How to place a bed in the bedroom: Feng Shui and principles of space organization

A person spends about 1/3 of his life in the sleeping area. To improve the quality of sleep, it is advisable not only to go to bed on time, but also to properly organize a place to rest at night. How to place a bed in the bedroom?

Somnologists, designers, psychologists, feng shui and interior ergonomics masters have different points of view on this issue. When arranging this room, it is advisable to combine several approaches.

How to place a bed in the bedroom?

Why is it important to place the bed correctly?

Few people doubt the relationship between the position of the sleeping place and well-being. From a rational point of view, it is explained by the absence of a draft or bright sunlight. With esoteric - free circulation or stagnation of energy flows.

According to psychological research, to get a good night's sleep, a person must feel safe. This is achieved by the following factors:

  • distance from “unsafe” objects - windows, for example;
  • keeping the door in sight, which makes it possible to notice strangers in a timely manner;
  • inability to be quickly detected.

The defining moments are the distance from the bed to the door and window.

Close proximity to the door has a negative impact on the sleeper

Is it possible to sleep with your head towards icons?

Yes, this is exactly how the clergy advise you to sleep. It is believed that God’s energy emanates from the icon and the vacationer is cleansed of bad thoughts. Many believe that you should not sleep with your feet facing icons, but church ministers deny such signs. They believe that in this position a person will always look at the icons and remember God.

Is it possible to sleep with your head towards icons?
Is it possible to sleep with your head towards icons?

Feng Shui and principles of space organization

This direction allows you to generate vital energy and harmonize the surrounding space.

Translated from Chinese, this term means “wind-water”. The teaching originated in the 9th century in China and quickly gained popularity.

The technique combines many aspects of life, in particular:

  • astrology;
  • psychology;
  • architecture;
  • climatology;
  • physiology;
  • cosmology;
  • geophysics.

Through these disciplines, Taoist practice helps in creating a positive environment in the bedroom.

According to Feng Shui, the bedroom should be located in a separate room

The ideal bedroom according to the canons of Feng Shui

The best option is a separate room located in a quiet part of the apartment. If possible, away from the front door, kitchen and bathroom. The interior should be kept simple: a chest of drawers, a bed and a nightstand. It is not advisable to overload this area with unnecessary furniture.

According to Chinese teachings, the ideal shape for a bedroom is square. Rectangular is also acceptable. Other varieties are not welcome.

You need to sleep on a bed. Two-tier structures or floors are not suitable for these purposes. It is believed that Qi energy should circulate freely under the sleeping area. Therefore, it is necessary to exclude any obstacles to its movement.

Experts do not advise cluttering the space under the bed

Ceiling shape

Before calculating the optimal location for the bed, you need to study the top covering. It should be smooth. Placing a bed under beams can lead to restless sleep. Such designs create a subconscious feeling of impending danger. If the angle of inclination is small, a suspended ceiling will help correct the situation.

It is advisable that the ceiling in the bedroom be level

Bed shape

The main criteria are stable and level. Loose metal or creaking wooden ones are not suitable. Structures on meshes are also not allowed. For a double bed you need to purchase only a solid mattress. Consisting of 2 halves is considered a symbol of separation.

Attention should also be paid to the headboard. It adds an element of security to the product.

Semicircular back

Oval back

Wave back

Rectangular back

Position of the bed according to cardinal directions

According to one theory, there is a relationship between the direction of the headboard and the quality of life in general and sleep in particular:

  1. South. Stability of business image.
  2. Southeast. Awakening internal resources and helping to achieve goals.
  3. East. Tranquil sleep.
  4. North. Understanding the essence of what is happening and developing intuition.
  5. Northeast. Activation of thought processes.
  6. Northwest. Attracting good friends into your life.
  7. West. Excellent physical condition and increased reproductive function.
  8. Southwest. A way out of loneliness.

There is no consensus on the most optimal side of the world for sleep.
Adherents of the Taoist tradition try to avoid the Northeast and Southwest. In these places, energy flows are not balanced. Increased anxiety and uncertainty may occur.

Geomagnetic fields affect everyone individually

As part of the experiment to identify geomagnetic preferences, we came to the following conclusions. The subjects were asked to sleep on a large bed that allowed them to turn their heads in any direction. Tired people preferred the east, while emotionally overexcited people preferred the north.

Video - How to place a bed correctly

Not recommended bed locations

The following taboos are relevant both from the point of view of Feng Shui and from the point of view of psychologists. The rules are suitable for apartments with a standard layout. In studios where the kitchen is often woven into the fabric of the living space, they may not work.

Foot to the door

Within the Slavic cultural tradition it is considered a bad omen. Since this is how the bodies of the dead are removed from the room, people try to avoid such analogies. In Islam, for example, it is bad form to show bare legs. This is especially true for older people. Therefore, such a location of the bed in eastern countries is unacceptable. According to Feng Shui, this position is favorable for the penetration of negative energy. The exception is the doors to the dressing room.

Feet to the door - the most undesirable position for a night's rest

If rearranging the bed is not possible, it is recommended to close the door while sleeping. It is advisable to install a screen in front of the door leaf, and next to it a large indoor plant with round leaves.

In studio-type apartments, there is often no wall between the bedroom and the adjacent room. In this case, the bed will stand with the foot facing the door.

Some studio layouts make it impossible to place the bed in the right place

Headboard to window

A bed placed near a window does not have close contact with the wall. This fact at the subconscious level causes negative emotions in a person. In this position he does not feel protected. In addition, lying with his back to the opening, he does not visually control this entrance to the room. This is especially true for panoramic structures. To remove feelings of anxiety, it is recommended to hang thick curtains in the room.

Sounds coming from the window will distract you while you sleep

In the summer, when many people prefer to sleep with the windows open, such close proximity can be annoying. The noise of the wind, the light of lanterns, the conversations of passers-by - all this does not contribute to proper rest. Even in sleep, the brain continues to process incoming information. In this situation, every rustle does not allow the body to completely relax.

If the bed is not under the opening, but not at a great distance, this position is also incorrect. Cold air coming from the window is fraught with the development of colds.

An alternative option for placing a bed by the window

On the same line between the window and the door

In small apartments, bedrooms are often shaped like a pencil case. A sleeping place located in this way is in the path of air flow. According to Feng Shui, this situation is unfavorable from the perspective of unwanted energy effects. From the point of view of common sense, when ventilating, a strong draft is formed.

Between the window and the door is one of the most unfavorable locations

Adjacent to a wall with a door

Lying on a bed that is on the same side as the door, it is difficult to see the person entering the bedroom. To do this, you either need to stand up or sit up, which creates unnecessary discomfort. When there is no full view of the entrance to the room, a person unconsciously experiences anxiety. In the long term, for sensitive people, this can lead to the development of cardiac arrhythmia.

Psychologists recommend placing bedroom furniture at the maximum distance from the door. In this case, the doorway should be clearly visible. If there is a window in the room, it is desirable that it is also visible. With this arrangement of a place to rest, a person is in a calm state and confident in control over life events.

A door that is not in sight is a source of increased anxiety.
The designer's position is somewhat different. According to interior design gurus, it is not advisable for the bed to be completely visible when the door is open. This violates the intimacy of this area.

Common wall with bathroom or kitchen

The joint wall will let in the sounds of the refrigerator being turned on or the sound of water in the pipes. The operation of household appliances will also interfere with proper rest. Considering that the kitchen is an area for active pastime, sleep can be interrupted by the clink of washing dishes. The abundance of sockets in these areas creates a harmful electromagnetic background, even in a passive state. According to the canons of Feng Shui, such close proximity to these zones contributes to the leakage of wealth and power.

To remedy the situation, you need to purchase a bed with a thick wall. It will reduce the influence of unwanted noise.

Proximity to the bathroom is not advisable

In the center of the bedroom

One of the worst interior solutions. With this location, the product does not have the necessary support in the form of a wall or partition. Such placement has a negative impact on the psyche. From an ergonomic point of view, this position of the bed is considered impractical. It “eats up” most of the functional space.

The bed in the center of the bedroom prevents the creation of a comfortable environment

Under a sloping ceiling

On a subconscious level it puts pressure on people’s psyches. When going to bed, a person experiences slight anxiety every time. This is especially true for rooms with low arches or sharp beams. According to Feng Shui, energy, starting from sharp edges, negatively affects the sleeper. From an aesthetic point of view, the room space looks chopped up, which is not suitable for a quiet relaxation area.

A tilted bedroom is not the best option

The way out of this situation is to install a canopy. During sleep, a person is surrounded by 4 pillars, which create a feeling of security and neutralize the negative effect of a hanging ceiling.

The footboard is adjacent to the wall

In addition to the fact that such placement is inconvenient and impractical from an ergonomic point of view, it is also harmful. Chinese practitioners claim that looking at the wall reduces vitality. This can also negatively impact career growth. The larger the area in front of the sleeping place, the better the quality of life becomes. Simultaneously with the expansion of the framework of consciousness, life is filled with new possibilities.

Foot to the wall - the most irrational option

Correct location

A few centuries ago, the bed was placed in the place chosen by the cat. Over time, many theories have emerged, based on the opinions of psychologists, interior designers and feng shui specialists.

Optimal placement of the sleeping bed

Recommendations from professionals are not always applicable to existing realities. The shape of the rooms sometimes leaves no options for successful placement. For example, a room in which the doorway is located opposite a single window. In this situation, air flow will inevitably pass through the bed area. For a bedroom, such a situation is unacceptable.

Good accommodation option

Optimal bed position

The bed should be positioned so that the person lying down has the opportunity to see people entering the room. It is optimal to install the bed diagonally in relation to the door. It is in this position that the sleeper develops a feeling of security and comfort. This is in theory. In practice, these rules do not always work. The location of the bed is determined by the size of the room and its proportions. Accordingly, when choosing a location, a rational position is preferable. Aesthetic and psychological take second place.

In square rooms, the bed is installed along the central axis. Rectangular ones are zoned - bedroom furniture is placed in one part, and a coffee table and pouf in the other. In a studio with a large area, it is advisable to use an “island” layout. It will fill the voids.

From a Feng Shui perspective, the bed should be located near the main wall

According to Feng Shui, the bed should be placed near the main wall. At the same time, there should be no communication nodes or gas pipes behind it. This accommodation option is preferred by the majority of the population of Russia and Europe.

Video - How to arrange a bed in a bedroom according to Feng Shui

Sustainability is important

It is important to position the sleeping area correctly, but it is equally important to choose the right bed.
Designs with water mattresses, beds with a round shape and models equipped with wheels are distinguished by their originality: they are convenient to move. Such beds were fashionable, but many people noted their instability. Thus, they are not very comfortable for sleeping. Remember! Stability is an important factor when choosing a bed, so choose durable designs.

There are models of beds on sale whose entire base is located on the floor. Feng Shui teaching says that this is bad. It is necessary that there is space between the floor and the bed where energy flows will circulate.

bedroom feng shui bed arrangement photo 8

Electrical outlets do not belong near the bed; it is better to have them as far away as possible. Chinese sages claim that electrical appliances emit energy radiation that is harmful to the human biofield. It would be good if there were no sockets in the bedroom at all.

Important! Do not place household items under the bed: the floor under the bed should always be clean.

Accommodation options

The layout of the apartment affects the arrangement of furniture. Depending on the characteristics and size of the room, the optimal location is selected.

In a small room

The most common option for a bedroom with one window is to place the headboard against the wall opposite the window opening. Passages of equal size are left on both sides. To prevent sleepers from being disturbed by the moon at night, window openings are covered with curtains. If possible, bedside tables are installed next to the bed and sconces are hung.

In small rooms the sleeping place is placed against a blank wall

In a rectangular room

In a rectangular room, there are several ways to place it:

  1. Perpendicular to an oblong wall. Visually the room becomes more regular in shape. There is still space for walkways on both sides and installation of individual furniture.
  2. Diagonally. Convenient, but not the most common option. Even in a narrow room, it provides access to the bed from both sides.
  3. In a niche. An alcove provided for in the layout or made by yourself is used. This method is effective for a multifunctional room, bedroom and living room, for example. A nook allows you to personalize your sleeping space. There is only one small drawback. Since the bed is surrounded by walls on 3 sides, there is only one approach left.

One of the most interesting options is diagonal.
Rectangular rooms are distinguished by variations in the way the bed is placed in relation to the door.

The most rational methods:

  • in the opposite corner;
  • along the load-bearing wall;
  • headboard to the long wall in the middle.

The optimal location is considered to be in the corner opposite to the door.
Thanks to this arrangement, it is possible to see the person entering the door and not be in close proximity to the doorway.

Rooms with panoramic views

Most designers prefer to take advantage of this. The sleeping place is installed so that when lying on the bed you can see the window. This method is relevant for window openings with access to the forest, but not to the open sunny side.

General recommendations:

  1. If the room has windows facing southeast or south, the sun will wake up the sleeper in the morning. This is especially true for the southern edges, where the angle of incidence of the rays is about 90°.
  2. In the north, winters are characterized by sub-zero temperatures and sharp gusts of wind. Depending on the quality of the window frame, such weather can negatively affect the microclimate of the bedroom. Near the opening, air circulation occurs more intensely and can lead to drying out of the mucous membranes.

In the first case, the problem is solved with the help of curtains, and in the second, an additional heating system is installed near the window openings.

A good option for placing the bed with the foot of the window towards the window opening

Is it possible to sleep with your head facing east, southeast and northeast?

A person's head should be directed to the north or northeast during sleep; this is considered the most correct body position, which benefits health and improves well-being. If the bedroom cannot be redesigned, you should turn the head of the bed to the east.

Is it possible to sleep with your head facing east, southeast and northeast?
Is it possible to sleep with your head facing east, southeast and northeast?

Unwanted items in the bedroom

It is advisable to enhance the correct placement of the bed with the overall harmonization of the interior. Many items weigh down the space and negate all the efforts spent.

Table 1. What to avoid when arranging a bedroom


Massive things

This category includes bookshelves whose height is more than 1.8 m. Installing such structures above the heads of sleeping people is not acceptable. Any bulky piece of furniture in this area can cause insomnia.

Volumetric chandeliers

Large chandeliers in the bedroom give the room an overly formal status and are considered a source of subconscious anxiety. They give off bright light. Such lighting intensity in a recreation area is not acceptable.


There should be no mirrors opposite or above the sleeping area. In addition to the fact that they distract, according to Feng Shui, any psiche or dressing table is considered an energy reflector. Since during a night's rest a person is freed from negative emotions, the mirror will ricochet this negative energy in the morning. A person may wake up tired and depressed in the morning.

Uncomfortable mattress

A poor-quality foundation will ruin your sleep even on a perfectly placed bed.

TV or computer

The bed should not be located less than 3 m from electrical appliances. Harmful radiation negatively affects the physical well-being of the sleeper.

Bunk bed

A dubious option from a feng shui perspective. It is believed that the person on the lower bunk will be under the psychological and energetic influence of the one sleeping on the top bunk.

Water tanks

It is not advisable to install large water tanks in the sleeping area. It is preferable to place mini fountains and aquariums in the living room.

Is it possible to sleep with your head towards the mirror?

It is believed that a mirror is a kind of guide to the other world. It is just beyond the line that another world exists. Representatives of all energies and religions believe that one should not reflect in the mirror at all during sleep. This slows down the spread of positive energy. Accordingly, you should cover the mirror before going to bed.

Is it possible to sleep with your head towards the mirror?
Is it possible to sleep with your head towards the mirror?

There are a lot of superstitions and signs around sleep and rest. But church representatives believe that signs come into force only when you believe in them.

Important Details

In addition to choosing a place for a bed, many little things affect the quality of rest. Interior designers recommend adhering to the following rules:

  1. From an ergonomic point of view, approaches to the bed should be accessible from any side. The optimal distance for passage is at least 70 cm. If there is a dressing table on one side, this gap is increased to 100 cm.
  2. The size of the bed should always be related to the dimensions of the room. A tiny bed does not look good in a spacious bedroom, and vice versa.
  3. According to the geomancer's line, the most acceptable size of a sleeping place is considered to be 1,500x2.2 m, 1.9x2.2 m, 2.2x2.2 m, 2.2x0.4 m. But the most common among furniture manufacturers is 1.4x2.0 m not is included in this list.
  4. The bed should include a medium-height headboard and stand on small legs.

    The bed should not have high legs

  5. The height of the product is 7 cm above knee level. Length - 10 cm more than the height of the sleeper.
  6. If a sleeping place is provided for one, the bed is placed in the corner between the door and the window.
  7. Extra things interfere with healthy sleep. Each item accumulates a certain energy. Therefore, it is advisable to get rid of old things and not clutter the room with new ones.
  8. If the bedroom is also an office, lying on the bed should not be visible to the workplace.

    A good way to combine a bedroom and home office

  9. Tall and bulky wardrobes are not welcome in the sleeping area. It is believed that a person is subconsciously afraid of their fall and is in tension.
  10. Literature lovers should install a sconce near the bed or place a bedside table with a table lamp. This way, there will be no need to get up and turn off the light while in a sleepy state after reading another book.
  11. Heavy blankets interfere with proper sleep. Due to their significant weight, they prevent the free change of body position during rest.
  12. The quality of your pillow also affects your nighttime dreams. In addition to the shape and filling, size plays a role. The height should be equal to the width of the shoulder. It is desirable that there is a recess for the head.
  13. One single mattress is placed on a double bed. Several added together form a conventional boundary between spouses and can lead to emotional problems.

How to choose a mattress?
If you follow these simple recommendations, you will need less time to sleep. This is due to the fact that a relaxed body recovers faster. A good night's rest will give you a boost of energy for the whole day and will have a good effect on your physical well-being.

A bed made from pallets is an excellent opportunity to get high-quality furniture without major expenses. You just need to prepare the tools, buy a few pallets and set aside some free time for work. Find detailed assembly instructions in a special article.

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