What location of the bathhouse on the site is correct?

If you decide to build a smoky sauna, then the distance to the nearest buildings and the boundaries of the site should be at least 12 m.
For a non-smoky sauna (in white), the requirements are different. It can be placed away from buildings, or it can be combined with the house. This combination significantly saves space, as well as money for a separate branch of water supply and sewerage. But in order for everything to work properly, it is better to discuss the project with a specialist and do not skimp on good waterproofing and ventilation.

Landscape and soil features

When choosing an area for building a bathhouse, do not forget about the features of the local landscape and soil characteristics. This information will help when choosing the type of foundation and materials. If the terrain is uneven, then it is better to build a bathhouse on an elevated area . This will ensure good drainage. Sometimes experts advise creating an artificial hill even on level ground, so as not to install drainage equipment and provide natural protection to the foundation. The harder the soil, the better . Therefore, we immediately cross off areas with sandy soil (especially fine sand) from the list of “contenders”. The presence of a body of water also matters.

Here we are again back to the “roots”. Let us remember the traditions: the territory for the bathhouse was chosen near a reservoir. Today, areas near water are quite rare and expensive. But if the happy owners of such a “treasure” want to build a bathhouse, then they need to follow the rules put forward by environmental authorities:

  1. The bathhouse should not be located directly next to the water or in an area prone to floods
  2. The bathhouse must be located at least 20 m from the water
  3. Under no circumstances should wastewater flow into a body of water.

There is no need to despair if there is no reservoir. It can be replaced with a pool or plunge pool.

Climate Features

In a temperate climate, the location for the bathhouse is chosen so that the entrance is on the south side . This is especially true for those who are not averse to “giving in to the parka” in winter. There is less snow from the south, and it melts faster. The windows should face west or southwest: this will provide the maximum amount of daylight.

Location relative to other buildings

  1. Baths are usually built on the leeward side of other buildings. This arrangement will protect against heavy rains that damage the wood.
  2. The bathhouse itself and the entrance to it should be clearly visible from the windows of a residential building. It is very difficult to constantly be in the bathhouse during the heating. We all like to combine business with pleasure, so we try to do several things at the same time. Why not do some small things in the house while the bathhouse is heating up? Therefore, it should be clearly visible from the windows of the living space. In the event of a fire, it will be easier and faster to take appropriate measures.

Russian wooden bathhouse

Availability of recreation area

When determining a place for a bathhouse, you need to immediately decide whether there will be a place to relax near it. If so, plan it according to the size of the future bathhouse.

Choosing a place for a bath according to Feng Shui

There is another way to choose a place for a bath - to turn to the ancient Chinese teachings of Feng Shui. Let me clarify right away that this method will help you determine the energetically correct place. It has nothing to do with SNiP or the requirements of environmental protection and fire safety rules.

To begin with, the entire area is divided into zones in accordance with the laws of Feng Shui:

  • Career zone
  • Intelligence, spirituality and education
  • Creativity, future and children
  • Past and family
  • Travel
  • Marriage and relationships
  • Wealth, fame and so on

Some advise placing the building in the “minor troubles” sector to avoid injuries during bath procedures. As for the cardinal directions, the ideal place for a bathhouse is southwest or northeast of a residential building.

Interesting: it is not advisable to build a bathhouse on the south side.

It is not advisable to build a bathhouse on the south side

Sanitary and hygienic standards for the design and operation of a bathhouse

Sanitary hygiene standards are adhered to very strictly and strictly in public places, but in home baths they are not followed so carefully.

However, there are also rules for the operation of private baths, in particular the following:

  1. After each use of the steam room, it must be thoroughly ventilated.
  2. Each person must sit strictly in one chosen place in the steam room. If there are a lot of people, you can use towels or mats that need to be washed after the procedures.
  3. After leaving the steam room, you need to wash off the sweat from your body, preferably with warm water.
  4. If you visit someone else's bathhouse, it is better to wear slippers to avoid fungal infection.
  5. Upon completion of the bath procedures, all shelves and floors in the steam room should be rinsed with plenty of water.

To facilitate compliance with all hygiene standards, a number of bathhouse features can be provided at the design stage.

In order for the steam room to heat up quickly, the stove must be heat-intensive and comparable in power to the size of the room.

Ventilation outlets should be provided so that the room can be quickly ventilated.

It is forbidden to use artificial and semi-artificial materials such as plywood, polystyrene foam, polyurethane foam, antiseptic substances, varnishes and paints to decorate the steam room.

To facilitate the removal of debris, such as from brooms, the deck chairs should be arranged in such a way that there is access to the floor underneath them.

A prerequisite for a steam room is the presence of a drain for water, so that after cleaning it is quickly removed from the room to the outside.

The source of water supply can be a warm shower.

It is advisable to study all these subtleties provided for by the project before starting to build a bathhouse on the site.

Taking into account the information contained in the regulations and brief excerpts in our material, you will be able to independently build a bathhouse on your territory, ensure compliance with all fire and sanitary safety standards, obtain all permits, and also maintain good relations with neighbors on the site.

More and more often, modern summer residents, when building a country house, are turning to the Eastern theory of harmonization of space.

The topic of our conversation today is the location of the bathhouse on the site according to Feng Shui, because we all want that the cleansing of the soul and body complies with all the rules.

Let's figure out which side of the world is more suitable for this building and how to refine it inside, according to the treatises of eastern wisdom.

What location of the bathhouse on the site is correct?

If earlier our ancestors, before putting a house on the site, built a bathhouse, today everything happens exactly the opposite - a bathhouse is often squeezed into the available free space. Experienced developers advise that it is better to immediately calculate the location of the bathhouse on the site and the distance from the boundaries to other buildings and neighbors, even if you do not plan to build it in the same year as a residential building.

Layout of a bathhouse in a summer cottage

Therefore, before building anything in a new place, approach the issue seriously and decide how to position the house and bathhouse on the site, as well as the rest of the buildings on the territory, since they will stand for decades.

Methods of site development

There are 3 main methods of land development:

Having determined the purpose for which you will use your dacha, take a plan and begin zoning the area. First, find out the location of the main buildings - house, bathhouse, garage, gazebo. Keep in mind: the distance between residential buildings must be at least 6 m, and a distance of at least 1.5 m from the border with the neighboring plot is required (the minimum allowable distance is a meter). It must be taken into account that according to GOST, the building must be located behind the “red line” - the distance from the road is at least 5 m, from the driveways at least 3 m.

You determine the location of residential buildings and outbuildings yourself, but access to the house must be free. When placing buildings, many factors are taken into account, such as the shape of the site, the depth of groundwater, the trajectory of the sun across the sky during the day, etc. Outbuildings are placed at a distance of about 15 meters from residential buildings.

Where to put the bathhouse

If there is a body of water nearby

So, where on the site to place the bathhouse? The best option is to install it on the shore of a natural body of water - a lake, river or pond, but such areas are extremely rare (see also the article “Building a bathhouse with your own hands: stages of high-quality construction”).

If you are lucky and have a real opportunity to become the owner of an amazing place, the following knowledge will not hurt you:

  1. Do not plan to build near the water or where it could be flooded during the spring flood. The best option is 20-30 m from the reservoir.
  2. Prevent dirty water from getting into a river, lake or pond. Make a special sewer exit in the opposite direction.
  3. Hide the bathhouse from prying eyes, for example, by planting tall shrubs or trees with your own hands if neighboring houses are located nearby. Not everyone can adequately perceive your nudity. Also fence the paths leading to the pond.

Bathhouse on the shore of a pond

If there is no lake, river or pond nearby

How far is it to walk to a natural reservoir? Don’t despair - you can make a pool right next to the bathhouse. But even here you must observe the limits of decency, protecting it from prying eyes.

Swimming pools today can be purchased in various shapes and designs.

For a summer cottage, the following have proven themselves well:

Advice: if the price is not suitable, then create a pool yourself from available materials, for example, from an old rubber boat.

Sauna with swimming pool

And if on a hill

Are you thinking about how to properly place a bathhouse on your property? Look around - a great place for a bathhouse on a hill. You can install a sewer system that operates by gravity thanks to the natural slope.

A steep slope is also suitable for a sauna, where it can be made in the form of a dugout or half-dugout with a veranda on pillars. The latter will be an excellent addition to any sauna. Here you can spend time after the steam room, setting up a natural solarium, or it can become a play area during rainfall.

Elevated sauna

Recommendations for the correct placement of the bath

  1. Place the entrance on the south side. The answer is simple - it’s warmer here, and in winter there’s less snow, and it melts faster.
  2. Install windows on the west or southwest side, so you can capture more light from the sun, which will definitely lift your mood.
  3. The entrance and the bathhouse should be clearly visible from the house so that you can control the firebox and quickly fix it in case of danger. If south and visibility are in different directions, give preference to visibility.

Placement relative to the bath structure

Before determining where it is best to place a bathhouse on the site, you must decide what type it will be.

Everyone has their own requirements according to the law.

  1. Smoky sauna or black:
  • place it on the site no closer than 12 meters from the nearest buildings and its boundaries;
  • take into account the wind rose so that smoke does not blow into residential buildings;
  • It is not allowed to install baths of this type in densely populated villages, and it is not advisable to do this in rural areas due to the increased fire hazard.
  1. Smoke-free sauna or white sauna:
  • place it away from other buildings;
  • it can be combined with garden and country houses, which will save on the installation of water supply and sewerage, as well as on the area of ​​the site;
  • combination with a residential building requires approval from the architect. You should not place a wet sauna in a residential building; it is better to give preference to a dry-air sauna;
  • to avoid negative consequences when combining a bathhouse and a house, you should take a responsible approach to waterproofing the room and its ventilation;

When placing a bathhouse, you should not forget about your neighbors. Take into account all the rules and sanitary standards when building a bathhouse, which regulates its distance from the neighboring property, wells, etc. This way you can avoid conflicts on this matter.

In the photo - a bathhouse next to an artificial pond

Standards for placing baths according to SNiP 30-02-97

Today, special rules have been developed for the location of the bathhouse on the site, as well as other buildings, which must be strictly followed.

Below is a brief guide to the main distances to objects on the site:

  1. From the garden house - 3 m or more;
  2. From other outbuildings - 1-4 m;
  3. Minimum distance between buildings to:
  • toilet from the cellar and garden house - 12 m;
  • baths or saunas and showers – 8 m;
  • toilet from the composting device and well - 8 m.

These conditions must be observed between buildings on the same site and between buildings on adjacent sites. Make a sanitary approval for the planned facilities in advance, and always keep a copy with you.

How to arrange a bath according to Feng Shui

Another way to find the right place for a sauna is to use the ancient Chinese teachings of Feng Shui, which literally means “wind-water.” Both components are inextricably linked with our lives - they can be beneficial, or they can be harmful.

After dividing the area into zones according to Feng Shui, the bathhouse should be placed in the sector of minor troubles so that you are not haunted by injuries during the procedures. When choosing a place for construction, you should pay attention to areas located in the southwest and northeast of the house. This is the most preferable option, since it is undesirable to build a bathhouse on the south side.

Delineation of a site according to Feng Shui

When laying sewer drains, take into account their direction, which should also be unfavorable. When preparing places for windows, remember the Feng Shui rule - you cannot install more than 3 windows in a room if there is only one door. By the way, it should open inward.

Tip: Place the sauna entrance in a good direction.

Arrangement near the bathhouse

If you have decided how to place the bathhouse on the site, one more important question remains - creating a real recreation area near it so that the sun does not get hot and it is not cool.

Experts tend to:

  • gazebos;
  • a swimming pool or other artificial body of water;
  • ornamental shrubs and flower beds.

With their help, you can create a corner in your garden for spending time with friends and family.

Basic construction requirements

The bathhouse must meet the requirements not only for buildings that require a permit.
Construction, sanitary and fire safety regulations should be followed. The general construction rules and standards established in “Planning and development of territories of gardening (dacha) associations of citizens, buildings and structures” by order of the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation dated December 30, 2010 No. 849 (hereinafter referred to as SNiP 30-02-97), take into account certain features:

  1. The bathhouse must be located at a distance of at least 1 m from the neighboring area. If neighbors have wooden buildings, the distance to them should be at least 15 m.
  2. The bathhouse is located no closer than 8 m from a residential building.
  3. From the bathhouse to the forest there should be at least 15 m, to tall trees - 4 m, to bushes - 1 m.
  4. It is advisable to install the structure 12 m from drinking water wells.
  5. The building should be located on a slight hill, this will prevent it from flooding.
  6. When preparing a foundation pit, you should make sure that there are no utilities underneath it.

These and other rules are determined by the functionality of the building and the safety of its use.

Bath magic

We are all under the influence of the water element - after all, our bodies are 90 percent water. Therefore, ablution rituals have special significance in our lives.

Magical traditions of the Russian bath

The bathhouse played a significant role in the life of our ancestors. They steamed there, had dates and even gave birth to children.

Since the bathhouse was considered an “unclean” place, despite its purpose, certain rules had to be followed during its construction. So, the bathhouse was usually placed on the outskirts, at the very edge of the yard, or even beyond it. If the place was chosen incorrectly, the bathhouse spirit (“bannik”) could send a fatal illness to people. But as soon as the bathhouse was shifted, the patient immediately recovered.

Sometimes the banner appeared in front of a person’s eyes. He was described as a tiny, naked old man with a long beard covered in mold. The evil grandfather amused himself by scalding visitors to the bathhouse with boiling water, causing them to faint with the heat, splitting boulders in the stove and shooting fragments at people. They also told even more terrible things - allegedly the bannik dragged those washing into a hot oven and tore off their skin alive.

To avoid such disasters, after washing in the bathhouse, steam, a fresh broom and a tub of clean water were left for the “owner”. Also, according to the rules, it was impossible to apply too much heat and push each other while washing. And if the bannik gets angry with you, you should run out into the street and call for help from other spirits - the barnyard or the brownie. They helped out.

But the most important thing was that you were not supposed to go to the bathhouse alone, and when going there you had to ask permission from the “owner.” Otherwise, various troubles could happen.

Feng Shui bathroom

According to the ancient Chinese teachings of Feng Shui, since water is associated with monetary wealth, it is necessary to carefully ensure that the taps in the bathroom do not leak. Otherwise, you will “wash away” the money. If possible, install a semicircular or oval bathtub - it symbolizes wealth.

Try not to throw your clothes and dirty linen around in the bathroom. The washing machine can be in the bathroom, but it is better to hang freshly washed clothes somewhere else to dry.

Entering the bathroom (especially if women live in the house), we often admire the orderly rows of bottles with shampoos, gels, creams, liquid soap, bath foam, hairspray, air fresheners, etc. In a visible place, as a rule, there is a washcloth, a hair dryer and an electric razor, as well as cleaning and detergents. Not to mention the accessories for brushing your teeth. Remember that a bathroom is not a department store! These numerous objects slow down the flow of favorable energy! Therefore, you should hang a special closed cabinet in the bathroom in which you will put everything you need. Only soap and towels should be visible!

Ritual of attractiveness

For women, the ablution procedure is a kind of magical ritual that gives femininity, helps to feel more attractive and younger.

Thus, washing in a real Turkish bath (hamam) is furnished with all the pomp of Islamic traditions and is more like a procedure in a beauty salon. The process is described in detail by the Ukrainian writer Pavlo Zagrebelny in his novel “Roksolana”:

“She had just stretched out on the hot marble of Göybek-tasha when, without asking, a wiry, mustachioed woman with hands as rough as a leathern’s hand silently attacked her, grabbed Khurrem’s head, began mercilessly rubbing her forehead, temples, cheekbones, jaws, then began to work on her neck , by the arms, legs, fingers, breasts, belly, hips, beat, slapped, stretched, squeezed, twisted arms and legs, played on the vertebrae and ribs, like a cymbal, pressed her knees into the back, jumped, grunted, purred, then began to dance on Hurrem, trampling her with her feet. Khurrem moaned, groaned, screamed and no longer knew where the pain was, where the pleasure was, where life was, where death was. This is what hamam is!”

But in order to perform the sacrament of ablution, it is not necessary to go to the hammam. Bioenergetics experts advise: if you want to become more beautiful, you should take a bath in the morning. If you want to find love, take a bath on Fridays!

The fair sex is also highly recommended to take a bath late in the evening or at night, in the light of the moon. You can light candles and smoke the room with incense sticks. Fragrant oils and herbs should be added to the water - for example, mint, lavender, rosemary. This creates a special mystical atmosphere...

Once you enter the water, try to mentally put aside all everyday worries and relax. Remember that the water should not be hot!

Now there are specialized stores selling bath accessories. There you can buy towels, bath clothes, brooms, scrapers, wooden hair combs, special washcloths, massagers and, of course, numerous bath incense.

If you go to a bathhouse or sauna, you can splash a little essential oil on the heater to fill the room with a pleasant aroma. When washing in the bathroom, the oil should be poured directly into the water.

The correct bathing ritual will allow you to find harmony with the world around you, which will promote good luck, love and health.

We are looking for a suitable place

The construction of a bathhouse according to Feng Shui must be carried out on a strictly defined site, if, of course, you want to activate all the healing power of this building. Thus, the best directions for a bathhouse are considered to be the center of the site, the southwestern and eastern directions.

The center and east of the site are responsible for health, which means that when you steam in such a bathhouse, you will invariably receive a surge of vitality and energy. The southwestern part is more suitable for friendly communication, so in a bathhouse built in this zone, gatherings with friends and relatives will be a blast.

According to Feng Shui, a bathhouse in the east will be completely safe: here you will never get burned, slip or lose consciousness from the strong steam. However, such troubles will not threaten you if you simply follow basic safety precautions.

The bathhouse itself is considered a “fiery” building, so it can be secured by placing any element of the water element nearby, for example, a barrel of water, a well or a swimming pool. This way the energies will be balanced with each other.

It is best if the bathhouse on the site, according to Feng Shui, is made from the type of wood that is most common in the area where your country “possessions” are located. With this option, it will be fueled by natural forces and will become a natural part of the landscape. Exotic tree species “feel” like strangers when surrounded by unrelated vegetation.


The bathhouse is an excellent place for relaxation and psychological relief, plus, according to the principles of Feng Shui, it is a place for spiritual cleansing of a person from negative energy. Therefore, it was not in vain that the sages in the East tried to collect as much knowledge about it as possible, especially regarding its arrangement.

And in order for relaxation in the bathhouse to be beneficial, according to Feng Shui experts, it is necessary to arrange its space correctly. For example, it is advisable to locate the bathhouse in the trouble zone (in the east). With this arrangement, you can not only cleanse yourself of troubles, but also avoid burns and loss of consciousness from strong steam.

To improve the circulation of positive Qi energy, it is necessary to pacify the fiery element of the water bath. To do this, it is desirable that there is at least a small pond next to the bathhouse.

Feng Shui experts strongly recommend that the bathhouse create a harmonious tandem with nature. To do this, choose materials for construction from those trees that will surround it in the future.

What is a bathhouse from a philosophical point of view?

Since ancient times, the bathhouse has been considered a symbol of human purification. Here we mean not only physical cleansing, but also spiritual. In the East, bath procedures are treated with special attention, because it is so important that during the procedures negative energy disappears, and positive energy, on the contrary, is attracted to the person.

The magical properties of bathhouses and birch brooms were also known in Rus'. It was believed that through the procedure of steaming in a bathhouse, all bad thoughts come out of a person, and the birch broom itself was considered a powerful amulet against evil spirits.

Bath stove

The heart of the sauna is rightfully the stove, so special attention should be paid to it. Since the stove belongs to the element of fire, it is it that gives you spiritual energy and strength to achieve success and confront problems.

  1. The first rule you must remember is to never place the stove opposite the door. Otherwise, the necessary energy will constantly leak out of the room.
  2. The next rule is to leave some space in front of the oven. In this case, the benches should be located so that they are not between the person and the stove.
  3. Many experts advise painting the stove. You don't have to limit your imagination here. This way you enhance the positive impact of the stove.
  4. It is very important to choose the right stones. After all, if they give too much heat, which leads to a semi-fainting state or, on the contrary, leads to a state of unhealthy activity, then it is better to replace them with more soothing ones, for example, soapstone. These stones provide soft and unobtrusive warmth.

Arrangement of a steam room inside a bathhouse with your own hands (with step-by-step photos and videos)

When planning a bathhouse inside, an area is usually allocated for the steam room, designed for the simultaneous presence of two people in it. This is primarily due to the fact that in a steam room the human body is subjected to overload, so staying there for a long time is contraindicated. Even experienced steamers can experience oxygen starvation from too high air humidity.

To equip a Russian bathhouse in the way that national traditions suggest, the steam room needs to be equipped with shelves or benches on which you can steam while sitting or lying down. When installing them, you must remember that when sitting in the steam room, your legs must have support and under no circumstances hang.

Step-by-step arrangement of a steam room in a bathhouse is shown in these photos:

Looking for a place for the stove

In a Feng Shui bath, an important place is given to the stove. It must be positioned so that the energy flows emanating from it circulate correctly. You cannot place the stove directly opposite the front door, and you must leave some free space near the fireplace.

If you want your stove to be not only functional, but also beautiful, paint it yourself: this way you will pay respect to the element of Fire, and it will give you its protection and strength.

The best stones for a bath according to Feng Shui are the mineral soapstone. It gives a very soft, non-aggressive warmth, and at the same time harmonizes and calms the space. In addition, with such stones you are definitely not in danger of fainting due to extreme heat.

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