing of birds: spears, arrows, etc.
  12. Scents: grapefruit, lemon, cedar, jasmine, lavender, cypress, eucalyptus, patchouli, mint, incense, rose.
  13. The effect of activation: success in business, gaining fame and a good reputation among others, career advancement.

Considering the popularity zone, you can see that it is directly related to our self-development and manifestation of individuality. Proper design of the sector plays an important role in shaping our prestige, developing potential and achieving good results that influence our position in society.

Zone activation

Since the fame zone is the central link between the wealth zone and the love zone, it attracts material well-being through the achievement of universal love from our environment.

Therefore, before activation, pay attention to the “cleanliness” and transparency of your zone - clean your space of old things and unnecessary trash, organize space and order for the movement of a positive flow of energy into your sector.

As we have already understood, the key element in activating our zone is the phoenix: it, like a clot of fiery energy, has an endless and continuous life cycle that needs support. Alternatives to the phoenix could be the peacock, red rooster or eagle. These can be not only figurines, but also images of these birds. In addition, any fire symbolism will work in this zone to attract and activate energy: candles, images of fire, sun or hearth, and maybe a real fireplace - all these are suitable activators for this zone.

Any symbols associated with success and achievement will also work well in this zone. These can be diplomas, certificates, commendations, diplomas, awards, medals - in general, everything that reflects merit and good reputation.

Considering that the feeding element for the element of fire is wood, wooden products are also a good companion here: figurines, wood products or wickerwork (rattan), or the so-called fire stones - pieces of frozen lava or volcanic tuff.

However, these should not be stones symbolizing water - ordinary pebbles, for example.

If we consider the ideal option, a wooden room in red or orange tones, diluted with green shades, will perfectly serve to activate the glory zone. However, do not forget that the water elements “extinguish” the flame, so beware of marine shades and objects associated with the water element.

The interaction of fire with earth also has its own nuances. In sufficient quantities, land serves as a guarantor of our stability, creates soil under our feet, giving confidence in the future. In excess, it leads to stagnation of energy, preventing favorable and successful events from entering our lives.

To achieve optimal balance, one light brown rug or painting symbolizing calm and stability will be enough.

Considering that the number of the southern direction is 9, the use of nine objects, such as nine eagles figurines or nine tulips in a painting, will certainly enhance the activation of the glory zone. Objects that are actively growing upward also have a beneficial effect on the popularity zone: use elongated red candles or place a bright red pyramid in a prominent place, accelerating the flow of fame and success into your home.

It doesn’t matter whether you have been working in a certain field for a long time or decided to try yourself in something completely new, or maybe even changed your social circle - so that the fire of glory continues to circulate and bear fruit, actively saturate it with positive thoughts and actions, strengthen their friendly and family ties.

Positive affirmations created by you personally are also an indispensable magnet for the successful implementation of goals and the fulfillment of your most cherished desires. The most important thing here is their compilation in an affirmative form. Turn within yourself, voicing them as if you already have everything you have in mind, repeating them in the glory zone several times a week. But do not make unnecessary efforts: let go of your desires, leave them to your symbols and talismans to realize them, and the fire of your glory will never go out.

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Feng Shui zones in the apartment

As mentioned above, each sector in the Bagua grid corresponds to a separate Feng Shui zone in your apartment. Below you will find a description of each zone, its natural element, colors and symbols.

Career Zone (North)

All interior elements that are associated with the water element are perfect for this part of the apartment.

Career Zone Symbol

You will get rid of problems at work: your bosses will always be pleased with your results and achievements, your colleagues will support and help, you will forget about the difficulties in writing and submitting reports.

To decorate an apartment according to Feng Shui, an aquarium with fish or a painting depicting any water source is suitable. The blue and black colors present in the items will enhance the effect and lead to maximum results.

Place your work laptop or other equipment here as well. You can put a photo with your colleagues on the table. This way you will connect the north of the apartment with your place at work. The energy activates the Career zone . Its symbol is the turtle, a resident of the aquatic environment.

People who tested the area say things started looking up very quickly. Many became owners of profitable businesses and opened their own enterprises. They began to be respected and valued at work, and were trusted with important transactions.

Zone of Wisdom and Knowledge (North-East)

If your goal is to successfully graduate from university, write a doctoral dissertation, or simply want to absorb knowledge like a sponge, then pay attention to the northeastern part of the apartment. A room in this part of the home can be equipped as a personal office; the atmosphere will contribute to an easy learning process.

Knowledge Zone Symbol

How to design this zone? Various books, textbooks, and encyclopedias are suitable. As you know, learning is light, and ignorance is darkness.

Following this advice, the zone of Wisdom and Knowledge should have a sufficient amount of light. Stylish lamps, sconces or table lamps are suitable for this.

This room is no place for games and entertainment. Instead of posters of famous people, hang a map of the world or your own city on the wall. Earth is an element of the zone.

Place a small globe on the table. The main thing is that the environment is calm and peaceful. This is no place for things like weapons.

The color of the zone is beige, so give preference to this shade. In addition, it is a delicate color, which means your thoughts will be in order.

Family Zone (East)

For many, family and the warmth of family relationships are the main thing. After all, only at home does a person feel light and free; with family, you can not pretend and be real, with all your shortcomings.

Family Zone Symbol

But sometimes there are times when, due to an absurd quarrel, we lose contact with a loved one. And now time has passed and the conflict seems to have been resolved, but the unpleasant feeling and discomfort remain.

To prevent such situations from arising, you should equip the Family zone . Its location is the eastern part of the apartment.

For this part of the home, items made from any type of wood are suitable, as well as green plants, symbolizing the development and prosperity of the family. For best results, use a bamboo shoot.

Choose items that you associate with each of your loved ones. Place them in the eastern part of the apartment. Look through the album and select a photo that shows all your relatives.

Avoid furniture with sharp corners, as well as knives, scissors, and needles in this area. They can lead to separation and disagreement.

Wealth Zone (Southeast)

The southeastern part of the apartment corresponds to the Feng Shui zone, which is responsible for prosperity and profit. Agree, few people will give up a comfortable existence. Although happiness does not come from money, it is more pleasant when you still have it.

Wealth Zone Symbol

Place silver dishes, a precious necklace, a box with gold or silver jewelry in this part of the home. Thus, Feng Shui of the apartment will attract financial well-being.

A good symbol for this zone is a cup of wealth or a frog figurine with a coin in its mouth.

Please note that the Wealth Zone should not be in darkness or shadow. Decorate it with forged metal products and figurines of gods. It would be very appropriate to plant a so-called “money” tree here - a plant that also helps with financial difficulties.

This Bagua zone has red and green colors and is associated with the element Wood.

Glory Zone (South)

Sometimes we look with some envy at people who bask in the glory. We believe that they achieved everything undeservedly, they have personal connections, and so on. But fame is not as far away as it really seems.

Glory Zone Symbol

The southern part of the apartment, according to the Bagua grid, is responsible for fame. By activating the zone correctly, you will instantly feel changes in your life, the attitude of the people around you will become much more respectful.

You should hang all your achievements that you have accumulated over the years on the walls of the southern part of the apartment - this will immediately activate this zone of your apartment.

These can be certificates, medals, diplomas. Anything. If only these subjects were related to leadership and activism.

Ensure there is sufficient lighting. For figurines, images of birds are suitable; they should not be predators and not made of wood. Ideal - a figurine of a dove. Stones (not from the sea) and minerals are also favorable here.

The Glory Zone is red. As you know, this color is known for its activity and swiftness. It is often a leader's favorite. The symbol of this feng shui zone is the fire element.

Zone of Love and Marriage (South-West)

Loneliness and the absence of a loved one nearby confuse you and prevent you from enjoying life. And it happens that you seem to have a soulmate, but something doesn’t go well. Quarrels and conflicts constantly arise, you do not understand each other and speak different languages.

Symbol of the Zone of Love and Marriage

To get out of the situation, activate the zone located in the southwest of the housing. She is responsible for maintaining relationships and eliminating conflict situations between loving hearts.

To activate this Feng Shui zone in your apartment, decorate it this way: on the wall, place a general photo of you happy in love or marriage.

Place a figurine on a table or shelf that symbolizes constancy and love (for example, a pair of doves or ducks).

It would also be nice if you put out scented candles. Gifts that you once gave to each other will do. And just things that are related to the theme of love relationships - hearts, magazine clippings, stickers, photographs depicting a woman and a man.

Do not allow objects with piercing or cutting properties to be present here.

The Love and Marriage Zone is associated with the color yellow. Be sure to ensure there is sufficient lighting. The ruling element of this feng shui zone is the Earth.

Zone of Children and Creativity (West)

Raising children is a very difficult task that makes many parents think. It is especially difficult to cope with a teenager. It is important to find an approach to your child, not to make a mistake in choosing tactics, and to become a true friend for him. To overcome the difficulties that arise, seek help from the Bagua grid.

Symbol of the Children and Creativity Zone

In this Feng Shui zone there should always be enough light. An excellent option would be a wide window that provides rays of bright sun. In the evening, it is better to use lamps.

Set up a corner where all the child’s achievements will be displayed: his first drawings, crafts. Young sprouts of indoor flowers are suitable here.

It is worth taking good care of them and watering them regularly - the zone of Children and Creativity does not tolerate fading and old age.

If you activate the zone correctly, success is guaranteed. You can do this by setting the image of the element corresponding to your child’s zodiac sign. Also a good symbol of this Feng Shui zone is a figurine of a netsuki with a baby.

This way you will not only begin to understand your child better, but also contribute to his creative development, discover new talents and inclinations, and create conditions for the development of a full-fledged personality.

This feng shui zone is associated with the color white and the metal element.

Helpers and Travel Zone (Northwest)

Have you encountered difficulties along the way and are looking for wise advice from a person you can trust? Activate this zone. Its location is the northwestern part of your apartment.

Symbol of the Zone of Helpers and Travels

To decorate this Feng Shui zone, a photograph of a person whom you consider your mentor is suitable.

If you don't currently have such a person, hang a picture of a famous sage or scientist. The achievements of successful people will help you direct your life along the right path.

To strengthen and concentrate the energy, place a figurine of a deity, such as a figurine of Ganesh.

The Assistants zone is also responsible for travel, so pictures with seas and oceans, famous places, and mountains are suitable as interior elements. Rest assured, your dreams of long journeys will soon come true.

To activate this Feng Shui zone, install in it a symbol or image of the element (element) that corresponds to your Zodiac sign (for example, if you are Aquarius, then your element is Air, it would be nice to hang a photo of the sky with clouds).

Remember - things in the room must be in order. Do not allow broken items in this part of the apartment; keep glass surfaces intact.

White color corresponds to this Bagua zone, and metal objects are also its elements.

Health Zone (Center)

What can't you buy for any money? Of course, health. Having a huge supply of energy and strength is the dream of many people. Although modern medicine has made enormous strides, scientists continue to discover new treatment methods, there are still diseases that even world-class doctors are powerless to treat.

Health Zone Symbol

The center of the Bagua grid, and therefore the center of your home, is the zone responsible for health. It is associated with the element of Earth, so indoor flowers in pots are suitable for the interior - they will have a beneficial effect on your longevity.

This also includes everything that is somehow connected with Nature. These can be paintings, photographs of mountains, waterfalls, seascapes, landscape posters, various plants, flower figurines.

A Bonsai tree is considered a good energy amplifier in this Feng Shui zone, which is recommended to be installed closer to the east of this Bagua zone.

Also, a very powerful “health magnet” is the peach fruit - its image or live form can be placed in the center of the table (a prerequisite is that there must be an odd number of peaches).

The Health Zone has yellow and orange colors. Plant a peach tree sprout in a large wooden pot, and you will feel a surge of strength very soon - health problems will leave your home.

The center of your apartment can be made a place where you will communicate with friends and family. A small coffee table will do, on which you can place a beautiful lamp and a vase of orange and yellow fruit. The place that protects our health requires a lot of light - so take care of its thorough lighting.

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Feng Shui of an apartment is an important issue that concerns almost all areas of life. And even if your home is very small, then the Bagua grid will work perfectly. It can even be used for one room or workplace.

Probably everyone has seen that adherents of Eastern teachings always surround themselves with small figurines or other elements of the culture of ancient sages. A Buddha or other deity protects and preserves energy, and also promotes its maximum use.

Modern architecture presents a variety of forms of living spaces. Often these can be round or triangular houses and apartments. In this case, the missing zones should be placed in other areas.

Southern Glory Zone

The Fame sector is the main place for those who seek popularity and recognition. Take a close look at the space in your home. It will tell you a lot about you.

What is he responsible for?

Each of us is a genius. It doesn’t really matter what you do, but there will definitely be a talent within you at which you excel. According to Feng Shui, the Glory Zone is responsible for our popularity and position in society. If you want to become known to the whole world or have recognition in narrow circles, then this sector is for you.

Where is

The South is the side that is responsible for the sector of Glory and Recognition. You can find it using a pocket compass or use an application on your phone. It is recommended to allocate a separate space in the house or a certain sector in a separate room.

Family and health

This sector is located diagonally to the left of the entrance, in the middle of the left side of the site. It is associated with family in the broad sense of the word, that is, with people with whom you are close and who are not indifferent to you. It also correlates with the health of the occupants of your home.

Naturally, this part of the garden plot must be carefully looked after; Here you should plant flowers and other plants of as many different colors as possible. If one of your household is sick, plant flowers that match the color of the sick person's element or the element preceding it in the generation cycle. If you are plagued by family problems, plant flowers here that match the color of the element of each family member.

I'm open to fame and success

According to Feng Shui, the Southern Zone of Glory is fueled by different energies and shades. It is important to remember this so that the fame sector smells fragrant and blooms. Proper design of the space will allow you to gain fame in a matter of days.

Governing elements

The main element that governs the sector: Fire.

According to feng shui, the Glory Zone is ruled by Fire and fueled by Wood. There should be a lot of light in the form of lamps, floor lamps, sconces and red or green candles. Any living plants that strive for the sun will also be quite appropriate.

You should not place aquariums or fountains in the Glory sector.

It is necessary to abandon any metal shelving and household items, as well as ceramics and sea stones. The element of Metal in large quantities will weaken Wood.

Shapes and colors

Try to decorate the Glory sector in favorable colors. If this is not possible, then complement the interior in the recommended colors.

  • triangle,
  • vertical rectangle,
  • extended arrow upward.
  • red,
  • orange,
  • gold,
  • yellow,
  • scarlet,
  • green.
  • black,
  • blue,
  • blue,
  • violet.
  • geranium,
  • jasmine,
  • ginger,
  • cinnamon,
  • carnation.

How to activate the Glory zone

The Glory Zone requires some activation. Carefully inspect it for the necessary items. Setting up your space correctly can bring you high social status.

Try to always keep the Glory sector clean. Any rubbish must be thrown out, dirt must be removed, and broken things must be repaired. Your recognition directly depends on the cleanliness and comfort in the southern space.

Activation of the Glory Zone

The Southern Zone of Glory according to Feng Shui and its activation falls on your shoulders. It is necessary to supplement the sector with the correct symbols. Items that are located in the table can be arranged in space as you wish.

Cut out a square from red cardboard or paper. Starting from the top left corner, write the words in each corner: Luck-Success-Recognition-Glory. Leave the talisman in the southern zone. It will bring you good luck.

Glory Zone in different places of the apartment

According to Feng Shui, the Glory zone can be located in any room. A properly planned space can increase your popularity in just a few months.

If there is a toilet in the Glory zone, then don’t be upset. It's quite easy to fix the situation. The closet should always be kept perfectly clean, and a red, fiery or orange colored rug should be placed on the floor. If the bath is located in the Glory zone, then tie the metal pipes with red ribbons.

What to do when the Glory zone is in the bedroom? After all, the bedroom is a place to relax. If this is not your only room, and you do not seek fame, then all symbols should be reduced to nothing.

For the bedroom it is better to choose light and nude shades. But small elements that correspond to the southern sector of Glory will not hurt.

If you have a one-room apartment, then you must decide for yourself whether to allocate this space or not.

According to Feng Shui, the Glory Zone requires special care. Remember, your care for the southern sector can work wonders. Keep it clean, clear away the rubble, and add the necessary symbols. Let your life get better and better every day.

Source: kikimoraki.ru

What is the Glory Zone responsible for in Feng Shui?

The Glory Zone in Feng Shui is not only responsible for fame itself. Activation of this sector in the house affects your success in life, popularity, and advancement up the social ladder.

This zone supports you as an individual, helps you achieve recognition in society, success, and strengthen your good reputation.

And, of course, if you strive for fame, then activating this zone will perfectly help you in this.

You need to activate this sector if you are doing business. After all, you see, a good reputation in business is very important. And the activation of this sector can lead, for example, to the expansion of your business (and, as a result, to an increase in income), receiving unexpected help from the right people, etc.

The importance of sectors in Feng Shui

Feng Shui zones, photos of which are often found on the Internet in an unusual ratio for us, fully correspond to the so-called Bagua grid. This is a regular octagonal pattern, divided into 9 equal areas with an angle of 45 degrees. Each side of the Bagua figure, as well as the center, has a trigram - the correct combination of Yin and Yang. Although the Feng Shui sectors are the same in area, only one vital direction dominates in them, for example, Love or Glory.

Activation of Feng Shui zones is necessary for stable and rapid circulation of energy. This means that negative waves will flow out of the house, and the Qi energy will begin to influence the residents of the apartment if the Feng Shui sector is decorated with the necessary talismans. For example, the design of the Wealth zone directly increases well-being and helps not only earn, but also save money, and also spend it more wisely.

Please note that if you follow the rules of Feng Shui, you may encounter many surprises in practice. Many apartments simply do not correspond to the shape of regular rectangles and squares, so some sectors are missing. In this case, there is no need to worry: hang a mirror in the place of the potential zone.

If any sector coincides with the toilet or hallway, adjust the energy with additional talismans.

Activating the Glory Zone

  • The element of the Glory zone is Fire,
  • Number – 9,
  • Color – red,
  • Shape - triangle.

Well, based on this information, let's get down to business! Let's start with the element of this zone. Fire is a very powerful element, so it must be handled with care. If there is too much fire (or its symbols), they threaten to symbolically “burn” your house. Therefore, try to observe moderation in everything.

The most effective Glory Zone talismans are those associated with real open fire. For example, a fireplace. This is the best and most powerful activator of the Glory zone. It symbolizes that the flame of your glory will always burn. The only condition is that the fireplace must be operational, that is, regularly heated and cleaned.

Candles have the same strong effect in this zone. Naturally, provided that they are periodically lit, and they are not just standing as decoration. Of course, the best color for candles in the Glory zone is red! I even once saw a candle in the store in the shape of a large red pyramid - what a chic talisman for this zone. And the color, and the shape, and the essence are the same!

Let us also remember that Fire feeds on Wood, so everything related to wood will be most welcome in this zone. For example, green candles, plants, flowers.

By the way, there are flowers that are directly related to the energy of Fire and activate this zone on their own. These are sunflowers, red poppies and tulips. Place these flowers in this area in vases or their images (photos, paintings, etc.)

The next most powerful activator of the Glory zone is all kinds of lamps. The only exception is fluorescent lamps. Their light is lifeless and cold - it cannot serve as an activator of the energy of Fire. Lamps in general are extremely favorable for activating any sector in the house. The light attracts energy that animates the sector you choose. Well, in the zone of Glory, as they say, God himself ordered the use of this powerful tool!

The best lamp is a crystal chandelier. If you've ever seen a crystal chandelier on fire, you might have noticed that the crystal balls and pendants cast little rainbows on the walls and ceiling! These rainbows are considered extremely active in attracting good luck, happiness, success and wealth to your home.

If you don't have the opportunity to buy a whole chandelier, then you can hang one crystal, which will refract the light and create a small rainbow for you!

In addition to real fire, its images or symbols are also perfect as talismans. For example, photographs or paintings depicting a burning fireplace, a fire, the rising sun, blooming sunflowers, etc. Don't just hang pictures of forest fires or anything like that. As I already said, fire is a powerful element and must be handled very carefully.

You should not place images of uncontrollable rampaging elements in your Glory zone - the consequences may not be at all what you would like!

If we talk about color, I would like to warn you against using blue and black colors in this zone. These are the colors of the Water element, and Water is known to extinguish fire. But there is one little trick (not all books on Feng Shui mention it) - if you add just a little bit of the Water element to the fire zone (in the form of a color or some symbol), then fire plus water will give... steam ! And steam, as you know, sets in motion various mechanisms! In this way, you symbolically create the energy of movement for the powerful activation of your life!

Source: navigatoruspeha.ru

Sector colors and elements

Remember one important rule that will help you correctly activate your glory zone in your apartment\house\office\room:

  • the main element of the sector is Fire
  • generating element – ​​Tree

Therefore, your luck sector should be full of bright red, orange and yellow hues. Because red is not only the embodiment of fire and passion, but also a symbol of endless power. And it doesn’t matter over whom or what. All green shades will also work. And, by the way, wooden furniture. Because it is the tree that feeds the fire.

  • the weakening element of the zone is the Earth
  • destructive – Water

Activation of the fame zone according to Feng Shui: symbols and talismans

Success according to Feng Shui is facilitated by the correct activation of the zone. To do this, you need to use the following symbols and talismans of glory.


Perhaps the most popular and effective symbol (according to the masters, of course). Phoenix is ​​the embodiment of life from fire and fire itself in general. The Chinese have great respect for this mythical bird and endow it with the gift of transformation. Although, what a gift this is. This is a mythological fact *wink*

Buy a wooden figurine of a bird, painted in a fiery palette.

Well, or at worst, get her image. But if you are a creative person, then who will forbid you to draw it with your own hands, hmm?

If there are serious problems with the phoenix (although, in our opinion, it will be completely replaced by our Russian Firebird. Why not a patriotic option?), then you can purchase an eagle figurine. Or a peacock. These birds also represent success and good luck. Or even try to get their feathers. Preferably 9 pieces (this is the number for the fame zone). Just don’t keep images of arrows, spears, slingshots in the area: all the weapons that kill birds.


The pyramid is a symbol of aspiration, exaltation and achievement.

Masters recommend placing a crystal pyramid in the success zone.

We, having studied a great many authoritative sources, recommend building a pyramid from the material that is closest to your heart. Because crystal is a rock, and, accordingly, belongs to the element of the Earth, which destroys the life-giving Fire of glory. Although, if there is only a small amount of crystal, then most likely it will not do much damage. Then make a choice: either some kind of plant in a pot, or crystal. It will be more correct this way.

Your photos

Yes, photographs of your beaming face and wide smile belong in the fame sector. And don’t be surprised, since the positive energy captured in the photo will automatically attract similar energy to itself (read, to your zone of fame).

Fireplace and candles

This area is perfect for placing such nice things in it. Oh yes: the fireplace and candles should be lit periodically. Otherwise they are of no use. In the end, you can sometimes (or always) light aroma lamps or incense sticks. The effect is essentially the same. By the way, don’t forget about good lighting of the success sector. Ideally, provide it with an additional lamp.

Poppies and sunflowers

These are the most life-giving and sunny flowers according to Feng Shui. You can place these artificial flowers in your area and enjoy the sudden prosperity. The masters assure that their influence on a person’s life is truly significant. According to them, the red fan also helps to harmonize human life. But if life is completely broken, then it is better to look for a large wall fan. Apparently so that every time you wipe it, you are tormented by the dust on its folds, and not by your failures.


And not just any horse, but a horse that reared up. It is in this position that he is most graceful. A rearing horse makes a powerful message to the Universe. Every time you look at it, you experience strong emotions on a subconscious level, which leads to the release of strong energy, which feeds the Universe. True, not only a horse will do, but also all strong animals: a lion, a panther jumping for prey, a wolf or even a bull.

Affirmations, quotes from successful people

You can write down a couple for yourself and keep them in a visible place. Every time you read these notes (out loud or mentally), you are programming yourself for success. If you choose affirmations for yourself, do not forget that they are written in the present tense.

That is, if you want fame or recognition, then write like this: “I am famous and successful,” “my affairs are rapidly improving.” The masters also recommend making a note for yourself - a secret place, which you will keep away from prying eyes, but certainly in the glory zone.

So, you should take a small square of red paper. On all four corners (1 inscription per corner) you need to write “success”, “glory”, “recognition”, “luck”. In the center of the square, write down your desires and aspirations in an even column. Only again in the present tense. Consider it the same affirmation, but more personal and targeted.

Activation of sectors of space

In order for energy to circulate in space and fill the premises, it is important to correctly activate any sector and eliminate bad causes.

Feng Shui zones: activation of sectors of space

Some tips:

  • To activate the career zone, place office equipment in it - here you can put a computer, a landline phone, place photos with employees and superiors. Objects symbolizing the energy of water also have a positive effect on the sector.
  • The zone of wisdom and knowledge must have quite colorful lighting. Make sure there is more than enough light in the space. If there is not enough daylight leaking into the room, install additional lighting fixtures with massive lamps.
  • To activate the assistants and travel zone, place a photo with your close friends in it. Hang pictures of people you consider to be your spiritual guides on your walls. You can also hang a wish map here, on which you have marked the places you dream of visiting.
  • Remove all antiques, iron objects and photos of deceased relatives from the family area. Fill the space with {living} houseplants and vibrant natural images.
  • Decorate the kids and creativity area with colorful stops. Take care of the brightest lighting, place idols everywhere, hang pictures of your kids or some of their crafts on the walls.
  • To activate the wealth zone, place special currency talismans there. This sector is protected by the energy of water, so you can place objects that symbolize it. The perfect solution is an aquarium or an indoor fountain.
  • In the glory zone it is better to put various certificates, diplomas, merits and cups that you received. Various figurines made of natural stone activate energy.
  • In the love zone it is necessary to place paired objects: figures of animals, angels, candles, hearts, soft toys. Bird figurines have a very good effect on the energy situation.
  • A colorful crystal chandelier must be placed in the center of the health zone. If this is a dining room or living room, place a table under a light source, around which the family will gather.
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