Sha-qi, Shen-qi, Si-qi - types of Qi energy

Determining the directions for each of the trigrams

Each Gua number, depending on its trigram, has its own preferred directions.
Four of them will be favorable for a person, and four will be negative. Favorable directions (degree of favorableness):

  • Shen Qi (+4)
  • Tian Yi (+3)
  • Yan Nian (+2)
  • Fu Wei (+1).

Unfavorable directions (degree of unfavorability):

  • Ho Hai (-1)
  • Wu Gui (-2)
  • Liu Sha (-3)
  • Jue Ming (-4).

For ease of use, all favorable and negative directions are presented in the form of diagrams below.

Select your personal trigram (it is indicated in the center of the square) and see the influence of the directions.

The assessment of the influence of directions should not be taken literally. Favorability and unfavorability of directions in this case means the degree of harmonious interaction between a person and the energy of the direction.

Try to use negative directions as little as possible. But there is no need to panic and bring the situation to the point of absurdity.


Negative energy sha-qi

It is dangerous because it suppresses positive energy, kills all good aspirations and destroys positive endeavors, nipping in the bud attempts to achieve any goal, it is formed in two cases:

  • when it flows too fast along a straight narrow road;
  • when qi encounters obstacles in the form of an angular or pointed structure, such as the peak of a mountain range, a rocky cliff, the corner of a high-rise building, or the sharp corner of a roof. In these cases, it becomes energy that brings destruction and aggression, as if taking away its “stabbing”, wounding properties from the tip.

In addition, the ancient Feng Shui masters said that a lot of troubles come from a straight-line energy flow, narrow and fast: a river with a strong current, a road, a long narrow corridor, and so on. Positive energy is carried away from us, while negative energy, on the contrary, joyfully aims directly at those who find themselves in its path.

The teaching of Feng Shui associates flows - water, road - with the movement of money. Consequently, money and success will not linger in a building located on a busy street, at an intersection, when the roads abut directly at the front door of the house. In this case, the aggressive energy of sha-qi will constantly influence the house and its inhabitants.

In everyday life, this is reflected in the following way: a house located at the end of a straight street is subject to the continuous influence of a clot of negative energy, since it, like ball lightning, strikes directly at the target.

Consequently, the access roads to the house should not be straight, but slightly winding or not at right angles. Passing a circular path, negative energy is thus transformed into positive energy.

The same goes for interior spaces. Long straight corridors can be transformed by placing houseplants on the right and left sides. This way you will force the qi to move in waves, from flower to flower, and thereby neutralize sha-qi.

A direct flow of sha chi flows into the house if the windows are located directly opposite the front door. You can reduce its impact by hanging curtains on the window or partitioning the room with a closet, bookcase or light openwork bookcase. Any piece of furniture, provided it is high enough, can act as an obstacle, forcing the sha-qi to flow around it.

You can also “blunt” the edges and corners in the room itself - they are no less dangerous than sharp corners directed into the building from the outside. We are talking about sharp wall jambs, pointed arches, pointed protrusions and other “architectural excesses”. All these “poison arrows,” as feng shui masters call them, are smoothed out quite easily. You just need to place or hang a plant with rounded leaves, or “cover” the sharp corner with a curtain or figurine.

Now we want to note that often, even knowing that the house is not in the most favorable place and is exposed to negative currents, there is little you can change. After all, it is not in your power to remove the building opposite, which with its pointed corners is threateningly directed towards your windows. Or, realizing that the street leading to your entrance is harmful to the well-being of the whole family, you, nevertheless, cannot, for one reason or another, change your place of residence.

But don't despair. There are two simple and effective ways to deprive sha-chi of its “killing” power

, without resorting to such drastic measures as urgent moving or rebuilding the house.

Method one.

Absorbing negative energy from the outside of the building through proper interior design of housing.

Method two.

Remove the source of negative energy from sight. After all, if it is not visible, as Feng Shui scientists say, then it ceases to exist for you. To do this, it is enough to keep the curtains drawn or place a protective screen at the window.

The influence of favorable directions

Direction of Shen Qi. "Great achievements and happiness."

  • The most favorable of directions. Favorable for everything.
  • Vibrating energy that gives life and health. Gives energy to life.
  • A person is distinguished by his intelligence.
  • Great authority and political power.
  • Brings good luck in financial matters.
  • Brings good luck in business and personal life.
  • A large successful family, the children are respectful to their parents.

This is the most favorable of all directions. His energy will bring you vitality and success in all your endeavors. The energy of the direction will strengthen your intuition and attract the support of higher powers, thereby ensuring your safety.

This direction is suitable for placing a bed, a desk and the entrance to the house and room.

Place the bed in this sector of the house. But it is not recommended to turn the head of the bed in this direction, since the energy of the direction of Shen Qi, although favorable, is too strong. This may interfere with restful sleep.

To maintain your own success in study or business, to successfully prepare for exams, place your workplace in this sector of your home or office. You need to sit at the table facing in this direction.

Direction Tian Yi. “Divine healing.”

  • Good for health. Long life.
  • Good health and helpful friends.
  • Wealth is above average.
  • Saves you from failure.
  • Rewards hard work.
  • The person has charisma. Honest character, sincerity, loyalty, dignity.

This direction of qi has a gentle healing power. It promotes healing and ensures safety. The direction is most suitable for placing a bedroom, the entrance to a house or room, the location of a stove, bed, dining table.

This place is especially important for those who are experiencing a breakdown. It is favorable to place the bed of a sick person here, turning it in one of the favorable directions.

Yan Nian direction. "Harmony".

  • Good relations with society, PR.
  • Harmony between people at work and at home.
  • Good relationship with children.
  • Very good for family harmony.
  • Calms disagreements.
  • Helps you find a partner.
  • Ideal for creating rapport.
  • A lot of children.
  • Very smart children.
  • Long and healthy life.
  • The head of the father's bed in case of problems with the birth of heirs.

The direction gives longevity and brings healthy offspring. The energy of the direction will help create harmonious relationships in the family and with business partners.

The direction is most suitable for placing a bedroom, bed, living room and entrance..

If you are experiencing problems in your personal relationships with anyone, set up a living room or bedroom here. If you are having trouble giving birth, place your bed in this direction.

Fu Wei direction. "Inner Strength"

The location of the Fu Wei direction always coincides with a person’s life Gua (with the direction of the internal trigram). This is our own direction, which doubles our strength.

  • Good for managers and executives.
  • Good for spiritual practices.
  • Gives clear thinking.
  • Helps make the right decisions.
  • Stability, peace, endurance, resilience.
  • Brings good luck in general.
  • Good children.
  • Nice person and long life.
  • If a bed is located here, then daughters are born more often.

The direction is favorable for increasing internal strength. It gives clarity of thinking and inner peace, promotes success in work and career, develops personal abilities and gives strength.

It is favorable to place a workplace or office, a desk, or an office entrance here.

If the firebox of the stove faces in this direction, it will give a happy and harmonious family.

In all serious sources on Feng Shui and Bazi, heavenly trunks and earthly branches (animals) are indicated only in Chinese characters. And in advanced courses they are not only indicated by hieroglyphs, but also pronounced in Chinese. So I advise you to learn all the designations and pronunciations of the heavenly trunks and earthly branches. Otherwise, while studying some advanced course on Chinese metaphysics, you risk missing out on all the important information!

So, take a look at these tables and try to remember everything!

Symbols and names
The DragonCheng
Symbols and names
Yang treeJia
Yin treeYi
Fire YangBean
Fire YinTing
Earth YangU
Yin EarthGee
Metal YangGeng
Metal YinXin
Water YangRen
Yin WaterKway
Fusion of Heavenly Trunks
Yang treeYin Earth
Fire YangMetal Yin
Earth YangYin Water
Metal YangYin tree
Water YangFire Yin
Clash of Heavenly Trunks
Yang treeMetal Yang
Fire YangWater Yang
Yin treeMetal Yin
Fire YinYin Water
Merging of earthly branches
The DragonRooster
Collision of earthly branches
The DragonDog
Harm to earthly branches
RabbitThe Dragon
Destruction of earthly branches
The DragonBull
Combination of ThreeElement
MonkeyRatThe DragonWater
Season CombinationElement
TigerRabbitThe DragonTree

Hidden Heavenly Trunks

Each of the 12 animals - the earthly branches of Bazi - has its own leading element, in other words, the element that dominates it. But besides this, earthly branches may contain other elements. Everything that is “hidden” in animals is called hidden heavenly trunks. In some animals only one heavenly trunk is “hidden”, in others there are two, and in some there are as many as three!

Thus, earthly branches are not just elements, but storage boxes of heavenly trunks. Most of the hidden heavenly trunks are found in the “earthly animals” - the Dragon, Goat, Dog, Ox. Some of the animals (Horse and Rat) are yang signs, but contain not yang elements, but yin ones. And other earthly branches, being Yin signs (for example, the Pig and the Snake), hide Yang elements within themselves. So it's not that simple with hidden sky trunks!

Earthly BranchesHidden Heavenly Trunks
TigerYang treeFire YangEarth Yang
RabbitYin tree
The DragonEarth YangYin treeYin Water
SnakeFire YangMetal YangEarth Yang
HorseFire YinYin Earth
GoatYin EarthFire YinYin tree
MonkeyMetal YangWater YangEarth Yang
RoosterMetal Yin
DogEarth YangMetal YinFire Yin
PigWater YangYang tree
RatYin Water
BullYin EarthYin WaterMetal Yin

Why do we use ba zhai?

  • to improve health
  • for childbirth
  • to increase income
  • for career growth
  • to find your soulmate
  • to improve relationships in family and business

And so on.

In my practice, I combine the use of ba zhai with the shen wan technique - this brings even stronger results. Using these techniques together, we raise the energies in the room to powers 3, 4, 5, i.e. we raise it to such a level that the results appear very quickly, and then we can no longer say that ba zhai is slow

Ba Zhai 2

What is Sheng Qi Theory

Chi theory is one of the most important principles of Feng Shui. "Qi" is a Chinese word meaning spirit, breath, vitality, vital energy, life force. Similar terms exist in other cultures. So, in Japan it is “ki”, in India it is “prana”, in Hawaii it is “mana”, in Western philosophy it is “life force”. In what follows we will use the term "qi". Qi pulsates in all living things, filling them with energy and movement. If a person is healthy, strong, balanced, then he has “good” qi; if weak and sick - “bad”.

Qi energy and the human body

When a person dies, only an empty shell remains as the chi energy leaves the body. According to Chinese medicine, qi energy flows through the meridians of the human body, which transfer it to all internal organs and parts of the body. In Eastern medicine, health is judged by the state of the body's energy. All systems of the body: circulatory, lymphatic, nervous, as well as muscles and bones are considered secondary to qi and can function only thanks to vital energy. Experienced Feng Shui practitioners are able to enter a meditative state using chi energy. To tune in to the cosmic energy of your living space, you need to feel the movement of energy within yourself, feel your personal chi. This can be done with simple exercises.


Passive Si-Qi Energy

like a swamp. She stagnates in one place, without receiving an influx of fresh strength, without getting rid of apathy. This energy is not as dangerous as sha-qi, but its excess is fraught with depression, weakening of will, and bursts of laziness. It is formed in those places where energy cannot move. This usually happens in rooms where there is too much furniture, the windows are always covered with thick curtains, and bookshelves, paintings and photographs are placed closely on the walls. Disorder and crowded spaces will certainly affect the well-being and health of the owner. And if we are talking about an office, then in such a room there is nothing to even dream of profit, prosperity and success. Si-qi absorbs creativity and prevents the birth of new ideas.

The way to neutralize si-qi in such situations is ridiculously simple. Regular cleaning will help. By getting rid of unnecessary furnishings, removing most of the photos and removing a few shelves, you will free up the room. Thus, you will give the qi the opportunity to circulate freely around the room. Energy also requires space and freedom of movement. Having eliminated the so-called “blockades”, you will soon feel an influx of energy, fresh strength and the desire to act, to take steps for your own prosperity.

It often happens that si-qi is formed not through the fault of the owners of the house, but “thanks to” the design features. We are talking about the so-called “deaf”, “dead” corners - places where energy does not flow, or, when it does, it “stagnates”. These are all kinds of niches, dark corners behind wall ledges. This problem is also easily solved. “Dead” corners are enlivened by any light source, mirror, crystal. By placing a lamp there, any natural crystal or hanging a mirror, you will bring life into this energy-poor area.

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