Choosing an apartment by cardinal directions - north, south, west, east

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Many people buy an apartment once and for the rest of their lives. This is a rather expensive purchase and that is why you need to pay maximum attention to choosing an apartment. Absolutely everything plays a role. Including the orientation of the apartment to the cardinal points. Where will the windows face north, south, west or east?

Naturally, almost everyone wants their apartment windows to face 2 sides, but this option is quite difficult to find. That is why we suggest you figure out which side of the world to choose an apartment: in the north, south, west or east, so that it meets all your requirements.

The choice depends on many factors. We will talk about each of them below.

Choosing an apartment by cardinal directions

Before choosing the side of the world on which the windows of your apartment will face, you need to understand your personal preferences, as well as your lifestyle.

Some people like to wake up with the first rays of the sun and go to bed as early as possible. Others are nocturnal and prefer to watch the sunset. This all matters when choosing an apartment.

Apartment layout according to cardinal directions

If you are lucky and your apartment faces several cardinal directions, it is important to properly plan the rooms in it. This is necessary for maximum efficiency and your convenience. Let's figure out which side of the world is better to place certain rooms.


This is the most important place in any apartment. Here you spend at least half of your day, resting from the past and recharging your energy for the new day. That is why the location of the bedroom must be approached with special responsibility.

When choosing the location of your bedroom, you need to pay special attention to your biological clock. If you wake up early, choose rooms with windows facing east. So the sun's rays will provide you with a good and cheerful mood from the very morning.

In the case when you need to sleep longer for good health, the best option would be windows facing west. The sun's rays will enter your bedroom around lunchtime.

A bedroom located in the south may be too bright and hot, especially in the summer. In the northern bedroom you may not have enough light, and in winter it will be cool.

Alternatively, place your bedroom in the northeast or southeast for those who like to wake up with the sun, and in the southwest or northwest if you wake up late.

Children's room

This is the place where the child should feel as comfortable as possible. It should be taken into account that children most of all need vitamin D, which means sun exposure.

In addition, the child must develop the correct biological rhythm. Those. The child should be full of energy in the morning and fall asleep peacefully in the evening.

An excellent option for the location of a children's room would be the east side. This way, your baby will wake up in the morning in a cheerful mood and full of energy, and in the evening the sunset rays will not disturb him from falling asleep.

If it is not possible to place the nursery in the east, the south-east or north-east side is suitable as an alternative.


This is another important element of each apartment. This is where you start and end every day. That is why it should also create a pleasant and cozy atmosphere.

To make the kitchen as comfortable as possible for early risers, it is better to place it in the east, southeast or northeast. Thus, it will be light here even in the morning.

If you wake up around lunchtime, the sun will be able to please you in the kitchen with windows facing west, southwest or northwest. And in the evening, such windows will offer a wonderful view of the sunset.

Please note that it is not advisable to choose the south side for the kitchen. In the summer it will be very hot here, and when you cook something, the heat from the stove will also be added, and then it will be impossible to stay in the kitchen.

A good option would be the north side, which itself retains coolness. But here you will need to take care of good lighting.


The workplace should be charged with positive energy so that you have the desire and strength to spend your day productively. If you have the opportunity to place an office in your apartment, you need to think carefully about which side its windows will face.

If you need a lot of light for work, the south side is suitable for you, and if the light only interferes, the north side is suitable.

There are many features to consider here. If you work with a computer, excess light will disturb you. Then consider the time of day when you need to do things.

For those who work until noon, it is better to locate the office on the west, southwest or northwest side. If you plan to work at the computer after lunch, it is better to place your office in the east, northeast or southeast.

Living room

This is a place for a family holiday or spending time with friends. Undoubtedly, it should be comfortable and light enough. It is very good if the living room is located on the south side, but you should take care of the presence of air conditioning, because in the summer it will be quite hot here.

An alternative would be the east - if you prefer a cool and slightly darkened environment after lunch. If you install a panoramic window in the living room, it will be great if it is in the west, because you can admire the sunset, and the temperature here will be quite pleasant even in summer.

Apartment facing south, north, west or east

Feng Shui windows

Feng Shui is the study of arranging objects in space to improve life. It is both art and science. Making your life better is an art, but doing it right is a science.

According to Feng Shui, windows are the most important element of a room and are energy exchangers. Through them, positive Qi energy enters and negative Sha energy exits.

What should windows be like according to Feng Shui?

The appearance of the frame and glass must be free of cracks, visible scratches, chips, etc. Otherwise, the window turns into an entrance of negative Sha energy. Handles, hinges, and latches must be maintained in proper condition.

feng shui window picture

It is necessary to wash windows regularly, because... pollution prevents sunlight from illuminating the room and prevents the passage of Qi inside.

From the window opposite the door, the Qi energy seems to disappear. For protection, you need to hang a bell or crystals and bad Sha will not be able to enter the house.

Through large windows or when there are many of them, Qi can leave the home.

An attractive view from the window fills the house with favorable Qi energy. An intersection, a mast with attached antennas, a corner of a building, and even worse, a cemetery outside the window, have a negative effect on energy.

It’s good if you can see a beautiful landscape through the kitchen window. When a person has lunch, a wonderful view from the window lifts the mood, balances the energy balance and improves appetite.

In the bathroom and toilet, a small window is enough, and if there is none, hang a bell above the door.

Opening windows with casements allows for the greatest penetration of Qi energy.

The window sill is located at waist level - this helps to harmonize with the environment. It is better to get rid of the habit of loading the window sill with unnecessary, unnecessary items and leave it free. And 2-3 low-growing plants will not hurt and will make any room cozy.

picture of window arrangement according to feng shui

Window placement according to feng shui

Orientation of the apartment to the cardinal points - how to achieve the desired results

The layout of an apartment is not always exactly what we need in order to correctly distribute the rooms in it. In this case, you can hide the disadvantages of one or another side of the world and, at the same time, use all its advantages. This can be done using various design ideas.

Color spectrum

Everyone knows that some shades are warm and others are cool. With their help, you can visually change your apartment. If, for example, your room has a very cold and restrained atmosphere - the north side, then you can smooth out its shortcomings with warm colors and bright accents.

The main thing is not to overdo it. You can bring bright colors into the interior only if they look appropriate with the overall design of the room.

The rooms located on the south side are the brightest and warmest. In order to at least visually “cool them down,” you can use, for example, dark wallpaper or furniture. Just make sure they don't burn out. Blinds or blackout curtains are suitable for this.


Imagine glossy surfaces - they are undoubtedly associated with cold. At a time when soft decorative elements are warm and cozy. With their help, you can also profitably beat a particular room. For example, if the windows face south, you can try to make a glossy floor in the room. Visually, it will “cool” the room a little and will look appropriate there.

And vice versa, if the room is located, for example, on the north side, soft and even fluffy textures are suitable for it. The same fleecy and “naughty” rug will make a northern room warmer and more comfortable. Try experimenting and you will be surprised by the results.


Oddly enough, but the shape also has an impact on the overall perception of the room. For example, strict, clear forms can visually “cool” a room. Unexpected and dynamic, in turn, “warm” the room.

In order to turn a cold room into a warm and cozy one, it is enough to add chairs and beds with high backs or even unusually shaped elements.

If you have a southern room, it is better to give preference to furniture with clear geometric shapes. It will cool the room a little, add contrast to it and help create a comfortable environment.


Of course, artificial lighting also plays a role in the overall perception of the room. With its help, you can adapt absolutely any room to your needs.

Look, for example, natural lighting is suitable for absolutely any room. It can be safely used in the bedroom, living room, or kitchen.

For a visually cold room, “warm light” sources are an excellent option. Even small floor lamps or floor lamps are suitable for this.

But please note that in warm rooms you should not use “cold light”, as it will look repulsive. The best option for a bright room is natural lighting.

Smart lamps are a great option for any apartment, which is gaining more and more popularity. Such lamps can produce light of any temperature and can be adjusted depending on your own mood, time of year and even weather conditions.

In addition, they are even capable of creating colored lighting, which is why they are increasingly used in interior design.


The location of the house relative to the cardinal directions. How to do it right? What is required for this? This problem faces any person who has started building a house in the private sector or a summer cottage. The orientation of the building under construction regarding the cardinal directions is rooted in the traditions of our ancestors. In addition to the location of the structure with an axis to the north and south, it is also necessary to take into account the level of humidity and the direction of the underlying wind flows.

The correct location of the house allows you to create comfortable conditions for living in the future, which is why it is so important to take this factor into account during construction.

Finding the best side of the world for an apartment

Each side of the world has its pros and cons. The south is suitable for those who love a lot of light and warmth, the north is for those who like to spend time in cool rooms.

The East is an excellent option for early risers who like to wake up with the first rays and fall asleep at a not very late hour. The West is undoubtedly suitable for night owls, who wake up around lunchtime and love to watch the sunset in the evening.

If you choose an apartment oriented towards the cardinal directions, you need to start from your personal preferences and lifestyle. Be sure to decide on your needs and desires, because each of the cardinal directions is special in its own way and is suitable for different people.

Layout and design

In apartments that face several cardinal directions, redevelopment can be done. This is how you can properly arrange the rooms depending on your daily activities.

Some problems associated with the layout of an apartment relative to the cardinal directions can be solved using various design ideas. Play with colors, textures, shapes and lighting, and you will see with your own eyes the transformation of rooms.

The higher the floor, the more happiness

Premises on low floors are more likely to steal light. When the sun sets below the horizon, the shadow creeps up from below. In some apartments, with dense modern buildings, it begins to get dark much earlier than expected, almost from 2 o’clock in the afternoon. The higher you choose a floor to live in, the more natural light you will get; besides, scientists have proven that sunlight promotes the production of the happiness hormone - serotonin. Choose an apartment on the upper floors of the sunny side and be happy!

Windows facing north and northeast: pros and cons

On the north side there is no sun, so very little solar energy comes in. In winter, daylight hours are shortest here. Only in the summer, early in the morning and at sunset, is it possible for the sun's rays to penetrate inside. It’s better to give this place to the kitchen - it’s already hot when cooking. It is advisable to arrange a pantry or dressing room - you can do without natural light.

If the room matches the direction of the windows correctly, no problems arise. If the purpose of the room is inappropriate, it is easy to compensate with the help of design. For example, “cool down” the southern children’s room or “warm up” the northern living room.

It is possible to correct deficiencies with suitable design using:

  • color finishing;
  • different textures;
  • modern form;
  • Sveta.

The designer will suggest the correct option.

Little tricks

You should not sit with your back to the window. This blocks the energy flow, resulting in energy not being able to circulate freely in space. If the workplace is arranged in this way, it can negatively affect one's career and relationships with colleagues and superiors.

Window device

A mirror located opposite a window opening can reflect both positive and negative energy. Among other things, the light reflected in the mirror will illuminate the reflection, distorting it.

In old buildings you can often find arched openings, rounded at the top. Such window designs will maximize the penetration of positive energy into the room. Having a large opening area, you can experiment with its shape. Rounded lines will have a beneficial effect on energy flows.

Earth - element of the southeast

Just as a tree grows on the earth, the main element of the southeast is Earth, on which the main element of the southeast grows - Tree. All living plants located in this sector should be in ceramic and clay pots and vases, growing in good, well-fertilized soil.

The southeast correlates well with the element of Water, a symbol of the energy of prosperity. This is perfectly explained by the analogy with a tree: just as every tree needs regular watering to grow, so the element of Water supports the element of Wood in its development.

The most conflicting element for the southeast is Fire. Therefore, when decorating this sector, it is important not to use candles and not to overdo it with lamps. The lighting should be even and moderately strong, not bright and not blinding to the eyes.

Positive consequences of the correct location of the house

In addition to traditional components, building a residential building according to the cardinal directions allows you to save money and wisely use space, according to civil engineers.

There are simple construction planning tips that, if followed, can achieve:

  • Budget savings by reducing the cost of cooling and heating a living space;
  • Reducing the use of heat-insulating material necessary for wall insulation;
  • Better illumination of the room space;
  • Reducing complexity in the design of a residential building.

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