Amulets for happiness and good luck: 5 strong talismans

For many centuries, people have believed that certain symbols, signs, and drawings influence the material world. Confucius also said: “Signs and symbols rule the world—not words or laws.” Therefore, people have always dreamed of acquiring certain symbols of wealth, which are necessary to attract money and make life easier. A selection of the most interesting symbols of wealth and prosperity among different peoples of the world.


The toad in Chinese mythology is one of the symbols of wealth and immortality. And the Three-Legged Toad is a symbol of special wealth.

There are many legends associated with it. One of them goes like this: in ancient, ancient times, there lived a very greedy and cruel robber in China. He robbed and even killed all travelers, both rich and poor. He accumulated so much wealth that it would have been enough for many lives, but he continued to rob and kill, and he robbed not only ordinary mortals, but also the deities who lived in China at that time. Then the gods and people prayed and asked Buddha for help. Buddha called the robber to him and decided to punish him by taking his life. The robber was frightened, repented and promised not to kill anyone again and to quit his dirty business. Then Buddha heeded his pleas and turned him into a three-legged toad with a coin in his mouth and ordered him to give all the loot to people, spitting it out, giving gold coins to people.


Maneki-neko is an ancient Japanese talisman for attracting good luck and money, also known as the "Luck Cat", "Luck Cat" or "Money Cat". This sculpture, widespread in the east, mainly in Japan and China, is made of porcelain, paper and wood, depicting a fat cat with its paw raised in an inviting gesture, which lures money, luck and happiness to its owner. Figurines of “Lucky Cats” are usually displayed in a prominent place: in shop windows or at the entrance to a store, temple or office. For a long time it was believed that a cat washes its face in anticipation of the rain. Researchers suggest that the prototype for Maneki-Neko was a Japanese proverb from the 9th century: “if a cat washes its face and ears, it will rain.” In the rain there may be unexpected visitors. This is probably where the superstition arose that if a cat washes itself, expect guests. The color of the Money Cat will depend on what you want to attract into your home. Thus, white Maneki-neko symbolizes luck and good fortune. Black - prevents misfortune and protects from evil. The color gold is good luck in money matters and business prosperity. Pink - attracts love, brings wedding closer and improves relationships. A cat with closed eyes lures “near wealth”, with open eyes - “distant wealth”.

How money symbols work

The use of magical signs allows us to solve the problem of the automatic presence of an egregor that protects a person in one place or another. Being gateways to certain egregors, symbols of attracting money help you receive huge amounts of energy and change the space around you.

Any graphic design is a framework for an energy structure. Its power depends on how "charged" it is by the practitioner of magic. A simple sign drawn on a wallet to attract money or wealth will be useless if it is not present in the person’s mind. In order for the money channel to open, you need to combine the idea of ​​a magic symbol with its image and send your energy to this area.

In order to charge a banknote, while drawing it, you must be in a deep meditative state: think only about your desire, visualizing its fulfillment in all colors.

At the same time, magical symbols to attract money and good luck should be applied to materials that are good batteries and conductors of energy. It can be natural stones, metals, natural fabrics, wood, bone.

The most suitable wood for money talismans is honeysuckle, almond, oak, pine, and cedar. Of the metals, preference should be given to gold. In the case of stones, you need to choose specimens of yellow and green shades (chrysoberyl, peridot, chrysoprase, labradorite, citrine).


The legendary fish, dragon fish or Aravana is a fish with the beauty, amazing plasticity of movements and elegance of a real Asian Dragon. She is a direct descendant of dinosaurs that went extinct billions of years ago. An entire culture is associated with it. In Asia, for example in Taiwan or Singapore, these fish represent abundance, the dragon brings wealth and prosperity, and the golden dragon is the energy center of the home. And Aravana, which combines two symbols of wealth at once - a fish and a dragon, means a double blessing for wealth. Contents Aravan is an honorable tradition for very rich and influential families, as they believe that the dragon fish helps their business prosper and provide a constant large income. And the larger the Aravan, the more prosperous its owner will become. Not everyone can afford such luxury, and it takes many years of life - the price of elite individuals can be simply fabulous. Adults, for example, elite “red Asian dragons” can cost from $100 thousand.

The role of a logo in business

The logo is the most important element of corporate identity and plays a huge role in the recognition of the company and its products in the market. A successful logo can significantly increase the effectiveness of advertising, raise the company’s image and influence its perception in the market.

A bad logo or its absence, at best, will deprive the company of one of its most important competitive advantages - recognition, and in the worst case, its undignity, which can be caused by primitive content and tasteless design, can generally alienate its potential clients from the company, especially in the corporate market.

From business cards to press advertising, product packaging and point-of-sale displays, your logo is the first visual element that tells or reminds consumers about your company.

With the current level of competition, your logo should be remembered by him from the very first contacts with the consumer, present your company in a favorable light, and also make it as easy as possible for further recognition of your advertising messages and the choice of your company’s products or services among many competing goods and services.


One of the most ancient and most widespread not only in Egypt, but also beyond its borders, is the symbol of eternal life, the “key of the Nile” - the Ankh. This is a talisman that protects from troubles and misfortunes, brings prosperity and wealth. Even Pharaoh Tutankhamun had a hand mirror in the shape of the Ankh sign. Also a symbol of good luck and prosperity is the scarab beetle, a great worker who will bring prosperity in business and success in endeavors. Jewelry, boxes, combs, mirrors and much more are decorated with the image of a scarab.

Popular symbols of happiness of different peoples and cultures

Egyptian cross

The most ancient symbol of human nature and eternal life. Outwardly it depicts a man with arms and a head, as well as the universe with the ever-rising sun above the horizon and deep roots in the earth. In Ancient Egypt it was often depicted in the hands of priests and pharaohs.

Oriental decoration

In India, a popular symbol of happiness is in the form of a necklace made of gold and black beads and two gold hemispheres in the center. It signifies family life and the unity of spouses. By putting jewelry on a woman, a man begins to use her magical energy. A woman should hide this talisman from others and protect its integrity, since the well-being of her husband depends on it.

Chinese magic sign Chow

Chinese culture endows many characters with powerful energy content. These include Chow, who grants:

  • positive state of mind;
  • good health;
  • longevity.

Depicted on the walls of many factories in China. It is considered an activator of internal strength and performance.

Chinese magic sign Chow

Celtic cross symbol

In Celtic culture, Christianity and pagan rituals are combined, so a cross of a specific shape is a protective amulet. It provides the ability to use energy flows that bring success and protect yourself from hostile forces. Placed on ceremonial surfaces, ritual objects, and also worn around the neck.

Sun symbol

Mesoamerican Indian cultures developed many symbols with astrological meaning. The solar sign is dedicated to eternity. The amulet was made of stone or clay.

When the elements were accurately applied, it had a huge influence on fate, directing energy to the desired object. He gave people the ability to work and success in business.

Atlantean symbol

Found in the 18th century, the ornament was applied to a protective amulet. Called to protect against the evil eye, theft, disease and pain.

Atlantean symbol

Symbolism of Christianity

The most famous symbol is the triune image “Faith-Hope-Love”. The inner meaning is the unity of parent and child, faith with truth, Saint Mary with Jesus Christ.

Jupiter symbol

The graphic diagram containing the sign of the planet Jupiter is called the Wheel of Fortune. It is believed to attract:

  • success;
  • wealth;
  • winnings from gambling and lotteries.

Alpha and Omega symbols

The outermost letters of the Greek alphabet contain the idea of ​​happiness in wisdom. An amulet with their image in combination with the monogram of Christ is intended to endow a person with a perspicacious mind and willpower. The inscription “you will win under this sign”, written in Latin, helps to overcome internal weaknesses and external opponents.

Alpha and Omega symbols

Indian culture

The image of luck, wealth and success in life in Indian philosophy is embodied by the god Ganesha. An outwardly ugly man with a big belly and the head of an elephant helps to overcome one’s own fears and insecurities. The amulet can be placed in a visible place.

Chinese symbolism of double happiness

The image that ensures harmony and happiness in family life is called Hsi-Hsi, which translates as “two happinesses.” The point is to fulfill the wishes of both spouses that do not contradict each other. Brings love, friendship and happiness in relationships.

Talismans for happiness and good luck have always been used by people: relying on them makes it easier to make difficult decisions and perform great deeds. However, for those who do not have a brave heart, willpower and the ability to sacrifice, not a single sign will help.

Be active and persistent in achieving your goal. Oddly enough, fate often sends difficult trials to its favorites!



In India, the elephant has been considered a revered animal since ancient times. Ancient sages believed that the elephant symbolizes wisdom, insight, patience, intelligence, peacefulness, love and kindness. The leadership traits of an elephant are manifested in its willpower and physical capabilities, because an elephant has the power to do what others cannot do. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that the symbol of the elephant, according to Feng Shui, has become a talisman of stability, well-being and prosperity. Indians believe that decorating an apartment with small figurines of elephants, painting the walls and making designs on fabric and embroidery with the image of an elephant contributes to a good environment in the home and family.


The frog is considered a symbol of determination and perseverance, not afraid of life's obstacles.

She is not afraid of living in swampy areas, which allows her to win. When danger arises, the frog quickly reacts and makes a rescue jump, which saves its life.

The image of a frog serves as a symbol of happiness in many cultures. It is believed that with its croaking it can attract rain during drought, which promotes fertility. It also has healing properties.

A correctly chosen amulet with a frog will bring prosperity, happiness and success to the owner.

The three-legged toad should be sitting on a handful of coins. Another coin should be able to slide in and out of its mouth freely.

An amulet in the form of a three-legged frog or toad will ensure the conclusion of profitable deals, the well-being of the inhabitants of the house, the preservation of the hearth, and an atmosphere of joy and happiness.

It will help you save the necessary amount of money, improve your financial situation, and teach you the art of spending money correctly. A mandatory attribute of the money toad are red eyes made of precious or semi-precious stones. This color helps activate the talisman.

The double talisman is the money toad with the god Hotei sitting on it.

This never-cheering god brings joy and fun into the lives of the inhabitants of the house.

The effectiveness of the talisman will depend on its location. It can be placed on the windowsill so that the frog is directed inside the apartment. The energy from the kitchen will harm the frog, so it is advisable to place it in the living room. A good place for a frog mascot is the desktop.

In order for the talisman to work at full strength, you need to talk to it, talk about your problems, intentions and wishes.


Also, as in many Mediterranean countries, in Spain, where winemaking was the most ancient occupation, the grapevine is a symbol of abundance and prosperity. In addition, in Portugal it is a symbol of good health and family warmth. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that the Portuguese pay tribute to grapes on New Year's Day. It is believed that by eating a grape at the chime of the New Year's clock, they will fulfill their wishes. That is, each stroke of the clock is accompanied by the eating of one grape. At the same time, every resident of Portugal and Spain makes one wish. As a result, during the 12 strokes of the New Year's clock, everyone can make 12 of their most cherished wishes.

Why you need to make an amulet with your own hands

Like all talismans, it is better to make the Wheel of Fortune amulet with your own hands, because there is nothing stronger than human energy. When making such a talisman, you put your thoughts, dreams, and desires into it. Impregnated with your energy power, the amulet will serve as a strong assistant in any matter.

To start making an amulet, you need to prepare spiritually, mentally understand the meaning and purpose of the talisman, why you need this particular amulet. When you decide on a goal, your energy will concentrate on it, and the amulet will know its purpose.

You should start work in a good mood, when your thoughts are positive and your mood is peaceful.

If your desires are vague and your thoughts are greedy, then you can only scare luck, and it will never become your companion.


The olive tree is closely related to the traditions and customs of the Greek people, as well as their way of life.
It is not for nothing that it is considered a symbol of peace, prosperity and fertility, and olive oil is a source of life, health and wealth. In Ancient Greece, there was another sign of wealth that the god Plutos kept - a cornucopia. He was an inexhaustible source of wealth and all blessings. Depicted as a large horn filled with flowers and fruits. According to one version, this horn was the horn of the divine goat Amalthea, who accidentally broke it. According to another version, the horn of the river god Achelous, who took the form of a bull during a duel with Hercules and was broken by him, became the cornucopia. In my store you can purchase or order works with these or other symbols of wealth, prosperity and prosperity. Write your wishes and questions in a personal message

Runes - signs that attract money

Scandinavian futhark is widely used in magical practices. It contains 24 signs, four of which are directly related to monetary luck.


Fehu is the main rune for attracting material resources and life energy. Its key quality is the patronage of the gods, the acquisition of new opportunities, growth and expansion, as well as the protection of existing wealth.

The symbol helps to increase capital, both through honest earnings and through undeserved luck. Traditionally, Fehu was considered a talisman of cattle breeders, who not only raised herds on their own, but also engaged in livestock theft.

This magical sign should be used by those who decide to take the path of getting rich quick. The vibrations of the rune will help to recount all the resources a person has in order to find the most profitable way to use them.

However, Fehu will not bring wealth to those who are accustomed to wasting money and do not know how to save what they have accumulated. Those who make money on mature and established financial markets should also use the symbol with caution. The rune opens up more opportunities for business activities in developing industries. Helps attract new investors and clients.

Also, a magic sign is used to ensure a favorable result of a real estate transaction and the safety of things when moving.

The effect of the Fehu rune is not limited to material objects. The symbol also helps to find a way out of a difficult and incomprehensible situation, make the right choice, and accumulate social and reputational capital.

When using Fehu, it is important to remember that the action of the rune should be aimed at achieving a specific goal, and not just achieving “wealth”. This is too abstract a concept, by which each person means something different. A wish made through Feha must be extremely specific. For example, you can “order” a specific position, a certain amount of money for apartment renovation, or the purchase of a specific brand of car. After such a detailed request, the magic sign will create the necessary circumstances for the realization of what you want.

It is best to apply the symbol to jewelry worn on the hands - rings, rings, bracelets. During the ritual, you can also turn to the god of fertility Frey and the goddess of love Freya, to whom the rune is dedicated.

Opilla (Odal)

The Othila rune symbolizes clan, family, tradition and property. The magical properties of a sign include the ability to perceive reference information and act in accordance with accepted norms and rules. In money magic, the symbol takes on the meaning of material property and its preservation.

Opilla facilitates the acquisition of land, real estate and other benefits, develops practical ingenuity, helps maintain labor discipline and helps improve relations with the work team. It is used to protect property, when dividing property between heirs or divorced spouses, and to conclude profitable contracts.


The Jera rune symbolizes the cyclical nature of the world process, the year, the harvest. It is drawn before the start of any large and important enterprise to ensure its safe development and success in the final result. Runes are also used as magic when there is not enough strength to complete the work started.

The magical sign of Yer does not force events, but helps to tune in to the natural rhythms of the Universe. As a result, a person gets rid of unnecessary fuss, false goals and values, and begins to intuitively lean only towards those actions, activities, and business connections that bring him success.


Dagaz is one of the brightest and most positive runes of the Scandinavian futhark. Symbolizes unlimited prospects and possibilities. Helps to escape from a difficult situation and poverty. Helps to gain an adequate understanding of the world around us. Eliminates ideas about a lack of resources from consciousness, eliminates negative associations with wealth and other psychological restrictions in the monetary sphere.

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