Feng Shui talismans and their meaning - attracting success and prosperity to your home

Hi all. In this article we will talk about Feng Shui talismans. We will look at the most powerful in influencing and attracting wealth, love, luck and health.

Chinese Feng Shui talismans for the home have special energy, especially if they are in the right place and complement the interior. All these items are based on a legend. See what you can buy to attract good luck, health, wealth and love.

golden peacock

Feng Shui symbols

Any hieroglyph, carried with you or placed at home, on a scroll or wall, becomes a symbol that helps you in life. For example, carp is a fish that can swim against the current, retains its strength and symbolizes intelligence, success and easy learning.

Feng Shui talismans and their meaning
Feng Shui talismans and their meaning

Before activating areas of the room, the space must be cleared. Make sure that the positive energy of your life circulates calmly throughout your home and place of work. Get rid of garbage, rubble, there should be no dirty corners or things that fall out of cabinets. Tidy up the living space in which you spend a long time as much as possible. And only after that proceed to activate the zones. Below we will talk about Feng Shui symbols and talismans, as well as their meaning.

Feng Shui amulets and talismans: the meaning of love symbols

  1. To activate the Love Zone, you can place a picture of a couple in love in the southwest of the house.
  2. Place red paired long candles.
  3. Carry rose quartz with you or make a “tree of happiness” from it and it will help you attract love
  4. A fan is a symbol of sexual life, most importantly, do not hang it above the bed.

Feng Shui figures and their meaning play an important role in activating living space. Choose powerful talismans to make your life sparkle with new colors.

  1. An aquarium with eight goldfish activates the wealth zone. Any fish is considered a symbol of wealth. But in such an aquarium the ninth fish should be black (for protection).
  2. Carp - will contribute to spiritual development and success.
  3. A cat with a raised paw attracts wealth and good luck. The raised left paw attracts partners, the right paw attracts money. Can be kept in pairs. Or stand the cat with its front paws raised.
  4. The dragon is a symbol of power.
  5. The crane is a symbol of justice
  6. Stork - depending on the needs, will bring the owner an heir or successor at work.
  7. The bat is a symbol of good luck. Five bats symbolize the “five heavenly blessings”: long life, financial well-being, good health, love and natural death in old age. The owner of such a talisman will find happiness and a serene life.
  8. Mandarin ducks. It is recommended to keep them in the Love zone. They not only improve your personal life, but also attract to you exactly the person you are destined to be with.
  9. Butterflies. If you've been waiting to meet someone for a long time, haven't seen each other for a long time, or are looking for new acquaintances, keep these beauties close. They will bring romance and quiet time into your life.
  10. Two swans looking at each other also activate the Love zone in the house
  11. The horse is a symbol of courage, freedom, individuality and endurance
  12. Heavenly Lions (Fu dogs) are a symbol of protection, greatness, masculinity and beauty; they will give peace to your home and protection from all evil.
  13. Kirin - symbol of protection
  14. Rams and sheep symbolize goodness, positivity and good luck
  15. The Rooster will add courage, reliability and confidence to men.
  16. The elephant is a symbol of prosperity.
  17. The eagle is a symbol of help in all endeavors.
  18. The owl symbolizes wisdom.
  19. Magpie is a symbol of happiness.
  20. The dog is a symbol of protection.
  21. Tiger - courage and valor. White tiger - strength, protection and power. If you work in show business, the tiger will bring you fame and fortune.
  22. Phoenix is ​​a symbol of fertility.
  23. The rat is a symbol of prosperity.
  24. Turtle - will provide a covered back


Talismans of love are often paired. They symbolize the harmony of two people. Couple amulets work both to attract love and to preserve it in marriage.

  1. Two swans. This talisman means love and loyalty for life. A pair of mandarin ducks and dolphins have a similar effect.
  2. Red Chinese lanterns. If you hang a couple above the front door, then love will soon stop by for a visit.
  3. A pair or a flock of butterflies - to create a romantic atmosphere.
  4. Live or painted red peonies are a powerful magnet of love and passion. A single woman should place the flower in the bedroom, and when a partner arrives, move them to the living room.
  5. A pair of candles in candlesticks: one red, the other white.

All feng shui symbols can be used not only in the apartment and office, but also for wish cards.

Feng Shui talismans and their meaning: plants

  1. Lotus is a symbol of purity, tranquility and creativity. The lotus makes the water in the swamp clear, which means it will bring you good luck.
  2. Bamboo is a symbol of confidence, resilience and invincibility. A bamboo flute or recorder tied with a red ribbon is perfect for hanging on the ceiling.
  3. Peonies. They are quite often depicted in engravings as a symbol of true love. Peonies are also often present in wedding dresses.
  4. Peach is a symbol of immortality.
  5. Pomegranates and cucumbers are a symbol of having many children, as well as any dried fruit.
  6. Tangerines are a symbol of good luck, longevity and prosperity for the whole family and a successful marriage.
  7. Aichreson is the tree of love.
  8. Anthurium - male happiness and spaciphylum - female happiness will be symbols of family well-being for you.
  9. Mac - will help you understand people, show you the right path and unravel the most difficult relationships

Feng Shui talismans: symbols of health

  1. Scroll with a symbol of longevity.
  2. Gourd pumpkin - brings wealth and bestows health.

Feng Shui talismans to attract money

Feng Shui talismans and their meaning for attracting moneyFeng Shui talismans and their meaning for attracting money
Coins for wealth:

  1. two coins tied with a red thread will help save money;
  2. three Feng Shui coins with a red thread - will attract wealth from three different sources;
  3. five Chinese coins tied with a red thread will attract wealth from four different sources, relevant for people engaged in trade and businessmen;
  4. six coins symbolize heavenly luck;
  5. eight coins will attract wealth from almost everywhere;
  6. The nine coins tied with a red thread must be made during the Qin Dynasty, then the symbol of the completeness of the world will work for you. This is the most powerful amulet, it will attract wealth and the people you need;
  7. a cup of abundance will also help to attract wealth to the family.

Territory of creativity

The creative zone is located in the western part of the home. It is recommended to equip this sector with dynamic interior details, for example, a mobile. A moving object will not make a person stand still and will create an aura favorable for the implementation of creative ideas. Paintings depicting lotuses are also hung in the creativity zone. The flower symbolizes not only cultural intent, but also sophistication.

Talismans to attract money
Talismans to attract money

Chinese coins feng shui meaning

  1. Coin “Arhat No. 9 – Protector” is a symbol of protection.
  2. The coin “Eight Immortals – Lan Tsai He” is a talisman for gardeners.
  3. The “Eight Immortals – Li Te Guai” coin is a talisman for creative people.
  4. The coin “Eight Immortals – Lui Dong Bin” will help you find happiness.
  5. If you are into music, the Eight Immortals of Han Xiang Zi coin is for you.
  6. The coin “Eight Immortals – He Xian Gu” is a symbol of purity and family protection.
  7. Coin “Eight Immortals – Cao Guo Jiu” is the patron of trade and businessmen.
  8. The coin “Eight Immortals – Zhang Guo Lao” is a talisman for travelers.
  9. The coin “Eight Immortals – Zhong Li Quan” will contribute to spiritual development.
  10. Chinese gold coins are also a symbol of wealth.
  11. It is better to tie silver Chinese coins with a red ribbon, then they will work as talismans.
  12. Fiat coin - it is better to keep such a coin in your wallet to attract funds into it.

Feng Shui figurines and their meaning

  1. Magic knots. Knots help ward off evil forces and bind good ones to oneself, and also mean longevity. They are used both to enhance talismans and act as separate amulets.
  2. Double sign of good luck - the name speaks for itself
  3. Buddha is a figurine of good luck, don’t forget to pat his belly
  4. Wind chimes - ringing pipes that disperse negative energy
  5. The pagoda neutralizes negative energy. If you have a rather “aggressive” area in your house, it is better to place the pagoda there.
  6. Bishamon (Tamonten) is the god of happiness. Particularly patronizes lawyers, military personnel and doctors.
  7. Hotei is the god of carefree fun and prosperity. In addition to attracting money, you can make a wish and rub the god's belly more than 300 times to fulfill it.
  8. Daikoku and Ebisu are the gods of happiness and good fortune. When they are together, they work in enhanced mode. Ebisu is the god of hard work and luck, and Daikoku is the patron of wealth.
  9. Benten (Benzaiten) - goddess responsible for luck, learning, love, wisdom and art
  10. Jurojin gives longevity
  11. Fukurokujin (Fukurokuju) gives longevity and wisdom
  12. But the gods of happiness work best when they are all together on the same boat. Therefore, it is better to buy one common figurine-composition, where all the gods are together. And don't forget

Chinese coin of luck feng shui

  1. A coin with the image of a phoenix and a dragon will attract a partner and a successful marriage into your life
  2. Coins for attracting money and good luck according to Feng Shui “three in one” in the form of a flower will give financial well-being, longevity and good health.
  3. A coin of happiness with five bats will provide support to its owner. This is a talisman of wealth, prosperity, happiness and longevity.

Feng Shui money figurines

  1. Three-toed toad with a coin - place this figurine in the Wealth zone. The larger the toad, the more money it will bring you.
  2. Ganesha - the talisman came to Feng Shui from India, and patronizes businessmen, removes obstacles from the path and imparts wisdom

Travel area

It is difficult to imagine the life of a modern person without travel, which helps in gaining new knowledge and impressions. The travel area is located in the northwestern part of the room. The first thing to equip this sector with is a figurine of Ganesha. This is the patron saint of active people seeking bright impressions and making productive connections.

A figurine of a dragon turtle will help protect you from adversity. It is also useful to place a metal box in the travel area for storing business cards.

If a person dreams of traveling to a certain city or country, then it is recommended to hang a landscape of this area on the wall of the travel area. You can also put up a figurine associated with the country of your dreams.

The most popular talismans and figurines in Feng Shui

Feng Shui talismans and their meaning for attracting money


The familiar figurine of a smiling pot-bellied man, carved from bone or wood, can be an excellent assistant in your business. Hottei - a symbol of wealth and prosperity - should be on your desktop and in the Wealth Zone.

Toad with three legs

The same toad with a coin in his mouth. Indeed, in Feng Shui it is considered the strongest stimulant for attracting financial flows. Place the toad in the Wealth Zone and handle it carefully and respectfully. It is recommended to wash the toad twice a week, under running water, to wash away the negative energy of people’s views, envy and rumors directed in your direction.

Interesting moment! Dropping a coin yourself is considered a bad omen, but if you find that the coin fell out on its own, this is a good sign. Expect some good cash flows soon!


In all esoteric teachings, mirrors are given a special meaning: a channel to a parallel world, a reflection of the human essence, an energy magnet... with the help of mirrors you can correct the shortcomings in the layout of your home. For example, if the Wealth Zone, according to the construction plan, ended up in the toilet, a mirror hung on the door will negate the negative impact of this situation. It will, as it were, reflect the negative energy of the sewer aimed at your well-being.

Conversely, an incorrectly hung mirror can nullify all your efforts - for example, a mirror that reflects hottei. The energy of the first talisman will “fail” in the mirror surface, alas, bringing you no benefit.

It is also important that the mirror should not be old - these magical “wells” absorb a colossal amount of energy, information, human experiences and emotions. They will then begin to share all this “wealth” with their new owner. Do you need this? Hang new, WHOLE mirrors in your home without chips or defects. Of course, octagonal mirrors are considered especially beneficial, but that depends on your luck.

Crystal sphere

An elegant piece of furniture and also an assistant for eliminating financial failures. Such talismans are sold in themed stores; an ordinary glass ball does not give the desired effect. The fact is that to make a Feng Shui sphere, an alloy of glass and lead is used, which gives a special (and very beautiful) effect of refraction of sunlight on the edges of the sphere.

"The music of wind"

Or, as these hanging structures are also called, “dream catchers.” Metal tubes and rings suspended at different heights not only caress your ears with a pleasant ringing, but also relieve you from unpleasant experiences. The “dream catcher,” as the name suggests, should hang in the bedroom. According to ancient belief, evil thoughts and dark desires will become entangled in the threads and will be frightened by the sound of metal, and your sleep will be carefree and bright.

Bundles of coins

Chinese coins, knitted in threes and nines, are a must-have in your wallet. They take up no space at all, but bring enormous benefits - after all, they are a real magnet for money!

Green plants

The energy of life and prosperity emanating from the stems of green plants will help you establish peace and love in your home. Place pots with plants in the Family and Love Zone, and again in the Wealth Zone!

Just make sure that the plants do not dry out, water them on time and remove wilted leaves. Artificial flowers, besides collecting dust, do not bring any benefit.

Water (fountain, waterfall)

Water has powerful energy, so it must be used carefully. Depending on the goals you want to achieve: to pacify or, on the contrary, to activate this or that energy, use the symbols of seething, rising water (fountain) or passive, falling (waterfall).

Place fountains in places where energy stagnates (near the front door, for example). Never place a fountain in the bedroom or kitchen. A fountain would also be inappropriate in the Glory Zone.

Family photos

Yes, Feng Shui talismans do not necessarily have to be Chinese-ethnic in nature. Our usual photographs, beautifully hung on the walls or placed on the wall in nice frames, activate the energy of Family and Love. It is clear that it is better to place them in the Family Zone.

Read more about Feng Shui photography>>

Horseshoe (bells, children's drawings)

Place them in the nursery, because these talismans activate creativity and thinking, and who doesn’t want their child to grow up smart and talented.

The horseshoe should hang upside down, forming a kind of bowl, and not downwards (so that your luck does not “drip” from the edges).

There are many Feng Shui talismans, I have only listed a small part! Fans, images of flying cranes, netsuke figurines, the Taoist “wheel of Glory”, a wish whistle, and much more are also loved and popular.

When surrounding yourself with Feng Shui talismans, do not forget to act yourself: a figurine or a painting alone will not make you rich and successful, they will only activate YOUR life energy, therefore, live actively and be happy!

Elements of Water - location by zones

Feng Shui water symbols have unusual properties: they can radically change the entire destiny line of each person. Sometimes, we thoughtlessly place an aquarium or a small decorative fountain in a place where, as it seems to us, it looks most impressive and decorates the apartment. But the correct placement of such talismans will turn them into real guardian angels.

For example, if you place Feng Shui water symbols in the north of your home, you will not notice how your success at work will begin to grow every day, your bosses will appreciate your hard work and will provide an increase in pay for your hard work.

The eastern area of ​​the apartment is responsible for the family and relationships in it, therefore, if you are trying to improve your communication with relatives, then place one of these talismans in this place. If you have problems with sufficient financial security, place a small oriental water amulet in the southeast of your home.

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