How to identify and arrange feng shui zones in the interior of an apartment

Every person in his house or apartment wants to be protected from various negative thoughts, as well as to relax and gain strength. Feng Shui is a teaching about a person’s relationship with the space around him, first of all, with his home, filling it with positive energy.

Proper organization of room space according to the laws of Feng Shui will help neutralize the flow of negative energy.

This theory suggests that certain factors undoubtedly have a positive impact on well-being in life.

Among them:

  • The need to choose the right apartment in accordance with the cardinal directions;
  • The peculiarity is the arrangement of the rooms and their color scheme;
  • Increasing the flow of energy with the help of additional things (figurines, talismans, candles, etc.).

According to this theory, in order to attract energy, you should properly arrange the Feng Shui zones in your apartment. For this, there is a special Bagua grid, which is a polygon with 8 sides, which helps to arrange 9 main aspects in a person’s life (zones in Feng Shui).

bagua grid
All events in a person’s life occur in 9 areas. These aspects of life form certain sectors of Feng Shui.

It is recommended to divide the room into nine equal squares and, using a compass, determine the north direction in the apartment. This is the starting point. Next, add a house plan and a compass. North is a career zone. Now, based on the compass and grid data, we distribute the remaining zones.

cardinal directions in the apartment
Feng Shui zones along the cardinal directions are presented in the so-called Bagua grid - an octagon, each side of which has a specific color and element.

However, the definition of zones does not mean the end of energy attraction. These areas need to be activated. For this, there are special talismans, a special color scheme in the design of the room, which help in a positive impact.

feng shui talismans
Talismans to attract positive energy.

Main types of Feng Shui zones of an apartment

As already mentioned, according to the theory of Feng Shui, there are 9 most important areas of life in our lives. To have a beneficial effect on them, it is necessary to design them correctly. This will help increase your energy exponentially and influence the area of ​​your life in which you want to achieve success.

bagua net talismans
Correctly determining the feng shui zones in the apartment is the first and most important step.

Wealth zone - designed on the south-eastern side of the room. Its symbol is a tree, favorable colors: red, green. You can direct energy to the wealth zone with additional lighting, as well as by placing objects made of precious metals or stones and a container of water. This could be a fountain, a “money” tree and other symbols.

Money Tree
Each zone has its own dominant element. When describing it, it comes first.

Love zone - its place is considered to be the southwest. The main patron is the earth, the predominance of yellow is mandatory. If you need to maintain your current relationship, or find a new partner, it is recommended to activate this zone. In the case when your loved one is nearby, strengthen your relationship with joint photographs, as well as objects that are dear to both of you. To attract new relationships, put images with people in love, cards with love wishes or declarations of these feelings. This area is suitable for placing paired figurines, as well as storing erotic items that will help increase passion and desire in intimate relationships. It is strictly contraindicated to place sharp objects or images of lonely people.

porcelain dove figurine
In second place is the secondary element, which supports the main one.

The health zone is the very “heart”, the middle of the room. The patron is the earth; colors that enhance the influence of energy: orange and yellow. This zone assumes the presence of a large chandelier, an abundance of living plants in clay pots, use only natural materials, various stones in the design, etc. It would be a good idea to place a bowl of fruit on the kitchen table in the health area.

health zone
The colors that are favorable for a particular sector directly depend on two elements.

The career zone is the north of your premises. The main element here is water, the color scheme is blue and black. It is recommended to place a small fountain with flowing water, images of water or figurines of aquatic animals. To attract growth up the career ladder, you should also include any working office equipment and a general photo of your colleagues.

aquarium in the interior
Each zone has its own number. It shows the number of items that have the most favorable impact in that sector.

The family zone is its location in the east. The main element is wood, color: green. This zone influences intrafamily relationships. In order not to attract conflicts and quarrels between relatives, it is necessary to place photos of the family, images of forest landscapes, and living plants in the “family zone”.

green design in the living room
It is prohibited to store metal and sharp objects, stuffed animals, photographs of people who are no longer alive.

The zone for children and creativity is the place where the zone is concentrated - the west of the room. A predominance of metallic items and white color is desirable. Symbols of the child’s astrological sign and any children’s crafts will help strengthen and attract positive energy. Dried or wilted plants should not be left.

children and creativity area
The main rule is that the arrangement of furniture should not interfere with the vital energy of Qi.

Travel zone – the north-west of the apartment, metal objects and shades of white are responsible for well-being in this area. Photographs or paintings from different parts of the globe, as well as places you would like to visit or have already visited, are perfect for placement in this zone. It is prohibited to store sharp objects and weapons, even their images.

feng shui living room
Instead of bulky, massive objects, it is better to use elegant, neat shapes.

The glory zone is the south of the apartment. The main element that attracts well-being in this area is fire, the preferred color is red. This area of ​​life reflects the place that a person occupies in society. To enhance your “importance and significance,” it would be best to decorate this zone with awards, diplomas, etc. Bird figurines (not made of wood or predators), as well as natural stones, attract energy well.

feng shui in the apartment
Cabinets, racks, and slides should not be placed near door or window openings; this will limit access to favorable flows from the outside.

The zone of wisdom and knowledge - the north-eastern part of the room is responsible for it, the predominance of metal objects and beige colors. Ideal for an office that houses literature, reference books and other items that support learning.

feng shui kitchen
Doors and stairs should not be reflected in mirrored cabinet fronts.

Wish card area – an important component in attracting and achieving success according to Feng Shui is the design of a wish card. It consists of expressing all your dreams and desires on a piece of paper.

make a wish map
In the interior of a room, according to Feng Shui, only paintings with positive and calm subjects are acceptable.

Important! The formulation of desires should not contain the expression “I want, I dream, I wish...”. Each phrase must convey a completed event. For example, “I am a famous artist”, “I have 1,000,000 dollars”, etc.

All desires can be supported by drawings and photographs of famous people, money, and a happy family photo.

wish card
Having cut out each desire, it must be placed in the zone and area of ​​life in which you want to succeed.

Ba-gua Square - determining the sectors of the apartment

In order to divide your apartment or room into sectors, you first need to draw an apartment plan on paper (ideally, take the exact plan from the concrete concrete extract and make a copy).

On this plan, the first thing you need to do is determine the center, then take a compass (if you don’t have one, you can use the application on your smartphone) and determine where north is.

Then it’s easier - it’s immediately clear where the other cardinal directions are.

Apartment plan divided into sectors

Next, you need to apply a bagua grid - this way you will see which zone in your apartment needs to be strengthened, especially if it is not in the most favorable place in your home.

For example, if your love zone (southwest) is in the hallway, then place porcelain mandarin ducks there or hang a picture of a happy couple.

You can also strengthen the zones with the right choice of color, see how to do this in this video:

If your apartment has an L-shape according to the plan, then you should draw a square (or rectangle), this is a prerequisite. As you can see, some areas in the apartment are missing - don’t be upset, in this case you can pay special attention to the center.

Determining sectors in an L-shaped apartment

For more information on how to properly apply a Bagua grid, see here:

As you can see, correctly determining the sectors of your apartment using the Bagua grid is not so difficult, the main thing is not to distort the plan of your home.

Using mirrors according to Feng Shui

A mirror in a house is one of the most important interior elements. It helps to expand the space, make the room more multifaceted and more interesting.

Feng Shui mirror in the hallway
Redistributes the flow of qi energy and recreates the missing zone.

Note! According to the teachings of Feng Shui, mirrors, by reflecting objects, can both attract and strengthen positive energy and bring “negativity” into the home environment.

Here are a few rules to follow to enhance your well-being:

  • When installing a mirror in the hallway, it should be placed to the right or left of the front door at such a height that the tallest member of the family does not have his head or part of it cut off.
  • If a mirror hangs in the dining room, then it should reflect the dining table, which contributes to the integrity of the family.
  • Mirrors must be kept clean, free of streaks and stains. All objects reflected in it must be clear, since any distortion takes away positive energy from the house.

feng shui mirror
Mirrors in Feng Shui living room interiors should be placed opposite the windows if the house has a beautiful view.

Remember! You cannot place a mirror opposite the front door. This contributes to the loss of energy from the home. This rule also applies to other doors located in the apartment.

How to attract positive energy into a space

It is very important not only to arrange the space according to the rules of Feng Shui, but also to monitor your actions, emotions and feelings. They directly affect the energy situation at home.

The recommendations are as follows:

  1. Never sort things out at the dinner table. This is the central sector of the house, in which the energy is especially strong. Therefore, during a family gathering at lunch or dinner, only positive emotions should prevail at the table.
  2. The kitchen is the symbol of the hearth of your home. The health and emotional state of your household will depend on the mood in which you prepare food. Therefore, there is no need to cook when you are irritated, angry or offended. First, solve the problem, talk and make peace, and only then create culinary masterpieces.

In conclusion, Fr. You can decorate the entire space with talismans, creating an ideal environment according to oriental canons. But if you don’t do anything in real life, don’t “ground yourself” by doing sports, creativity, household chores and work, you shouldn’t expect magical changes.

How to determine Feng Shui zones in different rooms

Feng Shui rules apply not only to an apartment or house as a whole, but also apply to each individual room. The definition of zones in it, decoration and arrangement of furniture depend on the purpose of the room.

feng shui bathroom
In the bathroom, you can activate positive energy by placing two mirrors opposite each other: on the inside of the door and on the wall.

On Feng you can find the correct arrangement of rooms in the apartment and their design.

The kitchen is considered the central room in the house, where comfort and well-being should always reign. Feng Shui rules:

  1. This room should not be located in such a way that upon entering it immediately catches the eye. It is better to fence it off with a door or screen, and if the layout allows, arrange the kitchen away from the front door.
  2. When choosing a color, it is better to choose light or cool shades. Avoid fiery flowers.
  3. Follow the “triangle” rule: the distance between the refrigerator, stove and sink should not be more than one and a half meters.
  4. Make maximum use of natural light.

feng shui kitchen photo
In Chinese teaching, the table as an object is associated with solidity and permanence.

The living room, according to Chinese teaching, along with the kitchen, is also a center of attraction for energy that ensures well-being in relationships between family members.

Here are a few rules for decorating a living room:

  1. It is advisable to place a sofa and chairs around a small table. You should not place all pieces of furniture in one row along the wall.
  2. Try to bring more light into the room.
  3. The mirror should not reflect the entrance to the living room.

feng shui wealth zone
The main room should occupy the largest room. If the layout does not allow, it is expanded with the help of mirrors.

A bedroom is a room in which a person gains strength and relaxes. The bedroom is a zone of love and marriage, therefore, relative to the entire location, it is better to arrange it in the east. To attract positive energy, you should follow a number of rules:

  1. The bedroom should be located as far as possible from the entrance to the apartment, kitchen and toilet.
  2. Make the ceiling in the room flat, without beams or slopes.
  3. Place the head of the bed against the wall, without contact with the heating elements.
  4. You must approach the bed freely from both sides, so you cannot push one side tightly against the wall.
  5. You need to sleep with your head towards the front door.
  6. The mirror should not reflect the bed and the people sleeping in it.
  7. It is necessary to eat and work in other rooms; the bedroom is intended only for sleeping.

feng shui bedroom
You need to recuperate in a calm environment, so the bedroom is located away from the front door.

Room interior details

Talismans and Feng Shui symbols are located mainly in the living room.

Such items could be:

  • fan;
  • figurines of cranes and bats;
  • figurines of the gods of prosperity;
  • images of coins or wealth;
  • positive pictures.

It would be good if fresh flowers in clay flowerpots were placed in the room. Fading leaves and inflorescences are cut off in time, excess water is removed.

Feng Shui for the bedroom

The bedroom serves as a place of rest for a person, so it is important what kind of energy will be present there.

feng shui bedroom

In order for positive currents to reach the bed during sleep, the table or bedside table should not be higher than the level of the mattress. There should not be a large cabinet or water symbols, such as an aquarium, nearby. The head of the bed should be placed near a solid wall.

Feng Shui wallpaper for a one-room apartment or bedroom should also be selected according to color:

  • white is a symbol of health, goodness;
  • blue and blue - help you relax, visually enlarge a small room;
  • yellow color - suitable for a bedroom facing north;
  • green tones - reduce aggression, restore harmony.

According to teaching, you should not use black and red colors in the interior of bedrooms.

Feng Shui for the living room

According to Feng Shui, a living room should be spacious, bright and cozy. In this case, conditions will be provided for the circulation of Qi energy.

Furniture should be selected that is comfortable, with high backs and soft armrests. Textile design is light and light, no aggressive or heavy patterns.

Living room

The furniture is placed with the front towards the center and the back towards the wall, the corners are decorated with drapery. Cabinets – only with closed shelves.

If the room is small, you can place a mirror above the sofa.

The floor pattern should be rounded, without sharp corners and directed transversely to the door.

To illuminate the living room, you should choose lamps with a bright stream of light or a large crystal chandelier.

Feng Shui for the kitchen

Kitchen according to Feng Shui requires a mandatory separation of the elements of Fire (refrigerator) and Water (sink). Between these items there should be a cabinet or shelf.

If the kitchen is located in the southern, eastern or southeastern part of the home, this improves digestion. In a north-facing kitchen, you need to keep the plumbing in order.

The room should be bright and well ventilated. When designing an interior, it is necessary to exclude dark corners and dead zones.

For sharp and piercing objects, you need to organize a separate storage place with a door, this will prevent illness and quarrels.

Entry door rule

The flow of beneficial Qi depends on how the front door is made.

Entrance door

The teaching advises adhering to the following rules:

  1. There should be no things lying around on both sides of the door, otherwise the energy will not pass through.
  2. The entrance should be well lit and visible.
  3. You need to choose the right color for painting: red – glory, yellow – hospitality, green – the power of life.
  4. The size of the entrance to the home should be proportional: a large one will lead to financial difficulties, a small one will lead to quarrels.

Lighting in the apartment

The teaching of Feng Shui attaches great importance to lighting, since the volume of Qi depends on it.

The apartment must be well lit, otherwise the interior will be uninteresting and boring. It is better if the flow of light is natural. In order not to interfere with it, light, light curtains are hung on the windows, and a mirror is placed on the side of the window.

The main rule is that the flow of light should not irritate the eyes or tire. According to the doctrine, if there is insufficient lighting, halogen and incandescent lamps should be used.

Sleeping rooms should have less bright lighting. Light sources are located on the side of the head. It would be better if it were a sconce or a table lamp.

Tips and recommendations for using Feng Shui zones in the interior of an apartment

Modern apartment layouts are designed in such a way that it is not always possible to clearly divide the room into zones according to the cardinal directions. Therefore, there are a number of general rules in arranging an apartment according to Feng Shui, which will help attract positive energy.

feng shui plants
Positive energy is carried by images of nature, happy people, as well as paintings with semi-precious stones.

Tips from feng shui ru apartments tips for beginners:

  • Avoid sharp corners;
  • For free passage of energy, do not fill the room with many things. In Feng Shui of an apartment, minimalism is preferable;
  • Do not store broken, broken or cracked items in the house;
  • Living plants help in successfully attracting positive forces.

feng shui at home
“Wind music” reduces the level of negative energy in the room and helps eliminate conflicts.

Even if you correctly positioned all the zones and were able to activate them with the help of objects and colors, not a single positive energy will be located and strengthened in a dirty, untidy room. Keep your home clean, then the atmosphere of prosperity and success will always be with you!

feng shui apartment
A successful purchase will be the apartment that is being sold due to happy events in the life of the previous owners.

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