Symbol of money in the art of Feng Shui and Slavic magic

Good luck talismans promise good luck in business, victory in everyday trials and protection from the slander of ill-wishers. Isn't it an attractive idea to wear the favorites of the capricious Fortune? “Whoever believes in his own luck is lucky,” the famous playwright Christian Hebbel used to say. However, many prefer not to be content with faith, but to constantly carry amulets with them in the form of keychains, jewelry, figurines and other items that attract luck. Let's take a closer look at the symbols that guarantee owners success in business.

Symbols of luck and wealth

Over the entire history of mankind, a huge number of money “magnets” have been invented. Next, I suggest you familiarize yourself with the most popular of them.

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I would like to draw your attention to the fact that symbols are absolutely always created for a specific culture, and not for an individual person. And in order to fill them with life, to activate them, you need to be related to this culture, and not use it thoughtlessly. Otherwise, it simply becomes an incomprehensible “squiggle” on paper (or other media).

Money signs in the art of feng shui

The practice of Feng Shui is over 5,000 years old and originated in Ancient China. To this day it has not lost its relevance in the world.

According to Feng Shui, the symbolism of the water element, Chinese deities and living beings are responsible for attracting money. The Chinese associate certain symbols with a specific type of luck - that is, energy, which they attract into their lives.

Symbols of money in Feng Shui:

  1. Bi Gan is the patron of wealth. His figurine holds a gold bar with one hand, and the other often displays the expression: Zhao Cai Jin Bao - “Your wealth has arrived.” People in China place pictures of Bi Gan on their desks.
  2. Daikoku is another deity that people turn to for wealth and prosperity. As a rule, his image includes a mallet, a bag of rice and a rat. The animal gnawed holes in the bag, so the grains of magical rice scattered on the ground, giving wealth and profit. And the subsequent new blow of the mallet attracts happiness. According to Feng Shui, Daikoku is the most auspicious talisman for attracting good luck in financial matters.
  3. Chen Loban (also called the Money Keeper) is another popular Chinese talisman. Masters of this art believe that Chen Loban brings particular benefits to wasteful individuals who have not learned to save. It also allows you to enter into favorable agreements, make successful investments, store and increase capital. Traditionally, the figurine is inherited from ancestors.
  4. Hottei (referred to as the smiling Buddha). This is the most recognizable and adored money deity, who laughs fervently in all her images. Hottei is also known as the Buddha of Abundance. It is noteworthy that his prototype is a real person who existed at the end of the 10th century in China.

The Chinese have a belief that if you want to make your wish come true, you need to think about it and massage Hotei’s belly 300 times. It is also believed that if you place the figurine in your home, it will create a flow of positive vibrations that will attract finances to the house.

  1. Water is another money attribute according to Feng Shui. Teachers of this movement recommend placing water energy (in the form of fountains, waterfalls, aquariums with fish) or its symbols (water landscapes, fish figures, turtles and toads) in the southeastern area of ​​the house to activate financial flows.
  2. Lucky coins. You probably know about the 3 coins tied with a scarlet ribbon - a classic Feng Shui symbol that attracts prosperity, wealth and financial success. In addition, coins of the Qinn dynasty are extremely widespread - there are 10 of them, they are associated with the 10 ruling rulers of this dynasty. They act as symbols of the treasury of each of the rulers. It is believed that if you keep a talisman with ten coins attached to a yellow cloth in your home, evil will not be able to harm you, plus decent finances will be attracted to your life.


  3. "Money" trees. These are plants that have round, fleshy leaves - their shape is so similar to real coins. The most famous “money” tree is the Crassula.

Other talismans for money

  • Money talisman.

Do you want your family to not need finances? Make yourself the simplest talisman for money. To do this you will need:

  1. Coin.
  2. Thin and thick wire.
  3. Pliers.

To make an amulet at home, take a thick wire and make a circle out of it, the dimensions of which correspond to the dimensions of the coin. Connect the ends of the wire from above, intertwining them together. Leave a tail of about 50 mm, cut off the rest.

Then make a talisman decoration for money from thin wire - to do this, cut it into small pieces and roll them into rings. Next, wrap the finished frame with thin wire like a snake. Attach the rings to a thin wire through one loop, bend them not very tightly inward. Also, use thin wire to secure all the small links together.

Next, make another ring from thick wire, but slightly smaller than the previous one. Now the edges of the wire need to be bent inward. Attach this ring to the first one using a thin wire. Tie the second element to the rings. Thus, you have a double rim, which serves as the front part of the frame for the coin - insert it by the small ring inside the large one.

Secure the coin from the inside with wire. The remaining parts of the wire must be bent so that the amulet can be conveniently attached to the chain.

The more painstaking the work, the more of your energy the amulet will absorb, the more power it will have. After the talisman for money is ready, you need to pronounce the hex:

“My gnome is weaving me an amulet for money and wealth. And I will tell him in response that I want good luck. And every day, and every hour, money will start flowing into my pocket.”

Only after a special conspiracy will money flow like a river. This is the only way to attract wealth into your home.

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  • Magic bill.

In order to carry out the ceremony, you need to decide on the denomination of the banknote. The larger the banknote, the more wealth you can attract.

The selected bill cannot be spent; after the ceremony, put it in your wallet separately from other money and never take it out.

Keep in mind that for a conspiracy it is better to use the banknote that you received in some special way. For example, you were given it for your birthday or you received your first salary, etc.

After 12 or 15 lunar days, go to the window with the prepared banknote and say 5 times:

“As the new moon grows, so there will be more money in my house.”

At the same time, hold the bill so that the moonlight falls on it. This ritual will help increase your wealth and expand your cash flow.

You must remember that this banknote cannot be used, in addition, no one should see it.

  • Bag of money.

You can make such a talisman for money like this: take a white coarse cloth and sew a bag out of it. Next, take out enough coins from your wallet to form a decent pile. Coins can be of different denominations.

Bag of money

Before placing them in front of you (but not on the table), bring each coin to your face and say:

“Kopeck for kopeck, penny for penny, fifty kopeck for fifty, ruble for ruble, chervonets for chervonets, all to the yard.”

Then put them in a bag and move them away.

No one should see a talisman enchanted for money. To enhance the ritual, use a horseshoe as an amulet. It is nailed upside down above the front door.

European currency symbols

European magic is pagan magic that uses the forces of Nature. In it, wealth is associated with the attributes of natural forces (stone, grass, tree, flower, fruit, shell, candle, feathers, different shades).

In paganism, red, yellow and green shades are responsible for the energy of wealth.

  • red is the color of leaders, bestows excellent well-being, mental energy, symbolizes victory and achievement of high social status;
  • yellow is a symbol of mental energy, success, self-confidence and foresight;
  • green – responsible for prosperity, sweetness, work and financial abundance.

Among the “financial” shells are cowries and dentalium (called sea teeth).

As “financial” plants we can name: alfalfa, cinnamon, spicy cloves, corn, ginger, honeysuckle, marjoram, nutmeg, bergamot, poppy, sassafras, sesame, vetiver, woodruff, basil, mint, calamus, cinquefoil, jasmine, myrtle, verbena, aloe, sage, allspice, rosemary.

And the most popular of the trees of prosperity: maples, pines, lindens, cedars, fir trees.

Minerals that can give monetary luck: aventurines, heliotropes, jadeites, tiger's eyes.

All this really works, but only for those who have good contact with the natural elements. And, of course, when practicing magic, we must not forget about the importance of faith in one’s own strength - otherwise nothing will work.

What signs of money are relevant for Russia

It’s sad, but we have heard a lot about the Chinese symbolism of wealth and other nations, but we find so few examples of domestic, Russian banknotes. But they can help us most of all, since they relate to our people and are imbued with their energy. What is it?

So, Russians should turn to Slavic symbolism for help. Not Chinese, American or anything else. Only Slavic signs correspond to the egregor of the Russian population, and yet we are part of it. These are runic signs and symbols of the deities of Slavic mythology Dazhdbog and Veles.

Logo font

The main thing here is what associations the font evokes in you. In a logo, the font should fit harmoniously into the overall picture and convey the image of an element suitable for your business. For example, the beauty industry often uses a streamlined italic font with various floridness. This evokes trust, care and some kind of warmth. Moreover, this font represents the element of Water, which governs this type of business.

But on the logo of, say, an oil refining company, such a font will look ridiculous.

And also, if you have the opportunity to choose a font in which the letters are connected to each other, then this is great, from a feng shui point of view.


Runes are energy signs that can attract finance (and not only that). They act as symbols of an ancient mystical alphabet of unknown origin.

Runic signs differ in their set of energies and influence both the inner world of people and what happens in their lives. They contribute to the quick realization of the desires of their owners, as if by magic.

These 10 runes are associated with the energy of wealth.


Rune of prosperity, movable and immovable property

amulet with the Fehu rune

How it works:

  • allows you to eliminate need;
  • protects against incorrect actions in real estate transactions;
  • preserves movable property;
  • attracts material wealth;
  • implements what is planned;
  • provides moral support and helps not to give up.


The symbol represents the day.

How does it work:

  • increases condition;
  • helps eliminate barriers to goals;
  • provides a breakthrough in business;
  • allows you to quickly heal from severe pathologies.


Rune meaning: harvest.

Why use it:

  • in order to successfully complete what was started;
  • to extend the season of prosperity;
  • to transform awareness and reach higher levels.

Kenaz (Kano)

It has the following characteristics: light, torch, strength, energy and authority.

Its action is:

  • strengthening volitional characteristics;
  • execution of plans in practice;
  • gaining the opportunity to self-realize;
  • faster recovery from illness.


Its meanings are associated with intuition and creativity.

rune Laguz

When to use:

  • to improve memory;
  • awaken creativity;
  • attract someone you like;
  • increase your intuition many times over;
  • the rune also allows you to learn the mysterious;
  • contributes to the conclusion of a successful marriage or profitable business cooperation;
  • smooths out conflict situations;
  • allows you to influence others (mentally drawing a symbol on your interlocutor will push him to fulfill your any adequate request).


Designation: release from heaviness.

How to use:

  • helps to recover lost property (debts, property);
  • attracts unexpected profits;
  • shows talents;
  • increases spiritual awareness;
  • helps get rid of depression.


The rune signifies the Sun and the state of triumph.

How to use:

  • represents future triumph;
  • helps to successfully complete any undertaking;
  • eliminates difficulties along the way;
  • pushes towards the most optimal solution;
  • improves the treatment and recovery process.


Denotes success in any competition.

rune Teyvaz


  • will allow you to get ahead of your competitors in any competition;
  • solves complex problems;
  • strengthens determination;
  • contributes to the restoration of justice;
  • helps to easily neutralize conflict situations.


According to its meaning, the rune is associated with the aurochs (a wild bull, very ferocious).

How does it work:

  • increases self-confidence;
  • enhances love, friendship or business relationships;
  • will help you recover physically from illness;
  • provides career growth.

Odal (Otala)

Denotes a family estate, property.

Used for:

  • receive property;
  • eliminate any negative actions from the outside;
  • ensure family well-being;
  • connect people spiritually (at the level, for example, of a team).


If you have chosen a drawing, but are not sure how it will affect your energy, make a temporary sample. After this, determine in what way the Slavic symbol influenced your life and state of mind, whether you feel comfortable enough. If no negative events have occurred, and you have found peace and quiet in your soul, feel free to get a permanent tattoo.

Can girls choose male images?

It is possible, but only if their profession is close to men’s and requires concentration of strength and energy. A tattoo can reveal the internal reserves of the body for protection and success in the chosen business, but male symbols can make the energy of girls more rough and masculine, resist femininity and softness.

Is it possible to hide scars with Slavic symbols?

Since the ancient Slavs were warriors, their tattoos were often applied to scars, which did not contradict the original meaning of the picture.

Where is the best place to get a tattoo?

Once you have decided on the image, it is important to pay attention to the choice of the master. He must not only have good command of the apparatus, but also have artistic taste, as well as understand the intricacies of pagan symbolism

Any incorrect detail can spoil the image and distort its meaning, and even change it to the opposite. In this case, restoration will not help; you will have to remove the tattoo and apply a new one.

How to choose a tattoo design for a location on the body?

Tattoos can be applied to any part of the body at your discretion, the difference is that in one place it will be beneficial, and in another it will be absolutely useless.

Depending on the type of protective symbol, the place for it is chosen.

  1. It is advisable to make images of gods in full size, so the chest, arm and back are suitable for them.
  2. Hands are the most versatile place for tattooing; you can place a small inscription or any sign.
  3. Tattoos on the forearm help maintain fortitude and protect against negativity, because they are close to the head and heart.
  4. The wrist is suitable for Slavic symbols that influence the soul and heart; they are placed closer to the pulse. Charms and amulets are appropriate on the neck to bring the feelings and mind into harmony.
  5. The chest is decorated with protective tattoos that strengthen the spirit and protect from troubles, like a shield.
  6. The back is suitable for embodying three-dimensional compositions of the main character with natural symbols and other additions.
  7. The shoulder blades are decorated with separate runes to balance the light and dark sides to achieve inner harmony.

Which style and color should I choose?

The style is determined by pagan symbols and their original. It is allowed to apply color images in strict accordance with the concept of the main drawing.

What other symbols are combined with Slavic ones?

Completed images of Slavic symbols allow you to create a full-fledged tattoo using only them. If you want to add something to the picture, you can use:

  1. Flame is a sign of vital energy, inspiration, sincere emotions and passions.
  2. Plants symbolize the healing power of nature, protecting against wounds and emotional trauma.
  3. Geometric patterns and ornaments enhance protection.
  4. Flowers add romance to the overall design.

What Slavic amulets are not recommended to be applied as a tattoo?

Ancient images can cause misperception due to the fact that in places not so remote (in the zone) they are given a completely different meaning, often distorting the original positive meaning. Such negative options could be as follows:

  1. The swastika and Kolovrat are mistakenly considered fascist, which causes aggression.
  2. Only authorities in prison have the right to wear a crucifix, and the Celtic cross also belongs to it.
  3. A rose in the zone is considered a mark of lost youth.

Before applying a Slavic style tattoo, make sure that it does not have a double meaning, as this may cause trouble in the future.

Before applying a tattoo, carefully study its meaning, history, meaning, and determine its compatibility with your energy field.

Tattoos in the Slavic style involve honoring ancestors, the past and one’s history, therefore they have enormous energy, which will be used to benefit its owner. The correct choice of design, color scheme and place on the body will allow you to most fully realize the task to achieve your goal with the help of a tattoo.

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