Feng Shui Bagua zones in the home: how to identify and activate for health and well-being

Greetings, dear readers of my blog! I believe that although Feng Shui came to us from distant China, there is nothing wrong with using its tips in Russia. How I want to improve my life in all its aspects and bring harmony and integrity! And Feng Shui zones will help us with this. I have already written about Feng Shui on the blog, but today I will introduce you to such concepts as the Bagua grid or Feng Shui zone diagram, Feng Shui symbols for the house and apartment, how to arrange them and harmonize our house as a whole, because this is exactly what the place where we spend most of our time and most of our life depends on the environment at home.

I studied a huge amount of literature on the topic of “Feng Shui apartments”, “Feng Shui zones” and “Feng Shui symbols”, learned how to correctly divide a home into zones and how to update the energy in each of them. I have gained a lot of experience in this matter, which I now want to share with you.

What is a Bagua grid?

The Bagua Grid is a basic feng shui concept.
The grid is an octagon of nine trigrams, each of which is “responsible” for a specific aspect of our life (love, health, wealth and others). An octagon can be visually “attached” to a home, a separate room, an office, or even a garden. In essence, the correct Bagua grid is an energy map of ANY room where there are clear boundaries and a main entrance.

what is a bagua grid

What is all this for?

The meaning of the teachings of Feng Shui is to make your home an assistant in improving your life, to make energy flows work for you, with the help of small rearrangements and changes in the interior to attract success, financial well-being and good luck in business.

The teachings of Feng Shui teach you how to divide a house into zones and what interior items to fill these zones with.

Family area in the house

The family zone faces east. The family zone is associated with those people with whom close relationships are maintained. The area of ​​this part of the house should be carefully thought out and organized taking into account the constant attraction of positive energies. Thanks to these measures, you can avoid the emergence of family problems, as well as make new friends and strengthen existing friendships and family ties.

The family area is best for displaying albums of family photos, heirlooms, and items that have belonged to the family over the years.

This way you can constantly feel the influence of positive energy, which originated long before your appearance and has a significant impact on the present. The family zone is also associated with the health of the household. In the event of illness of one of the family members, it is necessary to further activate this sector with the help of crystals, symbols and bright lighting.

Bagua grid or feng shui zone diagram

The grid was invented by the Chinese emperor Fu Xi during his observations of nature. Each of the nine Bagua trigrams corresponds to a natural phenomenon (fire, water and others), a feng shui element and a compass direction.

Any zone can be strengthened or weakened (the correct Bagua grid is needed for this). For example, by hiding a “stash” in the wealth zone, we increase financial income to the family budget. A home first aid kit in the health zone will give all family members additional “points” in the fight against viruses and bacteria.

You can strengthen the sector with aromas, colors, elemental and elemental symbols, as well as Bagua signs.

Marriage area in the house

The marriage zone is directed to the southwest. The energy potential of this zone is directly associated with any personal relationships. You definitely need to attract positive energy to this sector if you need help or support for an existing relationship.

This sector can be activated with the help of bright lighting or symbols that relate to relationships with others and are evidence of successful cooperation or marriage.

This is a good place to place family photos, wedding candles, and gifts from close friends.

In the marriage zone you need to place only those objects that bring a positive charge of energy. Images or objects that remind you of unrequited love, a traitorous friend, or a failed marriage will reduce the energy potential of this area of ​​your home, bringing you back to past disappointments and failures, preventing productive and friendly communication with loved ones.

Bagua zones according to feng shui

Feng Shui zone (Bagua sector) is a certain part of the territory in which the largest amount of a particular energy is concentrated in relation to a certain “field of activity”. Simply put, the energy of money is not scattered throughout the apartment, but is concentrated, for example, in the left corner.

There should be a total of 9 such zones, and all of them correspond to the cardinal directions:

  1. Love Zone (Southeast)
  2. Wealth Zone (Southeast)
  3. Glory Zone (South)
  4. Zone of Wisdom, Knowledge (North-East)
  5. Career Zone (North)
  6. Zone of Children, Creativity (West)
  7. Zone of Travel, Helpers (North – West)
  8. Health Zone (Center)
  9. Family Zone (East)

You probably already guessed that dividing an apartment into zones is very simple - you just need to determine where each of the listed cardinal directions are located in your home.

The meaning of trigrams

By superimposing a bagua grid on the plan of your house or apartment, you can assess the energy of a place and identify weaknesses and strengths.

Each trigram has several meanings.

1. Trigram Qian. This is the sector of the head of the family. This is the dragon, the creative spirit that lives in the water or soars in the sky. It gives creativity and strength for resistance. The image is the sky. Symbolizes the Father.

This sector is responsible for assistants and travel, connected with people who help you in life: teachers, mentors, friends and colleagues. It is also associated with travel and with the male half of the family: father, brother or son. Located in the northwest.

2. Trigram Kan. This is the spirit of water. He overcomes obstacles, fills gaps. It gives you the strength to concentrate in a difficult situation and overcome difficulties. The image is water, symbolizing the middle son.

Sector: Career. This area is related to work, profession, employment and income. Located in the north.

3. Trigram Gen. This is the mountain spirit, it helps you evaluate your successes. Her image is a mountain, signifying her youngest son.

Sector: wisdom, knowledge. This direction is associated with self-improvement and intelligence, life experience and spirituality. Located in the northeast.

4. Trigram Zhen. It is the spirit of thunder that inspires, motivates and disrupts the balance. She reveals what was previously hidden. It can awaken dormant energies and give strength to accomplish difficult tasks. Her image is thunder, symbolizing her eldest son.

Sector: family. This direction is connected with your family (with close and distant relatives). Located in the east.

5. Trigram Sun. This is the spirit of wind and wood. Delicate and beautiful, it gives things maturity. She nourishes and supports. Her images are the wind and the tree. Symbolizes the eldest daughter.

Sector: Wealth. This direction is associated with your wealth and symbolizes abundance and prosperity. Located in the southeast.

6. Trigram Li. This is the spirit of fire, light and warmth, the magical power of awareness. It can give strength to understand the meaning of things, to formulate goals. Her image is fire. In the trigram family, it denotes the middle daughter.

Sector: Glory. This direction is related to your fame and reputation, it reflects what others think of you. Also related to how you see your future. Located in the south.

7. Trigram Kun. The image is the earth, which gives birth to all living things; without it nothing can exist. It gives the ability to give shape to things, to bring ideas and images to life. Symbolizes mother.

Sector: love, marriage. This direction is associated with your main partner: husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. In addition, he is associated with the female half of the family - mother, sister, daughter. Located in the southwest.

8. Trigram Dui. This is the spirit of fog from lakes, ponds and swamps. This is the most friendly and open spirit, which is associated with a pleasant pastime and the absence of restrictions. Gives confidence and inspiration, the ability to create a good mood. His image is a lake. Symbolizes the youngest daughter.

Sector: Children, creativity. This direction is associated with children, creative projects, and artistic expression. It also reflects your tendency to communicate. Located in the west.

Sector: Health. The central area is associated with physical health, unity and harmony of all things. It connects and unites all eight external lines.

And in fact: if you don’t have health, then you won’t experience joy from anything else.

Source: magic-pendel.ru

How to correctly determine the cardinal directions in an apartment according to Feng Shui

But at this stage you will have to work hard. But since you set out to improve the quality of your life, then obstacles should not stop you!

So, you will need a floor plan for your apartment. Perhaps you recently had to deal with housing issues and the apartment plan is very close. Or you might have an architect among your friends who is ready to help. There is another way - just type into a search engine “apartment plan ... (insert what you need - whether you have a Khrushchev, Leningrad, Stalin, new building)” - and print out the most suitable option.

Next, on the printed plan we need to draw the cardinal directions. It's very simple if you have a compass in your hands. But you can figure it out even without a compass: from which side does the sun rise in your apartment? If the morning rays flood your bedroom, feel free to write “East” on the bedroom plan. And in the opposite room - “Sunset”. Then it will be quite simple: south, north, and between them - intermediate zones, and finally, the center. The Wind Rose or a map with the directions of the parts of the world will help you not to get confused in the directions.

We take a plan of the apartment (or house) in paper form. It is quite possible to draw such a plan yourself. The main thing is to maintain the correct proportions and scales.

bagua grid or feng shui zone diagram
Bagua grid or feng shui zone diagram

Now we determine the geometric center of the apartment. We draw two diagonal lines from the outer corners. Their intersection will become the desired center of the home.

And then we overlay the Bagua compass on the plan, aligning its central point with the center on the diagram.

Bagua feng shui compass for determining zones

If you cannot determine the zones according to the cardinal directions, then the Feng Shui bagua compass, which is used specifically for this, will help you with this. In this option, we will need a compass (or an ordinary tourist compass, not a Bagua). We determine where north is in relation to our apartment. We put a mark on the plan and, starting from this point, divide the apartment into zones.

How to apply a grid so that the Bagua trigrams coincide with the functional purpose of the rooms in the apartment? Unfortunately, no way!

On a note!

It may well turn out that the children's area will end up in the office, the career sector on the balcony, and the creativity area in the pantry! It's OK . It is enough to strengthen the sector with the symbols of the desired element/element and choose the right color scheme!

Correction of missing sectors

Of course, it may also happen that some zone is missing in your apartment/house. This happens due to non-standard architectural designs. For example, L- or T-shaped housing. Some masters advise in this case to accept it or hang mirrors on the walls, thus “simulating” the presence of zones. Of course, you can use this advice, but it is important to remember that mirrors (at least large and aimed at the relaxation area) have no place in bedrooms, children's rooms and in the corridors opposite the front door. There will be no benefit in these cases, only harm. It’s better then to leave everything as it is.

But there are masters who offer solutions to “superstructure” the missing zones. This information is relevant, first of all, for owners of cottages and large houses. The missing zone is created using extensions or other means of filling the space. It all depends on the missing zone.

If there is no eastern part, responsible for the health and well-being of the family as a whole, then place a small pond with lake fish or a small garden fountain in this place. If there is no western part responsible for children and creativity, then you can safely plant shrubs, flowers, or create a children's corner with a sandbox and swings. By the way, a children’s corner can be equipped in any missing area: the laughter of children, their energy and vitality will contribute to the development and prosperity of any sector, since children are auspicious qi energy in its living embodiment.

If you don’t want to change anything or there is no such opportunity, then it is quite possible to activate the missing sector in a separate room. Or even arrange all zones in one single room. Feng Shui zones in a room are a completely self-sufficient approach. Well, why not? Thus, the effect will be the same, but it will be directed at the owner of the room. Although, if you arrange the zones in the living room, then it is quite possible to make the zones work for the whole family. You just have to decide for yourself whether you want to revel in the success you have achieved or share it with everyone in your household.

Designate zones by room

At this stage, you should have a plan of your apartment, painted according to the cardinal directions and, accordingly, Feng Shui zones. To simplify further work, I advise you to sign each zone as specifically as possible in order to clearly understand what is where: for example, “Children’s Zone - bedroom”, “Love Zone - kitchen” and so on. What you get in your drawing is called the Bagua grid - that same breakdown of the home into Feng Shui zones. If you remember, I mentioned it when I built a wish map according to Feng Shui, it is also built according to this principle.

Wealth zone in the home

This direction corresponds to the southeast. This zone is associated with material well-being. It symbolizes prosperity and abundance of any kind.

The wealth zone has a direct bearing on everything that can make a person’s life happier, richer and more abundant.

The zone is activated if they want to increase their material income, enter into a profitable contract, maintain wealth or earn more money. To activate this area, you can install a small fountain or an aquarium (preferably with 8 gold and 1 black fish). Such an aquarium will remind the owner of the house of the need to work to achieve financial freedom.

Conduct an audit of each zone

Now walk through the rooms and carefully examine each area. Identify the most “affected” areas. Which area is the most cluttered? Which one requires immediate cleaning? Which area will you need to pay the most attention to?

Also make a note for yourself which zone is currently most relevant to you personally. If you have been trying to have a child for a long time, then you will have to make special efforts in the Children zone. If you can’t find a job, put an exclamation point in the Career zone. I think the principle is clear.

Career area in the house

The quarry area faces north. The success of private, public or professional activities is directly related to the career zone. How your relationship with your superiors and subordinates will develop and how fast your career advancement will be will depend on her activity.

The career area will be an ideal place to place a study, office or hallway. It must be activated if things in the service are not going very well, if there are conflicts with the boss or subordinates.

In the career area you can put a phone, computer or any other item that is related to your work.

The means of activating this zone may be non-traditional. The most important thing is that it reminds you of the goal you decided to strive for, the successes achieved or moments of glory. An athlete in this sector can place his awards, which are received for victories in sports competitions.

Feng Shui zones description and activation

feng shui zones description and activationFeng Shui zones description and activation
Now that you have decided on the most significant areas of life for you, it's time to make the flow of energy work for you! To do this, you need to know how to actualize energy in the zones.

East. Family and support (Wood and Water)

Color - green, material - wood.

If you feel that lately there has been a lack of warmth and mutual understanding between your loved ones, help your family: put a couple of potted plants in the Family Zone, hang an image of a forest landscape, add wooden carvings, increase the lighting. There is no need to paint the walls green or cover them with wooden formwork - just a few small accents in the right color and from the right material are enough.

This zone is responsible for harmony in family relationships and healthy energy for all family members.

How to activate the Family zone
How to activate the Family zone

How to activate the Family zone:

  1. Family photos in moments of happiness and joy;
  2. A home first aid kit or a shelf with medicinal cosmetics;
  3. Images of pine, peach, bamboo, God of health (Sina Show).
  4. Scents of hyacinth, sandalwood and pine and any shades of green and blue.

Prohibited: weapons, a bar with alcoholic drinks, images of withering (for example, paintings of autumn landscapes, herbariums or bouquets of cut flowers), stuffed animals and antlers, photographs of deceased relatives.

North. Career and life path (Water and Metal)

Color - blue, black, material - water.

It all depends on what kind of results you want to achieve. Water is a powerful element, you need to work with it carefully so as not to harm yourself. If you want to make a career climb, small home fountains and photos of fountains will do. If you are completely satisfied with the situation in your business life today, hang up a photo of standing water, a symbol of stability, for example, a beautiful mountain lake.

How to activate the Career zone
How to activate the Career zone

If you're looking for a new place, add some office paraphernalia, such as an organizer or writing set. A figurine of a turtle as a typical representative of the aquatic world wouldn’t hurt either.

The zone is responsible for everything related to career and work. A properly designed sector will help you get a promotion, get the job you want, increase your earnings or change your profession.

How to activate the Career zone:

The symbols in this zone should, firstly, remind you of work, and secondly, “appease” water and metal. Therefore, in this zone we place:

  1. Office equipment (laptop, telephone, fax), business cards and folders with documents;
  2. An “eternal” fountain, an aquarium with fish or turtles, a painting or photo with a waterfall (the main thing is that the water moves);
  3. Metal clock with a pendulum.
  4. You can also enhance the energy of the sector with the aromas of cedar, rose, orchid and laurel, as well as any shades of blue and grey, silver, golden and white flowers.

Prohibited: Fire and Earth symbols, as well as standing water, are prohibited in the Work and Career area.

West. Creativity and children (Metal and Earth)

White, material – metal.

Childhood and creativity are associated with purity and innocence, so white works well in the childhood zone. To begin with, thoroughly clean this area; the presence of wilted or dried flowers, cobwebs in the corners, and dust is unacceptable. Update the furniture if necessary (just change the covers to lighter ones). Increase the lighting, add light photographs, perhaps children's drawings in light frames, children's crafts.

How to activate the Children's zone
How to activate the Children's zone

The sector is responsible for creative expression and the development and well-being of children.

How to activate the Creativity Zone:

  1. Children's toys, photographs;
  2. Pomegranate tree (symbol of multiple pregnancy), crane with peach fruits, hatching chicken, Hottei with children;
  3. Wish card or creative workshop.
  4. Scents of geranium and jasmine, beige, golden, gray and white flowers.

Northwest. Helpers, mentors and travel (Metal and Earth)

Color – white, material – metal.

This zone is “afraid” of objects and images of an erotic nature, broken or frankly decrepit objects. If you are waiting for help from someone, you can strengthen this zone with photographs of your spiritual mentors or simply persons significant to you. If you dream of traveling, add photos of the places you would like to visit.

How to activate the Travel zone
How to activate the Travel zone

The sector is responsible for travel and attracts the attention and favor of important people from outside.

How to activate the Travel zone:

  1. Images or figurines of patron angels and icons;
  2. Photos of family friends;
  3. Computer equipment (telephone, fax, computer);
  4. Earth symbols, crystals.
  5. Scents of jasmine and geranium, beige, gold, silver and white flowers.

Center. Health (Earth, Fire)

Color - orange, yellow, material - earth.

Who doesn't want to live a long and healthy life? Help the health energy: cleanse the center of your home and add strength to this area: wooden things, indoor plants, sea pebbles, images of blooming nature and objects in yellow and orange colors.

How to activate the Health zone
How to activate the Health zone

How to activate the Health zone:

  1. Wind chimes with a pleasant gentle sound;
  2. sea ​​pebbles or decorative boulders that will increase self-esteem.
  3. Talismans of health and harmony: globe, pots of earth, turtle, fireplace, crystal chandelier.
  4. Yellow and gold flowers.

Energy accumulates in this zone, which is distributed throughout the apartment and can correct the “weak” aspects of other sectors. It should always be light and clean here! The sector is responsible for physical health and harmony.

Southeast. Wealth (Wood and Water)

Color - red, green, material - wood.

Activating this zone is very simple; symbols of prosperity and wealth will help you with this (various figurines made of bronze or gilded metal, coins, money bags, decorative chests), a “money” tree, items made of precious stones, a small fountain. It would be good to put a small aquarium, ideally with gold or red fish (fish symbolize success in money matters).

How to activate your Wealth Zone
How to activate your Wealth Zone

This type of Bagua sector is responsible for financial well-being and material wealth. Moreover, without reference to a career or job.

How to activate the Wealth Zone:

  1. Jewelry box, money symbols (frog on coins), figurines of God Fu-Hsing or Hottei. You can simply place a wooden box with a large banknote inside. By the way, the sector is a good place to store a “stash”;
  2. Fountain or aquarium with fish, money tree.
  3. Scents of patchouli, rose and orchid and any shades of green and blue.

Banned: symbols of Metal and Earth, dried plants and standing water.

South. Position and Glory (Fire and Wood)

Color - red, material - fire.

The energy of this zone is especially needed by people who have made it their goal to become famous and famous. You can maximize the energy of the Glory Zone by filling the space in it with your own awards, various diplomas and certificates.

How to activate the Glory zone
How to activate the Glory zone

The sector is responsible for achieving goals, life success and popularity.

How to activate the Glory zone:

  1. “Roll of honor” of the family (certificates, awards, diplomas);
  2. Images of the sun or sunflowers, photos or posters with fire, summer landscapes, fireplace, candles, incense, peacock feathers.
  3. Aromas of ginger, jasmine, geranium, cloves and cinnamon, as well as any shades of green and red.

Southwest. Marriage and Love (Earth and Fire)

Color - yellow, material - earth.

If your goal is to find a new love or strengthen an existing one, be sure to work in this zone. Candles and any objects associated with love and affection (figurines of a pair of doves or swans, images of a heart, any objects with an erotic connotation) will look great in the Marriage Zone.

How to activate the zone of Love and marriage
How to activate the zone of Love and marriage

Under no circumstances should you hang images of lonely people or photographs with sad scenes in this area, and do not place climbing or thorny plants here.

Feng Shui recommends good lighting for this sector of Bagua!

How to activate the Love and Marriage zone:

  1. Wedding and family photographs, marriage certificates, wedding candles, dove figurines;
  2. Gifts from grateful clients and friends;
  3. Things that bring back pleasant memories (for example, souvenirs from a trip together). By the way, the Bagua grid “allows” any paired figures to be placed in this zone. Let’s say, if the “Marriage and Partnership” zone in the Bagua grid falls on the bathroom, then according to Feng Shui, it’s enough to just hang two paired towels or put two soap dishes there.
  4. Earth symbols, ceramics and crystal.
  5. Aromas of amber, rose, rosemary and orange, as well as red, pink, yellow and orange shades.

Northeast. Wisdom and knowledge (Earth and Fire)

This sector is associated with thinking, experience, skills and self-learning.

How to activate the Wisdom zone:

  1. A desk if you work at a computer (or schoolchildren or students live in the apartment). The Bagua Compass advises keeping workbooks, notes, diaries and textbooks in this area. For example, during the period when you are intensively learning a foreign language. Well, if no one in the family studies anymore, you can simply set up a library here.
  2. Good lighting (large chandelier or several lamps).
  3. The aromas of incense, myrrh, lotus and vanilla, as well as all shades of red, yellow and brown flowers, will help strengthen the energy of the zone.

How to activate the Glory zoneHow to activate the Glory zone
Banned: any symbols of Water and Wood (for example, indoor plants and aquariums).

And now the safety precautions:

1. Never activate any area of ​​an apartment or office to harm another person. For example: some girls can activate the love zone with the following thoughts: “I want my beloved to leave his wife and marry me!” (and your beloved has three small children.) Now imagine how many people you will make unhappy? Or another example: a young businessman activates the career sector and the wealth sector in his office, with the following desire: “I want my competitor to go bankrupt, and I win the tender and get rich!” And now I want to ask you a question: think about whether the wish of a girl or a young businessman will come true? Most likely no! And even if by some miracle it does come true, then the one who wanted it will lose more than he gains. So never intentionally harm anyone or wish harm. 2. Do not make any changes in the sector where you are already doing well. For example: if everything is fine in your personal life. There is no need to change anything and activate the love zone. Otherwise, the result may be the opposite of your expectations. It is enough to keep this sector clean and tidy and not introduce anything new there. 3. Do not overdo it with talismans and amulets when activating any sector. For example: if you do not have enough money and you decide to activate the wealth sector, you should not crowd this zone with many figures: Hottei, Money Toad, Arrowana fish, Dragon, Phoenix bird, Money Tree and an aquarium with a fountain. A couple or three mascots, placed beautifully and harmoniously, are enough. In general, Feng Shui is a teaching not so much about a talisman, but about the harmonization of space. This means that our task is to ensure that there is harmony in all sectors of our home or office.

Relation to other principles

Conclusion of Bagua
There are two possible sources of Bagua

. The first of the traditional Yin and Yang philosophy. This is explained by Fusi as follows:

: [need a quote


Wújí shēng yǒují, yǒují shì tàijí. Taiji sheng liǎngyí, jí yīnyáng. Liǎngyí shēng sìxiàng: ji shǎoyīn, tàiyīn, shǎoyáng, tàiyang Sìxiàng yǎn bāguà, bā bā liùshísì guà Limitless (無極; Wuji

listen)) produces divided (有極;
), and this
is equivalent to the Supreme Limit (太極;
) or Absolute.
In Taiji
(i.e., two opposing forces in an embryonic, unmanifested form) give rise to two forms of
(兩儀), namely
Yin Yang
(陰陽), the manifested opposing forces.
These two forms produce four phenomena: namely, the lesser yin (少陰, Shaoyin
), and the greater yin (太陰,
, which also refers to the Moon);
the lesser yang (陽, Shaoyang
), and the greater yang (太陽,
, which also refers to the sun).
The four phenomena
) act on the eight trigrams (八卦;
Eight eights give sixty-four hexagrams.[ citation needed

Another possible source of bagua

the following, attributed to King Wen of the Zhou Dynasty: “When the world came into being, there was heaven and earth.
The sky connected with the earth and gave birth to everything in the world. Heaven is Qian
-gua, and Earth
is Kun
-gua. The remaining six gua are their sons and daughters."

Trigrams are associated with the five elements of Wu Xing, used by Feng Shui practitioners and in Traditional Chinese Medicine. These five elements are Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. The trigrams of Water (Kan) and Fire (Li) directly correspond to the elements of Water and Fire. The Earth element corresponds to both the Earth (Kun) and Mountain (Gen) trigrams. The Wood element corresponds to the trigram of Wind (Xun) (as a gentle but inexorable force that can destroy and pierce stone) and Thunder (Zhen). The Metal element correlates with the trigrams of Heaven (Qian) and Lake (Dui).

There are eight possible combinations to display different trigrams (八卦bagua


Trigram figurePossible binary valueNameTranslation: Wilhelm
Image in nature (pp. l-li)Direction (page 269)Family relationships (p.274)Body part (page 274)Attribute (p.273)Stage/State (page l-li)Animal (p.273)
, (natural) strength
sky, skynorthwestfatherheadstrong, persistentcreative馬 horse
2110blow _joyful
, open (reflection)
lake, swampWestthird daughtermouthpleasurecalm (total devotion)羊 sheep, goat
, shining
fire, glow 火southsecond daughtereyeluminous, humane “dependence”grip, clarity, adaptability雉 pheasant
thunder 雷Eastfirst sonpayincitement to movementinitiativeDragon
, earth
wind 風southeastfirst daughterhippenetratinggentle entrancechicken
, gorge
waternorthsecond soneardangerousin movepig
7001ZhenyaKeeping still
, border
mountainto the northeastthird sonhandresting, motionlesscompletion狗 wolf dog
, field
globe 地southwestmother (wife)stomachdevoted, yieldingsusceptible牛 cow

Hexagram lookup table

Upper → Lower ↓乾 Qian Heaven坤 Kun globe震 Zhen thunder坎 Kǎn Water艮 Gèn mountain巽 Xùn Wind離 Lí Flame兌 Blow Lake
乾 Qian HeavenForceAll-pervasiveGreat invigoratingVisitLarge AccumulationSmall HarvestGreat PossessingBias
坤 Kun globeLetFieldSecurityGroupingStrippingViewProsperousClustering
震 Zhen thunderInnocenceReturnShakeGerminationSwallowingAdditionGnawing BiteNext
坎 Kǎn WaterThey argueLeadingDeliveranceGorgeEnvelopingDispersingUntil completionLimitation
艮 Gèn mountainRetirementHumilitySlight excessLameBorderPenetrationTemporary stayCompound
巽 Xùn WindConnectionRisingPersistentWellingCorrectionEarthholdingLarge Excess
離 Lí FlameAlignment PeopleIntelligence HiddenAbundanceAlready BrodDecorationHousing PeopleShineSkinning
兌 Blow LakeWalkingApproachingVirgo's ConversionJointDecreaseInner TruthPolarizingOpen

see also

  • Flag of South Korea: flag with four trigrams.
  • Singapore Dollar: The one dollar coin is shaped like a bagua.
  • Flag of South Vietnam: trigram representing "south".
  • Baguazhang: A martial art based on the principles of Bagua.
  • Tai Chi: the Taoist martial art using the principles of Bagua.
  • Tian Gan and Di Zhi: The Archaic Calendar System of East Asia.
  • Tekes County and Zhuge Village, communities with bagua layout.
  • Ba Xian
  • Ba Mai (奇經八脈; qí jīng bā mai)
  • Ba Duan Jin

How to calculate Bagua number?

Photo 3
In addition to the fact that such a grid can be “overlaid” on any space, there are also personal Bagua numbers, which are determined by your date of birth. It is important to note that the calculation formulas for men and women are different.

How to calculate this mysterious number? If you are a representative of the fair sex, then in order to calculate your number, you need to subtract four from the number consisting of the last two digits of the year of your birth.

Then divide the resulting result by nine. The answer will not be the number itself, but its remainder. For example, if you were born in 1998, then you need to subtract 4 from 98, then divide by 9. You get 10.4. Your number will be 4.

If you are a man, then the number consisting of the last two digits of your year of birth must be subtracted from one hundred, and the difference divided by 9. Your Bagua number is determined by the remainder. For example, you were born in 1995. Thus, subtract 95 from one hundred, then divide by 9, you get 0.5. Your number is 5. So, now that you have the result, you need to understand what it means.

Each personal Bagua number has its own symbol:

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  • 1 – Kan;
  • 2 – Kun;
  • 3 – Zhen;
  • 4 – Xun;
  • 5 – Kun for the stronger sex and Gen for women;
  • 6 – Qian;
  • 7 – Blow;
  • 8 – Gen;

If there is no remainder, then Lee.

Consisting of one continuous line between two broken ones, the Kan abyss symbol represents the middle son and the northern direction. Its element is Water and its season is winter.

Kun is receptivity, the symbol consists of three, like Qian, but broken lines. Connected with the mother and all the rooms in the house that she occupies and uses, including the kitchen and the parents' bedroom. Located in the southwest. The element of Kun is Earth, and the season is summer.

Next in line is anxiety – Zhen. The symbol consists of two broken lines above one continuous line. He is associated with the eldest son, the firstborn, and represents the eastern direction. The element of this symbol is Forest, and the season is early spring.

Softness is Xun, two continuous lines above one broken line. This symbol is associated with the eldest daughter, its element is also the Forest, but the season is not early, but late spring.

Qian is creation. Its element, element is Metal, and the season of the year is autumn. Qian consists of three continuous lines and is associated with the head of the family. The side of the world that protects Qian is the northwest.

Dui is a symbol of joy related to the youngest favorite daughter, consisting of two continuous lines under one broken straight line. It represents the metallic element, the autumn period and the western direction.

Gen is a symbol of calm, the earth element and winter. It represents the youngest son and the northeast and signifies silence and stillness.

The fire element, summer, south direction are all about Li's symbol of affection, which consists of a broken line between two continuous ones and refers to the middle daughter.

Pay attention to where the rooms are, yours and your children's. For example, for the youngest daughter the room should be in the west, and for the eldest son - in the east.


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  • 2 Relation to other principles 2.1 Hexagram search table
  • 3 Fu Xi "Early Heaven"
  • 4 King Wen "Late Sky"
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  • In Unicode

    Bagua symbols are found in the Miscellaneous Symbols Block of Unicode:
    Miscellaneous Symbols Block of Unicode

    Official nameGlyphUnicode #HTML
    Trigram of HeavenU+2630
    Trigram for lakeU+2631
    Trigram of fireU+2632
    Trigram for thunderU+2633
    Wind trigramU+2634
    Trigram for waterU+2635
    Trigram for mountainU+2636
    Trigram for EarthU+2637

    Health zone in the home

    This sector is located in the very center of the Bagua octagon. It is associated with physical health, harmony and unity of all things. By activating this zone, you can improve aspects of your life that do not fit into any specific direction.

    If the center of the house is neglected or its space is not organized correctly, then disharmony appears in all directions.

    You can activate this sector by placing a magic ball, crystal, or crystal chandelier in it. Here you can place a dining room or living room.

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