Arrangement of paintings in the kitchen interior: expert advice

Feng Shui is an East Asian practice of harmonizing space. This is both science and art. Its goal is to use positive flows of energy (Qi) for the benefit of a person and reduce the influence of negative energy. Energy management is carried out using the correct placement of objects surrounding a person - objects that make up his living space.

Painting with the ocean in the interior of the living room according to Feng Shui

The living space must first be divided into zones - the zone of love, health, family, wealth, wisdom, creativity, etc. After this, using the right pieces of furniture and interior details, it will be possible to influence these zones, if necessary, activating or, on the contrary, suppressing the flow of energies in a particular sector.

What does a lighthouse mean as a symbol?

The lighthouse symbolizes hope, a way out of a difficult situation and the right path

In the empty lighthouse, in the azure of the window hollows, the autumn wind blows - and, ringing, hums above. It is moist and cool, It intoxicates me with freshness. Stopping on the steep stairs, I look out the window. Below the surf is noisy and the swell is running. And above is the vault of heaven and the foggy blue ocean. Below is the sound of the waves, and above, like strings, the grating of the lighthouse rings and sings. And everything floats: the lighthouse, the bay, the breakers, and I, and the heavens, and the clouds.

/I.A. Bunin. At the lighthouse (1903-1904)/

Lighthouse - a symbol of the right path and hope

The very purpose of the lighthouse - to illuminate the path for ships in the dark - makes it a symbol of choosing the right path, safety and reliability. The lighthouse symbolizes service and assistance in overcoming danger. The lighthouse is also a symbol of shelter, achieving a goal and completing a difficult journey.

In the spiritual aspect, the lighthouse is a symbol of guidance from above. By analogy with the “guiding star”, the lighthouse symbolizes hope for those moving in the darkness and looking for a way, and in a figurative sense, their Path and destiny. The shape of the structure also speaks to this: the lighthouse is one of the types of tower. And the tower, in turn, personifies the axis of the world, the connection between earth and sky, ascension and spiritual growth.

Lighthouse - a symbol of spiritual guidance from above

A lighthouse is a symbol of powerful light that disperses darkness, helping to find the right way out of a difficult situation. By the way, the equivalent of light emitted by the lanterns of modern lighthouses is approximately 20 million candles.

Thus, the lighthouse is a universal symbol of the right direction, both literally and figuratively.

Fresnel lenses allow the lighthouse to shine like 20 million candles

Lighthouse - a symbol of perseverance

Lighthouses, being located very close to the sea, and sometimes in the middle of the water, are very strong and durable architectural structures. Lighthouse keepers call lighthouses located on the open sea “hell,” those built on islands “purgatory,” and those on the shore “paradise.”

The changeable sea can furiously crash its waves onto the lighthouse, but the lighthouse remains stable and continues to fulfill its functions - to light the way for sailors and warn them of danger. Here the lighthouse acts as a symbol of perseverance, which also echoes its meaning as a symbol of hope. After all, as long as hope is alive, a person continues to move forward, no matter what. Waves and rocks in this case symbolize the difficulties of life and the vicissitudes of fate.

The lighthouse is a symbol of perseverance. Lighthouse in Nazare, Portugal. Photo by Veselin Malinov.

Negative symbolism of the lighthouse

As already mentioned, the lighthouse has virtually no negative symbolism. However, in its negative aspect, the lighthouse means loneliness, separation, as well as leaving people and living a solitary life and even hermithood. This meaning was formed due to the fact that lighthouses are located on the outskirts, away from the bustle of the city.

Although it is difficult to say how negative this meaning is: for some people it is easier to lead such a solitary lifestyle than to live, for example, in a secular society. In this context, loneliness is not a bitter experience, but a necessary component of life. In any case, the life of lighthouse keepers is ascetic, and they hire not just anyone for this position, but former naval officers - experienced and persistent people.

Sometimes a lighthouse symbolizes opposition to the surrounding world.

Other meanings of beacon

The lighthouse can also indicate a hidden inner life, the ability for contemplation and long reflection, acceptance of one’s lot and fate. After all, the main meaning of the lighthouse is still the right path and hope. In such a place, a person can easily feel alone with the sea, and the sea, in turn, is a symbol of the subconscious and emotional life of a person. So here both the lighthouse and the sea act together, giving reason for deep thought.

Pictures that bring good luck, wealth, happiness, money, prosperity, love according to Feng Shui

Lack of money is one of the main problems in modern society. The work goes on, you get paid, but it seems to never be enough. Therefore, we often wonder how to arrange our home and office to attract more positive energy, money, love and luck .

There are many ways to attract wealth and prosperity - from repeating any numbers, mantras, to arranging symbols, photographs and paintings in the correct sectors of the office or home according to Feng Shui.

In this article we will talk about what paintings attract good luck, money, happiness, wealth and love to your home or office and where it is best to place them.

How to arrange a kitchen according to Feng Shui

Architects from the Western world may not talk about feng shui, but their approaches often intuitively coincide with the rules of this eastern movement. Some basic feng shui ideas apply to modern kitchen design.

Some basic feng shui ideas apply to modern kitchen design
Some basic feng shui ideas apply to modern kitchen design

But it is better to apply them before installing water and gas pipes and electrical connections, because otherwise in the future it will be difficult and expensive to make changes to the original situation.

Architects from the Western world may not talk about feng shui, but their approaches often intuitively coincide with the rules of this eastern movement
Architects from the Western world may not talk about feng shui, but their approaches often intuitively coincide with the rules of this eastern movement

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What paintings bring wealth and luck, happiness to the home

We often decorate our home with beautiful paintings and photographs to add sophistication to the interior. Most often we do this for aesthetic pleasure, but do we think that these symbolic images influence not only the perception of the interior, but also the very atmosphere of the house and the fate of those who live in it? The ancient teaching of Feng Shui teaches us which paintings bring happiness to the home, as well as good luck and wealth

According to Feng Shui, if you have a painting of two boats in your home , your home will always be a full cup!

To attract success in business, it is good to place mountains in the north, but not with sharp peaks and without water.

In Feng Shui, it is not recommended to hang IN THE BEDROOM - this promotes adultery.

There is a solution; you can easily buy images of happy couples for your bedroom!

Follow Feng Shui tips to decorate your home. Choose paintings, but remember that the most important thing is that they please your eyes, because when you look at them, they can charge you with a good mood.

What to do if there are violations

In some cases, building codes conflict with Feng Shui rules. Some rules prohibit placing a window above the stove. Feng Shui teaches that windows should not be placed above stoves because warmth represents prosperity.

In some cases, building codes conflict with Feng Shui rules.
In some cases, building codes conflict with Feng Shui rules.

Fire and water fight each other, so the location of the stove and sink should be such that they are not next to each other. If you have no choice, try putting a small plant or something green in between. The stove should be at least one step away from the sink.

Fire and water fight each other, so the location of the stove and sink should be such that they are not next to each other.
Fire and water fight each other, so the location of the stove and sink should be such that they are not next to each other.

If the stove is located opposite the main door or any other door, it is best to install a screen somewhere in the middle between the front door and the kitchen area so that the stove is not visible through the front door.

If the stove is located opposite the main or any other door, it is best to install a screen
If the stove is located opposite the main or any other door, it is best to install a screen

If the cook's usual position at the stove is with his back to the door, and it is impossible to change the position of the stove, a reflective surface above the stove can help. However, mirrors that reflect flames are not very good.

If the cook's usual position at the stove is with his back to the door, and it is not possible to change the position of the stove, a reflective surface above the stove can help

Having a kitchen at the entrance to the house can also mean that guests will come, eat and immediately leave. This placement may also encourage residents to constantly eat. But if your kitchen is located in front of the entrance, no problem.

Having a kitchen at the entrance to the house can also mean that guests will come, eat and immediately leave.
Having a kitchen at the entrance to the house can also mean that guests will come, eat and immediately leave.

One simple solution is to hang sheer or beaded curtains over the kitchen door. A more elegant way to redirect the space is to install louvered doors or a clear sliding panel.

One simple solution is to hang sheer or beaded curtains over the kitchen door.
One simple solution is to hang sheer or beaded curtains over the kitchen door.

What colors of paintings to choose to attract good luck, wealth, happiness

Look for the dominant color in a painting to determine its element.

Paintings and photographs with these flowers reflect joy, vibration, passion and warmth.

Paintings and photographs containing these colors are considered the colors of prosperity, change for the better, and renewal.

They are associated with calm, comfort and peace in your home.

Earth elements are associated with stability, grounding, nurturing, and receptivity.

Metal represents inward moving energy, productivity, rational thinking and intelligence.

Use paintings with these colors to help soften areas where you have too much of a certain type of energy, using a cycle of destruction with water weakening fire, fire weakening metal, wood weakening metal, earth weakening wood, and water weakening earth.

The meaning of paintings and photographs according to Feng Shui

AIST - Longevity, happy and peaceful old age. QUINCE - Fertility and happy marriage. BUTTERFLY - Love and joy; two butterflies - marital happiness. BAMBOO - Health, longevity, flexibility. It is a conductor of favorable energy. OX - Reliability and strength. Long and fruitful life, stable and sustainable. VASE - Calmness; a vase filled with something is a symbol of attracting wealth. FAN - Traditional symbol of protection. It protects not only the house, but also the person himself from harm. GRAPES - Abundance, fun. WATER - Health, well-being. WATERFALL - Attracting good luck to the house. CROW - Marriage, fidelity. DOVE - Meekness and purity. A pair of doves - love, friendship and marital fidelity. MOUNTAIN - Support, protection and assistance. POMEGRANATE - A bursting pomegranate - numerous offspring. GOOSE - (couple) Faith and fidelity in marriage. DOLPHIN - Dignity, hope, safety. TREE - Longevity. DRAGON - The highest symbol of luck, creativity; brings success in business. THRUSH - New favorable opportunities, joy, happiness. TOAD - Strength, strength. GIRAFFE - Wealth. CRANE - Good character, calmness, loyalty, long life. Often depicted under a pine tree - another symbol of longevity. HARE - Sensitivity, abundance, longevity. STARS - Happiness and eternity. ZEBRA - Peace of mind in any situation. KINGFISHER - Grace, nobility, marital fidelity. SNAKE - Movement and renewal. Represents wisdom and deep knowledge. IRIS - Life that does not know old age. CARP - Luck and spiritual achievements. Nine carps symbolize prosperity and material well-being. Two carp are a symbol of complete harmony in the relationship between a man and a woman. HUMMINGBRI - Symbol of the joy of life. HORSE - A sign of victory, courage, power. BOAT - A symbol of increasing good luck in business, security, hope. BASKET Filled with something - a symbol of abundance, fertility, prosperity. RAT - Prosperity, prosperity, well-being. SWALLOWS - Success and abundance. SWAN - Grace, beauty, purity, fidelity. LEO - Energy and valor. Protector of home and public spaces. LEOPARD - Bravery. BAT - Happiness. Five bats - “five blessings” - longevity, wealth, health, virtue, life to the end predetermined by fate. LOTUS - Perfection, spiritual grace, peace, feminine genius, summer, fertility. HORSE - Symbolizes speed, perseverance, gives strength and endurance, and gives children rapid development. MAGNOLIA, ORCHID - Love, sophistication. BEAR - A symbol of strength and courage. MONKEY - Originality of thinking, cunning, quick wit. DEER - Career. EAGLE - A powerful symbol of success. Power, courage, sharp mind. PEACOCK - Beauty and nobility. Loose tail - titles and awards. PALMA - Victory. LANDSCAPE - Symbol of good luck and favorable opportunities. ROOSTER - Symbol of vigilance, vigilance. Bearer of male dignity. Fire protection. PEACH - Symbol of longevity. PEONY - Ardent passion, undying love, glory, dignity. PARROT - A symbol of a cheerful disposition, friendly communication, good memory. BIRDS - A symbol of joy, beauty, happiness. BEE - Hard work, success in science, art, trade. PISCES - Guarantee of success in financial affairs, successful development. SAKURA - Luck, love, beauty, youth and renewal. ELEPHANT - Power, strength, insight. OWL - Erudition, reputation, wisdom; protects against irrational financial investments. DOG - Reliable protection. SOROKA - Symbol of a “happy meeting”. SUN - Sign of providence, abundance, truth. PINE - A symbol of long life, fidelity and devotion. DRAGONFLY - Grace. TIGER - Protector from evil spirits, symbolizes strength and power. DUCKS (pair) - Happiness in love. Persimmon - Joy. CHRYSANTHEMUM - Good luck. TURTLE - Longevity, strength, endurance. Symbolizes steady movement forward.

How to choose favorable feng shui paintings and their location in the house

01/16/2018 Elena Feng Shui rules

Greetings, dear readers! If you, like me, love to harmonize your home, then you are in the right place. Today I want to talk about Feng Shui paintings, how to choose them and their meaning. The ancient Roman poet Horace, who lived several decades before the birth of Christ, the Italian Renaissance artist Leonardo di Ser Piero da Vinci, and many other outstanding representatives of philosophy, art, and culture highly valued painting, called it silent poetry, and equated the image with a wordless poem. Hanging paintings according to Feng Shui, the ancient Taoist teaching of the harmonious distribution of energy flows within a space, are also considered more than just beautiful decor. They contain a deep meaning, one way or another influencing our entire lives.

From the article you will learn:

Optimal arrangement of paintings according to Feng Shui

For a harmonious space, a necessary condition is the presence of all five elements on your territory. But quite often it is very difficult, almost impossible, to fulfill this rule. This situation can be corrected with the help of paintings by placing the image of the missing element in the correct sector.

Arrangement of paintings according to feng shui

Illustrations can also be used to activate or enhance a specific element. You need to purchase a compass and use the Bagua grid to find out the location of your home and premises. Basic principles of placement:

Examples of incorrect placement of reproductions

What are some mistakes when decorating a room with designer paintings:

So what kind of paintings should hang in the kitchen according to Feng Shui? The range of choice here is quite large. Still lifes with bright fruits, berries, spices, sweets; landscapes with endless fields, flowers, various sketches of cafes, restaurants, glowing hearths and fireplaces will create a unique atmosphere and warm relationships in the family.

Five elements

In Feng Shui there is the concept of the theory of five elements. Our whole life is subject to their interaction. These are earth, water, wood, fire and metal. One energy flows into another, supporting or destroying it. There are direct (supportive), reverse (oppressive) and control (destructive) cycles.

  • Direct cycle. Wood supports combustion, Fire burns everything and turns it into ashes, that is, the earth. The earth is the birthplace of metal. When melted, the metal becomes liquid. Water promotes tree growth.
  • Reverse cycle. Fire burns everything wooden. A tree absorbs water as it grows. Water spoils iron (corrosion). Metal weakens the earth by being born in it. Earth can put out fire.
  • Control cycle. As the tree sprouts, it depletes the earth. The earth absorbs water. Water extinguishes fire. Fire melts metal. A metal ax cuts down a tree.
  • How to apply Bagua to the kitchen. Draw a kitchen plan, indicate the cardinal directions using a Lo Pan compass or a regular compass. And transfer the Bagua grid with all the designations to the plan. Now you will understand which areas in the kitchen exist, which can be left untouched, and which should be corrected.

Painting with a ship according to Feng Shui, choose a marine theme

Despite the fact that Feng Shui positions a painted ship or sailboat as a symbol of good luck and material well-being, you need to know some features and nuances.

Painting with the sea

You can place this canvas inside any sector, but it is best in the hallway. The main condition is that the bow of the ship should be directed towards the house, and not towards the door or window.

Painting "Sailboat at sea"

Pay attention to the time of day - morning or afternoon will be the right choice. Morning symbolizes the beginning of prosperity, and afternoon is the peak of wealth. Evening and night carry the exact opposite meaning - sunset, the end of well-being. From the point of view of Feng Shui, the most profitable talisman is considered to be a sailboat with sails fluttering in the wind, decks full of chests with gold bars, and gems.

Painting with the sea

Weather phenomena are considered an important point here - a calm sea promises order and stability, but a storm can provoke imbalance, stressful periods, partial downturns, and failures.

Bridge according to Feng Shui - what does this drawing mean?

Although all water themes promise financial well-being, you should be careful when purchasing paintings with bridges. Some experts argue that the bridge represents the transition to the other world, others - that it is a symbol of mutual understanding and connection. But for the most part, everyone agrees that this direction is not for an apartment. Moreover, you should beware of raised bridges.

Sectors and zones of the premises

Focusing on the cardinal directions, we will determine the sectors in the apartment according to Feng Shui:

  • In the north is the career sector. You need to pay attention to this sector in the house if there are problems with work. Activation colors: blue, cyan, white, black.
  • In the south is the sector of fame and aspiration. Harmonization of this zone will help in achieving fame, recognition and success. Colors: red and green.
  • In the west there is the sector of children and creativity. This area in the house requires attention when there are problems with children, with their conception and upbringing. This zone is also activated to realize creative ideas. Colors: grey, white, yellow.
  • In the east is the family sector. Disagreements with spouses, parents and children are a reason to pay attention to this zone. Colors: blue, green, brown, black, a little red.
  • In the northwest there is the sector of travel, intuition and patrons. You can activate this zone in difficult moments of life, when outside help is needed. Colors: grey, white, yellow, silver, gold.
  • In the northeast there is the sector of knowledge and wisdom. It is necessary to control the movement of energy in this zone so that there are no problems in studying. This is also the best place in the house to practice yoga and meditation. Colors: yellow, beige, terracotta, orange.
  • In the southwest there is the sector of love and relationships. It is worth harmonizing this sector in the house when problems arise in love, in marriage, in communication with loved ones. Colors: red, pink, brown and all shades of these colors.
  • In the southeast is the wealth sector. Prosperity, material well-being, life satisfaction. Colors: green, violet, lilac, moderately red.
  • In the center of the apartment is the health sector. Being in the center, this zone has an impact not only on the physical health of all family members, but also affects all sectors in the house. It is imperative to maintain a state of harmony in the health sector. Colors: yellow, orange, terracotta and beige.

Feng Shui sectors

Apartment sectors according to Feng Shui

Cute paintings in the nursery

Picture of a calm sea in the dining room

Bright landscape in the dining room

Unusual abstraction in the interior of the living room according to Feng Shui

Another good luck talisman - a picture of a horse according to Feng Shui

Feng Shui paintings with horses
The image of a horse will help create the mood to increase endurance and perseverance in achieving goals, because since ancient times this animal has been considered a symbol of nobility and greatness. A rising horse will help increase wealth and bring victory in competition. A pair of horses will strengthen mutual understanding between spouses and household members.

Painting with horses - where to hang it in the house

The best location for a running horse will be a wall opposite the workplace, but not behind the back, otherwise this position may create discomfort. In the living room, you should take into account the correct direction of movement of the animal - only inside the room, in no case towards the door, balcony, window.

This canvas should not be hung in the bedroom, otherwise problems with rest and sleep are likely.


Feng Shui kitchen location

© keresi72/pixabay

  • Ideal kitchen position - on the south or east side

    houses or apartments. It is also quite acceptable if the kitchen is located in the north, northeast and southeast. The southeast location of the kitchen is good according to Feng Shui, as it represents the element of wood, which is a source of positive energy.

  • It is better to separate the kitchen from the eating area. Also, it should not be adjacent to the toilet.
  • The location of the kitchen in the center of the house or apartment is considered not very favorable.
  • The kitchen should not be located directly opposite the front door, stairs or bathroom, as this can worsen the health of household members and provoke quarrels and failures. If the kitchen is visible from the main entrance of the house, place a screen or curtain made of green crystals.
  • It is better to keep kitchen doors closed. Also make sure that kitchen doors open easily to ensure a smooth flow of energy.

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