Magic animal: which cat will bring you success and which will attract love

“My cat Aliska found me a husband. Now she is the real keeper of our family hearth.” This is what my colleague Irina told me, who spent a long time choosing a pet for herself, and after that she couldn’t get enough of it.

The cat is one of the most magical animals on earth. White, red, black - a variety of colors affects not only the character of the animal. Few people know that the color of a cat has a strong influence on a person and can change his destiny.

Once upon a time there was a black cat around the corner...

Everyone knows the notorious superstition that a black cat crossing the road promises bad luck and misfortune, but in fact, this is not the case at all. It turns out that black cats take away all the negativity of the owner and even the negative energy of guests and strangers. In addition, they can ward off trouble from the owner’s family and bring wisdom and clarity of soul to the house.

In addition to the fact that a black cat has a special ability to absorb negative energy, this furry creature is a wonderful guard - protecting “its” people from the evil eye and theft. An evil spirit will never settle in a house where a black cat lives and the astral body of a deceased person will never remain.

It has been noted since ancient times that a black cat can determine the thoughts of a person who comes to visit. If your pet rubs against your legs or caresses someone present, it means that the cat feels positive energy and bright thoughts. Accordingly, if a cat hisses at a guest, stays away from him or looks at him warily, then you should take a closer look at this person.

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Black cat

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Contrary to all superstitions, it brings good luck. Black cats also take away negative energy from the owner and from the room. It is believed that pets of this color ward off trouble from their owners and give them insight and wisdom.

Black cats protect the owner from magical effects - the evil eye, damage and other witchcraft. Cats fight evil spirits. The astral abilities of the blacklings are so strong that she can easily drive away invisible otherworldly forces from the house.

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Double Wealth

Bi-colored cats are the best mouse hunters and are simply adorable. They carry the energy of wisdom, understanding and common sense.

The color of domestic two-color cats is very diverse, for example, there are black and white, white and blue, chocolate and white and many others. Animals of this bicolor (bicolor) promote friendship, double the happiness and luck of all household members, increase the success of the owner and increase family income.

Siamese is truly considered a royal color! Cats of this color bring fame and success, longevity, and personify the energy of the Sun.

Top 10 Popular Cat Breeds

Every year, the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) publishes a ranking of the most popular cat breeds in the world. The top is compiled by the number of cats registered in this organization.

Based on the results for the previous year 2022, the list is as follows:

Exotic cat

Plush cat with a charming face


Fluffy lazy phlegmatic

British cat

Soft plush with thick cheeks

Persian cat

Fluffy honey with a regal article

Maine Coon

Muscular giant with a gentle character

American Shorthair

Intelligent and obedient hunter

Scottish cat

Modest cutie with round eyes

Canadian Sphynx

The first hairless breed

Devon Rex

Alien cat with dog affection

Gray and smoky gray love symbol

Cats of these colors bring love, happiness, luck, as well as emotional stability and peace.

A blue (gray) cat brings love, peace of mind, stability, peace, luck, sensuality and happiness to “its” little person.

A smoky gray cat helps its owner fight nervous disorders, calms them down and relieves them of stress.

Feng Shui placement of the figurine

Maneki cat according to feng shui

Usually the amulet is installed near the front door, and the money cat must always look towards the house, attracting good luck and symbolizing hospitality.

  • If you place a cat near the cash register, this will definitely affect the increase in revenue.
  • Sometimes you can see the amulet on a red rug in cafes and restaurants. An additional accessory enhances the effect of the talisman. The rug can be replaced with a regular piece of red fabric.
  • If a cat waving its paw is standing on a work desk, then the cat’s face turned towards the owner will attract good luck and prosperity.
  • Finding the talisman in the northeast promotes the perception of the flow of knowledge and successful management of finances.
  • A figurine located in the southeast activates the money zone and increases material wealth.
  • To enhance the effect of the talisman, the cat can be placed on a pot of coins. Thus, the energy symbolizing good luck will increase.
  • For those who are looking for their soul mate, it is recommended to buy two cats at once with different raised paws.
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