How to determine and calculate your element according to Feng Shui by date of birth: a brief description

There is such an interesting topic as the dominance or lack of manifestation of the elements in the map. What does it mean?

The elements indicate the type of energy that we emit and conduct with ourselves. In fact, the accentuation of the elements in the map is some of our energy background. That is, we count planets in signs based on the principle of their belonging to one or another element:

  • fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)
  • water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)
  • air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)
  • earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Example: People with dominant Fire in their chart almost always attract attention. When entering a room, they are noticed and attract attention. They have such energy. And when they express themselves, do or say something, they shine even brighter.

Description of the dominant elements:

Dominant fire - a high degree of activity, strong will and emotions, great ambitions, powerful creativity.

The dominant air is contact, diplomacy, easy absorption of information, active exchange of thoughts and ideas, the ability to adapt to the interlocutor and his manner of expression.

Dominant water - sensuality, depth, receptivity, care, the need for safety and comfort, the desire for intimacy, expressiveness of feelings and experiences, an active inner world.

Dominant earth - practicality, thoroughness, resilience, rationality, pragmatism, focus on financial well-being, the desire to stock up, create a foundation, cultivate and develop what is available.


When the Ascendant, for example, is in an air sign, but in fact there are no planets in these signs. The first impression is that he is a contactable, sociable, intelligent person.

If the basis is earth, then such a person is rational and pragmatic, but it is very difficult for him to enter into communication without a clear task.

How to count elements?

I use the following principle:

  • 2 points each Sun and Moon.
  • 1.5 points for each - Mercury, Venus, Mars.
  • 1 point each for Jupiter and Saturn.
  • Uranus, Neptune, Pluto 0.5 points each.
  • Ascendant (if you know for sure) 1.5 points (symbolically it is worth taking into account if there are planets in the same element).


  • Earth: 2 Sun, 1.5 Venus, 0.5 Pluto
  • Fire: 2 Moon, 1.5 Mars, 1.5 Mercury
  • Water: 1.5 Ascendant, 1 Saturn, 1 Jupiter
  • Air: 0.5 Uranus, 0.5 Neptune

Total: fire (5), earth (4), water (3.5), air (1)

Natural compatibility

At the very beginning of my astrology training, when I was going through the elements, my teacher said that for the best development and compatibility, you need to choose people who have the elements that we lack. However, observing different couples, I noticed that good relationships most often develop between people with a similar set of elements. This gives some kind of predictability, similarity of views and interests, and overall similarity. Same strengths and similar weaknesses. However, the downside is clear - it can become boring, we are too similar.

In such relationships, the elements are gained through conscious pumping or through friends in whom they dominate. Making friends with people of the elements you lack is something that is really useful, I recommend it to everyone. Not particularly traumatic (unlike relationships) and moderately developmental.

Development is, of course, good, but my personal opinion is that developing about a partner who is very different from you means spending a lot of time and effort precisely on maintaining such relationships and developing yourself through them. To be honest, for people with pronounced 7th, 8th and 4th houses this is normal, but for others - well...

It is interesting, by the way, that men without Water are more favorable towards Water girls than vice versa. They say “well, she’s just like that on my mind!” The girl believes that he does not always understand her feelings, but she appreciates him for his reliability and masculinity. But in the opposite case, we get a woman-tank, and a man who constantly calls her “Where are you? Why aren’t you home yet, I’m worried!”

In the case of a Fire man and a woman without Fire, everything is also not bad. He says “she’s such a quiet person”; the woman says “I like his ambitions, but I am often jealous while he is not at home!” If on the contrary, she is everywhere, active and independent. He’s passive, lazy, she constantly jumps on him, finding out why he won’t change jobs and when we’ll finally go on vacation.

An earthly man and a woman without Earth - he earns, she spends. He controls expenses, she constantly demands to buy a handbag or a fur coat. He is always shocked by how much money she spends and on what. She explains this to herself by the fact that she is a woman.

An earthly woman and a man without Earth - she is very practical, keeps track of expenses and income, the entire budget is under her strong hand (and access to its cards). Such a man may even be afraid of an earthly woman, feeling her inflexibility. When they are in company, she looks modest, quite quiet, but she counts every penny he spends while sitting at this table. He knows this too, and in general, tries not to cross the line (unless Fire. Earth and Fire often have scandals over money and waste of resources).

He is Air, she is without Air - he is extremely active, he has a lot of friends, contacts, connections. He values ​​his woman for her reliability, but she seems somehow boring and a little closed to him, she lacks knowledge and intellectual development. He constantly tries to stimulate her, or kills her and rushes about his business. She then sorts things out. Her resentment builds up and then a supernova explosion occurs. The airy man knows this feature and runs home with a bouquet of roses.

She is Air, he is without Air - she has a million girlfriends, a lot of connections, she knows everyone, she is constantly traveling somewhere. He is a homebody or works a lot. She says he has no friends, he gets upset. She tells him that he is boring and tries to take him out for a walk or go somewhere. He is interested in her, but he constantly thinks about how expedient it all is and whether it is worth the effort. He can hang around with her everywhere, jealous of the million of her friends (if he has a lot of Water and little Fire).

Crosses (type of activity)

The second classification of signs is by crosses. And crosses are also needed to understand the symbolism of the signs, and to count the predominant cross in the map. Each sign refers to one of the 3 crosses.

The crosses indicate the type of activity of the sign, its way of acting.


Signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn

How it works : sharply, decisively, forcefully

Image: geyser (using water as an example)

Qualities: need to act, initiate, leadership qualities, determination, initiative, dedication, innovation, impulsiveness

Deficit: indecisiveness, listlessness, passivity, requires an external impulse for action, no clear direction

You may be wondering why hesitant Libra and fearful Cancer belong to the cardinal cross? The fact is that the characteristics of the sign arise from the combination of the elements and the cross. And among the air signs, Libra will be the most punchy and decisive (compare with the fickle Gemini or the chaotic Aquarius). In addition, this cardinality will be directed into the airy spheres: into communication and partnership, where Libra takes the bull by the horns. And Cancer is the most cardinal of all water signs (compare with the secretive Scorpio or the confused Pisces). He will be decisive in everything that concerns family, loved ones or emotions.


Signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius

Image: pond (using water as an example)

Qualities: reliability, durability, consistency, perseverance, efficiency, patience, routine, slowness, constancy, inertia

Deficit: restlessness, not finishing things, lack of perseverance and concentration

Aquarius on the list of fixed signs can also raise questions. But he is the most fixed of the air. He can stubbornly defend the most unusual ideas.


Signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces

Image: stream

How it works : flexible, adapting to circumstances, changeable.

Qualities: flexibility, adaptability, easy switching from one activity to another, wide range of interests, changeability, superficiality

Deficiency: poor adaptability, conservatism, change is confusing

When we interpret the sign, it is useful to remember which cross it belongs to. This will tell us exactly how the sign will manifest itself, or more precisely, how its activity will manifest itself. In general, the meaning of a sign can be obtained by combining the element and the cross.

Elemental balance. Fire

We look at our relationship with the element of Fire according to our natal chart and the planets falling in the signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Lack of Fire

Affects vitality. Often there may not be enough strength to compete, play sports, demonstrate and defend one’s will. The body may be subject to disease and melancholy, a state of apathy. Predisposition to a passive lifestyle (however, Air can help here, filling life with communication and travel!). Excess of fire. Too much impulsiveness, destructive ambitions, maximum concentration on the ego, narcissism. Fire is the element that is most partial to attention. Behavior may be despotism, the desire to impose one's will, and as a result - tactlessness, conflict and rudeness.

Earth's Lack

With a lack of Earth, it gives a person who does not particularly like to earn money and strain for the sake of material wealth (this is not a royal matter!). It can be actively used by his business partners, especially the air-terrestrial type, considering it a naive “wallet”. Such people really do part with money quite easily, especially for the sake of prestige or being fooled by the flattery of others. They are concerned about the attention of others, they always want to be in the center of it. The undertakings and enterprises of such people lack a solid foundation, which is why financial miscalculations and inconsistencies can occur.

Lack of Water

With a lack of Water, we get a person with very bright, contrasting emotions and manifestations. Such a person lacks gentleness, empathy, the ability to enter into the position of another, to feel his problem (in principle, this is all a problem for everyone who has no Water in their chart). Fire people are those who can act purely on impulse, without thinking about the consequences in principle. It is difficult for such people to become attached, it is difficult to maintain relationships, they are not inclined to relationships on equal terms. The partners of such people often do not understand what is happening inside such a person, and whether there is, in principle, life there, or just a jet engine.

Lack of Air

The lack of Air makes a person very categorical and unable to see alternative points of view. Such people easily make contact, but they tend to lead and hear only themselves. Expressed Fire cares little about the points of view of other people if they are not an authority for him. Also, the absence of Air may indicate a lack of critical thinking, exceptional faith in one's beliefs. For such a person, if he has gotten something into his head, it is extremely difficult for him to give up his point of view and his beliefs. He will destroy his opponent with his furious speeches and outright pressure. An opponent with a strong Earth can crush you with arguments, but a Fire opponent is capable of bringing matters to a fight or outright picking.

Here it is necessary to explain that Air and Earth are elements of a logical type. Air operates with abstractions, generalizations, and finding relationships. The earth appeals to forms, patterns, patterns. The earth remembers facts and clear positions. People without Air tend to be categorical, since they have “correct” schemes and patterns. Fire is trusting, subject to the opinions of authorities, and if it gets something into its head, then stick to it. And so it turns out that the Fire-Earth combination without Air clearly clings to its ideas and has difficulty making any updates or updates in its idea of ​​the world.


Character of “metal” people:

  • They are easy to spot by their regal appearance. They can be arrogant and love to criticize.
  • They do not like crowds and prefer to spend time alone so that no one disturbs them.
  • True leaders and visionaries will never settle for second roles.
  • All emotions are felt very strongly and subtly. If disappointment is global. If there is resentment, then with a complete severance of relations.
  • They very clearly distinguish falsehood from truth; it is almost impossible to deceive them.
  • They need privacy and get tired of communication. They recover only in solitude.
  • They have a natural sense of style and taste, they want to bring everything to perfection in their actions, they are perfectionists.
  • In life they choose everything that is most authentic, refined, and meaningful.
  • At the level of the aura, they read and understand the whole essence: relationships, people, actions, actions, processes.
  • They penetrate into the essence of the problem and analyze it thoroughly.
  • They do not tolerate superficiality, they will never do anything anyhow.
  • Everything related to refinement, improvement, real, genuine meaning and quality is about Metal.
  • They are meticulous, sensitive, have excellent hearing, and read all the shades and nuances.
  • Improve - this word best characterizes the “metal people”.

External signs:

Watch a video about the elements:

Elemental balance. Water

We look at our relationship with the element of Water according to our natal chart and the planets falling in the signs of Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio.

Lack of Water

Emotional dryness, unresponsiveness, lack of imagination and lively emotions. People without Water often seem impenetrable from the outside; it is difficult to find that same emotional and spiritual contact with them. Sometimes it seems that there is a black hole gaping in their “soul” area, and it is not entirely clear whether they, in principle, have real empathy and sympathy or are they just pretending? (Indeed, they often pretend to be). It is difficult for them to maintain truly close emotional family-type relationships.

Excess Water

Sensitivity, touchiness, intuitiveness. Such people subtly feel other people's emotional states, but much more often they themselves get stuck in their hopeless feelings and emotions. If such a person is overwhelmed by emotion, then he goes headlong into it. It is extremely difficult to control oneself, rash actions are often committed, unpleasant words are said that hurt others. The Water Man is the sea. He can be calm and affectionate at one moment, and at another he can be an angry storm, ready to destroy. Often a very labile psyche, quick emotional response, moodiness and passive aggression.

Earth's Lack

With a lack of Earth, it gives a person who does not see the bottom, who does not know how to find his own point of support. Such a person is subject to emotions and they completely destroy him. He will easily quit his job if it seems to him that the team has become bitter against him. They often become dependent on partners and loved ones. The material side of life suffers due to constant changes in moods and states. Everything is decided by “whether I want it or not.” For the sake of loved ones, there are also “needs.” They don’t know how to save money, but they can try. Then money becomes a sore subject.

Lack of Fire

With a lack of Fire, we are faced with a suspicious person, a quiet pool. Few people understand what is in it. Such a person often bothers himself inside himself, while outwardly this may practically not manifest itself in any way. There is a tendency towards melancholy, depression, apathy, lack of vitality (unless it is Scorpio). Romantic personalities, often not particularly noticeable, hover in their own mermaid world. Almost always in a relationship, without a relationship they languish in a long depression.

Lack of Air

With a lack of Air, a person tends to accumulate all the negativity inside himself, and then explode. Obvious communication problems, severe touchiness, passive aggression. Such a person will sit in the corner and stare at you, but will not say what is wrong and what is the matter. You have to guess for yourself! He feels you so well, how can you not understand what is happening inside him now? Often such partners want some kind of almost telepathic relationship. Since they are very sensitive, it often seems to them that they understand their partner very well, and he, in turn, is either an idiot or pretends to be, but for some reason does not feel them as well . It takes many years for this type to learn to talk through his problems, rather than using emotional manipulation through which he tries to show you where you were wrong.

Water and Fire are emotional elements. People with manifested elements of Fire and Water are a very artistic type, but almost always completely devoid of rationality. Girls of this type very often simply blow the minds of their partner due to their emotionality and unpredictability. Men of this type are clever manipulators and womanizers, they are good at achieving everything through women and sex. Very often they go into creative professions. Water is an introverted element - it is about deep feelings, a feeling of closeness and emotional comfort. Water is about connection and relationship. Fire is external emotions and reactions, what others see, what breaks out. Fire is manifestation and will.


  • What element and what cross does the sign of Virgo belong to? Scorpio? Aquarius?
  • What is the best way to organize training for the owner of Mercury in the sign of the earth element?
  • What are the peculiarities of the emotional sphere of the owner of the Moon in the fire element?
  • What ideas about relationships does the owner of Venus in the air element have?
  • How does the owner of the Sun in a fixed sign make decisions?
  • How does the owner of Mars in a mutable sign do things? What tips can you give him for better productivity?
  • Which professional activity is best suited if the native has fire and water predominance? Which one will cause problems?
  • What relationship problems may arise if the native is dominated by fire and air? What can you recommend?
  • A man with a predominant cardinal cross and no mutable cross at all decided to build a house himself. What problems might he face? What advice can you give him to make sure everything works out?
  • Which element and which cross dominates your chart? How does this manifest itself?
  • Do you have an element or cross in deficiency (1 planet, not personal) or missing? If so, how does it manifest itself?
  • What is your synthesis sign? Or are there several of them? How can this be interpreted?
  • Sort out the cards of your loved ones and friends for elements and crosses.
  • What elements and crosses predominate in the map below? Are there missing elements and crosses? How can you interpret this?

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Elemental balance. Air

We look at our relationship with the element of Air according to our natal chart and planets falling in the signs of Gemini, Aquarius or Libra.

Lack of Air

Always affects a person’s communication and intellectual skills. Makes it difficult for him to communicate unless there is a specific goal. Often there are no operational communication skills, it is difficult to communicate in a company. Thinking may lack speed and flexibility. Such people are not fools, but they are very thoughtful and deep, sometimes so much so that they can be difficult to understand. The absence of Air often forms a schizoid personality type. They are slow to rise and have difficulty changing their point of view. Information is processed for quite a long time.

Excess of Air.

Light, chaotic, extremely mobile. They don't like to stay in one place. They are fickle, often relatively irresponsible, constantly in changing conditions and easily fit into any environment. The most adaptive type, and unlike the Water person, knows how to distance himself from his emotions, thereby fitting into any social situation much more easily. But as soon as he gets used to it, he immediately rushes to the next adventure. He makes acquaintances easily, moves around a lot, constantly studies or talks about something. Serious disadvantages: he often does not have deep knowledge, has difficulty maintaining permanent relationships, and does not understand the emotions of others well.

Lack of Fire

With a lack of Fire, there is a lot of words and little action. They love to grind their tongues, but they are not always ready for real actions (if the Earth is normal, then they can). There are problems in expressing yourself. They fit in too easily and do not know how to show individuality and leadership qualities. They become dependent on their own environment and partners, cannot take the first step, hang around somewhere, but do not move forward.

Lack of Water

With a lack of Water, they have difficulty understanding their deepest needs, feelings and experiences. Intimacy can be imitated, but then it always turns out that there was really no smell of it. Today here, tomorrow there. Yesterday with one, the day after tomorrow with another. Not affectionate, very independent, mindful of themselves. They seriously offend Water people with their cold, principled logic. There is a lot of rationality in relationships with them, but there can be problems with feelings.

Earth's Lack

With a lack of Earth, they are idle talkers, restless, unpredictable. Lovers of chatting and carousing at every holiday in life. They are so light and mobile that one can only be surprised how they were not blown away by the wind. It's hard to keep up with those. There is a tendency towards abstract conceptual thinking. Sometimes there are such whirlwinds in your head that “you can’t figure it out without vodka.” They can rub in any crap, but they do it with such enthusiasm and fire that everyone is ready to buy their unfortunate “Kirby”. In life, these people are difficult because they don’t really keep promises and often use cunning to get around the rules.

Airiness and Fiery often produce the effect of extroversion. Especially when it is the Ascendant, as well as one or both luminaries in Fire or Air. The opposite story is with Earth and Water, they make a person outwardly more introverted and immersed in himself and his experiences.

How to find out your element by your zodiac sign or horoscope?

Do you want to know your element by your zodiac sign (horoscope)? Our detailed table makes this very easy!

Zodiac signDate of BirthPlanet/ColorElementKey characteristics of the representative of the elements
AriesMarch 21 – April 20Mars/RedFireImpulsive, active, self-centered, proud, independent, self-reliant.
TaurusApril 21 – May 20Venus / PinkEarthGentle, artistic, consistent, charming, self-satisfied, creative.
TwinsMay 21 – June 21Mercury/GreenAirMovable, light, energetic, optimistic, creative, charming.
CancerJune 22 – July 22Moon / SilverWaterSociable, sensitive, graceful, witty, talkative, fickle.
a lionJuly 23 – August 23Sun/GoldenFireCheerful, brave, self-sufficient, passionate, quick-tempered, impulsive.
VirgoAugust 24 – September 22Mercury/Dark BlueEarthReliable, conservative, thoughtful, caring, patient, responsible.
ScalesSeptember 23 – October 23Venus/BlueAirJoyful, impulsive, grateful, energetic, sociable, friendly.
ScorpionOctober 24 – November 22Pluto / Dark RedWaterPliable, agile, sensual, plastic, impressionable, vengeful.
SagittariusNovember 23 – December 21Jupiter / Dark purpleFireTireless, passionate, demanding, unceremonious, headstrong, hot-tempered.
CapricornDecember 22 – January 20Saturn/BrownEarthHolistic, stable, uncompromising, serene, pragmatic, materialist.
AquariusJanuary 21 – February 19Uranium / TurquoiseAirSociable, idealistic, friendly, philanthropist, balanced, eccentric.
FishFebruary 20 – March 20Neptune / Light blueWaterChangeable, charming, intuitive, sensitive, gullible, charming.

Elemental balance. Earth

We look at our relationship with the element of Earth according to our natal chart and the planets falling in the signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

Earth's Lack

The first thing that catches your eye is the inability to manage your resources. This also includes inappropriate waste of money, purchases beyond the budget, getting into debt and loans. Often such people have no motivation to save money. Earth is the element of long-term planning, saving for a rainy day. Land helps accumulate wealth. The earth needs a solid foundation of life, reliability, and stability. People without Earth tend to abandon things they have started, often become dependent on their partners, and can begin to live on their resources, without providing themselves with a “safety cushion” for the future. They create a light impression, like the Dragonfly from the fairy tale with the Ant.

Overabundance of Earth

Maximum conservatism, greed, stinginess, rigidity, non-acceptance of change. For such people, stability is the basis of life. And the worst thing is that stability can be anything (depending on the settings in your head). This can be stable poverty, with a minimum of funds (but there is always a colorful nest egg), or more secure stability, but the earnings are average (to be higher, you need to accept changes and start doing something, and the Earth really doesn’t like that).

For people with a strong Earth, it is good to live in a society with a stable economy, like Japan or Switzerland. However, when such a person lives in today’s Russia, he is constantly in a situation of stress. Prices are constantly rising (every six months, as you may have noticed) and this is a stress factor for the Earth. She constantly needs to adapt to new price levels and this causes great indignation and sometimes depression. People of Earth are prone to depression and melancholy, they hate crises, but crises are the only thing that gets them off the ground. No one except the Earth knows how to create its own incredibly strong and stable reality. These are the people of Eldorado, the city of Gold, who dream of an eternal utopia of prosperity and immutability. However, you constantly have to face harsh reality and somehow adapt to it, which the Earth, again, really doesn’t like.

Lack of Fire

With a lack of Fire, we get an extremely stable, passive, melancholic person. The presence of water and air - the elements of adjustment - saves. Such people are great for office work, as they are practical, calculating, but rarely come to demand a promotion. Skillfully build connections and relationships. They feel good when their reality is unchanged and they know exactly what their tomorrow will be like. Usually good specialists in their field can become experts, but they rarely speak and do not like publicity. Sometimes the lack of Fire drives them into depression and a feeling of constant cyclicality of the wheel of Samsara.

Lack of Air

With a lack of Air, we get a person who is very thoughtful, but inclined to rely on his own patterns and schemes. Often they are good specialists in their field. They do not scatter themselves in many directions; they tend to hone their skills in one specific activity. Often such people do not seem to be particularly interesting interlocutors; they have approximately the same conversation patterns, the same topics, and the same answers to questions. If such a person tries himself in related fields of knowledge, he still continues to push his old record. If a person on Earth is used to something, it is extremely difficult to unlearn it.

Lack of Water

With a lack of Water, a person is very dry and pragmatic. There are almost no truly close friends, it is difficult to maintain emotional relationships. He communicates with colleagues, co-workers, partners with similar interests - all people are somehow included in his life. He doesn’t like to show feelings and is afraid. Seemingly like an impregnable mountain, he does not change his mind despite persuasion. But it might give you pause if you give enough logical arguments. Land without Water is a dry, scorched desert Land. Such a person can be tough in communicating with partners and does not feel their feelings well (if Neptune is not expressed).

Earth and Fire are the harshest elements. Their combination is called “steam roller” or “walking over heads.” They are not embarrassed by the presence of obstacles - they simply step over them, even if they are living people. The main thing is to have a goal. Without a clear, pragmatic goal, they may not see the way forward. They don’t like to obey, which is why they have difficulties working for someone.


  • There are 4 elements (fire, water, air, earth) and 3 crosses (cardinal fixed, mutable). Each sign belongs to a specific element and a specific cross.
  • The elements are generally associated with the characteristics and features of the signs, and the crosses are associated with the nature of actions and activity.
  • The element and the cross are worth remembering when you interpret the sign; this can help in choosing an interpretation.
  • When interpreting any map, you need to count how many planets are in which element and cross. This is how we calculate the dominant and deficient element/elements and cross/crosses.
  • When calculating the elements and crosses, it is important to take into account the great importance of personal planets, as well as the Ascendant.
  • When calculating elements and crosses, you should rely only on clear superiority. If there are approximately equal numbers of elements/crosses, then omit this point of analysis.
  • If two elements dominate, then it is important to combine the dominant elements into a single interpretation, just like the dominant crosses.
  • Integral indicators are generalized indicators that consist of several.
  • The sign of synthesis is a sign that combines the dominant element and the dominant cross. It helps to understand how the combination of a given element and a given cross manifests itself.

Favoritism of water

I wanted to finish the story with the elements, but then a fertile topic for discussion surfaced and I couldn’t resist! I am a person who has practically no Water in my chart. And the other day I was analyzing various of my acquaintances and realized what united them and what quality of them irritated me in all cases. Favoritism. People of Water or people with Luminaries in Water have increased emotionality, no matter how they think otherwise. They are often overwhelmed by emotions and drown in them, and this is completely natural for them. But I forgot to add that Water is not so much emotions or feelings, it is also an attitude . People of Water relate precisely to this. And relationships play a primary role for them. Therefore, it is they who often develop the type of reaction “friend or foe”, “plebs-Caesars”, “unfamiliar shit - beloved people”.

An example of one story where the names have been changed. Boy Cancer.

Water boy Vanya is sitting in the company of friends and everything is fine with him, he communicates with everyone. Then the fiery girl Tanya comes in and covers the boy Vanya. He sees in her a goddess, a queen, an eclipsing deity. He showers her with compliments and praises. The surrounding world has disappeared and dissolved, there is only He and She. The friends sitting next to her pretend not to notice this, but they begin to hate Tanya. Tanya giggles, and having enjoyed the praises and chants of the water boy, gracefully throws her hair over her shoulder and disappears into the evening fog, receiving all the expected attention.

But Vanya has already accelerated, so he continues to admire the appearance of the Goddess for some time, until finally everyone around him loses interest in him. (These water injuries to other girls were simply boring, because everyone wants attention). This has been a constant scene for many years. Tanya changed men, and he kept sighing.

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