Bedroom Feng Shui: location, colors, furniture, talismans

The location of the room according to the cardinal directions when planning

Bedroom in white colors

Feng Shui of bedrooms has a number of features. What matters is the shape of the room, the arrangement of furniture and decorative elements in it. In addition to the placement of the room, attention should be paid to the balance of Yin and Yang. In any bedroom, the main purpose of which is complete rest and relaxation, Yin energy should predominate, suggesting peace and quiet.

If it is possible to choose the direction of the world in which the bedroom will be located, then it is better for father and mother to be located in the southern or southwestern part of the house. But this direction is not suitable for children's bedrooms: the child may become too capricious and even uncontrollable. It is better to place his room in the east or west. It is highly undesirable to place the bedroom in the central part of the house, as well as in the southeast.

It is also recommended to follow the following basic rules:

  1. The most suitable shape for a bedroom is a regular square or rectangle. Many rooms in modern apartments and houses are shaped like the letter L, because... combined with dressing rooms or bathrooms, but this approach is unsuccessful. The situation can be corrected with the help of decorative screens decorated with symbols of good luck.
  2. It is not recommended to use mirrors to visually correct the shape of the bedroom. A mirror can be harmful if placed in an area intended for sleeping.
  3. When organizing a bedroom according to Feng Shui, the location of the room is of great importance. It is unfavorable if it is located above the kitchen, garage or bathroom. This creates a feeling of emptiness. For the same reasons, the door should not open onto the kitchen or stairs.
  4. Placing ceiling beams above the bed should be avoided. If existing beams cannot be covered with suspended or suspended ceilings, you can neutralize their negative impact with a wind bell.
  5. It is important to avoid “poisoned arrows”: sharp corners and shelves pointing towards the bed.
  6. The door should be kept closed, especially when strangers are in the apartment.
  7. The room should not lack natural and artificial lighting and fresh air. During the day, it is recommended to attract Qi energy into it by parting the curtains and opening the windows wide. In this case, it is advisable that direct sunlight does not fall directly on the bed.
  8. If the ceiling in the room is sloping on one side, it is better to sleep with your head in the direction where the wall is higher.

Start from your bed

The ideal bed placement allows you to see the bedroom door while you are in bed. According to feng shui experts, viewing the door from the bed when not too close to it gives a feeling of security and promotes relaxation and sleep.

When placed on a bed, your feet should not point towards the door. If this cannot be avoided, use a nightstand, high bench or table at the foot of the bed that can act as a buffer without blocking the view of the door.

The head of the bed should be against the wall, but not under a window, which could allow the chi energy to flow out and cause restless sleep.

If two people sleep in a bed, there should be equal space on both sides so that each person can easily get out of bed.

What colors suit you best?

When choosing the color of a bedroom, the rules are the same as when decorating an apartment - it all depends on the sector in which it is located from the point of view of the cardinal directions:

  • north and northwest: any shades of blue;
  • West: silver, gray, lemon, lilac, purple;
  • southwest and northeast: brown, coffee, terracotta shade;
  • south: various shades of red.

When choosing the color of the walls in the bedroom according to Feng Shui, you should rely on these options as dominant ones, but they can be diluted with other shades that are suitable from the point of view of the prevailing elements of the selected area.

Purple bedroom - an opportunity for self-realization

In the last century, purple was a color reserved for members of the aristocracy. Its various shades could be found both in the clothes of kings and in the interiors of royal bedchambers and reception halls. The cardinals' rings used purple amethyst as a symbol of power and status, and myths and legends describe the color's many facets. The greatest popularity of purple arose in the 20th century; outrageous representatives of futurism and bright personalities who wanted self-realization used many shades of this color in their everyday life.

Today, lilac, fuschia, dark eggplant and many other similar shades are very successfully used in various interior styles. The design of a bedroom in a classic style using delicate shades looks stylish and unusual.

But the high-tech style bedroom is also magnificent, with an incomparable combination of a rich palette and laconic elements.

Finishing materials

Feng Shui in the bedroom should be good, so it’s better not to skimp on decoration. It is recommended to use natural materials and a bed whose base is made of wood. Wallpaper is preferably made of paper or fabric. Smooth textures and soft patterns with smooth lines are welcome. It is better to refuse expressive ornaments.

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Bright bedroom

It is recommended to avoid contrasting colors and not use different materials and textures on the same wall. The ceiling should be as flat as possible, without protrusions, beams or complex plasterboard structures. It is better to choose classic materials and finishes. You should avoid suspended ceilings with a glossy effect, especially mirrored ones, in which sleepers can be reflected.

Combining wallpaper

The most popular option is companion wallpaper. Once designing a room with wallpaper combinations became not just an option but a trend, manufacturers jumped on the idea. And now you don’t always have to choose a pair yourself, the wallpaper is already sold as a set. Wallpaper in the bedroom can be combined for the following purposes:

  • room zoning;
  • emphasizing the features of the room and masking its shortcomings;
  • visual change in bedroom proportions;
  • emphasizing a certain wall;
  • creating a focal point or adapting the bedroom to the owner's personality.

The wallpaper can repeat color shades of the same intensity: the ideal option is a tonal combination of pastel and muted shades. To avoid visual irritation in the quietest room of the house, add plain (or textured) wallpaper to patterned wallpaper. In the bedroom you can combine not two, but even three types of wallpaper, but this is more difficult.

Selection of furniture and its positioning

Not only the location and shape of the room itself is of great importance, but also the choice and positioning of furniture, especially the bed. It is recommended to adhere to the following set of rules to achieve good Feng Shui for the bedroom:

  • the head of the bed should be close to the wall;
  • It is better to avoid placing any mirrors in the bedroom, because they symbolize the presence of a third person who is able to separate the couple;
  • if the mirror does not reflect the sleeping place, it will not harm the married life;
  • the bed cannot be placed between two doors;
  • an arched headboard is a bad sign, because it resembles the shape of a Chinese tomb;
  • the bed should not be positioned with its head towards the toilet;
  • the most successful bed shapes are round (very rare in European realities) or as close to square as possible;
  • for a stable and lasting marriage, a square headboard is best suited, with a backrest on which you can comfortably rest your back;
  • a married couple should sleep on one solid mattress, you should not buy 2 separate ones;
  • things can store the energy of past owners, so the bed and mattress must be new;
  • It is not recommended to place any fashionable arches with pointed or triangular arches in the bedroom - they form “poisoned arrows”, which have a detrimental effect on the health of those sleeping.

If possible, it is recommended to position the bed in such a way that the head of the family sleeps with his head in his most favorable direction, from a Feng Shui point of view. The only exceptions are those cases when the best direction for a man at the same time turned out to be the worst for a woman. If this happens, it is better to give preference to a neutral option that will not bring negativity to either of the couple.

Bedroom furniture

The bedroom should not have a large amount of furniture, especially that which provides storage of household appliances, equipment and clothing. If possible, it is better to limit yourself to only bedside tables of the simplest possible design, without a large number of shelves and drawers.

If the size or layout of the apartment does not allow you to move the closet to another room, you should make its doors solid and smooth: when they are closed, this will create the illusion of a wall. The choice of furniture color is determined according to the same principles as the colors of finishing materials.

General recommendations

There are no special rules determining what the height of a sconce should be above a bed or sofa.

It is customary to be guided by practical considerations, ideas about comfort and ease of use. The location should be such that a person can freely turn on or off the light without straining or changing body position.

Basic criteria for choosing height:

  1. Purpose of sconce. If the lamp performs primarily a decorative function, the height is determined based on the general style of the room and the specifics of the interior. If the task is only lighting, they are guided by the optimal illumination of a given area of ​​the room (for a living room, according to SNiP, 150 Lux).
  2. Type of lamps. Three types are used in residential premises - incandescent, fluorescent (energy-saving), and LED. The first type requires maximum distance from a person due to the large amount of heat generated. The second option heats up much less, but during operation it makes a characteristic noise, crackling or humming. LED designs are completely silent, do not heat up and allow the closest location to the head of the bed.
  3. Type of lamps. This point must be taken into account, since the design of the lampshade and the general appearance of the lighting device create different degrees of illumination. Some lamps form a light spot on the wall, preventing rays from entering the room itself. Other types direct the flow of light into the room with virtually no loss.

Sometimes the question arises: where is it more correct to measure the height of the sconce, from the ceiling or from the floor? There is no fundamental difference, the main thing is that the result is correct. However, it should be taken into account that one of the main selection criteria is a person’s height, so the order of measurement from gender seems more correct and reasonable.


Plants should be placed in the sleeping area with great care. According to Feng Shui, it is better to avoid most plants for the bedroom. Some practicing masters recommend not placing them at all, but there is no strict taboo. For example, a single person can put any type of orchids in the bedroom, because... they attract love into life.

It is also permissible to purchase two green bamboo shoots, which will symbolize mutual understanding and equality in relationships and bring harmony into them.

Decorative elements

A thoughtless choice of decorative elements for a bedroom according to Feng Shui can lead to many negative consequences, because... seemingly simple things have a hidden meaning, interpreted by ancient Eastern teachings.

Feng Shui paintings for the bedroom

Paintings in the bedroom

You need to choose paintings for the bedroom with care. Many people have the desire to decorate the walls with images of nature, but they do not take into account an important fact: there should not be any images of water in the sleeping area. The painting should be done in calm, non-aggressive colors that will bring in Yin energy.


A mirror in the bedroom is bad manners according to Feng Shui. It is recommended that any reflective surfaces be placed outside of this room. If you cannot avoid installing a mirror or a mirrored closet door, then you should make sure that sleeping people are not reflected in it under any circumstances. The larger the mirror, the more negative it can bring, especially if it reflects the entire bed: from the front, side or even from above. If necessary, you need to close the mirrors at night.

This is one of the basic rules of Feng Shui, which must be followed when arranging your home.


Water located too close to the bed always leads to danger and potential losses, not only personal, but also financial. This applies to any containers with water, incl. aquariums, which are contraindicated for installation in the bedroom. Furnishings that imitate aquariums have the same effect.

Fan in the bedroom

Fan in the bedroom

The feng shui fan is used to activate chi energy. It can be placed in any sector, depending on the area you want to improve. The sleeping area is also suitable for this. You can choose a fan of any size and color, depending on the interior, personal preferences and the sector in which the room is located. It is hung with the fan open upward.

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Despite the fact that fire is a symbol of passion and can bring it into a relationship, it is not advisable to place a fireplace in the bedroom, because... this threatens to deteriorate the well-being of family members.

Decoration features

How to arrange decor according to Feng Shui:

  • The mirror is large, it is better to replace a full-length mirror with a small one on the dressing table. A wall mirror can be hung in a corner, but not in front of the entrance or bed. Two mirrors on opposite walls are dangerous because, according to Chinese beliefs, they open a portal to the other world;
  • painting, photography - for couples who dream of becoming parents, it is useful to hang images with children in the western sector of the room. Paintings with autumn motifs, seascapes depicting a storm are unfavorable for the bedroom. You should also not hang photographs of strangers or dead people;
  • colored candles and figurines are mandatory attributes of a bedroom according to Feng Shui.

beautiful room

You cannot place an aquarium, a mini-fountain, books on open shelves or electrical appliances in the sleeping room.

In case of redevelopment or cosmetic repairs

If the apartment is going to be renovated and the layout can be slightly changed, it is recommended to make sure that the bedroom doors do not open:

  • on the stairs;
  • on sharp objects;
  • on the stove or stove;
  • on the refrigerator;
  • to the toilet;
  • to the main entrance door;
  • at a protruding angle;
  • on a pole without support.


If you are setting up a bedroom for a child, you should make sure that Yang energy predominates in it. This is due to the fact that children grow quickly and are characterized by increased activity. The design of a children's bedroom should be more cheerful and bright. Therefore, if a teenager listens to loud music and covers the walls with posters of his favorite artists, this fact indicates good Feng Shui, which increases luck and has a positive effect on health.

But you cannot activate Yang so much that Yin is completely suppressed, and the room lacks dark colors and places for privacy and tranquility. It is better to choose paintings for a children's bedroom that are bright and cheerful, but not gloomy.

A large amount of negative energy is brought into the children's bedroom by toys for boys: tanks, soldiers, military equipment. It is better to play “war” in another room, outside the bedroom. All other rules regarding the master bedroom also apply to the child's room.

Lilac in the interior: how it affects health

Lilac is associated with the morning haze, when it is about to get light, or with the evening twilight, when the fog thickens.
This color is a mystery! Olga Vostroknutova Psychiatrist
Alone with lilac, you can philosophize and reflect on life. Lilac carries mysticism, coldness, and aloofness. That's why he doesn't have many fans - and these are only those who love freedom, appreciate a quiet environment and build the world around themselves.

Reason No. 9: bleached lilac is the color of meditation. It is comfortable to conduct training with him, he instills calm and balance.

The color of lilac attracts attention and at the same time repels. It's all about its richness. Lavender or amethyst in combination with a milky tone and light wood will create a cozy home - you will definitely want to be in the atmosphere of French Provence.

Reason #10: Lilac’s job is to charm people! Relatives, friends and neighbors!

The same cannot be said about the room, which is completely upholstered and furnished with lilac items. An excess of color closes the space and creates uncertainty, which sometimes causes irritation, apathy and depression.

Reason No. 11: lilac is a charming psychic who can quickly make dreams come true. Once you paint the walls... fantastic!

Therefore, play with shades and mix lilac with other tones. So any color - black, gray and purple - will not drive you crazy.

Reason No. 12: light lilac will help your eyes relax after a hard day at work.

Lilac is “dull” because it is obtained by mixing two “ringing” colors - red and blue, which compete with each other for.

Feng Shui love corner in the bedroom

Proper bed placement and bedroom layout are key to a strong relationship. You can improve the atmosphere of love and mutual understanding by creating a romantic corner in this room.


To activate the zone of love and marriage, you can use paintings and figurines that help spread beneficial energy. For example, images of blooming peonies are a powerful symbol of a strong marriage. They symbolize trust, openness and sexuality. A picture with peonies can even be hung above the head of the bed. However, fresh flowers are not the best choice for the master bedroom. They have too much energy and can cause discord in relationships.

If you can allocate a shelf in the room for figurines and talismans, it is better to give preference to paired animals. The most common symbols of love, from a Feng Shui point of view, are mandarin ducks, swans and dolphins. By placing any of these figurines in a prominent place in the bedroom, you can attract the energy of love into your life. Images of lonely people and animals in the bedroom are prohibited; they will negatively affect mutual understanding in marriage.

The love corner must be constantly kept clean and tidy, and it must be ensured that it is not cluttered or covered with dust. In this case, you will be able to achieve good Feng Shui in the bedroom.

If there is an image of objects in the picture, then there should be two of them

An excellent solution would be paintings with a paired image. For example, peonies captured at the peak of their bloom will add passion to the love relationship of spouses.

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People in love will become a symbol of a long and strong relationship. In particular, such canvases are recommended to be hung at the head of the bed for lonely people. To quickly find your soul mate.

The depicted pair of animals is a symbol of fidelity and devotion.

Three objects in the picture will attract the betrayal of one of the spouses.

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