How to cleanse a house with a church candle. How to prepare yourself and your home for cleaning

Why do you need to cleanse your house with a candle?

Fire has long been used to purify and “burn” negative energy (for example, ritual jumping through the cleansing fire of a fire).

The cleansing property of fire is still used by knowledgeable people today. One of the beneficial uses of fire is to cleanse the space of the house with the fire of a candle. Moreover, experts recommend taking a church candle for this purpose. Because such a candle will give pure positive energy, which will help not only “burn out” negativity, but also renew the energy of the house.

What are the signs that house cleaning is necessary:

  • staying at home takes away strength and develops apathy and melancholy;
  • electrical appliances constantly break down;
  • problems or illnesses constantly appear;
  • quarrels occur constantly;
  • after receiving guests you feel bad at heart;
  • after purchasing a secondary home to cleanse the energy of the previous owners;
  • after negative events in the house.

All of these signs indicate that negative energy has accumulated in the house and that energy cleansing with a candle is necessary. This will help rid your home of accumulated negativity.

Signs of accumulation of negativity in a room

In any home, the negativity that gradually accumulates due to various troubles makes living uncomfortable.

Relations between residents become more tense, and friction, misunderstandings, and resentments often arise. You don’t want to return to an apartment like this in the evening after work. Intimate life between spouses deteriorates.

Furniture, even arranged according to Feng Shui, often breaks, dishes break, flowers wither and grow poorly. This apartment urgently needs energy cleaning.

Learn more about how to identify negative energy in your home.

Cleaning as the first stage of preparation for energy cleansing

Before cleansing the house energetically, you first need to do a “mechanical” cleansing, that is, general cleaning:

  • tidy up your closets;
  • wipe the dust,
  • wash mirrors and windows;
  • to throw out the trash;
  • clean the plumbing fixtures (especially the kitchen sink and toilet);
  • wash the floor by adding a pinch of salt to the water;
  • fast for 2-3 days for self-purification.

Ritual with a black candle to remove negativity

This ritual is incredibly effective. It is better to spend it on the waning moon. To perform the ritual you will need a black candle, a fireproof container, a lighter or matches, and water.

Take a black candle and, after dripping a little wax onto a container, place it vertically at the bottom of this container. When the candle is standing steadily, pour water into the container so that it does not reach the base of the candle. Now light a candle, turn off the light and take a comfortable position.

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Watch the fire and focus all your disappointments, problems, worries, fears on it. Imagine what makes you suffer, what torments you, what blocks your path. Be angry, cry, be sad without holding back. Continue focusing on the candle flame. When the fire approaches the water level, it will go out on its own, saving you from disappointment and anger.



Direct preparation for cleansing

This stage includes preparing the items necessary for cleansing:

  1. one church wax candle. But you need to buy three (just in case). Since wax is a natural material, it already carries pure positive energy, which will enhance the effect of energetic cleansing. By the way, the candle should not be too small, it should be enough to slowly walk around the entire perimeter of the house;
  2. a box of matches, which you will need to carry with you after lighting the candle;
  3. large white circles cut out of paper. They are needed to protect against dripping hot wax: you need to pierce them in the center and insert a candle there;
  4. a bag for a candle that has burned out after cleaning, so that you can throw it away in it.

Necessary items for the ritual

The ritual of cleaning an apartment from negativity requires certain items. Let's make a list.

  • Three church wax candles.

If you have a small apartment, small candles will do. Well, if you are the owner of a luxurious mansion, then choose the largest ones in size.

I’ll immediately explain why you should prefer wax candles. Wax is a material that contains a natural charge of energy; it enhances your actions during the ritual. And paraffin is a kind of “dummy” that is suitable for decoration, but not for serious actions.

The size of the candle matters, because it should not burn out while slowly walking around all the rooms of your apartment. We buy three pieces in case something unexpected happens: the candle goes out and refuses to burn again or the wick goes bad. You never know. In general, for the ritual we only need one church candle.

  • Matches or lighter.

Have a box of matches or a lighter ready. You will carry them with you during the procedure.

  • Cut out large circles of the largest possible size from white sheets of A4 paper.

Not necessarily perfectly even. They will act as protection for your hands. One such circle is pierced in the middle with a pencil, and a candle is inserted into the hole. It turns out to be an “umbrella”. As a result, wax dripping from the candle will not get on your hands.

  • Pouch.

It will be needed to throw away the burnt-out candle after the ritual.

So, all items are prepared. It's time to choose the right day.

Requirements for cleaning

  • There should be no one at home except the person performing the ritual;
  • the performer must cleanse his body before the ritual (take a shower) and put on clean clothes (which must be washed after the ritual);
  • the person carrying out the cleaning must remove all jewelry (so that they do not attract negative energy to themselves);
  • You need to carry out cleaning with a positive attitude and peace of mind;
  • open all doors and windows (if it’s winter outside, then open them a little) so that negative energy can escape;
  • if possible, open the front door;
  • You need to start the ritual from the front door.

Carrying out energy cleansing

  • light a candle and put matches in your pocket (they may come in handy);
  • hold the candle in your right hand, the paper “skirt” should cover your hands. Since melted wax concentrates negative energy, you need to try not to let it drip onto your hand or onto the floor of the house;
  • cross the outer side of the front door three times, then the inner side, saying “Go away, all the negativity!”;
  • clockwise slowly walk around the entire apartment (including the bathroom and toilet, as well as the balcony, if converted into a living space) with a burning candle, making wave-like movements with your hand;
  • cross all corners and door handles three times;
  • When cleaning a mirror, do not look into it;
  • in places where the church candle begins to smoke black in the apartment or crackle, you need to stop and move the candle (you can also read the Lord’s Prayer) until the fire becomes even;
  • specially treat headboards, TVs and computers, doors, corners, sinks, bathrooms and toilets;
  • open cabinets, drawers and carefully hold a candle;
  • listen to your inner feelings, since intuition itself can tell you which places you need to pay attention to;
  • returning to the front door, cross it three times again on the inside and mentally drive away the negativity;
  • close the front door and extinguish the candle;
  • put the used candle along with the paper in a pre-prepared bag and take it out within an hour and throw it in the trash.

Orthodox icons and prayers

The article is complete nonsense and has nothing to do with Orthodoxy. From the point of view of Orthodoxy, the ritual described in it is witchcraft, i.e. an abomination to God. This is exactly what the Bible calls paganism, idolatry, sorcery, witchcraft - an abomination before God. Neo-pagans posing as Orthodox are taught to perform pagan rituals with a blessed candle or with an icon or with a Cross, but they are not Christians at their core, they are Gnostics, their religion is “New Age,” simply put, Satanism. And the worse condemnation will be received by all those “psychics-healers-fortune-tellers” who use Christian shrines for pagan abomination: holy water, blessed candles, icons, the Cross and seducing people to do this with it. All pagan rituals are flirting with demons. Yes, yes, precisely with demons who fool people’s heads, for in the spiritual world there are no nameless “energies”, there are Angels who have remained faithful to God and will always remain in it, and there are fallen angels - demons who will never repent. The task of a demon is to destroy a person, to plunge him into hell, which is intended for Satan and his demons. Hell is not for people, but a person can get there by rejecting Christ: “Then He will also say to those on the left side: Depart from Me, you cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels:” (Matthew 25:41 ). Hell is not for people! You don't need to go there! Don't engage in neo-pagan abomination! People who engage in neo-pagan spiritual practices end their lives very badly: they cannot stop, they go crazy and many are driven to suicide by demons, i.e. unforgivable sin. And any neo-paganism is essentially unworshipping, Satanism. “For all Gods are the tongue of demons: the Lord made the heavens” (“all the gods of the pagans are demons; the Lord made the heavens”) (Ps. 95: 5), “For all the gods of the nations are idols, but the Lord made the heavens.” (Ps. 95:5). Repent and turn to God in the Holy Trinity, worshiped and glorified! All this “energy-informational nonsense” about “energy-karma-chakra-aura” comes from the neo-pagan, or simply put, the satanic movement of “new age”. Unfortunately, many modern people are indiscriminately ready to believe in anything, because... Many modern people completely lack any discernment in matters of religion. No matter what television shows, no matter what they see in newspapers, on the Internet, they believe everything at the same time, accept everything indiscriminately. They are ready to accept any pagan and, even worse, neo-pagan foolishness, without understanding the danger pagan and neo-pagan teachings pose to humans. Where did such a strange belief in all this neo-pagan nonsense come from? And here's where it comes from. In Soviet times, the official religion was scientific atheism. boring, dry and joyless. During this time, religious feelings went wild very strongly, because there were persecutions against the Orthodox Church, and what was left of the faith among the people was overgrown with such a terrible amount of superstitions that it was simply creepy, but that was not so bad. The trouble began when, with the fall of the Iron Curtain and the collapse of the USSR, streams of preachers of various sects and sects poured into the country, especially neo-pagan ones, preaching the “New Age”, or simply Satanism, all these psychics and sorcerers multiplied like mushrooms after the rain , fortune-tellers, astrologers, gurus, yogis, magicians, among other things, who reinterpreted even old folk superstitions in their own “energy-informational”, “Vedic-fenshuy” way, and the people who were disgusted with scientific atheism, the people whose religious feelings had gone wild during the years of the existence of the state religion - scientific atheism, from one extreme - from atheism, rushed to an even worse extreme - into all-belief and, without understanding, he believes in everything at once, if only it were simpler and more easily digestible. Of course, it was not the people themselves who reached this state; they were cleverly pushed by all these neo-pagan preachers-gurus-yogis-astrologers who filled TV screens, radio stations, the pages of newspapers and magazines, and with the development of the Internet, the Internet. Then the slightly sectarian movement hid for a while, without ceasing to act through the method of consistent and purposeful “brainwashing” little by little, but regularly and consistently, throwing in neo-pagan ideas, consistently and purposefully chattering away any objections to them so that now people began to consider astrology fortune telling, psychics, healers, fortune tellers, feng shui-Vedic fools are the norm. But this is not the norm. All occult teachings are not from the field of science. They are from the realm of religion. But what religion? They are from the neo-pagan movement “new age”, or, simply put, Satanism. 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Cleaning yourself after cleaning the house

During the energy cleansing of the house, some of the negative energy may “catch on” to the person performing the ritual. Therefore, after the ritual, you need to start cleansing and restoring your energy:

  1. wash your hands with soap and salt;
  2. send all clothes, including underwear, to the laundry;
  3. take a bath with sea salt (salt “pulls out” negativity);
  4. to wash hair;
  5. Finally, take a shower, since running water tends to wash away negativity;
  6. wear clean clothes.

Now you can enjoy the updated clean energy in your home. And such energy cleansing is recommended to be carried out once every six months (except for urgent needs).

Attention! If complete cleaning was unsuccessful (the candle constantly went out, smoked black, or people were knocking), then cleaning can be done again only after three days, but not later than a month.

Cleansing with salt

Salt, it turns out, has many magical properties. She absorbs negative energy. Experts recommend using it to cleanse your home of all unnecessary things.

Take a carafe (made from natural material) and fill it with salt. Place it in the room where you spend most of your time. Magic powder will not allow negative energy to accumulate around you.

I recommend changing the contents of the decanter every thirty days. It is best to bury the used salt.

Another technique is to heat some salt in a frying pan and go around the entire apartment with it. Don't miss a single corner. After the ritual, you should wipe off the dust and wash the floor.

Another way to cleanse your apartment of negativity yourself

  • sprinkle all corners of the apartment, mirrors (pre-wash) and your face and hands with holy water;
  • light a candle and start from the outside of the front door;
  • swipe clockwise from the door several times, cross the peephole, door handle and lock three times;
  • do the same on the inside of the front door;
  • the house (apartment) is cleared from left to right (clockwise);
  • walls, corners and furniture are cleaned with wave-like movements, and corners and door handles with cross-shaped movements;
  • in places where the candle cracks or smokes black, should be cleaned until the candle flame is clear;
  • clean the toilet and bathroom well;
  • some sources recommend walking around the perimeter of the house again;
  • Throw away used candles and their fumes;
  • wash your hands and rinse them with holy water, let them dry themselves.

Prayer for the consecration of an apartment, house, car with holy water

Prayer #1

Prayer #2

Prayer #3

  • We all know that Christian prayer can work miracles. Therefore, if you want to enhance the effect of holy water, then accompany the process of consecrating an apartment or house with a specific prayer. This will help you protect yourself as best as possible from evil looks, words and actions. You can read such prayers either directly over the water or while you sprinkle it on the walls.
  • When you do this, it doesn’t matter at all, the main thing is that at this moment your thoughts are pure and your soul is tuned to dialogue with God. In addition, always remember that at home, as well as in church, a woman should read prayers with her head covered. Therefore, before you begin the ceremony, be sure to tie a scarf on your head and wear a cross. As soon as you are ready, begin to say the words of the prayer in a low voice.
  • Do not rush under any circumstances, do everything without unnecessary fuss and without the slightest doubt. Try to ensure that all your words are pronounced clearly enough and, most importantly, sincerely. You need to read prayers over water at least 3 times. There is an opinion that this is the only way God can hear the request of the one asking.

Other methods and means of energy cleansing at home

In addition to cleansing with a church candle, the energy at home can be improved using the following methods and means:

  • getting rid of old and unnecessary things;
  • general cleaning (washing carpets, curtains, washing windows and kitchen utensils);
  • purification by sound-vibration (sounds of Tibetan singing bowls or high-frequency music);
  • sea ​​salt in any form (in crystals or dissolved in water). Just don’t put it in closets or other closed spaces;
  • essential oils with cleansing properties. It is necessary to use natural oils and select them to your liking;
  • green plants and flowers. Some plants have the ability to “take away” negative energy from a room (for example, cactus, aloe), while others have the ability to saturate it with positive energy (for example, geranium);
  • faces of Saints and energy patterns that are conductors of energies. Therefore, their choice must be taken seriously, having first collected information about them;
  • a family altar is a sacred place in the house where spiritual and energetic practices are carried out. This energy can harmonize the space of the entire home.

Why bless the room?

Many people are surprised to receive information about the purification of space if a poltergeist or ghost does not live there. But there are apartments or houses that are very uncomfortable to be in. This inexplicable feeling of psychological discomfort does not go away for a minute: you want to get out into the fresh air as soon as possible. An unpleasant atmosphere may be caused by damage to the house, which has begun its destructive effect. Perhaps there is an object in the room that contains a curse or damage. Also, a heavy atmosphere is felt when there is a curse, an evil eye, or when a seriously ill person is found.

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In what cases is it necessary to consecrate a space:

  • after the funeral of one of the relatives;
  • after a serious illness of household members or pets;
  • if there are regular scandals or fights in the house;
  • if there is an alcoholic/drug addict in the house;
  • after an accident in this premises;
  • after purchasing secondary housing;
  • when moving to a rented premises.

Esotericists recommend cleaning the room even if a water pipe leaks or another breakdown occurs in the room. This does not happen by pure chance, but is always associated with energy breaches or a targeted energy attack. It is also recommended to bless the apartment after a noisy party with drinking and feasting.

Sometimes breakdowns in the apartment appear one after another: just after the refrigerator was repaired, the washing machine broke down. Behind the washing machine, the TV broke down, a mirror fell from the wall, etc. This is the result of an energy imbalance, and not a simple chain of accidents. There are no accidents in our world of cause and effect, just like there is no smoke without fire.

In addition to church consecration, there are other types of energetic cleansing of an apartment - by the elements, smoke of herbs, fire and water. These methods work well for unchurched people. For believers, it is best to invite a priest to perform the consecration ceremony at home.

But you should not call the priest from the church to consecrate the apartment if you intend to continue your sinful life. First you need to cleanse your soul with repentance and communion, and then consecrate your home.

What premises should not be consecrated?

If dishonest business is being conducted on the premises or the law is being violated, then such places cannot be sanctified with the help of church attributes. Premises where tobacco and alcohol are sold or consumed, bookmakers and casinos are not sanctified.

Anyone who dares to sanctify demonic places with holy water and a church candle will incur the wrath of God. If you still need to cleanse the space, it is better to use neutral methods: cleansing with the smoke of herbs, the fire of a non-church candle.

Features of the work of candles of different colors

In addition to using church candles, multi-colored candles are also used in energy cleansing of the home. This is due to the fact that each candle color carries its own energy:

  • The white color of the candle is a universal candle that can be used in all rituals. A symbol of comfort, tranquility and harmony;
  • a red candle is used to improve material well-being, but is almost never used in rituals;
  • a pink candle is used in love rituals, helping to return love;
  • orange and yellow colors of candles (for example, church candles) are used to cleanse negativity, relax and restore spiritual harmony and open positive energy flows;
  • a brown candle helps in the household, creates comfort, and gets rid of illnesses;
  • a purple candle provides magical protection, but is used only by professionals;
  • A black candle is used only by professionals, as it is very powerful and quickly burns away all negativity.

Rituals with a black candle

Black candles are used in candle magic to absorb and destroy negative energies. Black candles bind dark forces, provide protection, remove the evil eye and damage. Black candles are good as altar candles, including together with white ones: this combination balances energies.

Apartment cleansing ritual with black candles

Time of application: on the waning moon. The ideal time is before the great church holidays, especially before Easter. A black candle is lit near the front door and a person with it in his hands moves clockwise throughout the apartment, looking into the very nooks and crannies, not forgetting to open the cabinets.

In particularly contaminated areas, the candle will go out and must be re-lit. If one candle is not enough, then you need to take a second one and light it from the first. The circle closes near the front door. The door at the end should open and the candle flame should be extinguished by a draft; you cannot extinguish the candle yourself. After using the candle, the cinder must be rolled into a ball and rolled in ordinary kitchen salt, after which it can be thrown into the trash.

Ritual of cleansing from gossip and enemies of black candles

Time of application on the waning moon
Time of application - on the waning moon. The ritual requires 5 black candles; they are installed in the shape of a pentacle (five-pointed star) on a single stand; there is no need to draw lines between them. A red candle is placed in the middle. First the red candle is lit, then all the others are lit from it. The candles must burn out to the end; you cannot move away or be distracted.

At the moment of burning the candles, you need to say: “I don’t want evil, I don’t want evil, I don’t bring evil.” They bring me only good things and I pay with good things.” In this case, you need to remember your ill-wishers and try to endow them with the most positive qualities and forgive them for their ignorance. After the candles have burned, they must be rolled into one ball and buried in the ground, like a sprout of future normal relationships.

Black candle disease cleansing ritual

Time of application: on the waning moon. The ritual requires three black candles, a stone egg and a rag. Three candles are warmed up in your hands and twisted into a bundle. After this they are set on fire. During combustion, the candles may unwind from the bundle and deviate greatly from each other, so it is necessary to prepare a space for this.

After the candles are lit above them, you need to warm up the stone egg, wipe it with a cloth to remove soot and roll it counterclockwise in the area of ​​the sore spot, five or six turns, then warm the egg again. It is possible to roll out only one place at a time. If the candles separate, the egg must be heated over the candles one at a time.

The fire of a black candle can cleanse the subtle fields of a person

At the moment of rolling out, you need to say: “All illnesses and illnesses are gone from my body, burn like a candle burns.” You need to continue the ritual until all the candles burn out completely. After this, the egg needs to be soaked in brine (a strong salt solution). The remaining wax should be wrapped in paper and burned to the ground.

Ways to maintain positive energy at home

Since cleansing with a candle is not carried out often (2-4 times a year), you can find other ways to preserve and maintain the clean energy of your home space:

  • hang a protective amulet (icon or amulet) over the front door;
  • wash your hands and shoes after coming home;
  • wash dishes in a timely manner, without leaving dirty ones overnight;
  • clean pillows in the sun;
  • promptly get rid of trash (unnecessary things, cracked dishes, dried and artificial flowers);
  • do not bring home found items;
  • do not put things given to you next to yours; first you need to wash them or clean them with candle fire;
  • leave all problems and conflicts at the door;
  • maintain the physical cleanliness of your home;
  • immediately get rid of gifts you don’t like;
  • do not invite unkind people into your home;
  • do not start quarrels in the house.

I wish you harmony in your home!


What places in the house accumulate a lot of negativity?

The most dangerous area is the corners. They must be sprinkled with holy water before the ritual begins. But there are no less significant places that need attention.

Entrance hall, corridor

Many people come home, take off their shoes and forget about them until the next time they go outside. And only a few go to the bathroom to wash it. Thus, they save themselves from grief, lack of money, quarrels and illnesses. After all, this is a breeding ground for negative energy.


Especially if dirty dishes spend the night there. Unwashed dishes accumulate a lot of negative energy. Therefore, it is better to wash them immediately after eating.

Sleeping area

While waiting for sleep, we often replay the past day in our memory, think about the past, present and future, and make plans. All the negativity from thoughts and dreams remains on the pillow. Therefore, it needs to be cleaned thoroughly.


Reflective surfaces perfectly absorb negative energy that comes from conflicts and unkind thoughts of guests. They need not just be washed, but sprinkled with holy water.

Places to store old, broken and found items

We are talking about areas where worn-out shoes, chipped dishes, torn clothes or bedding lie. It's better to throw it all away. Because the house will gradually begin to fill with negative energy.

The source of increased danger is things found on the street. It's better to avoid them. But if for some reason you could not resist, immediately cleanse them with a church candle and holy water.

Boxes, drawers, shelves with decorations

Precious metals are excellent at absorbing negative energy. It can accumulate in places where they are stored.

Another source of negativity is cut and artificial flowers. Because of them, the house is filled with dead energy. Throw them away and never bring them again. And clean the place where they stood well with a church candle.

During the ritual, listen to your own feelings. You feel your home like no other. Therefore, be sure to find all the places where negative energy accumulates.

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