How to tell fortunes about menstruation according to Feng Shui - methodology, deciphering the results

Fortune telling for menstrual bleeding according to Feng Shui gained popularity in ancient times. Human life is a circle of repeating events. The cyclical nature of the female body is one of the proofs of this main law of the Universe. Fortune telling practices allow you to identify the signs given by higher energy, understand their meaning, and determine what will happen in the near future. Such a prediction will tell you about the coming month and will help you prepare in time for important life changes and protect yourself from troubles.

What does the time at which the bleeding began indicate?

Fortune telling about menstruation according to Feng Shui most often begins with determining the time of day. If a new cycle begins in the early morning, they see the event as a prediction of a positive future. Changes for the better are coming soon. Perhaps you will be able to immerse yourself in a new feeling. If you already have a relationship, the connection will strengthen. The interpretation of the morning beginning of the cycle is an idyll in the family, warm family and friendly relations. Household members will live in peace and tranquility.

If the time of day is the first half of the day, they see the event as a prediction of a positive future. The decoding is as follows: a pleasant pastime is coming soon. You will have the opportunity to plunge headlong into passion and experience tender and romantic love. Life will be filled with harmony. Positive, long-awaited news is likely. The woman will be happy in her relationship with her chosen one.

Orientalists, telling how to tell fortunes about menstruation using Feng Shui, talk about the meaning of the beginning of the cycle, which occurred in the second half of the day. He is seen as a harbinger of troubled times. In the coming month, a woman will experience minor adversity and face difficulties. There will be reasons to be sad and yearn. Apathy and depression are likely.

When fortune telling during menstruation according to Feng Shui, the worst omens are seen in the night period of cycle renewal. In Eastern esotericism, this time is considered inappropriate for starting a new one. What happened foreshadows a tragic separation from a chosen one, a relative, a loved one. You have to be very sad and go through a serious conflict.

The relationship will be tested to its strength; feelings will cool down and change. Perhaps your loved one is unfaithful.

Start time of menstruation

According to Feng Shui, any woman can predict menstruation. It is important to remember what time of day your period started:

  • If your period starts early in the morning, the girl can expect pleasant experiences. She may meet an old love or meet a promising guy. According to Feng Shui, menstruation in the early morning is a favorable sign that promises many romantic experiences and success in other areas of life. The woman's health will be satisfactory.
  • Menstruation before noon promises problems at work, where the woman previously succeeded. During the month, conflicts may occur that will gradually worsen the relationship.
  • Bleeding at lunchtime. There are pleasant surprises and surprises ahead that will require composure and concentration. A woman may be threatened by secret enemies: they plot intrigues and influence the general well-being of the fortuneteller.
  • Bleeding after lunch. The period from lunch to evening is favorable and successful. A woman will be lucky in everything: in love, in financial and professional matters. The more she works, the more she will succeed. There may be cash receipts from an unexpected source.
  • Menstruation began in the late evening - this is a sign of stability and a time for rest: a woman can take a breath and let go of accumulated anxieties.

Fortune telling is effective in unstable cycles

Fortune telling is effective in unstable cycles

The time the bleeding started helps you plan your entire month. A woman should take into account not only the time when the blood began to flow, but also the pain that precedes her period.

If the menstrual cycle is stable and bleeding begins at the same time every month, guessing using this criterion is ineffective. It is worth paying attention to the sign when your period begins unusually - any differences from the system are a hint.

The meaning of the day of the week in fortune telling

Feng Shui period fortune telling can predict both success and failure. Pay attention to what point in the week the cycle was updated.

Monday symbolizes troubles, minor troubles, minor difficulties. Perhaps a woman will soon receive an expensive gift from her chosen one, a member of her household, or a relative.

Tuesday is the day of the week that foreshadows a meeting with a good friend, an old acquaintance, a friend from the past. If a new person appears in your life soon, he will probably become the object of tender feelings; perhaps a spouse. The beginning of the intimate cycle on Tuesday predicts imminent changes in the way of life.

If the start occurred in the middle of the week, the next month threatens minor troubles. They interpret the event as a valuable warning that allows them to prepare in advance and overcome upcoming difficulties. You will have to give your best, show strength of spirit.

Thursday is an ambiguous day. The beginning of the body's renewal cycle foreshadows a fun party in the company of close friends. Sometimes it signals an imminent meeting with new people. A simple acquaintance will quickly turn into a fun party. It is impossible to predict in advance how pleasant the event will be for the girl.

If the cycle begins on the last weekday of the week, they see it as an indication of imminent dramatic life changes. There may be some difficulties, especially at first. Don't be afraid of them. The woman will definitely have enough energy and perseverance; will be able to overcome the situation.

Saturday is a day of rest filled with regularity and tranquility. The beginning of the cycle falling on it means harmony in the coming month. Perhaps the lady will receive recognition from her secret lover. There is a possibility that your cherished desire will come true.

The best forecasts are associated with the cycle starting on the last day of the week. It portends joy and happiness, a great mood. A woman will have a lot of fun and celebration in the coming month. Success is coming; all areas of life will be filled with joy.

If conflicts are currently a concern, they will soon exhaust themselves.

Principles and rules of online fortune telling

Modern online solitaire fortune telling is a type of predicting the future that uses cards with symbols. Symbolic fortune telling is very ancient: Tarot cards, and even more so ordinary playing cards, arose much later. However, some types of solitaire still use a standard deck of 36 sheets.

Tip: if you wish, you can make the cards yourself and carry out fortune telling in reality. In some cases, such as for the New Year, Christmastide, Christmas - the predictions will be very accurate!

An important point in conducting such fortune telling is the correctly formulated question. Although most often solitaire is played on a specific situation in order to determine possible directions for its development.

Most popular types

The exact number of existing types of solitaire games is unknown. Roughly speaking, there are several hundred of them. These fortune tellings captivate, entertain and, of course, predict the future. The accuracy of their forecasts is comparable to that of any other type of fortune telling! The following layouts are best known in Russia:

  • Indian solitaire.
  • Russian solitaire.
  • Swedenborg Solitaire.
  • Love solitaire.
  • For the near future.
  • On playing cards.

The layout of the cards in them is simple, and is almost entirely done by the computer. Online fortune telling is carried out both on special cards and on regular decks with 36 or 52 sheets. If you are a beginner and would like to learn the meanings of the cards, then first of all remember that:

  • Worms symbolize feelings.
  • Clubs - professional sphere and relationships with people.
  • Diamonds - money, finance, luck and failure.
  • Peaks - physical effort, power, violence.


The number of the month also predicts the future.

Interpreted as follows:

  • 1 – a harbinger of positive events, a pleasant meeting, a feeling of happiness;
  • 2 – someone, something will disappoint, become an object of neglect;
  • 3 – a serious quarrel or scandal threatens, so it is necessary to show diplomacy, smooth out rough edges, and avoid harsh words;
  • 4 – old plans are being realized, old wishes will be fulfilled, the next month will be successful, the girl will receive a pleasant surprise;
  • 5 – someone close is preparing an unexpected surprise or a long-awaited present;
  • 6 – the enemy has the power to harm, so you need to become more careful and careful;
  • 7 – for someone in this world, a woman is the center of life, the most important thing;
  • 8 – there will be a scene of jealousy, because of which you will have to be nervous;
  • 9 – someone is dissatisfied with the girl’s relationship and is trying to separate her from her chosen one, so you need to be more careful;
  • 10 – meeting with a good, promising man, potential romantic interest;
  • 11 - an indication of the loyalty of a loved one (despite the gossip and rumors that I have heard recently);
  • 12 - you will have a pleasant acquaintance with an attractive but treacherous man who should not be trusted too much;
  • 13 – the next month will be difficult;
  • 14 – a harbinger of good news, small positive events;
  • 15 – temporary troubles, mild experiences;
  • 16 – bad consequences of gossip and thoughtless words;
  • 17 – quarrel, parting with a loved one temporarily or permanently;
  • 18 – quick, violent love, the return of a departed loved one;
  • 19 – sincere, passionate, but often non-reciprocal love;
  • 20 – unrequited love;
  • 21 – an indication of the lie of a loved one, friend, relative;
  • 22 – the next month will be financially successful;
  • 23 – positive, inspiring life changes, sincere happiness;
  • 24 – big home holiday;
  • 25 – an unexpected meeting of a pleasant stranger, from which friendship and love will grow;
  • 26 – finding an understanding, supportive friend who will play a significant role in life in the future;
  • 27 - fulfillment of an old desire, and with the hands of a person from whom no one expected support;
  • 28 – increase in income, obtaining a high position in the next month;
  • 29 – unpleasant news, minor obstacles in life, a minor upset that does not deserve long-term worries;
  • 30 – temptation to cheat on your loved one, meeting with a handsome man whom you should beware of;
  • 31 – an exciting journey, the threat of shame.

Talismans that influence finances

Finance, monetary wealth - this is what the larger half wants. Money today decides a lot: the level of medicine, life, food, education and much more. It is not surprising that every person sincerely wants, even if not millions in his bank account, to certainly not need anything and not to deny himself at least the most primitive needs. The following symbols and talismans can help attract good luck:

  • Hottei. This is a figurine of God, who patronizes fun, carelessness and, of course, wealth. God Hottei arose for a reason; he was not invented. Its prototype was a monk who existed in the past, who radiated fun and good luck. He gifted everyone nearby with his amazing energy. According to legend, that monk always wandered around the world with a bag on his back. In this bag, according to him, there was a whole universe. It’s not enough to place a figurine of God Hottei in your room; you also need to be able to activate it. In China, people believe that if you rub the belly of this miniature prototype of a lucky man three hundred times, your wishes for financial gain will definitely come true.
  • Coins. Three coins is a symbol that also means indescribable luck, and as a result, good monetary profit. You can carry three Chinese coins with you every day, putting them in your wallet or bag. They are small round copper coins with a square hole inside. Many people tie three coins together with one red ribbon. Many Chinese businessmen who have achieved success in their business still place this talisman in the wealth zone at home or bury it in the yard.
  • Toad with a big coin. This is another talisman beloved by the Chinese themselves, which brings prosperity to your home. Some believe that a figurine of a toad should never be placed very high, because this animal is afraid. The coin in the toad's mouth symbolizes wealth and gold. There is a legend that a toad once angered the great and powerful Buddha. He disliked her for her bad character and useless existence. Therefore, since then, she has been holding gold coins in her mouth while begging for her sins.
  • Fish. A symbol and talisman that helps in completing some kind of big business transaction when large sums of money are at stake. You can get a figurine, or you can just carry a photo of two fish with you. They help establish contacts with a business partner.
  • Money Tree. This is probably one of the most common symbols of wealth. Even the name itself says it all. This is probably one of the most diverse talismans. The money tree can be artificial, real, sculpture, or drawn and placed in a wallet.
  • Money envelope. This symbol is aimed at increasing capital. It is best if it is a red envelope with gold embossing and details. These colors attract wealth. But you should not store your “emergency reserve” in such an envelope, which is in case of famine, bankruptcy, or to repay a future loan. No, you can’t put money in this envelope for some rainy day. Finances are stored there, which in the future need to be spent on pleasure: travel, new clothes, useful purchases to lift your spirits.
  • Money master named Chen Luoban. This figurine must be placed exactly where you keep your finances. Chen Loban is the patron of money who helps you keep it safe and sound. The budget will not be spent quickly and you will always have money.
  • Pi Yao. This talisman is simply ideal for those who are worried about replenishing their income. Pi Yao is a dragon crossed with a turtle. Passion and ardor mixed with wisdom and regularity, creating the most loyal animal talisman.

Curious facts

The cyclical nature of the female body plays an important role in Eastern philosophy and ideas about the world. Esotericists of the Far East see in it a symbol of regular cleansing of the human body. Previously it was believed that this period was necessary for the removal of used, waste, contaminated blood. Her place, as the mystics believed, is taken by fresh, clean, healthy.

Doctors are confident that monthly cycles have a positive effect on the female body and ensure a longer life expectancy. The difference with the average life expectancy of men under the same conditions is quite large.

Prediction based on menstruation according to Feng Shui is considered one of the most accurate fortune-telling practices. This is explained by the fact that the future is analyzed by simultaneously assessing the time of day, date, day of the week on which the beginning of the cycle fell. The information received is brought together.

Hieroglyphs of luck

The hieroglyph Luck is one of the most popular and revered Feng Shui symbols. Indeed, what do we most often desire and strive for if not for this amazing state - luck. When everything works out and happens by itself, without forcing us to think hard and look for ways to get what we want. Every person has such periods in life, and we would all like them to happen more often and last as long as possible.

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