Warming the money star - attracting money according to Feng Shui

How to catch a money star?

Catching a money star means correctly determining its location and finding the desired sector to activate. To do this, first of all you need to take measurements with a compass and apply a template of 24 mountains to the apartment plan. You can read more about this in our article “How to find the right sector to activate Feng Shui.” Don't be scared, it's not as difficult as it seems. It is enough to take measurements once, and then you can easily calculate the location of activation.

Look for the dates, times and sector of arrival of the money star in our monthly Feng Shui forecasts.

Please note: activation only needs to be carried out at the external walls of your apartment! These are the walls behind which your neighbors or the street are located.

What should a candle be like to activate Warming the Money Star?

  • To carry out the ritual, a candle can be of absolutely any color, shape and size.
  • The candle is installed in the specified sector at a height of 60 - 80 cm from the floor.
  • The candle is installed closer to the outer perimeter of the wall of the specified sector (the walls located between rooms are internal walls, and external street walls, as well as external walls shared with the staircase or with neighbors).
  • We follow safety precautions and place the candle on a saucer or in a stable candlestick; if there are animals or children in the house during activation, take them to another room or be present at all times so that everyone is under your supervision.
  • The unburned candle can be used next time.

Activation Warming the money star is not carried out if:

  • The activation sector is located in the san. node, pantry if there is a large closet in the desired sector,
  • In this case, skip activation this month and wait until next month.
  • If the specified date says that it is not suitable, for example, for people born on the day or year of the Tiger, then postpone the activation on that day and wait until the next day. If you have not yet built your Bam Z map and do not know the animal that is located in the day or year of birth, then do it now!
  • Be careful if a year or a month is a wealth burglar for you.


Sunday, September 20, 2015 23:22 + in quote book If you want to fill your life with the rustle of banknotes and are ready to act, then get ready for activation. You don't need to understand the intricacies, the nuances and why it works the way it does. Just trust and start doing - and watch how your life begins to change. So, to make a monetary activation “Warming the Money Star”, you will need: 1. a red candle; 2. 8 yellow coins; 3. a square leaf of yellow or brown color; 4. your monetary goal, or rather what you want to get for this amount. And also the exact date and time of activation, when and what to do. There are 5-6 days in every month that are ideal for this Powerful Money Activation. In the table below you can understand on what day, what month and in what period of time it is better to activate which sector. July ——-EAST—SE 01__ 07-09 05___________ 03-05 06___________ 09-11 10___________19-21 15___________ 21-23 August ——SE———NE———NORTH——-EAST 07__11-13 08__________09-11 15___________ 11 -13 19_________________________________17-19 28___________________________ 05-07 September ——-NW———NE——— SE 08__ 11-13 12__________ 09-11 14__________ 01-03 20____________ 13-15 26 __________________01-03 October ——-SW——— NE——-NORTH———SOUTH 08__ 19-21 17___________ 09-11 24__ 11-13 25__________________ 21-23 30________________________ 05-07 November ——-NE———NORTH——NW————— SOUTH 03__ 03- 05 11_________ 21-23 12_____________ 00-01 19__________ 13-15 22 ________________________________19-21 December ———NORTH——SOUTH———EAST———NORTH 15__ 03-05 15___________ 09-11 17____________________ 21-23 21____________________ 05-07 26____________________ 05-07 7 Steps to Activate the Money Star 1. At the time indicated on the calendar and in the indicated sector, you must light a candle. The best thing to do is find the “right” candle. For this activation it must be red and square. The red color symbolizes fire, and the square symbolizes earth, earth produces metal, metal is money. If it doesn’t work out at all with red, you can use yellow, it also activates money energy well. But even if all the “right” candles suddenly run out, take any and wrap it in a good mood. 2. Use the time for activation according to the calendar of your area. We place the candle on a candlestick and light it at the right time in the right place. How to use the calendar? For example, on July 1, activation must be done in the east from 7 to 9 am, the next one on July 5 in the southeast from 3 to 5 am, the next on July 6 from 9 to 11 am, and so on, according to the table. 3. The candle must burn at the specified time for all two hours. Again, returning to our table, you see there the time designation through a dash, from 7 to 9 or from 3 to 5. Yes, from 3 to 5 is at night, because I designate daytime and evening hours as from 15 to 17 and etc. Depending on the size of the candle, it can be used several times. If you purchase a large candle, you can use it as many times as it lasts, regardless of the number of activations. 4. Place 8 yellow coins next to the candle. It is desirable that the coins are clean and beautiful. The higher their “dignity”, the better, you want activation for big money. After activating the coins, we spend them, or even better, we give them away to those who need them more. Those who ask for money from the metro or from the church. For each activation you will have new 8 coins, this will also boost your abundance. 5. Determine the activation sector while in the center of the apartment using a compass. In order to correctly determine directions, you need a good compass. Many people firmly believe that simply knowing where the Sun rises or sets is enough to determine directions. This is completely wrong - for feng shui purposes we need precise degrees, which can only be obtained by measuring with a compass! 6. When activated, we write down our desire and release it with a light heart. You will need a square piece of yellow or brown paper on which you need to write down a pre-prepared goal. We write the goal clearly and clearly. After activation, put the leaf with the wish into the cup of wealth or throw it away if you don’t have one yet. 7. We do it without the energy of waiting for the result, let the Universe surprise you. The most important thing is to take the activation lightly and joyfully. If, in search of the right candle, you quarrel with all the sellers and relatives, then this will not be the creative energy that you need. It’s better to buy another candle if you haven’t found what you need, but at the same time radiate faith and good mood. Most likely, now you have a question: how many activations do you need to do and what will happen if you miss even one? Nothing major will happen, but regularity is important, as when taking homeopathic medicines. The more accurately and accurately you follow the recommendations, the faster and more noticeable the results you can get. When I first met Feng Shui practitioners, two feelings fought within me: not to believe and to believe. I chose the third option - to try, and since then I have never regretted my decision. Here's what my students say, who also applied their knowledge. So, the goal is declared to the Universe, the candle burns for the indicated two hours according to our calendar, then you can blow it out. You can use the same candle several times, but do not change the goal until it is fulfilled. Again, if this is really your dream and you are ready to go towards it, then it will come true quickly enough. Yes, in my practice there were cases when the results of activation occurred literally immediately and went off scale. In my experience, very often problems arise with this, precisely with setting goals and identifying true desires, and therefore tomorrow you will receive a video from me in which I will tell you how to correctly and easily set goals and even use the energy of the space of your apartment. Anyone living in the house can light a candle. This can also be done in the office by any employee interested in increasing the cash flow of this premises. Feng Shui, like a skilled massage therapist, uses acupressure to unlock the monetary energy of your room and help you open the doors to abundance. This activation allows you to fill the room you have chosen with monetary energy and open a flow of opportunities for filling your life with them. I have been using these activations for 8 years now and recommend all my clients start with them. And I see how it works for them. You, of course, can set aside this information, like other information received and not used previously. This is your decision and your life... Good Feng Shui and rapid cash flow to you, Anna Baryshnikova

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Why Feng Shui activations don't work

  • The wealth zan was not found correctly or the activation method is not suitable.
  • Unconscious actions. For example, a wife does the activation to support her husband’s income, but she tells him that it’s more comfortable this way. The head of the business does Feng Shui of the office, and tells the employees that this is interior design. The florist accidentally places the flower in the right place. All these actions are connected with other goals: comfort, fashionable design, growing flowers. Activation is the conscious direction of Qi to achieve a specific goal.
  • No connection to real life. When you activate Qi, you need to direct it into specific projects, saturate your business or work, your services, products and brand with this Qi. On the wave of activation, you need to do real work, make deals, negotiate, get busy. If you are waiting for money without concrete ideas and projects, activation will not work. Qi that was not put into the business or the product will simply dissipate.

Feng Shui ways to activate the wealth zone Star 9

feng shui activation for money
Photo: Alexandra Naumova

  1. Symbol - place the symbol of wealth in the Star sector 9. This can be an object or image in a red color scheme with pointed shapes, since the element 9 is Purple Fire. Choose a symbol that is associated specifically with your wealth, income, business, profession. This is how you indicate in space your intention to increase wealth.
  2. Living plant – place the 9th indoor plant in the Star sector. The Wood Element will strengthen the Fire Star, and a living plant will trigger the growth of this Qi. This way you will strengthen the effect of 9 Purple, and regular care of the plant will establish a strong connection with this type of Qi and attract it into your space.
  3. Living fire – place it in the Star sector 9 and light the fire from time to time. This could be a wood or gas fireplace or candles. By lighting a fire, you activate the Purple 9 Chi and attract it into your life.

Example of activation of 9 Purple in the Feng Shui Studio

Feng Shui wealth zone activation
Feng Shui Studio office plan and Flying Stars map

In the Feng Shui Studio, Water Star 9 is located in the Southern sector. In this sector there is a window that provides a connection with the outside world, overlooking the facade and the embankment of the Iset River. In this room, classes are held on courses in Feng Shui, Ba-Tzu, Nai-Yin, as well as individual consultations. I did activations of 9 Purple during work processes in the Feng Shui Studio.

What I did for the Feng Shui Studio using 9 Purple activation

  • Rebranding of Feng Shui Studio
  • New site
  • YouTube channel
  • Instagramm
  • New courses on Feng Shui and Chinese astrology
  • Improving old courses
  • Organization of courses by master Howard Choi in the Feng Shui Studio
  • Learning English to Translate Howard Choi's Courses and Study Feng Shui Abroad

I wish you success and prosperity! See you at the Feng Shui Studio!

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Qualities of this energy

The star of wealth is the name of a static energy flow that can interact with moving energies. According to many people who are interested in Feng Shui, this energy is always in the open and never hidden. In fact, it is placed in a specific corner of the room, regardless of whether the place is open or filled with furniture. If this star happens to be where there is a lot of space and light, then it becomes active, and therefore helps the residents of the house have more money.

When to Expect Riches

Star of Prosperity

Having the Star of Prosperity in your Ba Tzu chart was considered a very lucky sign in Ancient China! A person with such a star, even if born into a poor family, is able to achieve a lot on his own, thanks to his work. It is through hard work that he will receive a well-deserved reward and will be able to provide for his family even without the help of relatives.

For a strong lord of the day, this star indicates an early departure from his father's house. If the star element is favorable, then a person is guaranteed an advantage in any field of activity; he is characterized by determination, endurance, and the desire to always achieve his goal. Success will await him in any field! This star is especially favorable for the weak lord of the day.

It is important to remember that the Prosperity Star does not like collisions! In this case, its beneficial influence is destroyed. High phases of Qi increase the power of the star and give good health. Weak Qi phases make a person slow and indecisive.

The best position of this star in the daily column is the concentration of wealth, pre-programmed success. In the auspicious pillar of the month, in the high Qi phase, a person can inherit the family business from his parents, eventually becoming a businessman, a rich person.

Build your Ba Zi chart using our calculator and see if you have this star? It may also come in a certain period, year, month or day!

Star Storage

If there is a Storage in the pillars, it means this is an opportunity to get rich sooner or later. The star is associated with earthen elements: Dog, Dragon, Ox, Goat. When there are many earth elements in the pillars of fate, this means that a person stores a lot of things, but only material values ​​and money can be stored.

For a person with a heavenly trunk of Day - Earth, money will be represented by the element of water, but if there is no such element in the earthly branches, but there is only a dragon. He is a storehouse of water, so his money is hidden in the pillars of fate. When confronted, the vault opens and the person may become rich.

It should be remembered that symbolic stars provide only additional information, and in order to get a complete picture of life and destiny, you need to analyze the Ba Zi map in detail.

We will teach you how to understand the Ba Zi card in our practical course! It starts online on December 15 and is suitable for everyone:

  • For beginners who have just heard about Ba Zi;
  • For those who tried to study on their own, but got confused and gave up;
  • For Ba Zi theorists who are afraid to start consulting;
  • Practitioners with little experience lack the knowledge to analyze complex maps;

If you are ready to learn, understand, and practice, we will give you a “fishing rod” and teach you how to “fish” in the ocean of Ba Zi.

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