Why you can’t count money at night and how to get around the ban

Why is it better to refrain from counting money in the evening?

In ancient times, our ancestors believed in omens and followed them with particular accuracy, especially those that related to money. By following the signs, you can not only preserve what you already have, but also increase your wealth.

One of these signs explains why you can’t count money in the evening. Usually in the evenings the whole family is at home, and one of the household members may be jealous or jinxed. Because of envy, negative energy will transfer to money, and they will try to leave this house as quickly as possible.

By counting your money in the evening, you attract the attention of evil forces to it. Because of this, the family is at risk of trouble.

Sign to count money on Maundy Thursday

  • Clean Thursday is considered a favorable day for getting rid of old energy. On this day it is recommended to spend money on new acquisitions.
  • Signs recommends counting money three times on Maundy Thursday - in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. Don’t tell or show your money ritual to anyone.
  • works well on Clean Thursday . Throw a few coins into the water. Leave the vessel with water in the room for a day.

A conspiracy to attract money, read at dawn of Easter, greatly enhances their energy. On the Annunciation they do not lend money, but rather sprinkle their savings with holy water.

How to count money correctly

Our ancestors believed that in order to accumulate a lot, one should not neglect the little. This is how the famous saying came about: “A penny saves a ruble.” Therefore, you need to approach the observance of monetary signs with particular seriousness and adhere to the following rules:

  • Every Friday you need to recalculate the money that is set aside for household expenses.
  • Count money for small expenses three times a day.
  • During the month, you need to count all available funds twice, on even days.
  • Large receipts, such as salaries, need to be recalculated immediately, but spent only after a day.
  • So that no one jinxes it, you need to do the money count alone.
  • It is strictly forbidden to count money after sunset.
  • Your wallet should be in order. Large bills are in one compartment, small bills are in another, coins are in a special compartment.
  • Money must be kept at home.
  • So that finances are not offended, at the time of spending and receiving money you need to say goodbye and hello to them.

Keeping records of income and expenses is what money loves.

Basic money rules

In order for financial issues to be resolved successfully, you need to carefully approach the recalculation, storage and investment of your own funds. It doesn’t matter whether you believe in omens or dry science, underneath every folk tradition lies a grain of common sense. And if you analyze money superstitions, you can come across several rules, the observance of which will help maintain wealth:

  • It is better to make large purchases in the morning or afternoon - for a fresh mind and a long service life.
  • You cannot put banknotes in your wallet upside down so that the money does not fall into the abyss. Order in your wallet makes it easier to control financial flows.
  • They always leave a coin in the wallet for divorce, they don’t let it be empty. And from Chinese traditions came the belief about the red ribbon. It is believed that a piece of silk in a wallet attracts “gold” into the hands of the wearer of such a talisman.

Chinese coin amulet

Unfavorable time for recalculation

According to legend, if you count money after sunset, it will be spent on small things, and unexpected expenses and troubles will arise. This applies to a greater extent to debts. You should not borrow or lend your savings in the evening , otherwise the return may be delayed or the funds will be wasted.

It's about the end of the working day. Everything related to business and financial issues - exchange, payment, settlement - needs to be resolved during the day, and after sunset, leave the troubles and relax.

The ban applies not only to manual cash counting, but also to digital or paper accounting . It is better to close all books before nightfall, so as not to make any mistakes and not overload your thoughts before going to bed.

There is also a sign not to count money during your lunch break. Perhaps this is due to a full day's rest, the need to put things aside for a while and refresh yourself, to translate your thoughts. Symbolically, it is believed that the sun standing at its zenith heats up gold coins, and they can easily be let go of their hands - that is, unplannedly lose some amount.

When can you count money?

Money transactions can be carried out at any time of the day in clear light. Purchases and investments are made in the morning, and rewards, salaries and profits are transferred in the afternoon.

It is also recommended to plan your budget before 4 pm. It is customary to borrow money in the afternoon, and to give it back at any daylight hours.

If you need to count money urgently, there are several ways to “outwit” the tradition:

  • Count money at work. If the working day ends in the dark, and you need to count the cash register, issue salaries, or simply plan expenses regularly - just do it at your desk, in a business setting.
  • At home, you can get around the taboo by counting money under a table lamp in clear light and writing down all the calculations.
  • Another option is to lay out a red napkin to count cash or make accounting entries.
  • You can put a coin on a chair and, sitting on it, count. Another similar way is to put a grain or, as a last resort, a piece of bread behind your cheek, which symbolizes gold, satiety and prosperity.

In the end, in the evening, money should not be divided and taken out of the doorway or taken out of the wallet - this is what is considered a symbol of loss. And a simple recount can be beneficial and pleasantly warm the soul - especially when there is something to count.

When you definitely can’t count money

According to folk traditions, any manipulations with funds are prohibited at night, so you cannot:

  • lend money;
  • to borrow;
  • collect debts;
  • return borrowed funds;
  • keep count.

All this involves counting banknotes and can cause a strong blow to your financial condition. Because of this, new money will stop flowing into the family, and savings will be spent pointlessly.

Signs related to money

There are a number of signs that describe upcoming events with money. An interesting fact: if a person’s left hand itches, then this is a sign of financial well-being. Moreover, the more often she bothers, the larger the money will be. If a person makes a large profit, then a small part should be donated. People adhered to the admonition that those who know how to give will receive many times more.

The red wallet can attract funds. It's better to carry money in it. In this case, the bills should be placed with the numbers down and one side. It is then that the energy of money will attract even greater wealth. A coin lying on the street can also give you a clue. If it is facing upward, then you can safely take it. However, in the opposite case, it is better to bypass the coin. It may be the machinations of evil spirits.

Birds can foretell imminent financial profit. They talk about this when they fly close to a person. A red spider on clothes indicates that things will be updated soon. If a person manages to catch it in the palm of his hand, then he will profit. To attract wealth into the house, people place a bill under the tablecloth. In this case, the coin must lie under the rug at the entrance to the house. Then well-being in your home is guaranteed.

How to count if you have to do it at night

Money loves counting, so it’s not just possible, but necessary to count it. It's better to do this during the day. If manipulations with finances in the evening cannot be avoided, then you need to do this:

  • You can count them at night by laying them out on the floor. Thus, the evil spirits will not pay attention to them, as they will think that they have fallen, and the money itself will become entangled and remain with the owner.
  • Lock yourself in a room alone and think so.
  • Before you pay off your debt in the evening, you need to say: “So that yours and mine may increase.”

Additional recommendations

There are many signs related to finance. Here are some helpful reminders you may find useful:

  • Money should not be counted by weight; gold loves stability and support.
  • They do not transfer funds across the threshold so as not to disrupt the financial channel. Money moves from hand to hand under one roof.
  • It is not advisable to count money in the rain so that it does not “flow away” with streams of water.
  • It is not customary to borrow from junior employees, even for trifles, so as not to reduce income.
  • They do not give children money for pocket expenses in the evening; it is also better to leave replenishment of mobile accounts and similar investments in the morning.
  • To prevent money from going away, after counting it is enough to grab it with an elastic band or wrap it in paper indicating the amount.

To believe in omens or not is a personal matter for each person. If you feel safer by following small, old rituals, they will help you be more confident and make wiser decisions.

How to attract finance

To attract capital, you need to listen to the following advice:

  • Buy a red wallet or a wallet that has red inserts inside.
  • There should be a large bill in the wallet, but no manipulations can be carried out with it. You can also store a talisman coin.
  • You can put a money tree at home and take good care of it.
  • Hang a horseshoe above the front door.
  • Throw away unnecessary rubbish and do not accumulate garbage.

Because money loves motivated people, to increase it you need to think positively and learn how to handle it. Then they themselves will float into your hands.

On what day of the week should money be counted?

Do you want to improve your financial situation? Then we recommend using money signs for every day.

  • Monday. You shouldn’t lend money at the beginning of the week, otherwise you risk giving away all your savings within 7 days. To keep your wallet full, do not count your money on Monday. At the beginning of the week, do not spend money on thoughtless purchases.
  • Tuesday. On Tuesday they do not lend or borrow money. To improve your financial situation, it is recommended to replenish your wallet with new banknotes on Tuesday.
  • Wednesday. A favorable day for large purchases and charity. Change a large bill on Wednesday and share the change with those in need. Your kindness will return to you in the form of material wealth. Wednesday is the best day to ask for a salary increase.
  • Thursday. If you find money on this day, then expect a replenishment of funds from an unexpected source. A bonus or gift awaits you. to count money on Thursday in the first half of the day. Thursday is the perfect day to repay debts.
  • Friday. An ideal day to make deals. Funds from any proceeds will help improve your financial situation in the future. On Friday you need and can count money at any time of the day. Money spent at the end of the work week for the benefit of another person will return to you with positive energy.
  • Saturday. On this day, it is recommended to feed the brownie with food and coins. It will help save your funds from unpredictable waste. On Saturday, money rituals are performed to increase income. Cash investments on this day will bring benefits in the future. On Saturday, you can make a money talisman - charm a coin, visit a temple with it, and then carry it in your wallet.
  • Resurrection. At the end of the week, you need to count all the change and spend it. This way you will start the new week with new cash receipts. On this day one does not borrow or borrow money. On Sunday, torn shoes are thrown away, and a coin is placed in the old one under the insole. This will help update your wardrobe in the near future.

Counting money

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