How to choose the right pictures for a wish map and visualizations

How often chaos reigns in our heads about what we really want, which desires come from our hearts, and which are imposed by the opinions of others! Also, we are aware of many desires, but we deny the possibility of their fulfillment for many reasons: the financial aspect, self-doubt, hidden complexes, the belief that the desire is impossible to fulfill.

There is one very cool tool that will help you realize your desires in various areas of life and carry out the so-called visualization of these same desires. This tool is called a “wish map”.

Wish map: what is it and how to draw it up correctly?

A wish map is a tool for fulfilling your goals, intentions or dreams, borrowed from the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui. There is no magic here, but only a psychological effect. Frequent contemplation of a picture is deposited in the subconscious, and a person begins to unconsciously move towards the goal.

It is a sheet of Whatman paper or paper in A2, A3, A4 format, on which pictures and drawings are pasted, depicting all your goals for the coming year.

Wish card, vision board, dream card - no matter what we call this method of translating our goals into reality, with the right approach it really works. Of course, you will also have to work a little when you draw up a wish map for 2022 yourself. Approach this task in a good mood and in a cheerful frame of mind.

Dress up in your favorite clothes, clean the house, put everything in its place before you make a map of your deepest desires for the whole year. After all, you should feel comfortable, cozy and calm. Therefore, it is best to start visualization during the day, when only you and your positive thoughts are at home. Or in the evening, alone with yourself, by candlelight and accompanied by light music.

When to draw up a wish map for 2022?

The best time for a wish card is the New Moon or the waxing Moon. Therefore, if you decide when to make a wish card in December 2021, count on the period until December 19 , that is, before the Full Moon.

After the New Year, by the way, you will also have time to make a wish map for 2022. After all, when drawing it up, you should focus on the eastern calendar and the onset of the Chinese New Year. In 2022, the New Year according to the Eastern calendar falls on the night from January 31 to February 1 . Then, on February 1, the New Moon will occur in the zodiac constellation Aquarius.

Accordingly, starting from February 1 and the entire period of the waxing Moon, until February 16, 2022, you can draw up a wish map. Why is it worth making a wish map on or after the New Moon? The New Moon symbolizes purity, prosperity, and the growth of positive energy. It is during this phase of the Moon that you can form positive attitudes and visualize them in the form of a vision board for 2022.

Wish card format

  • Today, in addition to whatman paper or paper, a cortical or magnetic board is used as the basis for a wish card, on which pictures can be attached using buttons, pins or magnets.
  • You are also free to choose an electronic format (the 21st century is here!) and make a vision board in any program convenient for you or create a collage using an online service.
  • The most aesthetic and practical option is to buy a wish card made from Make Board wood. It combines the naturalness and durability of wood with pleasant colors and tactile sensations. Such a map will last for years, you want to look at it, hold it in your hands and approach it every day, which is very important for a vision board. The card comes with everything you need: access to 1000 pictures, stickers for pictures and wall mounts. Today the cards are available in four colors and four sizes. The Make Board wish card will fit into any interior and will delight the owner’s eyes every day.

Wish card Make Board

Northwest Travel and Helpers Zone

Feel free to place the countries and cities you dream of visiting in this sector.

As an assistant, you can imagine a person whom you would like to see as your friend or mentor.

Pictures for a wish card

You can draw pictures that will symbolize your goals for the next year or print them out.

  • They should be bright, colorful, meaningful , positive and pleasant for you personally.
  • There should not be any double subtexts in the images for the visualization map.
  • Just as there should be no drawings on the opposite side - that’s why experts do not recommend cutting out images from magazines . On the reverse side of the picture there may be pictures that “block” your personal settings.
  • Although the pictures on the wish card should be specific, do not use photos of your loved ones.
  • The vision board should only contain your photo , and all other images should be as close as possible to your dream.
  • If you want to start a relationship with a specific person, do not attach his photo to your wish card. And print out a picture of the happy couple as you imagine them.

Errors when drawing up a map

When working on a wish list, you can make the following mistakes:

  • using photographs of real people;
  • writing in the sectors of other people’s goals, imposed by society or loved ones;
  • skepticism and disbelief;
  • lack of target visualization;
  • incorrect colors of sectors according to Feng Shui;
  • trying to correct the past instead of moving towards the future;
  • using phrases with the particle “not” in affirmations;
  • presence of unfilled sectors.

If you design a wish poster without mistakes, select positive pictures for the sectors and formulate suitable affirmations, your dreams will certainly come true.

How to make a wish map for 2022 by sector

It is necessary to paste pictures onto the vision board in a certain sequence, dividing the sheet into main zones.

Sectors of the wish map:

  • wealth;
  • fame, achievements;
  • love, relationships, marriage;
  • creativity, hobby;
  • travel, idols, helpers;
  • career, position, profession;
  • knowledge, education, training, self-realization;
  • family, health, home, pets.

And now that you have decided on the categories of desires, it’s time to place them on the map.

How to make a wish map: sequence by sector

The vision board will start to “work” if you place each sector in its place. According to the teachings of Feng Shui, you need to start from the center by placing your current photo on the wish map. Here, in the center, there should be images that are responsible for your beauty and health - sports, healthy eating, spa treatments, sleep (if this suits you). The color of the sector is yellow.

Next, we glue the wealth sector - in the upper left corner. Here it is important to specify your desires. Don't just post photos of bank cards, cash and gold coins. And dream “to the fullest”: branded items, jewelry, cars and yachts. Why not? The color of the sector is purple.

We move in the top row clockwise and move to the glory sector . Here you can place images of awards, medals, certificates or a photo of a person who is applauded by the public. It all depends on your ambitions. The color of the sector is red.

The upper right corner is the sector of love and relationships . Everything related to personal life and feelings should be present here: paired images of people, hugs, kisses, rings, hearts and other romance. In a word, all your love plans for this year. The color of the sector is pink.

We go down to the second row and go to the creativity sector . Here we paste photos related to your hobby or creative profession. Everything you dream of realizing or what you would like to do this year: drawing, books, music or design. The color of the sector is white.

The lower right corner is the travel sector . Here post photos of places and locations you want to visit. This zone is also responsible for idols and assistants. These are the people you look up to, who inspire and support you, your friends and loved ones. Here it is not necessary to paste photos of specific people; you can get by with genre images. The color of the sector is metallic gray.

The central photo of the bottom row is the career area . Here, place photos of people who work in the team, images of the office and your other preferences. Also, don’t be shy with your wishes and print out a check with the specific amount you would like to earn. The color of the sector is blue or light blue.

The lower left corner is the sector of knowledge and self-realization . Images of diplomas from educational institutions, certificates of courses and self-development trainings are usually posted here. Even a driver's license can be depicted if you have a goal to get one this year. And also the flags of countries whose languages ​​you would like to learn. The color of the sector is beige or brown.

In the second row on the left is the family and household chores sector . Feel free to post photos of completed renovations, your own house or apartment here. As well as pictures depicting family, children, pets, light and joyful photos of cozy life. The color of the sector is green.

South-West Zone – Zone of Love and Marriage

In the sector that is responsible for love relationships, place a photo of a couple in love, complement it with images of hearts, flowers, two cooing birds on a branch.

If you are searching and have a good idea of ​​the person you would like to meet, place a photo of your favorite musician or actor who matches this image.

Signing the wish card correctly: some important tips

Under the posted photos you can write down your wishes in words . These must be specific formulations, in the affirmative form and in the present tense. For example, the attitude “I’m not sick this year” is not entirely correct. Correct: “I am healthy, full of strength and energy this year.” And so with all your goals and desires. We wrote about how to make a wish for the New Year correctly here. You can use these recommendations.

And also, regarding measurability . The attitude “I am fabulously rich” or “I received a lot of money”, “I have a good car” is not very correct. More specifics. For example, “My monthly income is 200 thousand rubles”, “My salary has increased to 150 thousand rubles”, “I bought a BMW car” and indicate the model and year of manufacture. Or – “I have enough money to buy a house, an apartment or go on a trip to the Maldives” (choose one).

It's good to set a time frame . For example, “I received the position of department head until October 15, 2022.” And also your desires must be fulfilled in real life and commensurate with your specific capabilities. That is, marrying a prince is, of course, possible in our time. But is this really your desire?

Desires must be positive . Namely, predicting trouble, pain, separation or illness for someone is prohibited. Otherwise, your attitudes will turn against you. also cannot interfere with someone’s destiny through your desires . It is possible to wish health and prosperity to your family. But you can’t write: “My husband changed jobs.” This is an encroachment on “foreign territory.” The wish map should only contain your goals and your area of ​​responsibility, don’t forget.

Main rules when creating a wish poster

Write down the events you dream about in the present tense - as if they have already come true. Instead of “I want,” write: “I have, I have.”

Incorrect: “I want to have a beautiful house outside the city.” Correct: “Tonight I arrived at my country house.”

Eliminate any negatives when formulating your thoughts. Avoid particles "not" and "without".

Instead of: “I don’t go anywhere without my husband and family,” write: “We always travel with my husband and children.”

Imagine and describe what you want in small details. Remember: the Universe loves specifics and accuracy.

Instead of “I want to go to Japan,” write: “I am walking around Tokyo in the spring, enjoying the sunny day and cherry blossoms.”

Before sending a mental message into space, listen to yourself, make sure that you do not doubt what you want and really want what you are asking for. Dreams that do not come from the heart will not come true as you expect.

How to activate a wish card?

In order for your visualization card to start working to fulfill your desire, it must be activated. To do this, hang a board above your bed so that you can see it in the morning when you wake up and in the evening before going to bed. It is important to work with the wish map, and not just look at it.

  • In the morning - try to experience the feelings and emotions that you would experience if your wish came true right now (one of them, not all at once!).
  • And in the evening, analyze the deeds and actions that you have already performed on the way to your desire. What did you do today to make your dream come true? What remains to be done? You know that a lot depends on you!

Dream, do not be afraid of your desires and may everything you have planned come true this year. We wish you the realization of your goals, good luck and great success!

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