Correct Wealth and inclination towards Wealth according to the Wu Xing circle in Ba Tzu.

A rich person's card should include:

  1. Symbols of wealth in the map: good is the right wealth, even better is the tendency to wealth

In order for wealth to appear, there must be symbols of wealth.

There is direct wealth, and there is an inclination towards wealth.

For business, for big money, the propensity for wealth is more valuable , because the propensity for wealth is money that revolves around, in society, it is constantly in motion. And proper wealth is some kind of systematic income, a salary that we receive regularly, but it is fixed.

But in any case, it’s good to have at least some kind of wealth, even direct wealth, at least an inclination towards wealth.

  1. Wealth must be supported by a spirit of enjoyment or a challenge to authority

Wealth must be generated, we need intelligence, self-expression, creativity, i.e. either a spirit of pleasure or a challenge to authority.

These are very important deities for gaining wealth, because self-expression is a wealth of ideas, without which it is very difficult to get rich.

And those cards that do not have these stars - it is more difficult for them to figure out what to do and what to do, they cannot figure out what to do and how to earn money, it is difficult for them to make a choice.

Naturally, for aggressive, big business, challenging the authorities is more useful, because a person has the strength to insist on his own.

Leaders always have a strong challenge to authority.

The spirit of pleasure is a more loyal deity, this is when people do everything for their own pleasure.

Their first function is to generate wealth.

Their second function is to protect wealth.

  1. The presence of earthen earthly branches - treasuries - bull, goat, dragon, dog

Most very rich people have earthen SVs.

The treasuries open and money comes out.

But the treasuries must be filled with money.

If the treasury is poor, then no money will come out of it.

  1. Strong qi phases of personality types wealth in chart and/or beat

This is one of the answers about the amount of money.

Money must be in a strong qi phase so that we can talk about big money.

Yin or yang?

The second important point in understanding your own energy is understanding your Yin or Yang polarity.

Yang is active energy, masculine, light. This is the sky, sun, fire, summer, warmth. Yin is passive energy, feminine, dark, soft. These are the earth, the moon, cold, water.

Let me give you an example. The girl Svetlana contacted me to draw up a Bazi map. Svetlana is an active, purposeful and energetic girl. The question that was important to her was whether she was suppressing her husband with her activity. After analyzing her chart, it turned out that her personality belongs to Yin energy, and the rest of the elements are represented by Yang energies. Her husband is also a Yin person. The answer was: yes, in the external environment she can realize her yang resource and achieve her goals in work and business. But at home, in the family, it is important to follow your Yin nature and give primacy to your husband.

Let's look at examples of rich people

Steve Jobs

There is wealth in the card - great.

Plus, wealth stands together with a Noble Person (HH) - this is always a sign of great wealth.

There is a spirit of pleasure and a challenge to power - there are ideas on how to make money. Such a person will not chase “quick money”, he will do something, come up with something to really earn this money with his own labor.

People who have a lot of wealth in their cards but no self-expression want easy money. Often such people want to win the lottery or have money suddenly “fall on their head.”

There are earthen branches , which means there is potential for treasures to come out of there.

Wealth in the high qi phase is an excellent sign of wealth.

Let's look at the bars

Since 2001, tact with wealth has come.

With such a card it is impossible not to become rich.

But this does not mean that he sat and waited for this wealth to fall on him. He worked and worked, that's why he got wealth.

And if you sit and wait, then even if there is a lot of wealth in the map, you can simply miss the favorable time and that’s all.

Mark Zuckerberg

There is wealth in the card - great.

Having a Noble Person is a good sign of wealth.

There is self-expression in the card - it means he makes money with his skills and brains.

There are earthen branches - this means that treasures with money can open.

Let's look at the bars

Wealth came at a very high phase of qi - this is a sign of enormous wealth.

He has another sign of wealth - merging to form the element of money. When fusion occurs, it is similar to how electric current passes through wires. Those. energy flows through the pillars, which are in fusion. This way the wealth increases even more.

Warren Buffett

wealth in the map.

self-expression - it means he can and knows how to make money.

There is a Noble Man , and in the element of money.

in tacts , as did its “parent”, i.e. self-expression.

Pay attention to these signs.

If, for example, there is no wealth in the card, but a lot of self-expression, then such a person has many ideas, but the money itself does not come to him. If you have such a situation, then find a person who has money in the card and work with him. Those. we take qi from the surrounding space, in this case from people. Then such a tandem will bring wealth.

It is rare for one person to have all the hallmarks of wealth.

Basically, there are missing signs in birth charts that we introduce from the outside, and thus correct our lives.

You can add missing elements to the map using Qi Men, Feng Shui, choosing a favorable profession, etc., there are many ways, the main thing is to figure out what needs to be added.

This can be done as part of a paid consultation on the topic of wealth.

To become rich , you need to know your birth chart, know your strengths and weaknesses, act correctly and connect the right people. If you rely only on luck, then the chances of acquiring wealth are very small.

We have many tools at our disposal to help you.

  • Feng Shui
  • Qi Men Dong Jia
  • Ba Zi

Let's look at a couple more interesting examples of how people engage in the right type of activity, thanks to which they have good luck with money.

Example 1

The card is strong, there is a lot of money - great.

But pay attention - there is no self-expression at all in the card. This is similar to how a person wants quick money, he plays lotteries in the hope of getting a lot at once, without making any effort. But this is not his case, because he chose the right profession - in the element of metal.

He is a businessman, his fields are: metal rolling, he also rents out the premises of a sports club, where he opened a fitness club, there is everything from exercise equipment, a swimming pool, tracks and all other subscription programs. He also has a veterinary clinic + a veterinary pharmacy attached to it.

This is what the correction consists of - he brought in the element of metal from the outside and added it to his map.

As a result, the card became about self-expression and wealth - so the money came to him.

Plus he adds the very element of wealth - water:

He also has a tire service and a car wash, he is the owner there.

Example 2

This is where the “rich map” was originally laid out.

Money here is protected by intelligence - a person knows how to manage money, this is how he “protects his money” from rivals who are always aimed at taking this money away.

At the same time, he connects the element of metal (his money) in his activities, i.e. works in the right profession and gets money, and, of course, pleasure. When a person works in “his profession,” he enjoys it, and does not go to work, like most people, “under pressure,” “because he has to,” etc.

The focus here is that there is strong money and strong self-expression that protects it.

As you can see, not everyone immediately has super signs of wealth built in, but people correctly make corrections to their birth charts and everything is fine. This is our task - to understand what needs to be added, how to maximize the potential and how to minimize what can harm.

Everything is in our hands if you know how to act.

Do you want to learn how to analyze Birth Cards on the topic of wealth and career? Then you will be interested in this course

For all questions about obtaining advice or training on the topic of wealth in the birth chart, write to the site’s email

Character according to the Bazi map

In China they say: “As much as new things come in, so much old things must go away.” The weak must be strengthened, the strong must be weakened. As a result, we get a balance. You can find out which element is the leading one, what strengthens you personally, by calculating your Bazi card.

People with strong Wood energy are sociable and ambitious. They like to plan everything. They are good friends because they are generous and generous.

Fire people are born leaders, they are emotional and passionate, they know how to convince and inspire others. They are loving, full of enthusiasm and always remain young at heart.

The people of Earth are reliable and thorough. They are patient, caring and strong. They are practical and have a gentle sense of humor. They are often stubborn, but they are able to start a job and see it through to the end.

Water people give fullness and natural smoothness and ductility. Water people are very musical. They are innately intuitive, emotional, sensitive and have many talents.

Metal people are distinguished by ambition and determination. They believe in themselves and take themselves seriously. They are naturally independent and do not like to take orders from others. They are usually lucky with money.

Weakness or strength?

The third point that the Bazi card reflects is a weak or strong personality. Weakness is not interpreted literally, but only shows that a person gives more than he receives. For example, Nadezhda is a doctor. Her element is Yang Wood, in her Bazi chart there is a lot of Wood and Fire, but no Water at all. Nadezhda literally burns herself out in life, devotes herself entirely to her patients and her profession, does it with great pleasure, has a large, strong family and loving relationships. But she constantly feels empty and energetically weak. That is, for balance, she simply needs Water - to be near the water, add water to the interior of the house, have a hobby from the element of Water, take time for herself, and fill herself up.

Another example. A mother asked that her son, having excellent abilities, could not realize himself in life. The energy of the son’s BaZi card is strong Earth, a lot of Fire, which makes it very resourceful, but there is no Metal in the card at all. That is, his Earth does not produce the required element. It is necessary to add Metal to life, weaken the Earth, concentrate on self-expression and then the energies will be balanced.

Money in the element Earth

People for whom the element of money is useful, expressed by the element of the Earth, like to save, “store” money, they are practical in matters of finance, stability in money is important to them. They approach their purchases consciously and practically. Such qualities, such behavior will increase your monetary luck if the money on the card is useful to you.

How else can you strengthen useful money in the Earth element:

✅Make decisions in financial matters only after thorough analysis and reflection.

✅In money matters, use the following qualities: stability, planning, balance, action without fuss, concentration, practicality

✅Listen to the money advice of ′′ earthly ′′ people.

✅For the annual Wealth Piggy Bank, which we install in December, use ceramic piggy banks, sand or brown.

✅It’s also better to buy a wallet in the colors of the Earth.

I know from myself how clearly all of the above works in practice. If I had any loans, even small ones, it knocked the ground out from under my feet, some kind of constant internal anxiety, as if the Earth in the map had weakened)) And savings, a piggy bank, give me confidence in all areas of life, they add Zemlyanoy to me peace of mind. Before making any major purchase, I always look through different sites, different options, and can diligently choose for a long time. I enjoy this choice, anticipating the purchase) Vlad and his card don’t have enough patience for this) I love practical, high-quality things. I never understood the “bad and a lot” approach to shopping)))

Money in the element Water

If the element of money in the birth chart is Water, money comes and flows away like water. They come from different sources, and then diverge for different purposes, plans, purchases. It’s difficult to retain them, so it’s better to plan useful purchases in advance and then implement them.

If Water is useful in a chart:

✅Sociability, diplomacy, the ability to change, negotiate, and adaptability will lead to money.

✅ try to conduct all negotiations orally, not in correspondence. The better your speech is, the better your communication skills, the more clients and sales you will have.

✅Water people will give useful advice in money matters

✅you can earn more on trips and business trips than sitting in the office

✅for your wallet and Moneybox of Wealth, choose blue or black colors

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